World Of Warcraft: Questing Dirty Part 1 (FF,inc)
by Hamster ([email protected])

The world of Azeroth is filled with daring heroes and champions of good.
This story isn't about them. This story is about two treasure hunting
perverted sisters. These twin human girls were a pair of blondes named Thorn,
a domineering rogue, and Lilly, a shy submissive priest. The twins had just
begun their adventures together in the lands of Azeroth, the pair's
objectives were governed by Thorn's sense of greed. The pair had recently
arrived in Westfall, having completed the many rudimentary errand quests in
the Goldshire area it was time to move on to greater and hopefully more
lucrative things. Knowing in their hearsts that Westfall would be the
beginning of great adventures filled with shiny treasure the twin sisters
strode into the town of Sentinel Hill where Thorn looked all around and a
promptly announced.

"What a fucking dump."


"Seriously Lilly, have you ever seen such a miserable excuse for a town? The
people can't even afford fancy things like soap, how are they going to pay us
to do their little quests?" Thorn demanded.


"And just what the hell kind of quests will we even find here? Return lost
goats? See if your donkey is cheating on you with another farmer?" Thorn


"And then there's the Inn. It's just one big room and a couple beds. I'd
rather sleep outside, the place is disgusting." Thorn said.

"AH-hem!" Interrupted Heather, the Inn keeper.

"Oh, sorry. No offence." Said Thorn. Thorn turned from the outraged innkeeper
to her sister. "Was their something you wanted to say Lilly?"

"We should go to the tower on the hill and see if the militia is paying
adventurers for work." Lilly suggested after realizing it was too late to
stop her sister from insulting the innkeeper.

"Work? I'm usually very averse to any sort of work but... Actually you know
what? That's great idea. Let's go see what's happening" Thorn said.

Thorn motioned dramatically for her sister to lead on and followed her out
of the Inn while Heather fumed angrily. Thorn took this opportunity to
stare at Lilly's ass. She secretly lusted for Lilly's body body, which was
coincidently identical to Thorn's own body. It was a well-known fact that
Thorn had fallen completely in love one day when she looked in a mirror,
Lilly was her twin and the closest thing to herself she could find.
Physically anyways. Mentally the had less in common than the Horde and the
Alliance. Thorn and Lilly continued up the path to the watch tower where
the Westfall militia was head quartered. Upon their arrival they quickly
found Captain Danuvin, the leader of the People's Militia.

"Hello may I help you?" The man asked.

Lilly gave him a brilliant smile and began to speak.

"We were wondering..."

And then she was completely cut off by her sister.

"Yeah I was wondering if there was anything you needed a hand with. Coyotes,
out of control, drunks who need savage beatings, dwarves who flash people,
you know anyone you need us to bump off or rough up." Thorn said.

"THORN!!! We aren't assassins and thugs." Said Lilly in horror.

"Speak for yourself. I rather enjoy a little bit of assassination and
thuggery... all in the name of Stormwind, the Light and the Alliance of
course." Thorn said. "So you got anything for us?"

Captain Danuvin stared at the women in bewilderment. "I, I well we have had
some troubles with the Defias."

"Oh by Elune, them again? They're like a rash that just won't go away." Said

"Well we'll be more than happy to help..."

"Whoa Lilly slow down a bit, is there a reward?" Asked Thorn.

"Well yes we have been offering 50 silver for any Defias brought to us." Said
Captain Dunavin.

"I that case we'd be honored to help the good people of Westfall." Thorn

"We need their masks as proof." Dunavin said.

"Hey no problem. We'll be back." Said Thorn.

As soon as they left the tower Thorn turned to Lilly.

"Hey sis, I got this one, why don't you go back to then inn and relax." Said

"Why, are you planning to do something wrong?" Lilly asked suspiciously.

"No." Thorn lied.

"This better not be like that thing with the Guild in Goldshire." Lilly

"I already promised you we'd never get run out of town by an angry mob
again...if I can help it." Said Thorn.

Lilly narrowed her eyes at Thorn and then began to walk away.

"WE BETTER NOT!" She shouted back at her sister.

"Her and her unreasonable requests." Muttered Thorn.

Thorn had many, many flaws but she was very good at improvising. Thorn really
didn't want anything to do with fighting Defias so she improvised. She waited
for night to fall and then made her way to the cemetery. Thorn searched the
area thoroughly. She took her time closely observing the ground until she
found what she was looking for. She stood right in front of a fresh grave
with no marker. She sighed deeply and began to dig. An unmarked grave meant
it belonged to a convicted criminal, most likely a Defias. So technically she
wasn't lying. Thorn found the man buried in the unmarked grave and dragged
him out into the fresh air. She filled the grave back up then took the body
to a nearby pond and washed it clean before dressing it in Defias armor and
a Defias mask she'd stolen weeks ago. She made her way back to town dragging
the corpse which was now disguised as a Defias rogue. When she arrived at the
town she dropped the corpse at the feet of Captain Dunavin.

"There, I've slain a Defias bandit. Let me have my reward." Thorn demanded.

"What kind of twisted joke s this?" Asked the Captain.

"What are you talking about? This isn't a joke. I killed this bandit and I'm
collecting the reward." Thorn said.

"This guy has been dead for weeks." Said the captain.

Fuck!!! An intelligent guard, who could have seen that coming?

"Ummm maybe he was an Undead?" Thorn said.

"Arrest that con woman." Ordered the Captain.

It only took a split second for Thorn to turn and run. The guards in the
tower all drew their weapons and charged after her. Her pursuers where in
some sort of enraged hysteria.

"Kill her." One cried.

"Burn her alive!" Cried another.

"Stab her eyes out!!!"

"Let's torture the bitch!"


What, was torturing criminals in a horrific manner what passed for
entertainment in these parts?

"You people need a fucking hobby!" She cried back at them as she broke into
a full run out into the dusty grasslands. She was getting pretty tired as she
ran as far and fast as she could away from town but the men following seemed
fairly intent on catching her and doing very bad things to her. Things that
hey shouted, loudly, to a very demoralizing effect.

Thorn was sure she was going to meet a terrible fate when she ran up the side
of a small hill and jumped off the top to the other side and right into a
camp of actual Defias! UNDEAD Defias!!! Thorn could be and has been accused
of many things but one of those things was not failing to take advantage of
a situation like this. The surprised Forsaken did not have time to think as
Thorn almost immediately drew both her daggers. Before they even knew what
was happening, Thorn buried a dagger in the first ones face all of the way to
the hilt. The second was about to cast a spell in Orcish but his spellcasting
was interrupted by Thorn, who shattered his lower jaw with a good kick.

The other three undead got over their surprise and all had the exact same
thing to say.

"What the hell?!"

By this time her would be captors caught up with her and took a look at
exactly who it was she was fighting.

"Well aren't you idiots going to help me kill these UNDEAD DEFIAS!!!!"
Shouted Thorn.

"Uhh Westfall Militia ATTACK!" Cried the Captain.

The Forsaken began to meet steel with steel against the guards. And Thorn,
who was very capable at fighting very dirty helped cut them down. In the end
the Forsaken were no match for the guards and they were defeated.

"Captain look! I found some orders here. Seems they were sent by Undercity to
help the Defias bring instability to Stormwind." Said one of the militiamen.

Thorn placed her hands on her hips. "Well I guess you all owe my one fucking
hell of an apology."

"Oh, gee ma'am I'm really sorry. I didn't know...I thought..." Captain
Dunavin looked exceedingly guilty.

"You were going to burn me alive after you chopped my tits off and you're
SORRY!!!" Thorn demanded.

"Well yes. I might have overreacted just a bit I apologize." He said.

"Could you apologize with gold?" Thorn asked hopefully.

Back at the Inn...

Lily spent that afternoon in a very different fashion. The first thing that
the Priest did was go and find Heather and apologize to her.

"I'm really sorry about the way that my sister spoke about your Inn." Lily

"Whatever." Muttered the disgruntled Innkeeper.

"No really, let me make it up to you." Said Lilly.

Lilly grabbed a broom and swept the Inn out. She then cleaned the stables,
washed the dishes, did the laundry and capped her day off by using shadow
magic to obliterate every single rat in the inn. She then cleaned the mess
that she caused by blowing up those rats.

"Oh my goodness." Said the Innkeeper, once Lilly was done. "I don't care how
big of a bitch your sister is, you are welcome here anytime you want to stay

"Aww you are really sweet and you've been a great host, let me give you some
gold as my way of sayin thanks." Lilly said.

Heather was stunned as Lilly handed over 10 gold. Just then, Thorn entered
the Inn, all banged up and beaten.

"Hey sis, I just made us 9 gold!!!" Thorn announced proudly.

Heather snickered.

"Wow Thorn that's great because..."

Hours later...

The sisters had made camp near a pond out of sight of Sentinel Hill. Thorn
steadfastly refused to stay at the Inn or speak to Lilly.

"Come on Thorn, please don't be mad." Begged Lilly.

Thorn ignored her.

"I'll make it up to." Said Lilly.

"How do you plan on doing that? You know how much I love gold! And you just
gave it away." Thorn was nearly in tears.

"Well I think I know something that you want more than gold." Said Lilly.

"Oh yeah, what?" Asked Thorn.

Lilly stood up and blushed bright crimson, she had her hands behind her back
and was looking down while fidgeting one foot.

"My body." Lilly said quietly.

Thorn was completely fucking shocked by that statement.

"Great so I'm dreaming now." Thorn said.

"No you're not." Said Lilly in a slightly annoyed tone of voice. "I'm
offering you my body, I'd appreciate a little enthusiasm and excitement."

"But I'm your sister. Do you think I'm completely morally bankrupt?" Asked

"Yes." Lilly replied.

"OK good point." Said Thorn. "So you're serious?"

"I've seen the way that you look at me...I have to admit, I like it." Replied

"Oh really!" exclaimed Thorn.

This was something that she had been dreaming about for ages so she did the
one thing she had always wanted to do. She fucking lunged at Lilly like a
tiger assaulting helpless deer. Lilly yelped as her sister knocked her on
her back and mauled her tits.

"EEP! Oh my! I guess you like tits huh sis?" Said Lilly with a smile.

"Oh yeah.. they are fucking amazing." Said Thorn as she squeezed them hard.

Thorn removed her sister's silk top and then tore off her top. Lilly was
both stunned and thrilled by Thorn's enthusiasm. Thorn quickly removed her
sister's bra and began to tease and pinch her nipples. The pair kissed very
passionately while Thorn played with Lilly's tits. Lilly's skirt was soon
removed and Thorn's hand found it's way inside her sister's panties.

"Ooo oh yes, sis." Moaned Lilly as Thorn's fingers danced their way into her
wet pussy.

As she fingered Lilly more and more relentlessly, Thorn could sense that her
sister was nearing an orgasm so she pulled her fingers free.

"Mmm nooo." Lilly moaned in disappointment.

"Before Lilly can come, she's going to have to do a little something for her
big sister." Said Thorn.

"Ohhh please, I'll do anything, just make me cum." Begged Lilly.

"Exactly what I wanted to hear." Said Thorn.

Thorn began to undress, she removed all her cloths as her sister waited
breathlessly. By the time that she finally removed her bra and panties her
sister was desperate for her. Thorn kissed Lilly on the lips.

"You have such a pretty face...It will look even better between my legs."
Thorn said.

Thorn laid down and spread her legs. Lilly got down on her hands and knees
and bent her head down so that she could eat out her sister. Thorn was so
thrilled by the touch of her sister's tongue on her pussy she nearly came
right then and there. Thorn brushed her fingers through her sister's hair as
Lilly's tongue lapped against her pussy.

"Mmm yes, oh yes." Moaned Thorn.

Lilly massaged Thorn's butt cheeks as she dug her tongue deeply into her
sister's pussy. Thorn was squeezing her own tits as she moaned with pleasure.
She pinched her own nipple as she began to cum.

"Ohhhh yes, yes, yes," Thorn cried as she juiced for her sister.

Lilly go on her hands and knees and spread her legs slightly. She looked back
at her sister as she bit her lower lip and blushed bright red.

"Please, please make me cum." Lilly pleaded.

How could anyone resist? Thorn slipped her fingers between her twins legs and
slid them up in her warm wet pussy.

"Mmm oh yes." Lilly squeaked.

Thorn still had on her gloves and Lilly loved the texture of it as her
sister's fingers pumped in and out.

"Ohh, ohh yes. It feels so good. I Looove you so much." She moaned as Thorn
brought her to an orgasm.

"I love you too sis. A lot." Said Thorn as she removed her fingers and licked
her gloves clean.


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