Wizard Of Oz: Part 3 - If I Only Had A... (MF,food)
by Shelby Bush ([email protected])

Dorothy turned, puzzled. "Did you hear that?" she asked Toto.

The little dog looked up at her and panted.

"Then some people prefer that way," the voice said.

Dorothy whirled around. Still nobody.

But the scarecrow was pointing the other way.

As Dorothy watched, the Scarecrow lifted his head and smiled. "Then of
course," he grinned, "some people prefer it up the ass." He thrust his hips
forward in an obscene gesture.

"Why, you can talk," Dorothy said.

"Of course I can talk. I have a mouth." The Scarecrow winked. "And I know how
to use it, too."

"Oh, really?" Dorothy breathed, coyly.

"Yeah!" The Scarecrow wiggled on his pole. "How about getting me off this
stick so we can get it on?"

Dorothy had long since stopped being shocked at what was going on in this
strange land. She set down her pack, and stepped over the low fence into the
cornfield. She slipped through the coarse corn stalks up to the Scarecrow's

She reached up to bend over the nail holding the Scarecrow on his post. She
lost her balance; she grabbed at the Scarecrow to keep from falling on her

Her hand felt something hard; she noticed that her hand was over the
Scarecrow's groin.

"Ooooh," she whispered. "Is this a corncob in your pants, or are you happy
to see me?"

The Scarecrow grimaced. "It's a corncob, actually," he said with a pained
voice. "Just get me down from here."

"Down?" Dorothy smiled. "You want to go down?"

"Gladly," the Scarecrow winked. "Just bend the nail, would you?"

Dorothy reached up again and bent the nail over. The Scarecrow slid down the
pole into a heap on the ground.

Dorothy bent over a bit to look at him lying there. "Are you all right?"

The Scarecrow grinned again. "Yes. I'm fine."

"Then why are you just lying there?"

"'Cause I can look up your skirt from here."

Dorothy laughed. "If all you want to do is look..."

"Oh, No!" the Scarecrow said, scrambling to his knees. "May I?" He reached
for Dorothy's skirt.

"Why not?" Dorothy whispered.

The Scarecrow took Dorothy's skirt between his trembling hands, and pulled
it up, revealing her naked lower limbs.

"So lovely," the Scarecrow breathed.

Dorothy adjusted her stance, separating her legs. She held her skirt up.

The Scarecrow's glove-fingers slid up her inner thighs until they reached
her soft nether lips.

Dorothy closed her eyes, lay her head back, concentrating on the sensations.

The Scarecrow leaned forward, pressing his nose into her pubic hair. He
extended his tongue, and brushed it over the contours of her slit.

He leaned back. "You taste good," he grinned up at her.

Dorothy smiled. "Wait a minute," she breathed. She pulled her dress up over
her head, then lay it on the ground. She sat down on it, and pulled her knees
up. She lay back, her pussy open and inviting.

The Scarecrow crawled up between her feet and applied his tongue where it did
the most good.

"Mmmmm," Dorothy moaned. "Maybe you do know what you're doing!"

The Scarecrow sniggered as his tongue continued to stroke Dorothy's clit.

Dorothy's back arched as the contractions took over. Her body shook, and she
clamped her legs around the Scarecrow's head.

The quivering took several minutes, an up-and-down sensation as the
Scarecrow's tongue kept working her clit as she climaxed two then three

She finally released her hold on the Scarecrow's head, and he fell over
backwards, landing spread-eagled on his back.

When Dorothy caught her breath, she sat up and crawled up between the
Scarecrow's legs. "Now it's your turn," she said.

She fumbled with the buttons on the Scarecrow's fly, then reached inside.
She pulled out a corncob and held it in her hand. It was not attached to the
Scarecrow's body.

"Is this your..."

The Scarecrow pushed himself up on his elbows and nodded. "Not much, is it?"

Dorothy smiled. "It's so smooth."

"Well, I've polished it a lot."

"I see. Does this feel good?" Dorothy touched the corncob to her lips.

"Wait..." the Scarecrow said. He reached up, took Dorothy's head gently in
his hands, and pulled it forward, until the end of the corncob touched his
groin. "Now I can feel it. It has to be touching me."

Dorothy slid her lips down the length of the corncob, taking as much of it
into her mouth as she could.

"Oh gosh," the Scarecrow moaned. "I never imagined it would feel this good!"

Dorothy slid the corncob back out of her mouth. "It tastes like a corncob,
though," she said softly.

"Uh, would you mind...?" the Scarecrow whispered, pointing to Dorothy's

Dorothy smiled. She wiggled up so that she was straddling his hips, then
carefully making sure the base of the corncob stayed in contact with the
Scarecrow's groin, she raised herself up, maneuvered over the corncob,
then lowered herself on it.

"Ahhhhh!" the Scarecrow exhaled. "Heaven! Absolute heaven!"

Dorothy held the corncob still with her hand, as she used her legs to raise
and lower herself on the thin shaft. Her well-lubricated pussy soaked the
smoothed surface of the cob.

"Are you going to come?" Dorothy asked, breathily.

"Oh, miss... miss..."

"Dorothy," she whispered. "Call me Dorothy."

"Dorothy... nuhhh...I have to tell you...ummm...I can't come."


"No balls. I'm just a straw man, you know."

"No problem," Dorothy smiled. She slid the Scarecrow's corncob out of her
pussy, and tucked it into his pants. "We'll just pretend you did."

She lay down next to the Scarecrow, resting her head on his chest, curling
her leg around his. Toto curled up nearby.

* * *

After Dorothy had a little nap, she explained her quest for the City of Oz
to the Scarecrow.

"Do you think the Wizard could help me?" the Scarecrow asked gravely. "I
could use a brain... it's the sexiest organ in the body, you know."

"I'm sure he could," Dorothy nodded.

"Then let's go!" The Scarecrow got up, dusted himself off, and helped Dorothy
to her feet.

Dorothy shook out her dress, and pulled it over her head.

"A shame to cover all that up," the Scarecrow commented.

"Just for now," Dorothy grinned. "Just for now."

* * *

The Scarecrow and Dorothy took the left-hand path. As they turned the corner,
Dorothy noticed that the bricks in the road were pink instead of yellow.

"I think we made a wrong turn," Dorothy said. They turned around and retraced
their steps back to the crossroads, and took the right-hand path instead.

* * *

Farther along the road, Dorothy began to feel hungry.

"Is there any place to eat around here? A McDonalds or something?"

The Scarecrow smiled. "Where do you think you are?"

Dorothy looked around. Beside the road was a grove of trees, with large, ripe
red apples hanging on them.

"Well, apples are better than nothing," she shrugged. She left the path,
walked up to the nearest tree, and pulled off an apple.

The tree moved. A branch whipped out, snatched the apple out of her hand, and
a gruff voice growled, "What the fuck do you think you're doing, you little

"See?" the Scarecrow chortled. "You're not in Kansas anymore, you know."

Dorothy stood a moment, her hand on her chin. "I've got an idea," she said.
"Stand back."

Dorothy turned her back on the Apple Tree, and raised her skirt, baring her
butt at the tree.

The Tree roared in anger. A branch whipped forth, throwing an apple at the
mooning girl, striking her squarely in the crack.

"Ooof!" puffed Dorothy, tumbling forward into a somersault. The Scarecrow
threw himself into her path, but she rolled over him, down a small slope,
coming to rest against a metal pole.

Scarecrow scrambled to her side. "Are you all right, Dorothy?"

"I think so. I didn't figure on it being that good a throw."

She wrapped her hands around the pole, and pulled herself up; then gripped a
bit higher and realized that it was not a pole. It was a leg.

"Oh my gosh," Dorothy gasped. "It's a metal man."

"Tin, I'd say," the Scarecrow pondered. "And pretty rusty."

A sound emanated from the metal form.

"Did he say something?" Scarecrow asked.

"He said, 'Oil can!'" Dorothy exclaimed.

"Oil can what?"

Dorothy saw an oil can on a nearby stump. She dashed over, grabbed the can,
and began to pump oil into the Tin Man's joints. As he gained mobility, the
Tin Man clumped away, behind a large tree. After the creak of rusty metal,
Dorothy heard the sound of rushing water.

"Ahhh," the Tin Man grinned as he came back from behind the tree, closing a
small door in his groin. "I've been having to hold that in for ever so long."

"How did you hold so much?" asked the Scarecrow, looking at the little yellow
river flowing from behind the tree.


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