Wizard Of Oz: Part 9 - Climax In The Witch's Castle (M+F,F-best,F-mast,oral)
by Shelby Bush ([email protected])

"I am bound by magic to the Wicked Witch. I must follow her commands, as long
as she holds the Magic Cap. So I've got to take you to her, since that is
what she commanded me to do."

Dorothy nodded. "I understand."

"But that doesn't keep me from telling you her secrets -- as long as you
promise to steal for me the Magic Cap."

Dorothy smiled and nodded. "I'll help you. Just tell me what I have to do."

* * *

The Tin Man looked down. He was hanging upside down from the limb of a tree.
He went through a check list, flexing his wrists and ankles, and hearing a
rusty creak each time, he knew he was still in one piece. At least the
monkeys hadn't pulled him apart as they had the Scarecrow.

He looked again at the straw scattered on the ground and shook his head. A
tear formed in his eye as he began to sob.

"Hey, up there!" A voice from the ground shouted.

The Tin Man looked around.

"Hey!" The voice again.

The Tin Man squinted. Over there -- beside the rock. There was the
Scarecrow's head. And the mouth was moving!

"Scarecrow!" Tin Man shouted. "Are you all right?"

"You can ask that? You can see I'm scattered over half the forest!" The
Scarecrow scowled. "Get your tin butt down here and help me out!"

The Tin Man looked up at his feet, and tried to figure out how his legs were
tangled around the branch. "All right," he said, breathlessly. "Just as soon
as I..."

He moved one leg, just slightly. But just enough to loosen himself. He slid
off the branch and fell to the ground below. He rolled over onto his back.

"Tin Man?" The Scarecrow called.

"Be right there," Tin Man finally moaned. He pushed himself to his feet, and
glanced down at himself. There was a deep dent in his groin, next to the door
where his penis was contained. He tried the catch, but it was jammed.

"Damn," he muttered. "I can't even take it out to piss."

He began to gather the scattered straw and pieces to the Scarecrow's body.

* * *

The Monkey King spoke in a low, ernest voice.

"I've been in servitude to the Wicked Witch of the West ever since she stole
the Magic Cap from her cousin Glinda."


"The Good Witch of the North."

"Oh. I didn't know her name. I only met her the once."

The King nodded. "Anyway, the Witch has two secrets. The first one is that
she's queer."

"A lesbian?"

"Yeah. But that's complicated by the fact that witches can only gain and keep
youth and beauty through orgasm. They must be brought to orgasm, then drink
human semen, to remain young and beautiful."

"And the Witch of the West?"

"Oh, she uses a dildo. It's about this long," he held his hands apart about
a foot, "and it buzzes. Sometimes she straps it inside her, and walks around
with it, just buzzing." He shook his head. "But she never comes. She keeps
looking for ways to make herself come."

The Monkey King scowled, thinking.

"Then there's the matter of the human semen to drink afterwards. Monkey spunk
won't do it -- god knows she's tried to suck me dry. Even when I couldn't
quite get it up looking at her."

The King looked over at Dorothy, sitting naked across from him.

"And speaking of monkey spunk, I think I'd better take you over to the creek
to freshen up." He stood up, picked up Dorothy's dress, then wrapped his arms
around her and spread his wings. "It's quicker to fly, I think," he said, and
took off, heading for a clear, winding creek.

* * *

The Tin Man stuffed as much straw as he could find into the Scarecrow's
clothes, then filled the rest with fallen leaves. He pinned together the
shirt and trousers, and set the Scarecrow's head in place. Instantly, the
body came back to life, and the Scarecrow jumped up and danced around.

"By golly, that feels better," the Scarcrow crowed.

Suddenly, he stopped, and felt at his crotch. "You forgot my corncob!"

The Tin Man shook his head. "I couldn't find it."

The Scarecrow shook his head slowly. "Damn. Well, let's see if we can find
the Lion."

* * *

Dorothy washed herself off in the clear water, and using the stream as a
mirror, she straightened her hair, retying her pigtails. She stepped back
from the water, still naked except for her ruby slippers, and walked over
to the Monkey King. He handed her dress back to her.

"I guess you know I hate to see you put that back on," he grinned.

"All good things,..." she shrugged, and put the dress over her head.

"Now," the King said, "Don't forget what we planned..."

"I won't," Dorothy said. "I'm thirsty -- is this water good to drink?"

* * *

The Wicked Witch adjusted the strapping holding the dildo inside her cunt.
She switched on the vibrator, and it emitted a low buzz. She wrapped her
black dress around her greenish skin. She donned her pointed hat, and stared
at herself in a cracked mirror.

"Damn you, Glinda!" she muttered. "I'll find a way, yet!"

There was a tap at the door. The Witch stomped over to the door and pulled it
open. The soldier at the door stepped back. "The Monkey King has returned,"
he reported, crisply.

"And the Girl?"

"He has her."

The Witch nodded. The soldier stepped aside, and the Witch stomped past him.
He listened for, and heard, a muffled buzzing coming from her. Stifling a
smile, he followed her.

* * *

The Tin Man stopped. He put out an arm, stopping the Scarecrow. He motioned
for silence, then pointed. There, behind a tree and a rock, was a long, brown

Silently, the two tiptoed up to the rock. The Tin Man lifted his foot, and
brought it down hard on the tail.

With a howl, the Lion jumped out from behind the tree. He looked at the other
two, then collapsed into a sobbing heap. "Where's Dorothy?"

"We think she's in the castle. Come on, we've got to rescue her," the
Scarecrow explained.

"You two go ahead," the Lion sobbed. "I'll wait for you here."

The braver two lifted the Lion to his feet, and they headed wordlessly toward
the castle.

* * *

"Ah, yes, my pretty," the Wicked Witch cackled. "You're going to be of aid
to me."

"Oh, really?" Dorothy asked.

The Witch nodded. "You are going to help me regain my youth and beauty."

Dorothy pretended puzzlement. "How am I going to do that?"

"First, you are going to get me some human male sperm."

Dorothy's brow furrowed. "Do what?"

"My soldiers cannot stand the sight of me. They all are rendered impotent
around me. So I can't get anything out of them. But you -- you're so young,
so pretty -- for you, they can and will perform."

"So how do I collect the --- stuff?"

"With your mouth, dearie. Just don't swallow. Put it in this." The Witch
handed Dorothy a small bottle. "When this is full, we'll talk about the
second part."

* * *

Dorothy's three companions climbed over a rock and looked at the entrance
to the castle.

"So how do we get in there?" the Tin Man asked.

"I've got a plan," the Scarecrow said. "Come on."

They sneaked down to the entrance. As the last three guards marched past
them, the three jumped out, grabbed and overpowered them. The three stripped
off the Guards' uniforms, and put them on themselves. They hid the three
Guards' bodies, and waited for another troup of guards to emerge from the

As they did, the Three joined in line behind them. They marched around the
perimeter of the castle, and then back in the front door. As the door to
the castle closed behind them, our heroes stopped, letting the Guard troup
disappear down the corridor.

"What now?" asked the Lion.

"Upstairs!" said the Scarecrow. "She must be upstairs."

* * *

Dorothy sat on the edge of the setee, leaning forward. The Guardsman opened
his trousers, allowing a fairly large erect male organ to emerge.

Dorothy grasped it, and applied her lips to the purplish cockhead. She rolled
her tongue around the head, while stroking the shaft of his penis with her

It didn't take long. The man came, suddenly, with a grunt, filling Dorothy's

The Guardsman stepped back, tucked himself back into his pants, saluted, and
marched away.

Dorothy picked up her little bottle, spat the semen into it, then peered at
it, estimating the number left to fill it. "Well, I've done ten... and its
only a quarter full. NEXT!"

Another Guardsman stepped up and unbuttoned. Dorothy sighed, and continued
her task.

* * *

The Tin Man peered around a corner. He spotted a line of Guards leading to a
closed door. As he watched, the door opened, a Guardsman stepped out, and
another stepped in. After a few minutes, the same thing.

He pulled back around the corner, and whispered to the other two. "Something
tells me Dorothy's in there."

The Lion began to weep. "It makes me sad to think of Dorothy in there."

"I think that was my line," the Tin Man whined.

* * *

The Guardsman grunted, and filled Dorothy's mouth with semen. He stepped
back, and Dorothy transferred the load to the bottle. She examined the level
again, and looked up at the Guardsman.

"How many more are out there?" she asked.

"I don't know, M'am," he said. "Three, I guess."

"Send in the next one, then."

The Guardsman left. The door stood open a second, then another Guardsman
entered. He stopped, then looked back out the door and motioned.

Two more Guardsmen entered.

"Now wait a minute," Dorothy said, not looking directly at them. "One at a
time, please."

"Dorothy!" The Tin Man said.

Dorothy looked at the Guardsmen. They were her friends.

"Oh, I'm happy to see you! But how can we get out of here? The Wicked Witch
will be back any moment. I've sucked off her entire Army!"

The Lion picked up Dorothy's bottle. "You supposed to fill this up?"

Dorothy nodded.

"You aren't even half done. You'll have to make a second round through the
solders," he winced.

"Unless you guys help out," Dorothy whined.

"Don't look at me," the Scarecrow said. "I don't even have my corncob any

"Don't look at me," the Tin Man said. "My trap door is jammed shut."

They all looked at the Lion.

"Oh, no!" the Lion grimaced. "You know my condition..."

"You're the only one who can provide the necessary fluid," the Scarecrow

"Wait-- all of you," Dorothy snapped. "Just a minute."

She cleared her throat, then she closed her eyes, focused, then began
a throaty purr; a deep, snarling purr.

The Lion's ears rotated forward. He listened intently.

Dorothy continued to make the sound as she slid off the Witch's bed and
knelt down in front of the Lion. She reached forward with one hand and gently
touched the Lion's penis.

The Lion closed his eyes.

"I think I see some life down there," the Scarecrow whispered.

"Shhh--" the Tin Man hissed. "Don't break the spell."

There WAS life in the Lion's cock after all. Still making the throaty purr,
Dorothy gently stroked the Lion's organ until the tip emerged, red and

Dorothy used her thumb to stroke the tender head of the Lion's male member
until she felt his scrotum begin to tighten.

She quickly held the bottle to the tip of the Lion's cock, just as he
ejaculated. Spurt followed spurt until the bottle was nearly full.

Dorothy stopped purring. The Lion collapsed backward, landing on his tail.

"Oh, my!" he gasped. "Oh, my!"

Dorothy held the bottle aloft, peering at it. "All done!" she whispered,
almost voiceless. She set it on the end table

"Now you guys hide. It wouldn't do to have the Wicked Witch find you here."

The three males scrambled around, finding hiding places. None too soon,
either, because just as the Lion tugged his tail behind the draperies, the
Wicked Witch of the West swept in.

She went directly to the bottle sitting on the end table. "Ah, yes," she
cackled, "Very good. You have done well, my pretty."

"Now what?" Dorothy asked, trembling.

"Now you are going to make me come."

"You're kidding!" Dorothy gasped.

"You ought to know I don't joke much," the Witch scowled. She reached up and
pulled off her pointed hat, and tossed it to the side of the bed.

The Witch untied her belt. Her black garment opened at the front, revealing
a skinny, greenish-tinted body. She shrugged out of her dress, letting it
fall to the floor.

Dorothy stifled a giggle as she looked over the Witch's frame;
withered-looking breasts slung low on her chest, the dark nipples pointing
at the floor, a skinny body -- her ribs showed clearly under her skin,
narrow hips. And below, a pair of leather straps held something firmly
over -- or in -- her cunt.

The Witch reached behind her, and the straps loosened. A noticible buzzing
grew louder as a long, black dildo slid out of the Witch's pussy. The Witch
switched it off, and dropped it to the floor.

She climbed up on the bed, and spread herself out, lifting her knees and
separating her thighs in a vulger, obscene display.

"Now, my pretty," the Witch tried (unsuccessfully) to whisper seductively,
"Come join me. Make me come."


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