Wizard Of Oz: Part 7 - It's Not That Easy Being Green (FF)
by Shelby Bush ([email protected])

The foursome -- along with Toto, trotting along behind them -- arrived at the
great door to the walled city.

Dorothy stepped up and pressed the doorbell button.

A small window opened in the huge door. A head stuck out the window.

"Who rang that bell? Oh, it's you! What took you so long?"

Dorothy smiled as she recognized the Solder with the Green Beard.

"Wait just a minute," the Soldier said, and closed his window.

The foursome heard some grating sounds, sliding sounds, and finally a loud
CLACK as the great door slid slowly open.

The Soldier stepped forward and saluted. "Welcome to the Emerald City of Oz."

"Remember your promise," Dorothy warned. "You said you'd take us to meet the

"Of course," the Soldier grinned. "But first, there are a few preliminaries.
Here." He handed Dorothy a pair of green spectacles.

"What's this for?" Dorothy asked.

"It's the law in the Emerald City," the Soldier explained. "You must all
wear these spectacles in the city." He leaned forward and whispered into
Dorothy's ear. "It makes everything look green -- much easier than painting

Dorothy slipped on the spectacles, as did the others.

"Even you, little fellow," the Soldier said, as he put a pair of glasses on

"Now," the Soldier said, straightening up. "You must all freshen up." He
sniffed. "You smell of the road -- and other things."

Dorothy nodded. The Soldier led them through the door and closed it behind
them, then led them down a side street.

The first building on the left was a "Clip and Groom" shop; the Lion and Toto
were escorted inside. Up the street on the right was a Livery Stable with
lots of fresh straw. The Scarecrow was led through that doorway.

Farther down on the left was a tinsmith, where the Tin Man entered; the last
building on the right was labeled "Venus Spa and Beauty". Dorothy stepped
inside the door.

The Soldier called after her. "I'll be back shortly to take you to the

"Oh, my," the elderly lady behind the counter said, looking Dorothy over from
head to foot. "We've got a LOT of work to do. First, bath... and laundry."
She snapped her fingers, and two young women appeared, dressed in crisp,
green uniforms. "Take this young woman to the baths," she ordered.

The two women stepped forward and escorted Dorothy off through a little door.
Inside the small, darkened room, Dorothy was quickly undressed. The two women
disappeared, along with Dorothy's clothing and green spectacles.

Without warning, water began spraying Dorothy's naked body from three

Sputtering, Dorothy momentarily panicked, but quickly realized that the warm
spray was comfortable, and meant to be a shower. She turned in the flow of
water, allowing the dirt -- and other stuff -- to be removed from her body.

Just as she was beginning to enjoy it, the water stopped. A second door
opened, and the two women appeared again, and escorted the nude Dorothy to
a large, sunken bathtub.

Dorothy stepped down into the water; it was warm -- no, it was hot -- and
scented with roses. She sank down into the tub, sitting on a little platform.
She leaned back, luxuriating in the sensation of the warm water. She closed
her eyes.

The tub was big enough for her to float. Her body drifted up, the nipples on
her firm breasts broke water; along with her toes; a cool sensation compared
to the warmth of the water.

She floated effortlessly in the water, her eyes closed, until she felt the
hand on her leg. She opened her eyes a crack, and saw that the two women were
now equally naked, and in the tub with her.

The dark-haired one on Dorothy's left pressed a button, and jets of air and
water began to flow through the tub-water.

Dorothy smiled. She had heard of hot-tubs, but had never been in one.

The two women began to rub Dorothy's body with soft cloths, continuing the
washing that had begun in the shower. Dorothy closed her eyes and relaxed,
letting the women continue their work.

They scrubbed diligently at her feet, and hands and arms and legs, then belly
and back. They seemed to stay away from her private parts, much to Dorothy's

When the red-head at Dorothy's right used her cloth on Dorothy's inner thigh,
Dorothy decided to make a move. She moaned softly, and opened her legs wider.

The red-head's movements slowed noticeably. Dorothy opened her eyes a slit,
and watched the red-head's face. The red-head reached over and used her cloth
to stroke Dorothy's slit.

Dorothy moaned again. The red-head glanced at Dorothy's face, then dropped
her cloth, and used her fingers to caress Dorothy's lower lips.

Receiving no objection from Dorothy, the red-head gained boldness. She
reached in with her other hand, and separated Dorothy's outer lips, revealing
the pink within. She caressed Dorothy's clit, rolling it with the tips of her

The dark-haired girl watched a moment, then bent forward and placed her lips
around Dorothy's left nipple. She sucked gently. Dorothy felt her nipple

The red-head slipped a finger inside Dorothy's pussy, while pressing on her
clit with her thumb.

Dorothy gasped; the red-head considered it an invitation, and slipped in
another finger. She pressed upward with them, finding a sensitive place
inside Dorothy's wet cunt.

The dark-haired girl switched breasts. Dorothy reached up and grasped the
dark-haired girl's breast, now within easy reach from her floating position.
The girl moaned as Dorothy tweaked her nipple, the vibrations of her voice
adding to the stimulation her tongue was giving Dorothy's tit.

The redhead moved, sliding around Dorothy's leg, without losing her grip on
Dorothy's pussy. She pushed Dorothy gently to the edge of the tub, which was
padded. Dorothy's head rode up over the edge, as the red-head dipped down
into the water, her face now level with Dorothy's groin.

She removed her thumb from Dorothy's clit, but replaced it with her tongue.

Dorothy gasped with pleasure as the girl swirled her tongue around and over
her sensitive clit.

The dark-haired girl stood up. Dorothy's hand fell away from the girl's
breast as she stepped up and out of the tub. Dorothy's eyes opened fully.
She watched as the dark-haired girl stepped around the edge of the tub,
then stood over Dorothy's head.

Dorothy gazed up the legs of the dark-haired girl, her view unobscured of a
naked, shaved pussy slit.

The girl squatted down, lowering her pussy down to Dorothy's face, hovering
an inch away from Dorothy's mouth.

Dorothy raised her head a bit, extended her tongue, and touched it to the
point of the girl's slit.

The girl pushed down against Dorothy's tongue, pressing her cunt against
Dorothy's mouth. Dorothy's tongue slid down the slit, feeling it open to
her, tasting the warm and musky flavor of the girl's cunt.

She found the girl's clit; it erected under her tongue. The girl drew in a
deep breath as Dorothy sucked gently at it, flicking the tip of her tongue
over the little bud.

The red-head was doing exactly the same thing to Dorothy. It almost felt to
Dorothy that she was doing it to herself.

She felt herself tighten; the familiar feeling under her breastbone, a
warming in her groin.

The red-head pressed her fingers deeper into Dorothy's cunt; that was all
she needed. Her body convulsed as the orgasm washed over her.

The girl squatting over Dorothy's face pulled up as Dorothy's body shook; it
was as powerful an orgasm as she had ever felt. Even the Tin Man's magical
toy hadn't given her quite this pleasure.

As the contractions slowed, Dorothy opened her eyes again. The two women had
vanished. She was alone in the swirling waters of the hot-tub.

Dorothy looked to her right and left. To one side was a large, fluffy towel.
On the other side was a stack of clothing.

Dorothy rose from the tub, and towelled down. When she was dry, she picked up
the stack of clothing. On top of the stack was the pair of green spectacles.
Her gingham pinafore had been cleaned and pressed. Under the dress was a new
green brassiere, and a pair of green panties, and under the whole stack was
Dorothy's ruby slippers.

Dorothy put on the panties and dress, leaving the brassiere behind. She
slipped on the shoes. As soon as she was dressed, a door opened, and Dorothy
followed the light.

"Now, my dear," the elder woman smiled. "Let's try to do something about that

* * *

Some time later, Dorothy emerged from the doorway of the spa, feeling clean
and refreshed. She looked down the street, and saw her companions also
emerging from doorways.

The Scarecrow's clothing had all been washed and restuffed with fresh straw.
He stepped up beside Dorothy.

"I feel like a new man," he whispered. "Everything's all fresh and clean --
everything except my corncob, that is."

Dorothy smiled.

The Tin Man's metal body was all polished and buffed. He stopped and did a
little turn in front of Dorothy. "Neat, eh?" he grinned. He leaned forward
to whisper, "And just wait till you see what else got an improvement!"

Dorothy laughed.

The Lion bounced out of the "Clip and Groom"; his mane was positively shiny;
he had been curry-combed, and looked sleek and handsome. "I feel terrific,"
he boasted.

Toto trotted along behind the Lion; he had also been groomed, and looked
better than Dorothy had ever seen him.

"Ahem," a voice came from behind them.

Dorothy turned. The Soldier with the Green Beard stood at attention.

"The Wizard will see you now," he said, stiffly. He turned, and marched off.
The companions followed closely behind him.

* * *

The corridor was long, tall, and impressive. Their footsteps echoed.

They made their way quietly down the hall, awed by the magnificence of the

At the end of the hall was a tall stairway. Dorothy led the way up the
stairs. At the top of the stairs, the room opened into a huge, cavernous
area, lighted by two flames that shot out of the floor to the ceiling,
fifty feet above.

Hovering over a gilded throne, was the huge image of a human head.

"Very impressive," Dorothy muttered.

"I am Oz," the Head spoke. "The Great and Powerful."

"I am Dorothy, the Small but Sensuous."

The Lion snickered.

"Silence! I know who you are. I know what you want," The voice thundered.
"You, Straw Man, step forward."

The Scarecrow stepped forward.

"You want a brain," the Head bellowed.

"Yes sir," the Scarecrow whimpered. "Yes, your Majesty."

"You, Tin Man," the Head spoke. "You want a heart."

The Tin Man shivered, his joints clattering. "Yes, sir."

"And you, Lion, you want courage."

"Well, since you're asking, I want potency," the Lion whined.

"SILENCE." The Head glowered.

"And Dorothy," the Scarecrow squared his shoulders. "She wants to go home to

"I SAID SILENCE," the Head screamed.

The foursome cowered.

"I have every intention of granting your every wish," the huge head
thundered. "But first, you must bring me the dildo of the Wicked Witch of
the West."

"But to do that, we may have to fuck her."

"You pays your money, you takes your chances," the Head said. "Now GO!"


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