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Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Intern In Toon Town Part 6: The Illustrator
by ValleyBoy69 ([email protected])

Toons only started to leave America for greener pastures in the early
twentieth century. Given their status as second class citizens until the
1960s, many hoped that they would be better appreciated in other countries.
Japan was one of those that saw a substantial increase in Toon population.

Anime City, as it's known in our part of the world, sprung up in the 1930s
on the outskirts of Osaka. The tensions of World War II never really
Toons in the same way as they did humans, to the point that many weren't
trusted because they did not see the point in rallying around the flag.
are, after all, not interested in concepts such as patriotism. They exist to
entertain. Several Toons on both sides of the conflict found themselves
locked up in internment camps because of these beliefs.

When the military did attempt to make use of them, it ended in disaster.
general wouldn't leap at the chance to have troops that could be repeatedly
shot or blown up without the slightest injury? Of course, given the nature
of most Toons, putting them into combat was the worst idea imaginable. Soon,
the armed forces, at least on our side, just settled on letting them
entertain the troops.

In the decades following the war there was a resurgence in Toons in Japan.
They had developed their own Toonimation techniques, bringing to life
hundreds more of their own home-grown variety of Toons. Still, there was an
element of distance between the two countries. The hard-worked-for rights
obtained by American Toons during the civil rights era didn't equate so well
in the East. The popularity of Japanese Toons on the other side of the
Pacific in the '90s, however, forced a relationship between them both

That was where Roger and Jessica Rabbit came in. They remained popular within
the Toon Town community, even scoring a biopic about their fight to protect
Toon Town from the evil Judge Doom in which they played themselves, back in
1988. The proposed prequel, which was to feature a highly fictionalised story
about Roger's past in which it would be suggested that he was fathered by
none other than Bugs himself, wasn't able to secure the budget required.

Around that time they decided to quit the movie business. They moved to Simi
Valley and opened a reasonably successful restaurant there. Then, in 2002,
the government, through MDW Studios, approached them about acting as cultural
ambassadors to Anime City. Whether there was any debate or not, no one knows.
But they left a month later and, despite occasional trips back home, seemed
to have settled down amidst the Toons of Japan.

Until today, that is. After Lois gave me the news that the Rabbits were
expecting to have a private discussion with me following their meeting with
Maroon and the Board of Directors, she decided she was going to stay the
night instead of calling a cab to take her back to Toon Town. We didn't even
bother crawling into bed and just passed out on the sofa where we'd fucked.

I didn't have time to worry about why the Rabbits had singled out me in
particular, or about what kind of impression I would make on the veritable
king and queen of Toon Town. I just slept.

The next morning I woke to the faint sound of the shower running. I slowly
opened my eyes to see that Lois was nowhere to be seen. The door to my
apartment's tiny bathroom was open invitingly. I yawned the last of my
tiredness away as walked towards the steam that was pouring out from the
shower stall.

Inside a naked Toon body moved around, soaping herself up. This time I was
ready to make the most of the opportunity. I reached forward and pulled the
shower door open. Lois Lane span around, shocked. That quickly faded as her
eyes ran down my naked body to my half-erect cock.

"Room in there for me?" I asked.

"Come in and we'll see," the brunette Toon smiled.

It was a tight fit. We were pressing up against each other as the water
cascaded down over our heads. I reached around and grabbed Lois' ass, pulling
her into a kiss. I could feel her hands moving between our bodies, grabbing
my cock. I was hard quickly, my member brushing against the reporter's
stomach and small patch of soft black pubic hair.

"Lift up my leg," Lois whispered. "We don't have much time."

"Got it."

I reached under her body, taking her left thigh in my hand and pulling it
up to give me easier access. Lois grabbed my cock and started to guide me
towards her waiting pussy. Even for a Toon it was a tight fit. The lack of
build up and the water made pushing into her pussy a struggle. We both
grunted as I entered her inch by inch.

"Hurry up," she moaned as I began to pump upwards into her. Our soaking wet
bodies writhed against each other as we began to move in unison. "Yes! Just
like that!" I grabbed her ass again, lifting her up. Lois wrapped her legs
around my waist as my dick plunged faster and faster in her increasingly wet

"Keep fucking me like that!" Lois gasped, biting into my shoulder suddenly.
"I love the feel of human cock in my Toon pussy!" The rhythmic gyrations
continued until I could feel myself getting closer and closer to my climax.
"It's so rough!" Lois rolled her eyes back. "And so hard! Ungh! Keep that
human cock moving!"

I held on as best as I could, burying my face into Lois' chest. I sucked on
her nipples as the relentless pounding continued. "Oh God! Suck on them just
like that, just keep fucking me!" The more excited she got, the more that
familiar feeling of being inside a Toon pussy emerged. The sensation of my
cock sliding in and out of Lois Lane quickly became too much.

"I'm going to cum," I warned her.

"Okay! Inside me! Do it inside me!" Lois grunted, her body jerking up and
down to meet my thrusts. Finally I let go, unleashing my seed on her waiting
Toon pussy. "Oooooh... I love how that feels," she sighed. I didn't seem to
stop pumping as Lois clutched her wet body to mine. When at last my orgasm
finally abated, we kissed again.

We caught our breath for a moment before I slid out of her sopping wet pussy.
Lois got back onto the ground. I noticed some of my cum drip from between her
legs before getting washed away by the shower.

She wrapped her arms around me. "I wish I could get that every morning,"
she smiled. "Maybe we can prolong this arrangement of ours after our little
investigation is over."

"Maybe we could Miss Lane," I smiled back. I had to admit, it was a good way
to wake up. "Maybe we could."

* * *

Lois left not long after. She threw her clothes on and rushed out of the
door, notebook in hand. She kissed me before she left. Slow and lingering
before running out of the apartment block and to a waiting cab to take her
to the offices of the Toon Town Gazette.

I made breakfast and decided to stroll to the studio.

Everything there was wild. It was like a zoo, as humans and Toons rushed from
one place to another, gossiping about how gorgeous Jessica looked and whether
or not Roger was as funny as he used to be. Toon squirrels scurried around my
ankles, nearly tripping me up. Birds chirped joyfully. Yosemite Sam, who
hurried past me, even seemed to be less angry than usual. There was an
honest-to-god smile on his face as he fired his pistols into the air. The
return of Roger and Jessica had created an infectious happiness that
overwhelmed the pervasive doom and gloom of the days since the murder. Even
I almost forgot that anything had even happened!

As I headed into the lobby of the main studio building, I found myself having
to push myself through a swathe of humans and Toons, all arguing with the
studio secretaries and each other, to get to an elevator. Toons seemed to
squeeze and squish as I moved passed them. Humans, on the other hand, proved
to be a little more solid.

"Excuse me! Coming through! I work for the studio! Sorry! Excuse me!"

My attempts at politeness were generally ignored as the sound of shouting got
louder and louder, but at least they made me feel better.

"Hey! Tim! Tim! Over here!" a familiar high-pitched voice called out.

I turned to see more people crowding the lobby, trying to catch a glimpse
of Roger and Jessica coming in or out. The voice was coming from a little
further ahead.

"Over here, Tim!"

Suddenly I identified the squeaking. Just over the shoulder of a King Louis,
I saw two large, round, black ears. "Mickey!" I shouted towards my drinking
buddy and pushed my way through the crowd to where he was standing. "What
you doing in here? You're the most famous Toon in the world! Surely you can
see Roger and Jessica whenever you want."

"Ah, I just like slumming it," Mickey grinned.

I raised an eyebrow.

"Okay. I have a meeting up on fourth," he admitted, "But you try and getting
up there when all this is happening." He got up onto his tip-toes, but was
still several inches below my shoulder. "And you can be as famous as you
like, but when you're this tall..."

I nodded in agreement. "Still... Ow!" Someone pushing passed nudged me in the
side. I turned around, fully prepared to give whoever it was the glaring of
their life but considering the fact there must've been seventy or eighty
people crushed into a lobby that would comfortably hold maybe thirty, I had
no idea who it was. "Still," I continued, "You're Mickey Mouse!" I turned and
shouted in the crowd. "Hey! You guys! Mickey Mouse coming through here!"

That was enough to get their attention. They all turned around, noticed
Mickey standing at my side and moved aside, mumbling apologies. Several
people toppled over as they were herded to where there was no space. Mickey
and I just managed to squeeze through and entered the nearest elevator.

"You've got to project yourself, Mickey," I grinned, pressing the buttons for
our respective floors. The doors closed shut in front of us. "You're supposed
to be the actor here!"

Mickey playfully jabbed me in the arm. "You sure know how to handle people
now, Tim," he said. "I remember when you were just a timid little human boy,
strolling into a bar on the wrong side of Toon Town..."

"That was two weeks ago!" I laughed.

"I know," Mickey nodded as the elevator doors opened. "But you've done a lot.
That's all I'm saying." He strolled out onto the fourth floor. "Don't be a
stranger. Bender says it's been your round for the last week."

The doors closed and we headed up several more floors to Maroon's office
where I was supposed to meet him. He was going to tell me where to meet Roger
and Jessica for our discussion. With all the media surrounding their return,
they wanted to remain out of the way at everything other than public events.

Maroon's Toon secretary was awash with phone calls when I arrived and just
nodded me into his office. I opened the door and entered.

"Oh thank God!" Maroon exclaimed. He was sitting behind his desk looking like
he hadn't shaved in days. It seemed like he was the only person whose worries
hadn't been evaporated by the return of Toon Town's celebrated couple.

"It was like a circus down there," I apologised. "Seriously. Dumbo was there.
Baloo, too. I think I spotted Sebastian skittering around the floor too. Damn
lucky no one stepped on him!"

Maroon didn't seem to care. "The meeting this morning," he began, bringing me
right back down to earth. "It didn't go well."

"Oh?" I asked.

"Jessica started asking the board of directors a few too many questions
about the last few days," Maroon sighed. "She's been keeping up to date with
everything that's going on and it looks like she's got someone on the inside.
She knew things we're trying to keep from the general populace. The directors
weren't comfortable with that."

"What about Roger?"

Maroon chuckled a little. One of the only times I'd ever seen him smile. "He
just seemed to bounce around the room. He juggled the glasses of water we'd
all been given without spilling a drop, and then started doing impersonations
of Japanese Toons. That rabbit doesn't know a thing about political
correctness!" My boss's face suddenly resumed it's initial seriousness.
"Needless to say, it lightened the mood for the rest of us, but Jessica
wasn't happy."

"The directors aren't telling her anything? After she came all the way here?"
That seemed incredibly rude. Of all the people to trust to keep things under
the table while the investigation was still on-going, Jessica Rabbit seemed
perfect. Roger was the partner that captured everyone's attention with his
antics (although Jessica had one or two attributes that made you look her
way, no denying that) but his wife had developed a reputation as one of the
more savvy residents of Toon Town. That made her dangerous. R.K. Maroon and
Judge Doom knew that back in the '40s and the powers at MDW Studios today
knew it too.

"I'm sure she'll break through to them eventually," Maroon said. He didn't
sound convinced.

"So why exactly do they want to meet me?" I asked with some trepidation.

"She wouldn't tell me. Jessica, that is. And I could tell the directors have
no idea that she has this in mind."

Weird. Why would she keep it from them? And if that's just what she was
doing, how did Lois know enough to tell me? Of course. Lois Lane was
Jessica's person on the inside. That much was suddenly obvious. What was
strange was that Jessica clearly trusted the board of directors at the
studio just as much as they trusted her. Which was not much at all. There
was something there worth looking into.

"So when am I supposed to meet them?"

"There's going to be a car waiting for you at the back of the building. You
know where Restorations is?"

How could I forget? It was there that I'd found myself seduced by Kim
Possible, and fucked her over a desk. My dalliances with Belle and Jasmine
were at least somewhat public because we had been seen out on the town, but
that (or so I thought) had remained a secret. Still, Kim had bragged about
bagging a human guy and Lois had put two and two together.

I nodded to Maroon. "I know it." I tried to blank the images of Kim Possible
on her knees, my cock in her mouth. It was making it hard to concentrate.

"There's an emergency exit near it. Go through there, and get into it. It'll
be driven by a Toon pig. That's all I know."

"That's pretty... cloak and dagger," I mused.

"It's what Jessica told me once we'd come back down here," Maroon said. He
stared me right in the eye. "Look. Tim. I know a lot has happened since you
came here and I know I've thrown you in at the deep end from the very start:
making you do things no intern at a movie studio should have to do. Things
you didn't want to do – that whole malarkey with those Toon gals at the
protest and sending you off with that PI – but I only did it because I think
you're capable. I don't think you should be making coffee and running mail
from one floor to another. You're better than that."

I was taken aback. Maybe Robert Maroon really was cracking under the
pressure. "I... I don't know what to say..." I started.

"Don't say anything. Just be careful when you meet up with Jessica Rabbit.
She can be dangerous. But there are more dangerous people out there than
Watch your back."

* * *

I pondered Maroon's words as I was driven from the back of the studio by one
of the Three Little Pigs. Watch my back. More dangerous people than Jessica
Rabbit. It made me think about the men at the Ink & Paint Club, and what they
made Betty Boop and Baby Herman do for their own sick pleasure. About Aurora
and Cinderella and what Eric had accused them of doing just days before his
own grim demise. And about Ariel who could've been using me to find some way
out of getting locked up for murdering her estranged husband.

The car drove around several streets I didn't recognise until we pulled up to
an unfamiliar hotel. Strange. I figured Roger and Jessica would be staying
somewhere a little more up-market and closer to Toon Town.

"Here's the place!" Practical Pig said, leaning back. He stopped me as I
reached into my pocket to pay for the trip. "It's already been paid for,

"Oh. Thanks."

I was impressed. Without a paid job at the studio, a lot of my savings seemed
to be disappearing and cab fares since I'd moved to Hollywood.

The hotel itself was fairly non-descript: a large concrete monstrosity
plopped at the edge of a busy highway for travellers too cheap to enter the
city itself. I say "too cheap" but I figured I probably couldn't afford this
place right now. But Roger and Jessica should have had no trouble. They
really were trying to remain unnoticed.

I gave my name in the lobby and was directed to the third floor. I wandered
along the corridor for a few minutes, getting lost along the way. There was a
strange odour to the place that suggested that maybe the place was rented by
the hour at times. Finding the room, I knocked and was told to enter.

The room itself was as utilitarian as I had expected from the outside. One
queen-sized bed sat in the centre, with a TV in the cabinet-cum-wardrobe
opposite it. A small bathroom was squeezed into the corner. All very

The same could not be said of the couple who currently inhabited it. To
say anymore than I already have about Jessica and Roger Rabbit would be
considered overkill/ They really were the most famous Toons in the world.
Roger was considered to be the comic genius that all comedians, Toon and
human, aspired too. Jessica was the redheaded bombshell who had captured
the hearts of generations of men.

Roger sat at the edge of the bed dressed in red dungarees with bright yellow
buttons. He was a wild-eyed white Toon rabbit with large ears and massive
feet. He seemed to be itching for motion. "Please can I go and sing to the
bellboys, Jessica? Prrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeaaasseeee?" he pleaded.

"Not now, Roger," his gorgeous wife chided him. How anyone could have guessed
that the two had been happily married for over sixty years was beyond me.
Even Mickey and Minnie had their issues, without getting anywhere near the
dreaded Ariel and Eric situation. Jessica looked up to me, batting her
eyelids. "We have company."

Roger looked eagerly at me. He jumped to his feet and bounced towards me,
his ears flopping in every direction. "You must be Time" he exclaimed,
pumping my hand hard until my wrist hurt. "Tim! Timbo! Timmy! Timster! Timmy
Crack Corn and I Don't Care!" He was about to burst into song when Jessica
clenched his mouth shut. His eyes bulged out of their sockets. Eventually,
when she was sure he was going to behave, he let go.

"I'm sorry Mr. Dickinson... Tim... but my honey bunny doesn't take to small
rooms. He has so much engery, you see." She looked over to the Toon rabbit
she had married, her gloved hand stroking her ample bosom. "So much energy."

I didn't let my mind go to where she had clearly intended it to. "Mr. Maroon
said you wanted to talk to me," I began, "but I really don't..."

"Sit down," Jessica instructed, patting the bed next her where she was
seated. "Roger, baby, would you get us all a drink? From the water fountain
in the corridor?" She leaned over and kissed him on the button nose.

Roger leapt to attention, saluting his wife and running for the door. "You
betcha, oh love of my life!" he grinned. "Three waters coming
riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight up!" And with that he was out the door.

Jessica reached forward and touched my leg. I swallowed hard. I couldn't
keep my eyes off her very visible cleavage, practically bursting from her
red dress. She knew it too. "I had to get him out of the room," she said
breathlessly. "...So we could be alone."

"What?" I exclaimed.

" talk about... recent events." She looked a little mad when she
realised what I had thought she was implying.

"Right, right," I nodded guiltily. "I really don't know why you want me,
though. I'm not sure what Mr. Maroon told you, but..."

Jessica moved a little closer to me, shifting her position until I could
feel her leg brushing up against mine. "He told me enough. About the name
you've been making for yourself in Toon Town." She began to whisper into my
ear: "What you've been doing with the Princesses...

I could feel my cock stirring in my pants. After everything I had been
through these past few weeks, there was no way I could ignore the signals
Jessica Rabbit seemed to be sending me. I reached around her waist, pulling
her lips towards my own...

...and received a hard slap for my efforts. "How dare you!" Jessica
exclaimed. "What made you think that you could... do that?"

"You were flirting with me!" I protested.

"I was not," Jessica retorted, utterly serious. "I would never do such a
thing with my Roger right outside!"

She wasn't getting away with that ridiculous denial. "You were stroking my
arm! Whispering in my ear! Touching my leg, even! I can be pretty dense but
you weren't exactly subtle."

My words seemed to hit Jessica hard. She jumped to her feet, her demeanour
suddenly apologetic. "I'm so sorry, Mr. Dickinson..."

"Tim," I reminded her.

"Tim. And I really am sorry. It's the way I was drawn, you see. I don't even
realise I'm doing it sometimes!" She looked towards the door. "I'm so lucky
Roger isn't the jealous type."

So everything I'd heard about Jessica Rabbit being a raving nymphomaniac may
have been true! How could she not be looking like that? The rumours had been
around since the 1940s but, given her status within the Toon community after
the Cloverleaf affair, it had been quickly hushed up. There was talk that
Eddie Valliant's famous autobiography had been carefully edited to remove
references to Mrs. Rabbit's flirtatious ways. It was said that that was the
reason the couple had parted ways with their human friend in the 1960s.

My train of thought was disturbed by a loud crashing coming from outside the
room. The door swung open to reveal Roger, soaking wet, teeth chattering
profusely. "G-g-g-g-got st-st-stuck in th-th-the ice b-b-b-box..." he said

Only a Toon, I thought, rolling my eyes. Jessica rushed to her husband's
side, grasping him tight to her large breasts. He quickly warmed up.

"Did I miss anything?" he asked. "Did I? Did I? Was it exciting?"

"Um, not really," I said. "So, did either of you know Eric?"

Jessica shook her head. "Oh, no. Completely different circles, you see.
Newer Toons rarely spend time with us classics. Except in the case of the
Princesses, of course."

"They're pretty," Roger sighed. He looked wistfully into the air as hearts
popped up above his head. Catching the look Jessica was giving him, he arms
began scrambling all around, grasping at the runaway hearts. He tried to
shove them into his pockets, but they kept popping out. He changed his tack
and started to shoo them out the door, slamming it behind them. He turned
apologetically to his wife. "I'm sorry, schnookums!" His floppy ears dropped

Jessica patted Roger's head, returning his ears to their "correct and
upright position." I hid a smile as best I could. I had been starting to
forget that Toons could actually be funny, with all I'd been through
recently. "What about Charming, then?" I asked. "Phillip Charming?"

"We knew him briefly," Jessica said. She turned to Roger who looked a little
left out. "Didn't we, honey?"

Roger suddenly nodded enthusiastically. "Yes, sir!"

"A nice enough man," Jessica mused. "Arrogant, though. Probably why he
thought he could get away with being married to three of his co-stars at the
same time."

"Three...?" I started, then remembered Snow White. She had been his first
female lead, and it was his attempts to rekindle their relationship that
made the great bigamy scandal burst onto the scene in the 1960s. "You know,
I've never seen Snow White with the other Princesses. What happened to her?"

"I really don't know," Jessica mused. She smiled at me, her eyes all over my
body. I raised an eyebrow. Realising she was flirting again, she stopped and
continued: "I saw her just before we left for Japan, but that was five years
ago. I heard her image was superimposed onto all the Princess merchandise.
There's bad ink between them..."

I turned to see Roger had all but disappeared – his backside was poking out
from under the bed as he scrambled around looking for something. "Got it!"
he exclaimed as he triumphantly held aloft a bright red balloon he had
found. "Saw it under there going to waste and I said to myself, 'Roger – you
know what you can do with that? MAKE BALLOON ANIMALS!!!!'" He took a deep
breath and started to puff into it.

At the same moment, Jessica and I realised it wasn't a balloon. "Roger,

He inhaled ready for another huff when the coughing and spluttering came. He
hurled the used condom across the room and danced wildly around, scraping
his tongue!

"Classy place you've got here," I said, trying to hold back the laughter.

Jessica shrugged sheepishly. "I wanted to stay as anonymous as possible...
but poor Roger." She hugged her husband close again, and I swear she
whispered something along the lines of "and now you know how I feel."

I don't know what it said about me that I was totally unfazed by that.

Our conversation continued for another half hour, often interrupted by
Roger's antics. I wondered if Toons could be diagnosed with ADD, since he
seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

Jessica, meanwhile, continued to flirt with me. She stroke my thigh, played
with her hair, thrust her chest in my direction whenever Roger wasn't
looking. Every time I had to give her some kind of indication of what she
was doing to make her stop. Not that I wanted to. I was enjoying it too
much, and had to stop myself from reciprocating.

As the conversation continued, I found myself revealing more about my own
personal investigation into the murder to Jessica. There was just something
about her that made me feel safe. And yet I knew she was drawn to be the
great Toon femme fatale. No one knew what she was going to do next, not even
her it appeared. Nonetheless, she seemed astounded that I had set myself
such a quest.

Her reaction to Mitchelson's name was incredibly telling. "That... man," she
hissed through clenched teeth. I could tell she wanted to say something far
worse. "I met him in Tokyo once."

"Tokyo?" I asked, taken aback by how well-travelled the thin-lipped private
eye seemed to be.

"The studio sent him there," she said, frowning. "He was tracking down a
Toon who had run away from a contract. Or so he told me."

"Which Toon? Anyone I'd know?"

"I don't know," Jessica said with a half-smile on her lips. "Depends on if
you've ever heard of Alice."

Only if you count the fact that I'd let my emotions get the better of me to
the point I'd fucked the girl-Toon in the arse just a few days before. But
what was she doing running off to Tokyo of all places? And to be tracked
down by Mitch Mitchelson, a man who seemed very knowledgeable about her less
savoury characteristics. Particularly the one involving a video of her
engaged in a gang bang with the White Rabbit, March Hare and Mad Hatter.

"She's been mentioned around the studio," I lied. "She's kinda crazy,

"Wouldn't you be if you were being chased by that vile man?" Jessica asked.

Well, that added a new layer to the mix. Alice was important somehow. More
than I had realised. More, perhaps, than even she herself realised.

Jessica looked over to Roger who seemed bored with all the talk of
investigation. I had to give him credit for not jumping all over the place.
He was a Toon built for action. "Honey bunny," she smiled at him. "Why don't
you go and sing to the bellboys just like you said you wanted to? Tim and I
still have boring things to talk about."

With that Roger leapt to his feet. The excitement was just oozing from him.
"Yes ma'am! I'm gonna sing The Campton Ladies and Humpty Dumpty and Hey
Diddle Diddle and Mr. Bojangles and..."

"You go do that," Jessica said, kissing his nose. "You make me proud."

Roger ran out the door, leaving a puff of cartoon smoke behind him.

As soon as he was gone, Jessica leapt onto me, pushing me onto the bed. "I'm
sorry!" she said before crushing her lips against mine. "I'm so sorry," she
repeated, pulling her dress down over her huge tits. "I just can't help it!"
She fumbled with my jeans, pulling my zip down. "It really is the way I was
drawn, and it's gotten so much worse." Her gloved hand helped my cock out of
my pants. It was hard already. "It's society, you see. There's sex
everywhere. A Toon like me – I just can't help myself." She began to slowly
jerk me off, using long, precise movements as she massaged my whole shaft.
Her boobs jiggled with every movement. Whoever drew her must've had one hell
of an active imagination. "Roger's my rampant rabbit, but he can't give me
everything I need." She picked up the pace, hammering away at my erection.
"He makes me laugh but sometimes I just need a serious fucking." I gulped
audibly as she added her other hand to the mix, fondling my balls as she
worked the shaft. "And I've heard all about you. You know all about serious
fucking, don't you?"

She stopped masturbating as her gorgeous, slinky body shimmied down the bed
to between my legs. I could feel her breasts rubbing all the way down until
my cock was right between them. "Do you like them?" she asked. I could only
nod and she started to rub her tits, squeezing them, all while my hard dick
sat in the middle. "We don't have much time," Jessica whispered. "Roger will
be back soon." She kept masturbating me with her breasts, her nipples
surprisingly tiny and perfectly centred on the massive orbs. "I feel awful
doing this but... I enjoy the thrill. Am I bad Toon?"

"You can't help the way you're drawn," I offered.

"I know!" She lowered her head and licked the tip of my cock. I shuddered.
"I was drawn to be a dirty Toon slut wasn't I?" She ran her tongue around
the engorged head, making circular patterns. "Wasn't I?"


Jessica lowered her whole mouth towards my crotch, letting her breasts slide
away. I felt my cock disappear between her lips. She sucked on it for a few
seconds, jerking me off again with one hand.

I could hear a rapid slurping sound. Looking down I could see that Jessica's
other hand had disappeared under her dress. She was playing with herself.
The wet noise got louder and louder and her head bobbed up and down faster
and faster. I groaned loudly.

"I was drawn to want so many cocks in me," she said as she removed my cock
from her mouth. "And that's what I want right now."

With that, Jessica was on top of me again. She hiked up her dress to reveal
a pair of red panties. There was a wet patch where she'd been rubbing her
pussy. She didn't bother removing them, just pulled them to the side as she
mounted me. "Fuck me hard and fast! But be quick!"

"I've been told that a lot today."

"Just shut up and fuck me!" Jessica ordered. I grabbed her waist and began
to move inside her, pulling my cock slowly out of her pussy, then ramming it
back in. She was so wet already. "Faster!" she called out. I obeyed. My
thrusts became more rapid, my cock plunging into Jessica Rabbit's hole. She
wasn't as tight as most Toon women I'd been with. I doubted I was the only
person – human or Toon – to see this side of her when Roger wasn't around.
"Harder! Fuck me harder!" Again, I amended my thrusts, slamming deeper into

Playing with her massive tits, Jessica began to move her hips, riding me.
Her assed bounced up and down, meeting me each time I entered her. "Ungh!
Ah! Just like that! Give it to me like that!" she moaned.

Leaning over, her tits just inches from my face, Jessica gave me a knowing
smile. Open-mouthed, I leapt towards them, slathering them with my saliva,
licking and sucking her nipples. As her hips continued to thrust against
mine, she grabbed my head, moving me from one nipple to the other. "Keep
sucking them," she demanded. "And don't stop fucking me!"

I had no intention of stopping. Especially when she began to clench her
pussy around my cock, making it a little tighter. She knew exactly what she
was doing. The constant slap-slap-slap-slap of my balls against her ass got
louder and louder as she kept on riding me. The bed began to shake. "Faster!
Harder!" the gorgeous Toon redhead demanded. "Roger's going to be back

"He said... he was going... to sing... a whole... ton of songs..."

"He's a fast singer! Now hurry up!"

I sat up quickly, grabbing Jessica and pushing her back onto the bed until
she was under me. Her legs dangled off the side of the bed as I stood over
her. I continued to slam my cock into her. Her dress was bunched up around
her stomach as her tits bounced in every direction. I looked at them with a
grin. "I bet you've always wanted to cum over them," she winked wickedly. I
nodded. "Then go ahead!"

I pulled out of her pussy with a loud slurp and clambered up her body until
I sat on top of her, my cock between her tits again. She began rubbing it
with them for a second time, her juices all over me making it even slicker
than before. It didn't take much time before I couldn't hold on any longer.
"I'm gonna..." I began before letting loose a torrent of cum over Jessica
Rabbit. The first blast hit her chin. I readjusted my position quickly so
the rest squirted all over her cartoon tits, dribbling down her cleavage and
over her nipples.

I collapsed onto the bed next to her just as we heard the door opening. I
pushed my dick into my pants, zipping up just in time. Jessica wasn't so

Roger Rabbit gawped at the sticky white cum over his hot wife's breasts. His
jaw literally hit the group. He scooped back up. "Jessica! No! What are you

"Roger... I..." Jessica tried covering herself up, but my cum was everywhere.

"You know I don't eat cream ever since poor Eric got a dastardly deadly
custard pie to the face!" His face lit up, a huge grin covering it. "But
you're so thoughtful. Baking for me!" His eyes turned into massive hearts.

I looked over to Jessica, who just shrugged then smiled. "As always, my
little love bunny!"

* * *

Jessica cleaned herself up right away. Roger, completely oblivious to what
had been going on, entertained me by going back to his juggling. I felt
horrendously guilty. The Toon rabbit was a genuinely nice, if naοve, guy.
There was no guilt – at least not much – when Ariel had sucked my dick right
by a passed-out-drunk Eric. I know it's wrong to speak ill of the dead, but
the guy was an ass. Roger was the complete opposite. I just seemed to have
lost all self control during my time in Toon Town.

When Jessica emerged from the bathroom she was looked as radiant as ever. "I
just realised. We have to be at a signing in an hour. I'm sorry Tim, but I
have to love you and leave you." She winked at me, then caught herself.
"Roger, go brush your fur. You have to look presentable."

"Sure thing Jessica!" Roger said, dropping the kettle, pillow, toaster and
complimentary soaps he had been juggling. The kettle smacked him in the
head. He swatted away the birdies that appeared in front of him, then
staggered into the bathroom.

Jessica leaned towards me. "We have to do that again," she whispered.
"There's still something you have to do for me." She glanced towards the
bathroom. "The studio has given me your address. I'll see you there."

"You've got to be kidding!" I exclaimed, quickly lowering my voice. "After
we almost got caught like that?"

"I can't help it," she said. She kissed me, quickly, fleetingly, her eyes
always on the door to the bathroom. Behind it Roger was singing:

"Brush, brush, brush your fur,
Gently trim your nails,
Nice-ily nice-ily nice-ily nice...
Watch a ship with sails!"

Jessica smiled a little at that, then turned to me again. "I want more. I
can't help it. And you've got that reputation. It turns me on. It's not my

"'s just the way you were drawn. Yeah, I know." I wasn't sure how much
I was willing to accept that excuse. Alice had been drawn to be an innocent
young girl, but I'd seen how she'd turned out. Same with Mulan and Belle. If
they could change, why couldn't Jessica Rabbit? Unless she didn't really
want to.

Jessica suddenly stood up straight, her hand stroking her chin that only
minutes before had been plastered with my cum. "I don't know if it would be
much help," she said, "but there is a man you really should see."

From the bathroom I heard Roger gulped loudly as if anticipating his wife's
words. "N-not him?"

Jessica nodded. "His name is Mal Weissman," she told me. "But everyone calls
him the Illustrator."

* * *

The Illustrator. Who hadn't heard of the man? He was a living legend:
Malachi "Mal" Weissman. Having emigrated from Russia as a young boy at the
start of the twentieth century, he was over a hundred years old. Before
Hanna and Barbera, before the Warners, before even Walt Disney, Weissmann
had been the true father of the American cartoon industry. He was the
undeniable master of Toonimation, and for decades was single-handedly
creating all the Toons for the major studios.

He had never officially retired, even in the midst of the modern advances in
animation. He still kept his original studio above a grocer's in downtown
Hollywood, but hadn't been seen in public in over thirty years. He had
outright refused to attend events like the Oscars and Toonies, once
responding to the suggestion that he deserved a lifetime achievement award
with the words: "Of course I fucking do. I know this, you know that, that
son of a bitch Disney knew that. But I'll be dead before you drag me to one
of those godawful self-congratulatory pieces of shit! Fuck you! Fuck your
mother! Fuck your aunt! And fuck your dog!" Needless to say, he was a

When I arrived at the musty studio loft, with its low lighting and old
fashioned fittings, unchanged since the 1950s, it seemed, I pictured the
broken, decrepit old man with bitter eyes and foul breath that I would
inevitably be met by.

I was surprised to find the door was opened by a young Toon girl – the
Illustrator's assistant I hoped – who looked hauntingly familiar. "Melody?"
I asked.

"You know me?" she frowned.

"I know your mother," I replied. "And I met your father a few times
before... Well... before..."

She was the spitting image of Ariel and Eric, perfectly combined in a way
that only a Toon could be. Drawn to be around ten years old, she was unique
in that she actually looked her age. That wouldn't last. As the years went
by, her body would remain exactly the same as it was the day she was
illustrated, while in her mind she would get more and more mature. But why
was she here at the Weissman's studio?

"You're here to see the Illustrator?" Melody asked. No questions about her
parents. That didn't surprise me. They had no real relationship. She had
been drawn to be their daughter, and that was all. It was said that she
couldn't stand her so-called parents. And with one of them dead, she hadn't
attempted to reach out to the other. That said a lot.

"Yeah," I said. "Jessica Rabbit called ahead of me."

Melody nodded and guided me into the room. Ink-splattered tables were all
over the place. One wall had a large sheet of paper with a partially drawn
Toon ferret on it. It looked to be around six feet tall. You wouldn't want
to meet it in a dark alley when it was complete.

The young Toon girl led me through into a second, smaller room that was even
more cramped than the main studio. Paintings covered the walls, paperwork
every surface. On the desk stood several small statuettes of older Toons –
Bugs Bunny, Mickey, Cinderella and Koko the Clown.

"He'll be right in," Melody told me. She smiled politely, reminding me so
much of Ariel. My thoughts began to drift to her and the odd relationship we
had developed; her a Toon movie star, me a lowly studio intern, and yet we
had ended up in each other's arms. Well, my dick in her various orifices
too. And Melody really did look like her "mother"... She was lacking in the
perky tits and was a little shorter, but... No! I stopped myself as soon as
the thought entered my mind.

"So, have you seen your mother since the... uh..."

"Why would I?" Melody retorted, sounding more like an angry teenager than
the child whose body she inhabited. "She's not really my Mom. I'm just drawn
that way..."

"And what a very good drawing you are..." a croaky voice behind us said.

We both turned to its source. Malachi Weissman – the Illustrator – had
emerged from a side door that I hadn't noticed into the tiny office. He was
just as I'd expected; ancient, bent over. His arthritic fingers clutched a
cartoon walking cane as he hobbled into view. One of his eyes seemed to be
clouded over while the other sparkled in a way that so many people my own
age lacked. He must have seen and done so much in his many years.

Melody rushed forward to help the old man into his chair behind the desk.
His one good eye seemed to travel down her young Toon body. He chuckled as
he settled down.

"So you're the boy my Jessica sent, eh?" he asked in a lightly accented
voice. "Yes, yes. Just as I expected." He was a tiny man, wrinkled beyond
belief. I couldn't help but think he reminded me of a slightly less green
version of Yoda. As he spoke he revealed a set of bright white teeth;
obviously false. "So? Don't waste my time! What do you want?"


"Spit it out! I'm a hundred and six years old! I don't want to keel over dead
before you finish stammering!"

"I'm not exactly sure what it is I'm after. Sir." It was so intimidating
being in the presence of this man. The man who had created Mickey Mouse by
hand; whose legendary talents had sketched out the lines that would become
Bugs Bunny; The man, in fact, who had drawn most of, if not all, of the Toon
women I had slept with!

"Not exactly sure? Not exactly sure?" He turned to Melody who remained in
the corner of the room. "Did you hear that? He comes all the way over here,
wasting my time, and he's not exactly sure!"

"I've been looking into the death of Prince Eric!" I blurted out suddenly.

"Eric? Eric, you say?" The Illustrator looked blankly at me.

"Eric Charming," I added. "Ariel's husband. Melody here's father."

"He's *not* my father," Melody interjected angrily. She was quickly silence
when the Illustrator raised his finger.

"Charming you say? Yes, yes. Of course." The old man rumpled absently
through some papers then stopped. "Where was I?"

"Eric Charming, sir..."

"I know! I was being rhetorical! I'm not losing my mind, young man! About
the only thing I'm not," he added, laughing at a private joke. I was about
to express sympathy when he continued: "Toons killing Toons... that ain't
happened since... '47, I think."

"Doom..." I started.

"That's right!" Weissman interjected with an approving grin. I suddenly
realised that those weren't ordinary false teeth - they were far too perfect
for that – they were Toon teeth. I wondered what other parts of himself he'd
replaced with animated equivalents. "Of course, he wasn't always Doom...
When I created him he was Baron von Rotten. Just some third-rate villain for
some goddawful B-movies. Not my best work."

I started to recall the story. "Didn't he have an accident during the
filming of a Baby Herman cartoon?"

Weissman nodded. "Safe fell on his head. Woke up thinking he was a real

"...which was when he robbed the First National Bank of Toon Town and killed
Valiant... Theodore Valiant... in the process!"

"Dropped a piano on his head," Weissman interjected.

"Then used the money to buy the election for Judge of Toon Town, which he
took under a new alias!"

"He had to pretend he was human because back then the state didn't think
Toons should have too much autonomy. I fought that one all the way to the
Supreme Court, believe you me." The Illustrator nodded again, ponderously.
"You know your stuff, kid."

I'm not sure, but I think I may have blushed. I noticed Melody stifling a
giggle so I must have. "Toons are my life, sir. If I'd had more time I
would've had a hundred questions for you! Like which were your favourite
Toons to animate and..."

"I'll give you that one, kid: Always liked doing the villains - Doom was the
exception - but it was the sexy ones that always turned out best! The Queen
from Snow White? Well... me and her... heh heh."

So I wasn't the only one enjoying the intimate company of Toon starts. Even
the creator of them all had enjoyed such pleasures in his younger days. That
smile on his face told me all I needed to know about the mind that had drawn
Jessica Rabbit. I wondered if anything had happened between the two of them.
I shuddered at the thought.

The Illustrator was suddenly serious again: "But there's not been a Toon
killing another Toon since then. Since Doom and his Dip."

"At least not until now, sir," I said.

"You think a Toon did this?" Weissman asked, his face changing from stern to
downright mad. "You're accusing one of my own creations...?"

I could only defend myself: "It's starting to look that way."

"Then you know nothing about Toons! Let me tell you about Toons, boy...
There were plants native to this state that were used by the Injuns for
tribal drawings for thousands of years. Not sure when it started happening,
but at some point they started to come to life."

I knew all of this. It was common knowledge, taught in history classes all
across America ever since the first Toons were discovered in the West by
Lewis and Clark. But I let the old man continue: "Not sure what the Injuns
used them for – they were just stick figures, no personalities - nothing
like we can do now. But I reckon they were used like the Toons are now.
They're built to entertain, boy. That's what Toons do. One way or another.
But us Americans, we tried using them on the railroads. They were too damn
independent for that. Didn't want no hard work when they could be dancing
their Injun dances. That's why they settled on using them Chinks instead."
He chuckled proudly at that. His very liberal attitudes towards Toons seemed
to contrast with his old-fashioned racism.

Weissman carried on his ramble: "But the film studios... They knew just what
to with Toons. Especially once they gave a bunch of Injuns something –
money, whiskey, a buncha beads, I don't know – for their knowledge. That's
where I came in. Oh, there've been fellas before and since me, but not one
of them hacks can make Toons come to life like I can! That's why folks like
that goddamned anti-Semitic cheat Disney came to *me* with their drawings
for me to animate them! And it's all for entertainment! One way or another,
Toons are entertainers! They. Don't. Kill."

I couldn't just let it stand there. I had my theory and the creator of Toons
had to understand where I was coming from. "The fact remains that someone
wanted to kill Eric – enough to use Dip! Something that's been illegal since
the 1950s!"

"Acetone, turpentine and paint remover..." The Illustrator mused. "Only way
to kill a Toon... or to scar them for life. Seen some nasty burns from Dip,
boy. Horrible scars. Done some damn good repair jobs over the years, when
some Toon got clumsy or some human thought it'd be funny to brew his own

"Repair jobs?" I asked.

"Just 'cause a Toon looks the way he does, don't mean he stays that way,"
Weissman said. He indicated the statuette of Mickey on his desk. "Just look
at the mouse! Don't even remember how many face lifts I've given him. He was
the first Toon to go from black and white to colour, too. So goddamned vain,
I tell you."

Well, I didn't know about that. The Mickey I knew just liked to keep up with
the times. Still, an idea was beginning to form in the back of my mind. "Is
there any way I can look these up? Do you keep records?"

"Do I keep records?" the Illustrator laughed. The laugh quickly turned into
a coughing fit which only ended when he hocked up a bright blue lump of ink
onto the office floor. I looked at it, dumbfounded.

"Well what'd ya expect?" the old man asked. "A man my age still looking this
good?" He winked at Melody who just smiled acceptingly, as though she was
used to putting up with the old codger's flirtations. "Been replacing the
parts that stopped working with Toon ones since '83!"

"That's possible?"

The Illustrator fumbled with his top shirt buttons for a few moments, and
then revealed his heart very visibly pumping in his chest. There was no
doubt of its Toon origins. "It's easy when you know how. Got me one cartoon
lung, three toes, a knee cap... oh... and this..." The eye that I had
thought was clouded over suddenly rolled around all the way. It had one
bright black pupil that goggled around his head. I jumped.

The old man laughed again. "But records, you say? Of course I keep 'em! How
else do you think I stopped that son of a bitch Disney from suing me for
everything I had? He doodles an idea for a Toon and he thinks he owns them!
But who gives them life? Me, that who!" He nodded indignantly to himself.
"So records... well, since Jessica sent you – oh, those titties... I loved
drawing them - Sure, why not?" He turned to his young assistant: "Girl, take
him down to the records room." His Toon eye winked evilly at me. "Have fun,

* * *

He had every right to wink that way. If there had ever been any order in the
"records room" it had been back in the 1930s. Filing cabinets bulged with
papers, some more recent, others yellowing around the edges. Melody led me
deeper into parts of the tiny studio that I was almost certain couldn't have
fit into the loft it was built into. It brought back memories of the
archives back at the studio.

"So what brought you here?" I asked my young Toon companion. I chose my next
words carefully. "It seems like an... odd relationship you've got."

"He's nice to me," she said. "More than my so-called parents were. As soon
as the last movie was filmed, that was it. He went back to the booze, and
she went back to acting like the great martyr she thinks she is."


"Oh come on, you must have seen it!" Melody said. "How she suffers in
silence whenever Eric goes... sorry, went... out drinking 'toonshine and
man-whoring it up with any pretty Toon girl he saw. Always the victim, with
her little cluster of Princesses to back her up. I was done being useful the
moment the second sequel was finished." She stopped suddenly. "But never
mind, we're here."

Another row files seemed to run to infinity just to the left of us. I
noticed a figure moving a little further up. Melody waved. "Hey, Snow!"

From the darkness another Toon emerged. Snow White. She was instantly
recognisable: her hair was cut short with a red bow across it. She wore a
blue blouse with large, puffy shoulder pads. Her bright yellow skirt was
covered in dust from working in this place. "Hello, Mel," she smiled, and
then looked at me. "Who's this handsome specimen?"

Melody rolled her eyes. "The boss sent him down here. Jessica Rabbit told
him about the place."

Snow White's eyes lit up. "Jessica's back in Toon Town?" she asked
excitedly. "I haven't seen her in years. And working down here, I don't get
to see much of the outside world."

"Why do you work here?" I asked. "You're Snow White! You should be a

"You know about that debacle that surrounds me, Aurora and Cinderella?" she
asked. I nodded. "Then there you go. They don't want me around them and I
don't want to see the gossip in the tabloids if I was seen without them."
She sniffed. "Anyway, I like it in here."

"I smells," Melody said, wrinkling her nose.

"No worse than the old man," Snow White laughed. She turned to me: "So what
do you want?"

I wasn't sure how to approach this. It was only a tiny idea that was taking
shape but if I could get some confirmation to set me in the right direction.
"I'm looking for the records of any repair work the Illustrator has done.
For Dip burns?"

"Dip burns?" Snow White asked, dumbfounded.

"Well, any kind of inking that Toons needed out of the norm," I suggested.

"I'll do my best," she offered.

* * *

All in all it took about two hours of all three of us searching through the
records to even get close to what we were looking for. Snow White had put a
lot of effort into getting some degree of order out of the place but over
eighty years of paperwork takes a while to get through. Every single order
that had been placed by the studios for Toons were here, every piece of
correspondence between the Illustrator, the execs and even his own Toons,
right down to his employee records.

Back at the height of the golden age of animation, Weissman had a team who
would work for him, designing even the most obscure characters. It seemed he
kept all the important Toons for himself, but for every Mickey Mouse or
Cinderella there was a chipmunk or bluebird that was appear in the
background. That was the work for his assistants.

Nowadays, since Toonimation had become more automated - the Artistic
Chemicals factory the Ninja Turtles had been working at was a sign of that -
all those background works were done elsewhere. A lot of the important
characters too. The Illustrator, it seemed, freelanced these days. That
explained the dramatically reduced staff. Why that staff included one of the
most famous Toons in the world was still beyond me.

I could understand why she was staying out the limelight, given her feud
with Aurora and Cinderella over Prince Charming. While they had been
carrying on a secret relationship, the fallout left Snow White completely
alone. But that didn't stop her interest in the Princesses, much to Melody's

"So does Cinders still do that thing with her lips when she's angry?" she
asked as we worked out way through several thick wads of notes on Toon

"You mean there are times when she's not angry?" I laughed, lifting my eyes
up from the papers in front of me.

Snow White laughed. "Oh, she used to be so happy. She always had a song in
her heart. The animals would just flock to her just as they did with me. It
didn't change until..." She stopped for a moment. "Sorry."

I reached out and touched her hand. The dust smudged the smooth ink of her
skin. "It's okay. I don't know a whole lot about it but... You're happy
here, right?"

Snow shook her head dramatically. "Oh, how can I be? They're out there, at
the Toonies, initiating their new Princesses, while I'm here working for a
filthy, lecherous old man!" She reached forward, wrapping her arms around my
shoulders. "You're the only young man I've seen in so, so long."

Her eyes met mine. They had definitely had some work in recent years. They
resembled those of a more modern Toon. But beyond that, she was the Snow
White that everyone knows. I felt her face move closer to mine. My eyes
drifted to her lips. They were slowly parting. "I've read about you..." she

"Everyone has," I replied breathlessly.

"Is it true?" Her mouth moved closer to mine.

"A little. Maybe." I could feel my own lips tingle as Snow White's were just
a fraction of an inch from them.

A sudden cough brought us back to our senses. We span around, Snow's arms
still around me, to see Melody wandering around a corner with another file
in her small Toon hands. "What's going on here?" she began. "Are you...?"

"We're..." I began.

"I'm so sorry, Mel," Snow said meekly, taking her arms from around my neck.

Melody shrugged. "It's okay. I know about these things. I may look ten..."

"You are," Snow White reminded her. "You were drawn in '98."

Melody leaned against one of the filing cabinets, smiling. "Yeah, but I was
drawn to be ten. I'm, like, twenty now. And anyway, we're not all innocent
like you were when you were drawn." She slid down until she was on the floor
with us, her hands around her knees. "And you've seen the people I lived
with while I was filming! You're saying I never saw Eric doing any of the
stuff he did." She leaned in closer, whispering conspiratorially. "He
flirted with me once. It was gross!" Her face changed, a more sympathetic
smile crossing it. "And you need something to keep you going, Snow. Plus,
it'll give you one up on those bitches. Go for it."

Was the Little Mermaid's daughter trying to set me up with Snow White?
Things just didn't seem shocking anymore.

She grinned at us both. "And if you don't, I will."

Snow White launched herself at me once more. "Oh, to heck with it!" she
exclaimed, her lips forcefully connecting with mine. So here I was being
used by a Toon woman again. Woe is me, eh?

It was a strangely old fashioned kiss, despite the passion behind it. Snow
was a little behind the times, staying up here with the Illustrator. No
tongue, but the force behind it was overwhelming. Her hands moved up and
down my back, stroking my hair as they wrapped around my shoulders once

"Okay. Sure. I'll just sit here and watch," Melody said. Neither of us

Snow tugged at my shirt, lifting it above my head and casting it aside. "Oh
my," she sighed, gazing at my body. It was nothing much to talk about, I was
hardly sporting a six pack or anything, but she'd been without a man in so
long. Probably hadn't been with a human at all. Right at that point, I don't
think it mattered either way.

I struggled with her dress. There was a zip of some kind at the back but it
seemed jammed. Only for a few seconds, though, and it was soon on the floor,
Snow White's pert Toon breasts fully exposed. I broke the kiss for a moment
to thank Melody for her subtle aid.

My hands began to explore Snow's body, pinching her nipples as I kissed my
way down her neck and over her shoulder, finally engulfing her left breast
in my mouth. She moaned lightly. She sighed blissfully, nudging me across to
give her other breast the same treatment.

"Push him down further," Melody offered. I glanced over to see that the
young Toon had her hand between her legs and up her dress. She was enjoying

Snow White was a little cautious but let me start to spread kisses further
down her body. Her stomach was perfectly smooth, totally flawless. Her skin
was a pale creamy tone. I didn't bother to remove her skirt, just hoisted it
up around her waist. She had a pair of plain white panties. Toon artist of
her period rarely drew on anything exciting, although I would have expected
something like that from the Illustrator.

I slowly removed Snow's panties, planting kisses down her legs and up her
feet as I did. She stifled a laugh as ran my tongue around each of her toes
before working my way back up to her exposed pussy. She was completely
shaved. That is, her artist hadn't bothered to add a patch of hair. It was
the 1930s, after all. Who expected a Toon to be showing these parts? That
said, their attention to detail elsewhere was perfect. Her lips glistened
with a long-awaited moistness, parting slightly to reveal her little round
clit. Perhaps this was a newer addition, I thought. Added when she attempted
to rekindle her relationship with Charming back in the 1960s.

I stretched my tongue out and licked all the way up her slit, savouring the
sweet taste. She gasped. I imagine that Charming had never put too much
effort into this. I ran my tongue in circles around her clit then engulfed
it with my lips, sucking lightly and flickering my tongue all over it.
Snow's hips bucked gently, moving me into different positions. I varied my
lapping speed and her body definitely reacted. She remained quiet,
occasionally moaning but nothing more. She was of a different time.

Glancing up I noticed Melody had totally lifted her skirt up. Her small
hands rubbed her exposed pussy with abandon. Her eyes were closed. Was she
imagining that it was her here instead of Snow? "Yes... Yes... Lick it like
that..." she whispered.

Snow White gasped, then looked down at me. "Should she be there?" she

"Keep going... Keep going..." Melody exhaled.

"Nothing she hasn't seen before," I responded then buried my face back into
Snow White's pussy. After a few seconds, she seemed less aware of her
surroundings and got back to enjoying it. My cock was bulging in my pants as
my eyes moved from Snow's crotch to Melody expertly fingering herself in
front of us. I reached down with a free hand and unzipped myself. Without
changing the pace of licking on Snow, I tugged my jeans off and kicked them
aside. After a few moments, Snow White's body shuddered again. It was
different this time. Her body fell limp once the exaggerated movements came
to an end. She'd come. Very quietly, but no doubt about it.

"Now for something else," I smiled, moving up her body. I could feel my cock
touching her pussy, sliding around the wetness of her juices and my saliva.

"Yes... Yes... Something else," Melody murmured. Two of her fingers began to
slide inside her tiny pussy.

Snow nodded as I guided myself into her, parting the lips. Her pussy
swallowed up my cock as I sank deep into her. Just as tight as a Toon should
be. "Ready?" I asked her. She nodded.

I began slowly, pulling out almost all the way, then sliding right back in
again. Her body quickly began to accommodate my cock as the rhythm soon
changed, the thrusts increasing in tempo. Snow's moans became a little
louder each time I filled her all the way.

Melody's finger-fucking got faster too. The two fingers that pumped in and
out were wet and sticky. She swapped hands and licked the young juices off
the fingers that had just been inside her. It was so wrong, but it was easy
to convince myself that she was a Toon and that meant totally different
rules! Watching Melody suck on her own pussy juices made me pump harder into
Snow White. She called out a little in surprise. "Oh my!"

I reached under her body, grabbing her ass and lifting it a little. It
altered the angle of fucking, adding some variety. I didn't want to get too
kinky here. Snow White was definitely no Belle in that respect. But the
change made a difference. Snow became a little louder and started to move
more in beat with my thrusts. Letting myself get more aggressive, I pumped
her harder and harder, leaning down to bite her neck a little, eliciting an
excited groan.

When I looked up again, Melody was closer to us, her eyes on my cock as it
moved inside Snow White. One hand was still working hard on her pussy but
the other began to move tentatively forward. She pulled back again
nervously, but she was definitely intrigued. No matter what she'd seen Eric
doing in the past, I doubt she'd seen a human and Toon together. She seemed
fascinated by my cock. Just thinking of her looking at it brought me closer
to the edge.

"I'm gonna..." I began as my thrusts became harder in quicker and quicker
succession. On a backward stroke, Melody suddenly grabbed my dick before I
could slam it back into Snow. It was already throbbing and ready to burst
but that was the final straw.

Melody yanked it to the side, hurting it a little, as I began to spurt. The
first streak hit her exposed thighs, then several on her young pussy, until
they became less powerful and dripped onto Snow White's leg.

"What was..." I began.

"I'm sorry," Melody began. "I just wanted to see what it was like..."

Snow White sat up from the floor, grabbing loose clothes and wrapping them
around herself. "Well, you shouldn't have. It was just wrong and..." She
noticed Melody playing with my cum, rubbing it between her fingers and
watching it string out between them as they parted. "Will you stop doing
that?" Melody quickly put her fingers in her mouth to taste it. She
shrugged. Nothing special, apparently. It didn't hurt my ego any, but I was
still a little shocked at what happened.

To be honest, the atmosphere suddenly got a little awkward. I reached for my
pants and began to pull them on. Something quickly caught my eye. A sheet of
paper that had been kicked loose of the file it was in during my passionate
clinch with Snow White. "Look at this..."

Both of the Toon girls stopped glaring at each other and turned to me. Snow
White had her top back on but not zipped up, and her skirt back over her
legs. I didn't notice her wipe my cum off, though. Melody didn't seem to
care about being exposed.

"This bill here," I said, pointing at the piece of slightly yellowing paper
in my hand. "It's from 1963. For a complete facial reconstruction of a

"That happens all the time," Snow said, still clearly unhappy about Melody's
involvement in our encounter. "New eyes, slightly altered facial

"I know," I replied. "But look at this. It's a pretty hefty bill, and it
mentions an additional charge for the difficulty of - look here - 'cleaning
acetone from the wound.'"

"Dip," Snow White said,

"Dip exactly!" I replied. "But what does it mean? 1963..."

Something suddenly dawned on Snow's face. "The year after Phillip...
disappeared." She took the paper from my hand. "But there isn't a name here.
This doesn't prove anything. It could be a red herring."

"But it could be everything! Okay, bear with me. Aurora and Cinderella try
to have Charming killed for attempting to make their relationship public..."

"That's only a rumour," Snow White said.

"But c'mon..." Melody interrupted.

Snow White hushed her quickly. Melody glared. Snow continued: "Nobody has
any proof of that. It's just a rumour that went around in the 60s and 70s.
Everybody forgot about it until..."

"...Until Eric started shouting about it every time he got liquored up!"

That was when the ball dropped. The muddle of pieces that formed the puzzle
I'd been pondering started to come together. Not a full picture yet, not by
a long shot. But maybe some clouds and a bit of a tree in the great jigsaw
that was this mystery. "Eric isn't Charming's relative! He *is* Charming! He
had a complete reworking!"

Melody quickly chimed in. "You mean my mo... Ariel was sleeping with a guy
who was, like, a hundred years old? Ew!"

"1936. He was drawn in 1936," Snow White chided.

"Whatever," Melody said, rolling her eyes. "But what does it mean?"

"It means..." I started. But what did it mean? Even if Phillip Charming and
Eric Charming were one and the same, did that bring me any closer to the
suspects? Well, the money was definitely on Cinderella and Aurora, trying to
finish up where they left off over forty years before. But there was nothing
concrete to even prove the first part of that hypothesis, and I doubted that
I would get it out of the two Princesses. They had managed to stay above the
fray for decades and I doubted they would slip up right here, right now. "I
have no idea," I finished. "But it's something. I have to tell..."

Suddenly realising that it probably wasn't best to mention Ariel's name in
front of Snow White. You don't mention one conquest in front of another,
especially when one is part of a group that had abandoned and cast out the
other. "...the police. It's a clue if nothing else. It's something."

"They wouldn't believe you," Snow said.

"But I have to try." I pulled my t-shirt on over my head and kissed Snow. It
was a little awkward considering how the sex had ended.

"And me!" Melody said, grabbing my head and pulling me into a kiss.

I staggered back a little after that. "I'll... uh... I'll let myself out..."

As I left the vast archive, I could distinctly hear Snow White and Melody
arguing. Not the best way to leave them, but this was huge.

* * *

I rushed to Toon Town in a cab and got out several blocks from Ariel's plush
mansion. Maybe I should have gone to the police first, especially since
Alice planted doubts about Ariel's innocence, but my new theory placed
Cinderella and Aurora right at the head of the suspects and maybe - just
maybe - Ariel would help me get the proof I needed to take them down.

Picking up my pace I power-walked to my end point only to be filled by a
sense of dread at what I saw when I arrived. I turned the corner to the
large driveway to realise I wasn't the only human presence in this part of
Toon Town. Three very real police cars were parked outside, their lights
flashing silently. They stood out in their Toon surroundings.

I looked up to the door to see four officers emerge with Ariel in cuffs. I
was too late. She didn't notice me as she was guided towards the nearest
squad car. The studio had promised the police - Toon or human - would get in
on this, that it was down to Mitch Mitchelson (and maybe me) to figure out
who killed Eric so that it could be dealt with internally. It was an attempt
to stop a media circus. Sure, there wasn't a sign of the press here yet, but
it wouldn't be long.

I had to get back to the studio. I had to see what Maroon knew. Maybe he was
the person who needed to hear my theory first. I turned before any of the
cops saw me. I would stand out to them just as much as they did to me.

Turning a corner, well out of the sight of the cops, I raced towards another
street, then another. I had to take the "scenic route" to the tunnel back to
the human world but I had to get there as soon as I could. I pushed aside a
Toon umbrella that bounced in the opposite direction. It flapped at me, but
I ignored it as I crossed over towards Marvin Acme Park.

Cars beeped their horns at me as I raced over the road. A Toon wolf screamed
obscenities at me. He quickly got told off by an old woman who was also
crossing the street.

It didn't matter, though. Leaping through the entrance to the park, the only
thing on my mind was that I had to get back to the studio. I had to get...

Before I could finish that thought, I felt a blow to the back of my head and
everything went black.

To be continued...


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