Wizard Of Oz: Part 5 - Bestiality? (MF,F-best,voy)
by Shelby Bush ([email protected])

The forest grew close to the yellow bricks of the pathway. There were strange
noises that came from the forest; some Dorothy recognized as bird calls,
others were mysterious. The most ominous was a heavy movement, which seemed
to parallel their path.

"Are there wild animals in these woods?" Dorothy asked, nervously.

"Some," the Tin Man said, cheerfully. "Mostly Lions and Tigers and Bears."

"Oh, my!" The Scarecrow gasped.

"Now don't start that," Dorothy moaned.

She pulled her two companions closer on each side of her as they walked down
the path.

Toto, trotting along at Dorothy's heels, suddenly ran in front of them,
excitedly barking at something in the forest.

"Rooooar!" A lion burst out of the forest ahead of them. "Growwwwl!" he

"Roar? Growl?" Dorothy stood akimbo. "Is that the best you can do?"

"I didn't scare you?" the Lion asked.

Dorothy shook her head.

"I didn't think so." The Lion shook his head sadly. "I've never been able to
get that part down right."

"That's all right," Dorothy said, comfortingly. "Besides, I was expecting
you. I've seen the movie before."

The Lion sat down on a rock beside the yellow brick road. Dorothy sat down
on the ground on the opposite side of the road. The Scarecrow and the Tin
Man stood nearby.

"So, what's your problem?" Dorothy asked.

"I dunno," the Lion moaned. "I'm just not as fierce as I should be. All the
other Lions come around, bragging about how many folks they had frightened;
how they hunted squirrels and rabbits... and all I can talk about is how my
garden is growing."

"A vegetarian lion?" the Scarecrow marvelled.

The Lion nodded, slowly.

"Why, you're nothing but a big chicken!" the Tin Man exclaimed.

Toto perked his ears up.

Dorothy hugged her knees to her chest.

The Lion's gaze shifted down to Dorothy's pussy, now revealed by her
position. "Besides that, the lady lions..."

"I'll bet he doesn't get any," the Tin Man grinned, shifting over to one side
to admire the view.

"Nope," the Lion moaned. "Now here you come, and..." he licked his lips.
"Young lady, do you have to sit like that? Are you just teasing me?"

Dorothy glanced down, and realized that she was exposed. "Not intentionally,"
she said, tugging her skirt over her knees and pulling it down to cover her
exposed groin.

"Why did you spoil the beaver shot?" the Tin Man complained.

The Lion moaned. "It's just that... that..."

"He's a horny lion," the Scarecrow grinned.

The Lion nodded.

"Why didn't you say so?" Dorothy asked. "We could arrange something..."

"Really?" the Lion's head raised. "Would you?"

"Why not?" Dorothy smiled. She stood up, and pulled her gingham dress up and
over her head. She twirled naked in front of the Lion. "Like what you see?"

"Well, you're not a lion, but you'll do," the Lion beamed.

Dorothy lay her dress on the bank next to the road, and lay down on it, her
knees bent and spread wide, opening herself up. She motioned to the Lion.

"Ummm," the Lion hesitated, one claw in his mouth. "Would you mind turning

Dorothy's brow furrowed a moment, but a smile crossed her face. "Of course,"
she grinned, "you want it doggie style."

"Lion style," the Lion corrected.

Dorothy nodded. She rolled over, raising herself on her hands and knees, and
pressed backward, her ass in the air.

The Lion moved up behind her, and stuck his nose into the cleft between her
asscheeks. His long tongue snaked out, curling over the young girl's pussy

Dorothy felt herself relaxing, her pussy responding to the warm strokes of
the Lion's tongue.

The Lion climbed over her, hooking his arms around her upper body, pushing
his hips against hers.

Dorothy waited for penetration.

The Lion bounced against her ass, his breath hot on the back of Dorothy's

Dorothy waited for penetration.

The Lion shifted forward, rotating his hips against the smooth, white skin
of Dorothy's backside, rubbing himself against her.

Dorothy waited for penetration.

The Lion huffed and puffed, his paws gently stroking and squeezing Dorothy's
tits. His pelvis slid against her.

Dorothy waited for penetration.

The Lion rolled over with a whine. "Dammit, dammit, dammit!" he sobbed.

Dorothy dropped down to one hip, and looked at him. "What's wrong?"

"I just can't get it up!" the Lion cried. "Could you roar, or meow... or

Dorothy put one hand on his flank. "It's all right," she cooed. "It happens
to everyone sometime or another."

The lion whimpered.

"Maybe we know what the Wizard can give you," the Tin Man grinned.

"Maybe," Dorothy smiled, "we can try again later."

"Sure," the Scarecrow chimed in. "Maybe he likes to watch..."

"Watch what?"

"Watch this," the Tin Man said. He popped open his groin door, and extended
his tool.

Dorothy rolled over, and the Tin Man slid over her, his mettallic cock
sliding deep into Dorothy's cunt. It began to vibrate and rotate. Dorothy
began to moan softly.

The Lion sat up and watched interestedly as the Tin Man moved slowly, pushing
his manhood deeply into Dorothy's pussy and then withdrawing just as slowly
until just the tip rolled against her clit.

"It's toys like that make a guy feel inadequate," the Lion whined.

Dorothy moaned. "But it feels so gooood," she breathed.

She began to writhe under the Tin Man. The Lion and Scarecrow watched as she
began to work her hips with the Tin Man's movements, meeting each pelvic
thrust with one of her own.

"Ohhhh," Dorothy gasped, "I'm coming, I'm coming!"

"So am I," grunted the Tin Man. "Just one more... Unnngh!" He thrust deep
into Dorothy's cunt, practically lifting her off the ground as he ejaculated
silicon grease into her.

Dorothy's body quivered with the force of her own orgasm. She felt her cunt
fill with grease.

"Just let me keep it inside you a little bit," the Tin Man whispered. "The
better to grease the joint."

Dorothy smiled through half-closed eyes. "As long as you keep it buzzing on
'low'," she whispered back.

* * *

The Wicked Witch of the West paced nervously in her chambers. The crystal
ball on its pedestal revealed the wereabouts and activities of Dorothy and
her companions.

But the Witch wasn't paying much attention to the scene of the Tin Man and
Dorothy. She was muttering to herself.

"She's getting closer," she griped. "Closer and closer."

"Looks to me like she's already come," the King of the Flying Monkeys

"Shut up! I've got to think of something to slow her down. She can't go to
the Wizard... Not yet!"

* * *

The Tin Man rolled off of Dorothy, who yawned and stretched. She sat up, and
looked down at herself. There was a dribble of whitish fluid flowing from her

"This stuff won't hurt me, will it?" she asked.

The Tin Man shook his head. "Nah, its supposed to be hypo-allergenic."

The Scarecrow stood up. In his hand was his corncob. When Dorothy looked at
him, he shrugged. "Just polishing it up a little."

"If you keep doing that, you'll go blind," she grinned up at him.

"Can I just do it till I need glasses?"

Dorothy got up and redonned her gingham dress. They picked up their things,
and continued down the road toward the Emerald City of Oz.


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