Starring: Pat Sajak, Vanna White, Johnny Gilbert, Mariah Carey, Kim Delaney
and Leeza Gibbons

Wheel Of Fortune: The New Game (MF,FF,orgy,exhib,celeb)
by Spyder

The wheel is set spinning by a stagehand; the audience speaks in unison,
"WHEEL OF FORTUNE." Then Johnny Gilbert announces the show will be a
celebrity version and here are your hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White. Cheers
fill the room as the two walk from the dressing room as usual fully dressed.

Pat says welcome to Wheel of Fortune. Today we are having a celebrity version
with a twist.

Vanna looking sexually splendid interjects: We are entering a new entry to
the game show genre. This episode is more or less as the usual show with one
minor detail.

Pat chimes in that the show will be all cash, with the celebrity money going
to charity and an audience member will receive the same amount as well. Money
earned by a contestant is added to throughout the game and will never be
removed. Overall totals will prevail. Now if a contestant hits a letter that
isn't on the board she will remove a piece of clothing. If a vowel if not in
the puzzle Vanna and I will take off an article of clothing.

Vanna then says that if before the end of the show all parties are naked,
the wrong vowels or letters can be used to ask for sex. And finally our
contestants are Singer Mariah Carey, actress Kim Delaney, and Leeza Gibbons
from Inside Edition.

The first spin of the wheel goes to Mariah Carey, her spin is a good one, and
she lands on the 1500-dollar wedge. She calls out the letter J. Vanna smiles,
as she knows that the first piece of clothing is about to come off. Mariah
removes her sweater to reveal a naked set of breasts.

The next spin is Miss Delaney's and she moves the wheel with the same
strength as Mariah is surprised to see it land on a bankrupt so soon. Pat
says that the bankrupts and lose a turn result in a sexual act being called
for by the contestant. Kim smiles and asks Vanna to lick Mariah's huge tits.
Vanna walks over and does as asked.

Leeza Gibbons then will spin, sees it end on the 1000-dollar mark, and asks
for a S. Vanna moves across the stage to reveal two S's. With 2000 in her
bank, Leeza asks for a letter I. There are no I's and this means that Vanna
and Pat have to remove something. Vanna smiles as she has only one piece of
clothing on a lengthy gown. She stands before everyone nude and glowing at
the thought of having sex soon. Pat of course has fully dressed and removes
his sport coat.

Mariah has her next spin, which lands upon the 800-dollar wedge. She asks for
the letter X. Vanna moves to where the letter X is and smiles because her
nipples are rock hard due to the cool air in the studio. Mariah then calls
for the O, Vanna then reveals the O in one of the words. Miss Carey's next
spin lands upon the 100-dollar wedge and she asks for the letter P. Vanna
reveals two P's and Pat asks Mariah to spin or solve. Having 750 dollars in
her account, Mariah spins and the number this time is 1500 dollars. She asks
for the letter Z, with no Z Mariah has to remove the next article of
clothing, which is her tight fitting blue jeans. Sliding out of them Mariah
has only a silk pair of panties on her body.

Next up is Kim Delaney, who spins and it lands on the 700-dollar wedge. Kim
asks for the letter R and watches as Vanna turns the squares that house the
letter she called for. She spins again as the wheel lands on a 250-dollar
wedge. Her letter she wants is the letter Q; Vanna nods as Kim removes her
skirt that she wears. Pat's eyes widen as he sees Kim has no panties beneath
her leather skirt.

Leeza Gibbons is next to spin, landing on the 500-dollar amount; she calls
for the letter B. Vanna turns the square housing the letter called for and
moves aside. Pat asks for Leeza to spin, ask for a vowel, or solve. Leeza
gives an incorrect answer and Pat explains what happens if the puzzle is

Pat: If the puzzle isn't correctly solved the lady who guessed wrong must
remove the host and or hostesses clothes. Since Vanna is already parading
totally naked, I am the only one to have his removed. Leeza strolls over
to remove the clothing of Pat Sajak and having done so she returns to her

Pat then says that next time there is a wrong guess, sex or something to be
named later will follow an incorrect answer.

It is Mariah's turn once more, her spin winds on the 900-dollar wedge and
she asks for the letter F. Vanna reveals the letter F and Miss Carey informs
everyone that she will attempt to solve. Is it "Sex before Supper"?

Pat says this is correct and congratulates the sexy Mariah by sliding his
hand into her panties to grope her tight ass.

Johnny Gilbert then informs everyone that the next round is the Jackpot

Pat tells them that the next puzzle is a phrase and that the answer will end
in an action.

Kim starts the round with a huge spin and lands on the 2500-dollar wedge. She
then will ask for the letter T. Vanna rubs her ass and reveals the letter T
three times. Having 7500 dollars she asks for the vowel A. As there are no
A's in the puzzle and both Pat and Vanna are nude, Kim asks for Vanna to lick
Pat's cock until it is hard. Vanna follows instructions, but whimpers, as she
knows that the blowjob isn't part of the proceedings.

Once Vanna has done her job, Leeza takes her spin. The wheel winds up on
the 1500-dollar wedge and she asks for the letter F. Again Vanna reveals the
letter asked for. Vanna then spins with it landing on the 500-dollar wedge
she asks for the letter R. There is no R and Leeza removes her shirt that
covers a black lace bra.

Once more it is Mariah's turn; she spins which in turn winds on the 400
dollar square. Mariah asks for the letter H and Vanna moves to reveal the
two-H's. Miss Carey spins and it lands on the 1500-dollar wedge, she asks
for the letter S. With two in the puzzle, Vanna quickly uncovers the
letters. This time she calls for a vowel, the letter E. No E's are in the
puzzle, which means that Miss Carey will remove her panties. She too feels
the air conditioning and slips a couple of fingers in her pussy.

Kim is next up and she spins and when it stops it is on the Jackpot wedge.
Pat asks her to call for a letter and then if she can solve the puzzle. Kim
thinks for a second and then calls out the letter P. Vanna turns the square
that holds the letter P and stands aside as she waits for the guess or
another spin. Kim smiles and answers "Fuck My Hot Pussy tonight".

Pat smiles and tells her that is correct and besides winning the Jackpot
round, she will be involved in the act described in the puzzle. Kim stands
where Pat is as he ushers her to the mattress near his lectern. Pat strokes
her pussy as she grabs his still hardened dick. Without much provocation,
Pat slams his cock into the hot hairy cunt of Kim Delaney. While he fucks
her, the other ladies masturbate while the sex continues. With a multiple
orgasm they return to the game as Kim has yet to have her shirt removed.

The final round is the bonus round. The rules slightly change as whoever
gets a wrong letter will be able to ask for anything, but only if everyone
is naked. This round the puzzle is a movie title.

Leeza is up first and she gives the wheel a huge spin, when it stops it
lands on the 500-dollar wedge. She calls for the letter X. Vanna informs
them there is no X and Leeza removes her pants. She stands before them in
a bra and panties.

Mariah is next, she licks the cum from her earlier masturbation off her
fingers and gives the wheel a spin. It lands on the 1000-dollar wedge and
she asks for the letter Q. Again there is a wrong guess and Pat asks her to
call for a contestant's clothing. She looks over at Leeza, walks to her, and
takes her panties off her blonde covered pussy.

It is Miss Delaney next and she spins it to the 500-dollar wedge. Guessing
the letter P, she awaits Vanna's move. Seeing there is no P, Kim removes the
last stitch of clothing she wears a denim shirt. Her breast heave as she
breathes a sigh of relief knowing that her body is ready for anything.

Leeza has her next turn and she winds up on the 10,000-dollar wedge. She
Asks for the letter N. Vanna uncovers three N's and smiles at the amount that
Leeza now has in her account. Leeza asks for the letter O and seeing there
isn't any, she removes her bra and allows everyone to ogle her ample tits.

Mariah spins and it lands on the 750-dollar wedge, then calling for the
letter T. Since there is no T, Mariah awaits the verdict of Pat Sajak as to
what her move is to be.

Pat tells her to suck on Leeza Gibbon's tits. Mariah moves to the lady,
gently takes the large mounds in her hands, and devours the areolas rapidly.
This action brings Leeza to cum one more time. The game continues on.

It is Kim's spin and her spin lands on a lose a turn. Vanna takes the
opportunity to announce what Kim is to do. Her act is to have Johnny ass
fuck her.

Johnny moves from behind the area he sits at and lowers his pants. Kim grabs
his cock to get it ready to enter her well-fucked asshole. Johnny moves
behind her, licks three fingers to moisten the hole he is about to cum inside
and plunges it deep. Miss Delaney yelps aloud as she never realized that a
near 70-year-old man could fuck so well. With a time limit set on the acts,
Johnny quickly unloads in his younger lover and kisses her shoulder as she
heads to her spot on the stage.

Leeza now spins and it stops on the 5000-dollar wedge. She calls for the
letter S. With two being turned t around, Leeza thinks about her next move,
as she wants to eat Vanna's pussy. She then asks to solve it and with a
wrong answer, Pat informs the buxom blonde to eat the pussy of Vanna White.

Two blondes collide in a heat of sexual desire. Vanna lies on the mattress,
spreads her creamy thighs, and looks on as Leeza jams her tongue into her
pussy. Teasing her clit and fingering her ass, Leeza brings Vanna to a
rolling climax.

Mariah spins and has it landed on the 250-dollar wedge, She asks for the
letter L. Two are revealed and Mariah prepares to solve the puzzle. Is it
"Inside Jennifer Welles"?

Pat smiles and says that it is right. He also congratulates the contestants
and says that Leeza Gibbons is the grand prizewinner. As per the rules an
audience member will receive the amount that goes to the charity of the
celebrities choice.

Vanna walks to the foursome, takes the hand of Mariah Carey, kisses her
gently, and leads her to the area where the puzzle board is. Once they are
there, Vanna slides her fingers into the ass and pussy of the hot singer.
Mariah whispers that she has needed this for along time and wants to have
Vanna's tongue inside her pussy. Vanna lies down first and awaits Mariah
to lie across her body. Both ladies tongues lap up the already wet pussies
of the other woman.

Meanwhile, Pat is pleased that two women are about to give him a blowjob.
Kim and Leeza take turns deep throating the only male on stage. Johnny
leaves his post to join in, and is surprised to have Leeza slither over
to suck his cock. With all six enjoying the passion, the audience is
ushered out while the sex fills the studio. Johnny finally gets to plunge
his dick into some very hot babes, with the exception of Vanna, who he
has fucked almost religiously since she was hired.

Beneath the board, Vanna hits Mariah's hot spot and she cums many times
over. Mariah slowly laps up her lover's cunt juices and licks her lips as
Vanna cums solidly on her face. Soon the two lie limp on the floor and
watch as Pat pounds the pussy of Kim Delaney and Johnny walks off stage
after fucking Leeza Gibbons. Pat then as a finale asks each lady to stand
bent over as he ends the afternoon his way.

Sajak moves behind the bent over women and drives his cock inside each of
the four pussies one at a time. He wonders if his condom will hold out with
such hot hairy twats accepting his rod. Finally he cums, slowly backing away
from these wanton television sluts. They each lick his cock and swallow, as
they know that this might be the only version of Wheel that will be on the
Adult network.

The End


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