Wizard Of Oz: Part 4 - The Marvelous Toy (MMF,food)
by Shelby Bush ([email protected])

The Tin Man smiled sadly. "Just beat on my chest, here."

Dorothy banged on the metal. "So?"

"It's empty. The tinsmith didn't give me a heart."

"So what does that mean?" Dorothy asked.

"It means that I have sex for pleasure, not for love."

"That's typical," Dorothy sighed, shrugging. "But then, I do, too."

"Then you've come to the right place," the Tin Man grinned. "Take a look at

He opened the small door in his groin, and out slid a shiny tube, studded
with rivets.

Dorothy stared. "How come that's not rusty?"

"Stainless steel," the Tin Man grinned. "I knew what parts were most
important to keep in operation!" He stepped toward Dorothy. "Touch it."

Dorothy reached out a tentative hand, and grasped the appendage. Instantly,
the angle shifted, becoming more upright. It began to warm in her fingers,
throbbing... vibrating... then it began to rotate in a slow spin.

"Oooooh!" Dorothy moaned. "You've got all the extras!"

"You wanna try it out?" the Tin Man asked.

"Do I ever!" Dorothy glanced around. "But here? On the hard ground?"

The Scarecrow stepped up behind Dorothy and tapped her on the shoulder.
"Have you forgotten me?"

Dorothy spun around to face the Scarecrow. "Would you mind terribly?"

"Not at all!" The Scarecrow threw himself to the ground, and spread himself
flat. "I'm ready!" he cried.

Dorothy nodded. She lay down on the Scarecrow's body and hiked up her skirt,
revealing her naked cunt.

"You don't wear panties?" the Tin Man pondered.

"Not since Munchkinland," Dorothy smiled, blushing slightly. "They were
getting pretty grody."

The Tin Man shrugged, and knelt down between Dorothy's thighs. He leaned
forward, supporting his upper body with his arms, and maneuvered his shiny
metal prick toward Dorothy's cunt.

As it touched the entrance to her pussy, his prick began to buzz softly.

"Oh my gosh," Dorothy gasped. "Put it in! It's already making me crazy!"

With a single motion, the Tin Man thrust his cock into her, Dorothy's pussy
engulfing his appendage completely.

"Don't you dare move," Dorothy hissed. "It feels soooooo good!"

The buzzing of the metal cock was somewhat muffled as it rotated inside
Dorothy's cunt, rubbing the metal rivets at its base against her clit.

Dorothy felt a slight movement below her, then felt the Scarecrow's
glove-hands reaching up, caressing her breasts through the thin fabric of
her pinafore.

Then something else...

"Scarecrow! What are you doing?" she gasped.

"Nothing. Nothing at all," the Scarecrow whispered into her ear.

"Then what's that poking at my ass?"

"Must be a straw..."

"Umph!" Dorothy moaned as her asshole was penetrated. "Unnngh! That's no
damned straw!"

"Or it could be my corncob," the Scarecrow grinned. "Sometimes I get

"Confused, my ass!" Dorothy snapped.

"Your ass, indeed," the Scarecrow moaned. "And it feels quite nice."

Dorothy relaxed, both her holes filled completely, and let her body take
over. The constant buzzing vibration and rotating studs on the Tin Man's
cock were beginning to take effect. She found herself teetering on the
edge of orgasm.

"Oh, yes!" she sighed, as her body contracted, her abdomen contracting

She began to rock her hips in time with her contractions, sliding the Tin
Man's cock deep inside her as the Scarecrow's dick slid out of her ass,
then reversed the process, driving the Scarecrow's corncob deep into her
rectum while the Tin Man's cockhead tickled her clit.

With one last moan, Dorothy collapsed back, her head bouncing against the
Scarecrow's straw head.

"Do you guys come, or what?" she asked weakly.

"Do I come?" the Tin Man smiled down at her, then pushed himself upright.
He pulled his metal cock out of Dorothy's pussy.

"No..." Dorothy protested, lifting her head to look up at the Tin Man.

Tin Man pointed his mighty weapon at her face, just as a glob of whitish
goo jetted from the end of it, splashing on Dorothy's face.

"Oh, yuck!" Dorothy frowned, wiping at the glob.

"Don't eat it," the Tin Man laughed. "It's silicone grease. Just rub it on
here." He pointed at his cock.

Dorothy sat up, impaling her ass again on the Scarecrow's corncob cock. She
wiped the grease from her hand onto the Tin Man's metal cock, and the Tin
Man crawled backwards, rubbing the grease into his metal appendage.

Dorothy turned to look at the Scarecrow's blissful face. "What about you?
Do you want to come?"

"More than ever," the Scarecrow nodded. "Maybe I'll reconsider my request
from the Wizard. I think I want a real cock and balls instead!"


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