Wizard Of Oz: Part 2 - Ding! Dong! The Bitch Is Dead! (orgy)
by Shelby Bush ([email protected])

Dorothy gazed through the window; the winds whipped around the house,
obscuring most of the view. It seemed to her that she was moving -- and
moving swiftly at that, but she couldn't be sure, since she had no landmarks
to watch.

Then almost as suddenly, there was another feeling, like the momentary
weightlessness of a descending elevator.

"We're falling!" Dorothy shouted. "Toto!"

She grabbed up her dog, and jumped onto the bed, hoping it would cushion the
shock of the fall -- at least a little bit.

The house dropped and dropped. As it fell, above the drone of the wind, she
thought she heard a high-pitched scream, but that could have been her

With a loud thump, the house landed. Dorothy bounced up and down on the bed
on the impact. She sat for a moment, listening to the silence left behind
when the tornado sounds vanished.

Slowly, she crawled out of the bed. Glancing down at herself and remembering
that she was completely naked, she stepped over to the closet to get some

The closet was completely empty.

She went to the bureau, but even the drawers were gone.

She unlatched the door to her room and padded down the hallway to her aunt
and uncle's room. The door swung open easily. Aunt Emily's closet was equally
bare, but wrapped around one of the bedposts was a simple gingham dress.
Dorothy grabbed it up and made sure it was in one piece.

She slipped it over her head, and went back to her room. She searched around
the room, trying to find a pair of shoes -- sneakers, high-heels, sandals,
anything. There were none to be found. But she did find a pair of cotton
panties that had blown under her desk. She lifted her skirt and slipped into

"Aunt Emily always warned me to wear clean underwear in case of an accident,"
she muttered. Toto's ears perked up as she spoke.

"C'mon, Toto," she said, cheerfully. "Let's see where this storm has blown

She went down the stairs. The front door was blocked; the impact had forced
it off its hinges. She headed for the back door. It opened, but the porch was
gone, and it was a good four foot drop to the ground.

She got down on her knees and dropped Toto to the ground, then slid her feet
out the door and slid to the ground. She scrambled to her feet and looked
around her.

[You may adjust your monitor to full Technicolor now.]

"It's almost as if I'm seeing colors for the first time," Dorothy muttered.
"I don't think we're in Kansas any more."

She stepped through a low hedge onto a pathway. All around her were small
structures that could be playhouses for children. Flowers blossomed to all
sides of the houses. Toto trotted along behind her as she wandered down the

Suddenly, a little man jumped out in front of her.

"Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" he asked, his voice quivering with
fear, although he tried to put on a brave face.

"I'm not a witch at all," Dorothy replied, puzzled. "What makes you think
I'm a witch?"

"Only witches fly in houses," the little man shrugged.

"Have you ever seen a house fly before?" Dorothy half-smiled.

"Sure," he said, quickly. "I've even got a fly-swatter."

Dorothy chuckled. "Where is everybody?"

"Hiding," the little man cringed. "Everyone wants to know if you're a good
witch or a bad witch before they come out."

"Oh. Then tell them that I'm good. But I'm not a witch. There's no such thing
as witches."

"Really? You think so?" The little man puffed himself up. "Come here and
look, then, smartass."

He led her back to the fallen house, and pointed at one corner. Sticking out
from under the house was a pair of legs, clad in a black skirt, wearing a
pair of ruby slippers.

"That's the Wicked Witch of the East," he sighed. "And you killed her. That
could either make you our National Hero, or..." he squared his shoulders. "Or
if you are another wicked witch, come to take over, we'll have to take our
chances on getting rid of you."

Dorothy stepped back. "By all means, tell everyone I mean no harm. I'm not a
witch, but I'm very good."

The little man stepped back over to the pathway. He cupped his hands around
his mouth and shouted. "She says she's good! Come on out! Come on out!"

The pathway suddenly filled with little people. Dorothy looked around at the
faces, who looked relieved, happy and fearful at the same time. They stood
about three feet tall, coming up almost to Dorothy's waist.

They kept a respectful distance from her, sliding away like a flock of
pigeons as Dorothy walked around, looking at her.

Dorothy glanced back at the house, and saw one of the little people poking at
the extended legs with a stick.

"Where am I?" Dorothy asked, finally.

"You are standing in Munchkinland," one of the little folk replied.

"Munchkinland? Where's that?"

"In the Land of Oz," another one said, helpfully.

"Oz? Where's..."

Dorothy's question was interrupted by a high-pitched whine. Her eyes followed
the direction of the sound. She saw a bright light beam, particles shimmering
in the light, then the particles formed into a female body.

The woman stood completely naked in the light for a moment, her breasts firm
and tipped with pink nipples, and a fine, blond bush covering the nexus of
her legs. There was an appreciative murmur from the Munchkins, then another
shimmering began, and her body was covered with a gossamer gown.

She moved; and smiled.

One of the Munchkins whispered, "I love the way she beams in!"

"Well," the woman looked Dorothy over. "You're a pretty little witch,

"I'm not a witch," Dorothy said again, firmly.

"Whatever you say, dear," the Lady said. "But I got a message from the
Munchkins that a witch had dropped a house on the Wicked Witch of the East,
and there she is, and there you are."

"But I'm not a witch," Dorothy whined.

"I don't care if you are or not," the lady smiled, kindly. "You are entitled
to your own beliefs. But we want to know if you are going to take over here
in Munchkinland, or what your intentions are."

"My name is Dorothy," Dorothy said. "I have no intention of taking over --
here or anywhere. I was brought here by a storm, and I'd just like to get
home again."

"Hurrah!" the crowd of Munchkins shouted.

"What are they so excited about?" Dorothy asked the Lady.

"You see, my dear, under the rule of the Wicked Witch of the East, the
Munchkins were not allowed many of the pleasures of life. Look around you.
Do you see any Munchkin children?"

"They all look like children to me," Dorothy said.

"They are not children. Some of them -- like those women over there, who call
themselves the Lullabye League -- dress up like children to make themselves
feel better. But there are no children in Munchkin land, because there has
been no sex."

"No sex?"

"None." The Lady turned to the gathering crowd. "The Wicked Witch of the East
is dead," she announced. "The young lady who killed her has renounced her
claim to be your ruler. Therefore, you are now free to elect your own ruler."

There was a great cheer from the crowd.

"And further, you are released from the orders of the Wicked Witch."

There was a bigger cheer.

"Let the orgy begin!" someone shouted.

Dorothy watched as the crowd of tiny Munchkins scrambled out of their
clothing. Sure enough, the little people were fully developed; their women
had large breasts and bushy pubic patches; the men had fully-developed
penises, and Dorothy noted, healthy erections.

There were some giggles and shrieks as the men chased the women around; and
women chased men. Dorothy watched in interest as they caught each other,
falling to the grass, and fucking in every manner imaginable.

Dorothy felt her nether parts warming, a trickle of moisture trailing down
one leg.

"I'll bet there'll be a population explosion here in a few months," the Lady
grinned. She turned to Dorothy. "Is there anything I could do for you?"

"Can you help me get home? Back to Kansas?" Dorothy asked.

The Lady shook her head. "That's beyond my powers," she said softly. "The
only one who might help you is the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz."

"Where's he? Will he just beam in like you did?"

"Hardly. You must go to him. It's a long journey." She looked down at
Dorothy's feet. "But you're barefoot. You'll need a pair of shoes... and
the Munchkin shoes are much too small for you."

She glanced over to the house and smiled. "Of course!" She waved her wand;
the shoes vanished from the pair of legs sticking out from under the house,
and reappeared on Dorothy's feet.

"These should serve," the Lady smiled. "They seem to fit."

Dorothy looked down at her feet. They were now clad in slippers that looked
like they were covered with rubies.

"They're very pretty," Dorothy said. "But they don't go with my dress."

"Beggars can't be choosers," the Lady grinned.

"Oh! Wait!" Dorothy said. "I've seen this movie." She clicked her heels
together three times, and said, "There's no place like home. There's no
place like home."

Nothing happened.

The Lady looked at her, puzzled. "They're just shoes, Dorothy. Now, when
you're ready, just follow the yellow brick road. It leads to the great
Emerald City, home of the Wizard."

The Lady stepped back onto the lighted pad. She flipped open a hand-held unit
and spoke into it. "Energize."

Her dress vanished; her nude body was visible again, then it too disappeared
in a bright light.

Dorothy stood staring at the spot where she vanished. There was a tug at her

"Hey, babe," a voice said behind her. "Wanna fuck?"

Dorothy turned to face him. He stood about even with her waist,
well-proportioned to his size. Her eyes slid down his naked body, and fixed
upon his large, erect cock. Again her body responded, a growing warmth
between her legs.

"Well?" the little man grinned.

Dorothy shrugged. She reached down and pulled her skirt up, and tugged the
gingham pinafore over her head. She stood in front of him, naked save for her
panties and red shoes.

"Magnificent," the little man groaned, his cock bobbing up and down a little.
His hand reached out, his fingertips brushing Dorothy's mound through her
panties. "You're wet," he commented.

Dorothy dropped down to her knees, then bent forward. She leaned forward to
grasp the little man's penis. Her fingers trembled a little as she held his
cock, hard and hot in her hand. She bent further, and touched her tongue to
the tip, tasting him. He tasted a bit salty. She drew his cock into her
mouth, rolling her tongue around its head.

"Oooh, that feels good," the little man said, softly.

Dorothy sucked gently on his penis as she moved her lips up and down on the
shaft. As she worked on him, she felt a pair of hands on her hips.

"Hey," the little man said, "I was here first!"

The hands on Dorothy's hips vanished. Dorothy sat back. She looked at the
little man a moment, then took nold of the waistband of her panties, tugged
them down over her hips, then lay back, kicking out of the panties.

She sat spread-legged on the grass, and motioned for the little man to move
in. He did so quickly, kneeling down between her feet as Dorothy lay back.
She took hold of his cock with her hands and guided the tip to her open and
wet pussy.

"Oh!" she thought, as the little man plunged his penis deeply within her.
"This feels so much better than a frozen hot dog!"

The Munchkin began to stroke; his cock bottoming out against Dorothy's
cervix, and pulling back out, his cockhead rubbing against her clit as he
plunged back in again.

Dorothy began to move with him, matching his strokes, their hips making a
wet, slurping noise as they struck each other.

"NNNNGHHH!" the Munchkin grunted. He pushed deeply inside her as he came, his
cock jerking inside her as his balls emptied themselves inside her. He lay
atop her for a moment, then slid aside, rolling over beside Dorothy.

Dorothy kissed him lightly on top of his bald little head.

"Next?" a voice from above her. All she could see of the Munchin standing
above her was a massive erection.

Dorothy nodded. The new Munchkin man quickly moved around her into position,
and filled her cunt quickly.

As Dorothy and the Munchkin began to rock in unison, the first Munchkin
rolled away in search of new pussy.

Dorothy rolled them over so that the Munchkin was on his back. She used her
legs to raise and lower herself on the Munchkin's pole, which was slightly
bigger than the one before.

At the bottom of each stroke, she rubbed her clit against the base of his
shaft, until she began to feel the familiar beginnings of her own orgasm.

Her pussy tightened, there was a grip just under her heart; then the
contractions began. She gripped the Munchkin's cock tightly inside her, as
he grunted and came, his spunk spurting into -- and back out of her slippery,
well-filled cunt.

Dorothy leaned forward as her body shook, covering the Munchkin below her;
and felt a pair of hands grip her hips.

Before she could object, she felt something pressing against her anus,
insistently... and then she felt her anus open as the new cock slid into her.
She was surprised at how good it felt to have two cocks inside her. The new
Munchkin behind her squeezed up to rest his hips against her ass, while her
asshole relaxed around the intruding member.

Another Munchkin male approached her, offering his cock to her face. She
took it into her mouth; he pressed it deep into her mouth, until she felt her
airway threatened and pulled back. The Munchkin sensed how far he could go,
and began to fuck her face gently, as she sucked on the little man's member.

The guy behind her began to move, fucking her asshole. She could feel the
Munchkin under her begin to move again, too, their two cocks rubbing against
each other inside her.

As she fucked the three Munchkins, Dorothy was aware of movement around her.
Several giggling Munchkin women bounced past her, pursued by equally horny
Munchkin men. Her attention was suddenly drawn back to the cock in her mouth
as the Munchkin stopped moving, and his cock jerked suddenly, filling her
mouth with his seed.

He fell backward, rolling off to one side for a moment, recovering, until a
little Munchkin woman squatted down over his face. Dorothy watched as the
male Munchkin's tongue darted out to stroke the female Munchkin's clit.

She laughed and dashed off; the male Munchkin jumped up and chased after her.

Dorothy swallowed; the semen had tasted much as she had imagined it would.
She looked around her as the two Munchkins continued to fuck her asshole and

Off to her left, six Munchkins had formed a daisy-chain, the males munching
on Munchkin muffs, the females consuming cock. Off to the right were a pair
of female Munchkins, happily engaging in sixty-nine, while a male Munchkin
moved from one to the other, trying to get his cock into one or another of

The Munchkin behind Dorothy grunted, and Dorothy felt a warm sensation in her
ass, as he pumped his semen inside her. He slid back, his cock popping out of
her asshole with an audible pop.

He dashed off; Dorothy never saw his face. She rolled over, allowing the
Munchin under her to get on top. He began to thrust rapidly, and then
grunted, pumping another load into her cunt.

Dorothy sighed as he scrambled to his feet, and began to chase a giggling
Munchkin woman. She sat up and looked around. Munchkins were fucking all
around her, their cries of ecstasy, giggles and laughs filling the air.

She picked up her dress; it had been stepped on once or twice, but still
fairly clean. She brushed off some grass, and slipped it over her head.

She retrieved her panties; they had been trampled, and they smelled of her
own pussy juices. She wadded them up, and reached under her skirt and wiped
herself off.

She tossed the dirty panties aside. She whistled for Toto, who was lying on
the ground nearby.

With one glance back toward the Munchkin village, she turned and stepped out
onto the yellow brick road.

* * *

Dorothy walked down the road, over hill and around curves. Toto
followed along behind her.

Her pussy felt well-used; she was a bit sore, since this was the first time
she had actually had a cock inside her. Add to that, she felt a bit sticky.

She stopped for a moment to look around. She had come to a crossroads.

The yellow bricks continued to the left and to the right.

"Follow the yellow brick road?" Dorothy mused. "So which way do we go, Toto?"

"Some folks prefer that way," a voice said behind her.

Dorothy turned quickly. Nobody there. Over in the cornfield, a scarecrow
stood silent, one arm extended to the right.


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