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Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Jessica Rabbit Does Hentai
by Muhabba

It hadn't been easy for the last few years, for Toons anyway. The gay romps of the 40's gave way to the serials of the 50's. And then the serials of the 50's gave way to the psychedelica of the 60's. The 60's gave way to the off-beat antiestablishment of the 70's. The 70's gave way to the half-hour toy ads of the 80's. The 80's gave way to the off the wall nonsense of the 90's. And after the 90's? CGI. The bane of any Toon.

Sleeker and shinier with twice the number of commercials, CGI was rapidly replacing the Toons of yesteryear. And the old gang, oh where were they now? Mickey and Minnie had made the leap towards the shallow end of CGI and just to support Mickey's pantie fetish. Nobody had seen Donald since his nephew's show had been cancelled and he couldn't ride their coat tails anymore. And Goofy... poor, poor Goofy. Bugs and Daffy were still around of course with some cheesy shows of their own. But Wile E. Coyote and what he finally did to that poor, poor Road Runner. Everybody had thought that it was just simple hunger that sent the coyote after the bird... but. Nobody deserved what Wile finally did to that bird.

There was still some work to be found for Toons of course. Mostly retro-tinged merchandise and fan films but the fan films almost always led to the same place, Rule #34. They'd all done it. It was a cheap way to make a few quick bucks and it was easy to deny. Most of it rarely ended up looking like the original Toon after all. But there was still one country that appreciated the Toons, Japan. Japan had a thriving animation culture and a Toon had a real shot of finding work. Of course for a Toon drawn like Jessica Rabbit there was really only one type of Japanese animation.


Jessica Rabbit walked down the dark, lonely street dressed in an outfit not unlike a Japanese school-girl. On her feet she wore little Mary Jane shoes over her knee-high socks. Her firm, pale thighs were completely exposed as they reached up and up to her groin. Her small, pleated skirt barely covered her tight, heart shaped ass and if she took too big of a step the skirt wafted up to expose her white panties. Her flat stomach and belly button were completely exposed with her tight, white blouse tied in a knot under her large, swaying breasts. She wore a small blazer that accentuated her braless DD-cup tits rather than concealing them and a small tie rested atop her jiggling chest. Her trade mark blood red hair was up in pig-tails but with a few playful wisps trailing down her face and partially covering one eye. Her cupie-doll lips were painted a deep scarlet to match her hair and she licked them in nervousness.

A sudden voice behind Jessica broke the silence of the empty street. "Hey! Hey you. Boobie-Girl. What you doing out all alone this time of night?"

Jessica swung around, her small skirt flairing up to expose her tiny panties and her large tits swayed back and forth. Half a block away she saw three young street thugs eyeing her. Jessica's heavy lidded eyes shot open in surprise as she gasped and brought a hand up to cover her impressive chest.

"Yeah you, Boobie-Girl. What you doing out on a night like this? Don't you know better? There's monsters in the city, Boobie-Girl." The three thugs approached Jessica and began circling her like hungry sharks.

A sudden gust of wind lifted Jessica's skirt and she struggled to keep it from blowing out. The cold air caressed her body and her nipples hardened, clearly visible through her small blouse and blazer.

The three men circled closer to the frightened Jessica, just barely out of arms reach, trapping her between them. "Yeah Boobie-Girl. There's monsters out. Don't you see the news? But don't worry, Boobie-Girl. We get you home safe." All three thugs licked their lips. "Course, there's a toll."

The three thugs all looked very similar except for the colors of their headbands: 1 blue, 1 orange and 1 white. The thug with the white headband had been doing the talking so far. Suddenly Blue and Orange grabbed Jessica's arms, pinning her between them. White grabbed Jessica's giant tits and began mauling and kneading the giant orbs while Blue and Orange's hands began groping the rest of the voluptuous woman's body.

Jessica felt her body begin to respond against her will. Her nipples grew rock hard and sizzled at White's skilled fingers. Her pussy quickly became wet and her clit hardened and began slid out from underneath it's hood as it throbbed to life. Her scarlet lips parted as she gasped and she licked her lips. "N... noooo. Please let me... let me go," she pleaded.

The three thugs dragged her to the nearest alley and threw her in. Jessica fell to the dirty ground and her skirt flew up to expose her white panties and her long legs spread out wide, exposing her wet and heated groin.

"We'll let you go after you pay the toll, Boobie-Girl," White said as he bent down and ripped the clothes from Jessica's overly endowed chest.

Jessica's large tits spilled free and swelled like a wave, her nipples hard and pink and set high and proud on the gleaming orbs. White bent down and smothered his face with her warm, silky tits and began rubbing them around his face.

The other two thugs quickly ripped away the rest of Jessica's clothes until all she had left were her shoes and knee high socks. Their hands roughly rubbed over her nude flesh, along her sides and stomach, up her long legs, between her spread thighs and to the small patch of red hair above her glistening slit.

"Nonononononono... Please no. I'm begging you," Jessica pleaded. Unwanted pleasure coursed through her body like electricity. A blush crept across her face as she was molested and she felt her pussy pulse and her juices drooled out of her.

White bent down further and began roughly sucking at Jessica's tits and pinching her hard, pale nipples. "Ohhhhh...," Jessica accidently cooed out loud. The other two thugs slid their fingers into her tight pussy and her even tighter ass. "Oh God?" she shouted out. "No please. No. Not there. Please!" she cried out as she unconsciously humped her hot groin against the thugs' invading fingers.

White released his lip-lock on Jessica's nipples and stood up, unbuckling his pants. "If not there, Boobie-Girl, how 'bout here?" He released his impossibly long and thick cock, placing it in Jessica's deep cleavage. He wrapped the naked woman's giant tits around his cock and began fucking her chest, the head of his long cock bumping against her chin. "Suck it bitch!" he shouted. "Suck my cock!"

Jessica wrapped her scarlet lips around the thrusting tool, sucking hard and swirling her pink tongue around the throbbing head. The abnormally long cock plunged in and out of her wet mouth again and again as she tasted his pre-cum now covering her tongue.

Blue and Orange pulled their fingers from Jessica's grasping holes, a moan of unwanted disappointment coming from their victim's cock stuffed mouth, and began undoing their pants. "I gotta get me some of that," Orange said as he released his own giant prick.

"Me too," agreed Blue as he pulled out his equally huge cock.

Both men pulled Jessica up to her knees and pulled her hands up to their cocks. Jessica instinctively tried to wrap her hands around the meaty pricks but her fingers weren't even capable of reaching around their girth as she began jerking them off. White released Jessica's mountainous tits and let the beautiful red-head bob her head up and down. The naked woman took each cock into her panting mouth in turn as she jacked the other two, taking them deeper and deeper into her mouth and down her clutching throat.

Each of the three men took turns fucking the gorgeous woman's face over and over again, their cum filled balls slapping wetly against her dimpled chin. As Jessica bobbed up and down on their pricks the thugs filled their hands with her giant orbs, gripping them, rubbing them, molesting her warm flesh.

"Fuck this!" Orange yelled out. "I'm tired of waiting my turn." The horny criminal pulled Jessica's sucking mouth off of his cock and laid down on the ground. He crawled under his victim's naked body and lined his cock up with the wet opening of her pussy.

"Oh God No!" Jessica screamed as she pulled one of the cocks from her wet mouth. "Please, no! Please!"

"Take it bitch!" Orange yelled as he pulled her hips down, impaling her on his hard dick. "Ughhh. Fuck it, bitch. Fuck my cock."

Jessica moaned in unwanted pleasure and began fucking up and down on the giant prick buried in her wet pussy. "Ugh... ugh... oh...," she gasped out with each plunge as the thug's throbbing prick stretched and filled her hot, wet pussy again and again. She never lost her rhythm with the cocks in her hands and continued jacking them off as she fucked the third.

The thug with the white head-band pulled his cock from Jessica's skilled hand. "Oh yeah, bro. I knew this bitch was hot!" He made his way around Jessica and knelt behind her, lining his dick up with her puckered asshole. "Gonna get some!" he yelled as he shoved his giant dick into her tight, clutching ass.

"Oh God, no!" Jessica screamed as she was doubly violated. An orgasm tore through her body as she collapsed onto her hands. Her large, creamy tits dangled above the thug with the orange head-band fucking her pussy and he began nursing at her chest. "Ohhhh...," she moaned lustfully as the thug sucked at her pink, hard nipples and the thug at her ass began fucking in and out of her.

As Jessica moaned in unwanted passion her cupie-doll lips made a perfect O and the thug with the blue head-band quickly shoved his cock into her mouth. "Oh yeah, Boobie-Girl! Suck my dick! Suck it hard!" he yelled out.

Jessica's overly developed body was rocked in a perfect rhythm. All her tight, wet holes fill with thick cock and her swaying tits were kneaded and molested. Another orgasm tore through her body and she would have collapsed to the ground it the thugs hadn't been holding her up. Sweat covered her body as she was fucked three different ways and her exposed, pale flesh gleamed in the weak light of the alley.

Orange let Jessica's large tits escape from his mouth with a loud popping sound and smacked his lips as he smiled. "Oh yeah, Boobie-Girl. How ya like this?" He reached up to Jessica's swinging tits with his fingers and harshly pinched and twisted her hard nipples.

"God NO! Please!" Jessica screamed as she came again. Without the thug underneath her holding her up she collapsed forward completely as her body shook with her unwanted orgasm.

The three thugs rolled the twitching beauty onto the dirty ground as they pulled their cocks from her well fucked body. Jessica could see their giant dicks gleaming with her juices and saliva, but was helpless to move as they stood above her prone and shaking body.

The thugs began fisting their cocks as they stood around their helpless victim. The thug with the white head-band's prick filled Jessica's vision as he loomed over her. "We about to change your name from Boobie-Girl to Bukake-Girl."

All three giant pricks erupted at the same time, their cum covering Jessica's panting face. "Lick it up!" one of the thugs yelled and Jessica opened her mouth and stuck out her pink tongue to catch the last of the cum as it rained down on her face and heaving chest.

"You heard the man, Bukake-Girl! Lick it up!" another of the thugs yelled as he slapped Jessica's face with his prick.

Jessica began using her fingers to gather up the cum covering her and licking it up. She felt like there was a gallon of cum as she felt it slide warmly down her throat and fill her belly.

"Oh yeah, Bukake-Girl. Eat that cum!" one of the thugs yelled out as they all began laughing at Jessica's nude, heaving body on the ground and covered in their cum.

Jessica could only pant in humiliation as the three thugs pointed at her as they laughed. She had cleaned and swallowed all the cum covering her and her naked body shone with sweat and saliva.

Suddenly a grey tentacle shot out from the dark of the ally from behind Jessica, impaling itself into the thug with the Orange head-band's chest. A gallon of blood arced through the sky as his friends stared dumbfounded.

"Monster!" the other two thugs yelled as their friend fell to the ground limply. They both stared at each other for and instant before screaming in fear and running out of the ally, leaving Jessica to her fate.

The tentacle shook the blood from itself as another tentacle slithered forward to join it. Jessica looked around in fear and saw a swarm of tentacles swaying back and forth as they made their way towards her. "Oh no. Please no. No more, please!" she pleaded before trying to run. Her giant tits swayed and her tight ass clenched as her long legs tried to carry her to safety. A tentacle suddenly wrapped around Jessica's small waist and lifted her off the ground. She tried to pull it off of her but even though the flesh of the tentacle was warm and soft and slightly moist it had a grip like steel.

Jessica was slowly surrounded by the grey, ghastly tentacles. They slowly stroked up and down her vulnerable body, caressing her naked and warm skin. One tentacle each wrapped around her wrists and brought her arms up and above her head, pulling her heaving tits up high and tight on her chest. More tentacles came to her chest, rubbing and massaging her large orbs and causing her to moan out in unwanted pleasure. The tentacles squeezed Jessica's giant breasts together while another tentacle slithered into her cleavage and began to slowly fuck her tits.

Two more tentacles slithered to Jessica's exposed breasts and began flicking her hard nipples and causing her to moan out, "Ohhh... ummmm... Nooo. Please, nooooo..."

The tentacles holding Jessica's large, molested tits released their hold and the large orbs swayed from side to side as the tentacles make their way down her vulnerable body. The tentacle that had been slowly fucking her tits made its way upwards and softly curled around her graceful neck. The other two tentacles made their way past Jessica's flat stomach, reaching around to caress her firm ass-cheeks and then down her long legs to her ankles.

Then two tentacles each grabbed one of Jessica's ankles and spread her toned legs. "Oh God no. Please no," she gasped out in defeat, knowing what was coming next.

As Jessica's legs were slowly spread wide it caused her swollen pussy-lips to part slightly, exposing the pink treasure of her dripping hole and small drops of her juices dripped onto the dirty ground. The two tentacles that had been stimulating her hard, pink nipples made their way down to her exposed groin and one nestled against the entrance to her vagina and the other against her puckered little asshole.

"Oh God! Please no, please...," Jessica cried out as the tentacle around her neck rose up to just in front of her mouth. She could feel the tentacles tense up slightly and she knew what was going to happen next. With a sudden thrust the tentacles at her pussy and ass plunged into her body, stretching her tight holes, filling her completely. "Ahhh! Ugh..." she tried to scream but just as she opened her mouth the third tentacle dove past her red lips, over her pink tongue and into her throat.

The tentacles started thrusting in and out of Jessica's unwilling body, slowly at first before starting to pick up speed. There was nothing for her to do, nothing she could do as she was violated mercilessly. The tentacle fucking into her mouth moved in and out at its own speed as she subconsciously used her wet tongue to massage along its length. Below her, as one tentacle slid deep into her hot cunt the other would pull slightly out of her ass before diving back in as the other slid partly out of her wet pussy. In and out, over and over, tirelessly fucking deep inside of her vulnerable body. Three more tentacles joined into her rape, two at her chest molesting her jiggling tits and hard nipples as another stimulated her erect clit.

"Ugh," Jessica choked around the thick tentacle fucking her throat as she came. Her pussy and ass clenched down on the tentacles thrusting deep into her beautiful body. Her body spasmed in uncontrollable pleasure as it was rocked back and forth. She tried to catch her breath as her orgasm ripped through her but the tentacle fucking her face made it too difficult to breath. As her orgasm subsided Jessica's body relaxed and sagged in the tentacles' grasp when suddenly all three thrust deep inside her and began to vibrate. "Agghhhh!" she tried to scream as she came again. Her body tensed up and pulled against the tentacles' grip but they held her fast. "OhGodJesusFuck!" she desperately thought to herself. "When's it going to end?"

More tentacles joined in and began sliding, squeezing, massaging and molesting Jessica's naked, pleasure wracked and vulnerable body. Another orgasm tore through her, and another, and another, and still more. One after another. Each one building on the one before. She had never had this many multiple orgasms before in her life, one after another after another. Just as one orgasm ended one of the many tentacles would do something to her sweaty, over heated body and cause her to cum again. "Aiiiiiii...." She tried to scream in forced pleasure.

Finally the tentacle rape began to ease and Jessica's body hung bonelessly in their grasp, her lungs burning for air. "Oh God. Fuck...," she panted as her body went completely limp. A small stream of drool escaped past her lips and joined the puddle of her cum on the dirty ground.

"And Cut!" the director yelled out. Several aides came from out of the shadows as lights suddenly clicked to life and caused Jessica's body to gleam and shine. The aides helped Jessica to stand as the monster wrangler had his pet slowly pull out of and away from Jessica's body. "Cut and print people. That's a wrap," the director yelled to the crew.

One of the aides helped Jessica into a large robe, covering her body completely but still incapable of hiding her giant tits and her still hard nipples poking through the material, and helped her into a chair. "You ok, Ms. Rabbit?"

"Yeah, sure," Jessica said in her throaty, sexy voice. "Some water, please."

"Sure thing, Ms. Rabbit." The aide quickly scampered away as the crew began breaking down the set and the monster wrangler put his pet back in its cage.

The actor who had been playing the thug with the orange head-band wondered over to Jessica, the fake tentacle still poking out of his chest. "You doing ok, Ms. Rabbit? We weren't too rough with ya, were we? You did excellent, this being your first shoot and all."

Jessica looked up at the actor and smiled. "No. You were fine. You were all perfect gentlemen. Thank you."

"Ok, good. Just let me know if you need anything," the actor said as he headed off to get his fake tentacle removed.

Jessica looked around for the aide with her water. "Japan will defiantly take some getting used to," she thought as a post orgasmic tremor ran through her long, long legs and a smile toyed at her lips.

The End.


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