Wizard Of Oz: Part 5 - Hemp Hump (MF,drugs)
by Shelby Bush ([email protected])

The yellow brick road lead around a bend, and to the crest of a small hill.
At the top of the hill, Dorothy and her companions looked ahead to see the
Emerald City of Oz on the horizon.

"It's so beautiful! And CLOSE!" Dorothy exclaimed.

The companions resumed their journey with renewed vigor. They practically
skipped down the yellow brick pathway.

* * *

The Wicked Witch of the West gazed into her crystal ball.

"Ah, yes,... yes!" she cried. "Perfect! This will slow her down!"

She waved her hands over the crystal, and chanted in a low, gutteral tone.

* * *

"Look!" shouted Dorothy, pointing off to the left of the pathway. "Aren't the
flowers lovely?"

Dorothy left the path, and wandered through the red flowers. "What kind of
flowers are these, anyway?"

"I believe they're poppies," the Scarecrow said, wrinkling his forehead.

"Poppies...? I haven't seen any so big before." Dorothy picked one of the
blossoms. A thick, white sap bubbled up on the broken stem.

The others gathered around her as she sniffed the poppy. "Not much scent,"
she commented.

"That's not what makes these valuable," the Lion smirked.

"What do you mean?" Dorothy asked.

"These are opium poppies," the Lion said.

"Leave it to the vegetarian Lion," the Tin Man grinned.

"Opium..." Dorothy mused. "How do you..."

"Forget it," the Lion snapped. "It takes too long. You want to get to the
Emerald City, right?"

"Right," Dorothy nodded. She looked around her. Growing off away from the
path was a patch of tall, green plants.

"Now those I recognize," Dorothy said, smiling. She waded off toward the
greenery, the others following behind her.

"Yes indeed," she smiled as she neared the plants.

"So what's this?" the Tin Man asked.

"Hemp," Dorothy grinned, grabbing one of the tall plants and bending it
toward her. "Ganja. Weed. Mary Jane."

"All those names?"

"Marijuana," the Lion said, helpfully.

Dorothy plucked a few choice buds from the top of the plant. She rolled them
between her fingers. "Good shit," she grinned broadly.

"Yeah, man," a voice echoed from amongst the plants. "Really good shit."

The Tin Man pushed a couple of hemp plants aside, revealing a tall, thin man,
dressed in a green soldier's outfit, with a long, green beard.

He was also wearing dark-lensed granny glasses, and was holding a green glass
bong. A thin stream of smoke plumed from the pipe.

"Hi, dudes," the Soldier grinned, weaving a little as he emerged from the
plants. "And dudette," he added, looking Dorothy up and down. "Want a hit?"

Dorothy nodded. The Soldier handed her his bong, and Dorothy puffed the
chamber full of acrid smoke, then inhaled it. Holding her breath, she passed
the bong to the Lion.

"'ere" she croaked, holding as much breath as she could.

The Lion puffed at the pipe expertly and filled his lungs with smoke, and
handed the pipe off to the Tin Man, who shrugged and offered it to the

"No way," the Scarecrow said, backing away. "That's fire."

The Tin Man handed the bong back to the Soldier.

"You don't want any?" the Soldier asked.

The Tin Man shook his head. "Doesn't work for me," he said, sadly. "Used to
use it, before..."

The Soldier blinked at him, then said, "Oh, yeah, man... You're made outta
metal. Bummer, man."

He took another hit from the bong, and passed it back to Dorothy, who began
to fill the chamber with smoke again.

Finally exhaling his smoke, the Soldier asked, "Where are you dudes headed?"

"We're heading to Oz to meet the great Wizard," the Lion said, taking the
pipe from Dorothy.

"Oh, the Wiz," the Soldier said. "Know him well."

"Really? Is he as great a Wizard as we've been told?"

"Absolutely," the Soldier said. "I'll introduce you... if..."

"If?" Dorothy frowned. "What do you mean 'if'?"

The Soldier smiled strangely. "Gimme a little piece?"

Dorothy looked at him, puzz!ed, for a moment. Then it dawned on her
cannibis-dimmed mind. "A piece of ass?"

The Soldier nodded. "Ass for grass. That's fair, isn't it?"

Dorothy smiled. At least the guy was fairly human, despite the green beard.

She quickly removed her dress, standing naked before the soldier, except for
her red shoes.

"Oh, wow," the Soldier grinned. "Wow."

Dorothy stepped up to the Soldier, and reached down to cup his groin.

"Mmmm," she said, "feels like you've got the right equipment."

The Soldier quickly undressed; his beard covered his chest, down to his
navel, but it was his over-large cock that had Dorothy's attention. It was
standing straight up, and throbbed with every beat of the man's heart.

Dorothy knelt down in front of him, and kissed his cockhead. It responded by
issuing a large, sticky drop of pre-come. Dorothy licked it away, and another

Dorothy lay back, pulling the Soldier by his cock over her. She guided his
cockhead to the entrance to her pussy, then reached back to grab his ass,
pulling him into her.

He let her guide his motion to begin with, but as his large dick bottomed
out, he held it inside her, as he nuzzled her small but sensitive nipples
with his lips.

"Come on, big guy," she whispered. "Fuck me. Fuck me hard."

"Yeah," the Lion said, his paw on his organ. "Fuck her. Make her come."

The Scarecrow had his corncob out, polishing it again, and the Tin Man just
stood there, watching, with a big grin on his face.

The Soldier began stroking; deep and slow, his asscheeks clenching on each
in-stroke as he drove deeper and deeper into Dorothy's appreciative cunt.

Dorothy's breath quickened; she was moving with him, meeting each stroke with
one of her own, rocking her hips back and forth, squeezing her pussy muscles
around the cock inside her.

She felt her pussy begin to clench; the contractions began inside her, and
her body shook as her orgasm overtook her.

Her cunt squeezed at his cock; so hard that he could not move. The pressure
was too much for him. "I'm coming," he gasped.

"Come on," she gasped back at hime, "Come inside me."

His cock jerked as his balls exploded deep inside her; Dorothy felt a warmth
as her pussy filled and dribbled back out, flowing down her slit to her

The Soldier moaned and collapsed on top of Dorothy. He rested there a moment,
while his cock deflated.

Dorothy waited for him to catch his breath, then pushed him gently on the
shoulder until he rolled over and off of her.

"Enjoy yourselves, fellas," she asked her companions.

"Immensely," the Scarecrow grinned.

The Soldier stood up and retrieved his uniform. He reached into a pocket and
pulled out a pocketwatch. "Ohmigosh," he exclaimed. "I'm supposed to be on

He dressed quickly. As he turned to leave, Dorothy grabbed him by the arm.

"Don't forget your promise," she said.

The Soldier nodded, and ran off in the direction of the Emerald City,
disappearing over the hill into the poppy patch.

Dorothy bent another hemp plant toward her and pulled off a few more buds.
"For later," she grinned.

She retrieved her dress and slipped it over her naked body, and tucked the
buds away in her pocket.

"To Oz!" she grinned. The four companions linked arms, and skipped in the
direction the soldier had disappeared.


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