Wizards Of Waverly Place: Frustrated Desire (mf,inc)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Alex was in the bathroom doing her hair. It was really great hair, therefore
took great time to work with. Justin had very little appreciation for the
work that his sister put in her hair. He did have appreciation for how
difficult it was getting to "hold it". Who are you kidding? He asked himself.
He had to admit that he really did appreciate her hair. It was quite
magnificent. It wasn't the only thing he appreciated about her. STOP IT!!!!
He had to stop thinking about Alex that way. DAMMIT he had a girlfriend. Not
only that but Alex was his sister. He slapped himself. This was something
he'd been doing lately. Whenever he started to have naughty thoughts about
his sister, he'd give himself a nice hard slap. His cheek was starting to
hurt. He also had to pee.

He went to his father's spell book out of frustration looking for spell that
may help him with overwhelming need to relieve himself and his lack of access
to a bathroom. He found something better. There was a spell in there for
seduction, 'Loveliponinus'. I can use this to get hot and passionate with my
girlfriend, he thought. Or with Alex, added his inner dark side.


He rubbed his cheek. He unzipped his pants and began to pee into a fairly
large mug. He was still contemplating the potential uses for a seduction
spell. So deep was he in thought that he didn't notice when his pee
overflowed his mug and started to splash on the ground.

"Uh-oh." Said Justin.


Justin tried to eat his sandwich but it was difficult. His sister Alex had
just entered the sandwich shop and she was wearing a tiny, excessively tight
jean skirt and an orange top. She gave him a friendly, sisterly wave as she
went to sit down and eat with her annoying friend Harper. Damm Alex looks
hot, he thought.


This is starting to get as painful as it is frustrating, he thought.

"So why do you keep slapping yourself?" Max asked.

"Trying to focus my self control." Said Justin.

"Does it work?" Asked Max.

"Varying degrees of success." Said Justin. "Mostly poor success."

"Ahhh." Max said.

"You know what's weird?" Max asked.

"Besides the so-called sandwiches that you make?" Justin asked.

"Yes, besides that." Said Max.

"What?" Asked Justin.

"Your girlfriend Miranda, notice how much she looks like Alex?" Asked Max.

"No, I didn't." Replied Justin as he got up and left.


At school Justin was left to contemplate some uncomfortable thoughts. Did he
decide to date Miranda because he thought that she looked like Alex? If so,
why was he such a freak?

"Why do you keep slapping yourself?" Asked Miranda.

"Science project?" Said Justin.

"Oh, because if you are into light slapping and spanking we can try that."
she said.

Tempting offer, thought Justin. But I'd rather try that with my own sister.


Miranda was now staring at him.

"Sorry that was reflex." Said Justin.

"Uhh sure." Miranda said.

He bent down to kiss his girlfriend. Their tongues danced. Unfortunately his
thoughts were on Alex. He pictured himself kissing here. Then he pictured
several dozen Alex's dancing around him naked. When their kiss broke, he
slapped himself again.

"Now you are just being weird." Said Miranda.

"Does that bother you?" Asked Justin.

"No." Said Miranda.

She gave him a quick kiss before heading her way down the hall. She was hot,
he thought as he watched his pretty Goth girlfriend walk away. Almost as hot
as Alex...


He looked around the hall and spotted Matt chatting Alex up. Justin hated
Matt. Matt once asked Miranda out even though he knew Justin was dating her.
Then Alex kissed him and now he was crushing on her. Wasn't enough for him to
ask out my girlfriend, thought Justin, bastard is after my sister too.

"Arrashiatus." Justin said.

The spell hit it's mark and Matt suddenly stood bolt straight. He didn't even
say goodbye to Alex as he turned and bolted for the bathrooms. Matt's balls
were going to be red and swollen to the size of grapefruits for days. Alex
looked confused but she hadn't seen Justin use his mojo. You only did that
because you want her for yourself, his dark side said to him.



Justin had finally made it home and was still debating how and with whom to
use his new spell. Alex made her way into the living room just after he sat
down on the couch. There was a clatter. Justin turned and saw her bend over
to pick up a pencil she just dropped. Bent over and with her back turned to
him caught a look at her panties as they peaked out from beneath her tiny
skirt. These panties were orange and matched her top. Instantly his cock
began to send urgent messages to his brain.

"Must have." Said the frustrated cock.

"She's our sister." countered the brain.

"So?" Asked the frustrated cock.

"Valid point." said the brain.

"Loveliponinus!" Justin said, casting the spell before he even realized what
he was doing.

The spell made contact and Alex toppled over. Justin jumped up and ran over
to her.

"Alex, are you OK?" Asked Justin, who was now feeling guilty.

"I'm fine. I just funny." She said as she let him help
her up.

Uh-oh. SLAP!!!

"Are YOU, OK?" She asked.

"Yeah wonderful." Said Justin.

"Well I'm feeling weird. Weird but good. Speaking of good, you smell really
good." She said.

Alex leaned up against him and rubbed his chest. It was at the moment he
pictured himself and the look on his face, it had to be one similar to a
deer caught in the headlights

"Uhhh what are you doing?" He asked.

"Shut up and kiss me." Said Alex before she planted one on his lips.

He put his hand on her butt. He could feel the sweet curve of her ass through
the fabric of her jeans. It was one of the singularly best contours he had
ever encountered in his life. Until she took his hand off of her but and held

"What?" Justin asked, wondering why they were stopping

"Anyone can walk in on us." She said. "Let's move this to my room."

"Oh yeah, awesome idea." Justin said.

With that, hand in hand, Justin and Alex made their way to Alex's bedroom.
Once they were sitting next to each other on her bed, the games began in
earnest. He decided that feeling her ass was not enough. It was time to cop
a cheap feelski on the boobs. They weren't huge but they were nicely shaped.
He helped her ditch the top and then the bra. After getting himself good and
naked it was time to help her with her panties. Justin's cock was as hard as
it was ever going to get. So hard that it was in pain. He tackled his sister
to the bed and she responded by wrapping her long luscious legs around his
waist. He stabbed his throbbing manhood into virgin territory and was soon
living out his fantasy of fucking his sister. If felt wonderful, it felt
magical, it felt glorious, it felt dirty-filthy-wrong. Together they had a
moment of intense bonding as they came at the exact same time.

"Dammit." He said.

"What's wrong?" she asked, she'd thought she'd done a decent job.

"Nothing, but after what we just did I'm going to have to do something a
little more serious than slap myself. I'm going to probably have to eat one
of Max's sandwiches." Said Justin.

"Does this mean you don't want to do it again?" She asked.

"Hell yes I want to do it again." Justin said.


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