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Wizards Of Waverly Place: Part 1 - Invisibility
by Skibbiez

"So you're telling me by the end of the day you would be able to have a naked
picture of any girl that I want that's at school today?" David Ryan, a friend
of Justin Russo, said as the two scoped out the potential girls.

"Yep that's right," Justin said smiling at his knew found knowledge.

"Come on man, ya gotta tell me how you're gonna do it!" David said almost

"No can do sir," Justin replied as he began a faint laugh, "You just need to
tell me who you want to see naked." He finished as the two continued to check
out all the likely candidates.

"Her!" David blurted out catching the attention of their fellow schoolmates,
"Miranda Porter!" He finished as both their eyes focused his eyes on the
young girl.

"Ooh challenging," Justin said, "but it can be done!" He said triumphantly
while still gazing over at Miranda.

Miranda was by far the prettiest girl in the school, and since 1st grade
David, along with 95% of the school, had the biggest crush on her. She stood
5'4" and couldn't have weighed more than 90lbs. She had the face of an angel
and a smoking hot body. Her ass was very tight and perfectly shaped, and her
breasts were perky small ĎA' cups that fit her physic perfectly. She had
straight brown hair that went just below her neck. She was by far the sexiest
girl that either of the two had ever seen in real life.

"What's up guys?" A female voice said breaking their trance. "Guys?" She said
again trying to figure out what they were looking at. "Oh God, are you guys
gawking over Miranda?" The sweet girl said.

"Uhh... No!" Justin said quickly looking down at the petite girl.

"What do you need anyway Harper?" David asked focusing his attention back on
the lust of his life.

Harper was the best friend of Justin's little sister, Alex. "I don't know
what you guys see in her anyway, she's a total bitch!" Harper replied
flicking her long brown hair behind her back.

"Yeah like you would know," Justin said sarcastically, "You've probably never
talked to her." He said laughing.

"Shut up Justin," Harper said getting upset. "I've got next hour P.E. with
her if you want me to hook you up!" Harper said obviously kidding.

"She's got P.E. next hour, huh?" Justin said intrigued.

"Yeah, and it's so funny Mr. Thompson is forcing her to dress for the rest of
the year because she refused to do anything last week." Harper said gaining
more of Justin's attention. "Well anyway, I just came over to say hi and for
you to tell Alex I said hey," Harper said as she started walking down the
hall, "Later!" She yelled from halfway down the hall.

"Davy my friend, you will have that picture by lunchtime, but right now I
gotta go!" Justin said as he patted his friend on the shoulder and took off
in the same direction as Harper. Justin took a detour into the boy's
bathroom. After making sure nobody was in there with him he locked the door.
He reached in his pocket and pulled out his little black spell book. He
thumbed through it until he found the spell he wanted. "Out of sight... Out
of mind... Make me invisible... At this time!" Justin muttered out.

Instantly he felt a weird feeling inside his body. The feeling lasted a few
seconds and Justin fell to the ground. He lifted his hands in front of his
face and he couldn't see anything. He began laughing, "Alright!" He said as
he stood back up. He walked over to the mirror, and saw that he was totally

"HEY! Unlock the door!" Justin heard from outside as the sound of someone
beating on the door echoed throughout the restroom. He walked over to the
door and swiftly unlocked it. "Okay come on in!" He yelled before the door
flew open.

"What the hell ma..." The boy began saying as he noticed no one was there.
"What the hell?!" He said again looking around the room.

Justin just made his way out of the bathroom and down to the gym. He entered
the gym just in time to see the girls beginning to start their stretches.
They were bent fully over touching their ankles, and Justin rapidly moved
behind Miranda. His eyes were focused on her beautifully round ass while she
rotated and grabbed her other ankle. She was wearing a pair of extremely
short cotton shorts with the words "CHEER" imprinted on her ass. "You should
bend a little further," he softly said as he put his hand on her lower back
forcing her down a bit more.

"Hey!" Miranda blurted out as she quickly stood up and turned around shocked
to find that no one was there.

"Miranda Porter!" Mr. Thompson yelled out as the rest of the class turned to
look at her, "is there a problem?" He finished staring back at the young

"Uhh... No I guess not, sorry..." She said pushing her shiny hair behind her

"That's good now let's get back to the stretching!" He said as he began his
count once again.

Miranda shrugged it off and obliged to her teacher's wishes. She bent
straight down again placing her firm ass directly in front of Justin once
again. This time he softly placed his hand on her ass and began to slowly
rub around in a circular motion. Miranda could feel the caressing once
again, and stood up and hastily turned around. Once again nothing was there.

"What's the matter Miranda, feel something?" He said as he pinched her ass
before moving around in front of her.

Miranda brushed her hand across her ass trying to brush away whatever it was
that was bothering her, but little to her knowledge it was her invisible

"DOWN AGAIN!" The teacher's words echoed through the gym as he began

Miranda cautiously went down again as Justin followed her lead. He squatted
down and was eye level with her beautiful chest. She was wearing a loose
white spaghetti strap shirt that gave Justin a hint of her boobs. Justin
decided he needed a better view and he firmly grabbed the front of her shirt
and brought it down a bit more exposing her perfectly round bra covered

Noticing her shirt fell down Miranda pulled it back to wear she was fully
covered up, but as soon as she returned her hands to her ankles Justin pulled
it down once again gazing down her loose top. This led to Miranda letting out
another yell as she was obviously getting frustrated.

"Miranda please!" Mr. Thompson shouted out trying to restrain order.

Justin continued to torment her in this way for the rest of the class causing
her to let out multiple outbursts which led to her having to stay after class
and talk to Mr. Thompson. Justin waited while the two had their little
conference and he watched as the rest of the class exited the gym. He knew
that he would be all alone in the locker room with this young girl and he
also knew that it was school policy to shower after P.E. Finally, the meeting
was over and Mr. Thompson told her to go shower and get to her next class.

Miranda ran down the stairs to the locker room and Justin hastily followed.
His heart was pounding with anticipation of what he was about to behold. She
made her way to the showers continuously looking over her shoulder for
whomever, or whatever, was bothering her throughout the class. Finally,
conceding to the fact that it was over she began to strip down. She removed
her loose top and Justin nearly came in his pants at the site. Next she
quickly took down her shorts and threw them on the bench. She cautiously
looked around once more and slid her black and purple panties down her long
athletic legs exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. She ran her hands back up
her semi-nude body and unclasped her bra and threw it on the bench with the
rest of her clothes.

Justin was in shock at the site that he was seeing. He reached in his pocket
and pulled out his camera phone and began snapping the pictures as Miranda
began to shower. The water ran down her golden brown skin like water off a
freshly waxed car. He watched as streams of water flowed down her tight
stomach continuing down into her tiny pink slit before crashing down to the
shower floor.

Justin could not contain himself and longer and he had to feel her nude body.
He slowly walked behind her and taking a deep breath he reached around her
and grabbed both her small developing breasts. Miranda let out a scream and
tried to break away from his invisible grip. She was terrified at the fact
that she could not see him, but she knew that she was being molested.

Justin forced her against the wall still holding his grip on her tiny breasts
as he callously squeezed the firm mounds. His rock hard cock was trying to
pound its way out of his wet jeans and into her gorgeous ass that was firmly
backing up against him. He released his grip on one of her breasts and led
his hand down her silky smooth body reaching her warm pussy. He ran his
fingers over her puffy labia and occasionally resting his finger a top her
sweet pussy.

"STooOOp!" Miranda cried out not knowing who her assailant was.

Justin couldn't resist and he jammed his finger as deep as he could inside
her tight cunt. Justin began to finger fuck her forcing his fingers in and
out at an increased pace as he continued to ruthlessly molest her tits.
After a few more minutes of finger fucking this gorgeous young girl Justin
withdrew his fingers and backed away from the weeping teen. As soon as she
was free she turned around to try and identify her attacker.

"Where are you...? YOU FUCK!!!" She yelled out with tears flowing from her
beautiful eyes like rushing water from a waterfall.

Justin paid no attention to her and he snapped a few more pictures of her
gorgeous nude body before exiting the room. Justin was ecstatic. His new
power allowed him to violate the beautiful young girl and there was no way
that he could get caught.

After lunch he met back up with David and showed him the shower pics. David
was shocked, and begged Justin to tell him how he got them. Justin stood firm
and would not divulge his secret. The rest of the day went by flawlessly with
Justin not using his secret power. When school got out Justin went straight
home the whole time thinking back to the experience he encountered earlier
that day. He walked in his family's loft and sat down on the couch. He
flipped open his phone and quickly made his way to the pictures he had taken
earlier that day. His cock instantly began hardening from the sight of
Miranda's gorgeous wet naked body. As he flipped through the many pictures he
took he began to slowly massage his hardened cock through his jeans.

Justin became extremely horny and right as he began to slide his hand down
his pants to get a little more 'hands on' he heard the sound of his front
door opening. He swiftly pulled his hand out, and promptly grabbed a pillow
and put it over his bulging pants.

In walked his fourteen year old sister, Alex. She was a very pretty young
girl and Justin had been noticing that she was maturing quite well for her
age. She was a very beautiful young girl with the face of a goddess that was
in framed by a full head of wavy brown hair. She stood 5'2 and had a very
skinny body. She was wearing a tight low-cut multi-colored striped shirt that
exposed a bit of her small, but developing, perky breasts. Her breasts were
small, maybe 'A' cups, but they looked perfect stuffed inside her shirt.
Further down, she was wearing an extremely short jean skirt that ended just
above her mid-thigh. Between Justin's horniness, and his sisters overwhelming
beauty he was drawn to his younger sister.

"Alex... What are you doing home?" He said as his voice cracked.

"I live here." She said with sass.

"Yeah... I guess you do..." He said as he watched her walk over to the chair.

"What cha watchin?" She asked as she plopped down paying no attention to the
fact that she was wearing a skirt. Her legs were spread open just enough to
give Justin a clear view up to her bright white panties.

Justin felt himself nearly cum inside his jeans. "Nothing," he said trying to
make it not so obvious what he was staring at.

"Well I'm bored," She said flicking through the many channels.

They continued to make small talk for the next hour as Justin continued to
stare up his young sister's skirt directly to her panties. "I'm going to take
a shower!" She said eagerly.

Justin's thoughts immediately returned to earlier that afternoon in the girls
P.E. shower with Miranda as he watched his equally sexy little sister walk
out of the room.

Justin was now hornier than ever and he wanted more than anything to see his
younger sister while she was in the shower. He thought for the next few
minutes of the pros and cons of the decision to use his invisibility spell
one more time, and after just a few moments he uttered the words: "Out of
sight... Out of mind... Make me invisible... At this time!" Justin felt the
same weird feeling throughout his body and before he knew it was invisible.

He rushed to the bathroom to hear the sound of rushing water from outside the
door. Without hesitating he quietly opened the door and walked inside. The
room was full of steam from her hot shower. He continued walking towards her,
and steadily grabbed the thin curtain that separated him from his naked
sister. He slowly and as quietly as possibly slid the curtain open and stood
in awe at the sight that was before him. Her beautiful body was drenched wet
as she allowed the water from the shower to spray down her petite body. Her
milky white skin shined from the glistening water that rested on her. Her
long black hair rested carelessly down the middle of her back as she lathered
up the front of her body. Without warning she turned around giving Justin a
quick flash of her bare chest as she closed the curtain.

"That's weird," she said to herself from inside the shower, "I know I closed
that," she continued.

Justin decided he would have to be a little braver and join her in the
shower. He once again slowly and steadily opened the shower curtain giving
him another view of her gorgeous naked body. He quickly maneuvered himself
into the shower and stood directly behind the young girl.

"What the hell?" Alex asked her as she turned around barely missing Justin
as she grabbed the curtain and pulled it closed once again. Justin softly
laughed as he gazed up and down her sexy young body. He decided that it was
now time to have a little fun with her just like Miranda. He started by
knocking the shampoo off of the ledge causing her to tense up in fear. She
regained her composure and leaned down to pick it up rubbing her ass directly
against her brother's hard cock. She had no idea of what she had just done
and went back to showering. He knocked it off again causing Alex to jump once
again. Confused, she hesitantly bent down to pick it up again. As she did,
Justin placed his hand on each of her luscious ass cheeks giving them a soft

"What the fuck!" Alex shrieked quickly jumping up and turning around. She was
now face to face with him. His eyes directly focused on her youthful petite
breasts. They were perfectly round, like softballs. Her nipples were puffy
and brown placed in the middle of her perky mounds. Justin was very

Alex opened the curtain and looked around the bathroom before swiftly
shutting it. She shrugged her shoulders and decided that the room was clear,
and proceeded to turn back around to continue with her shower. Justin didn't
dare to touch her for the next few minutes as he just gazed upon her while
she continued lathering up her sexy body.

She turned around and faced him once more giving him a clear shot of her
perfect firm breasts. She leaned her head back into the flowing water pushing
her small mounds out even closer to her brother.

Justin couldn't resist any longer and he slowly reached out and cupped her
small breast in his hand. The feeling was amazing, and what impressed him
just as much was the fact that Alex seemed to not even notice. She continued
to rinse the soap from her body as her older brother, unknowing to her,
molested her firm tits.

Not wanting to press his luck he removed his hand as soon as she was done
rinsing. He could tell that she felt something because as soon as he released
his hand her hand replaced it and she began wiping as if to be swatting away
a fly. She turned around and turned the water off before opening up the
curtain once more.

Justin beat her out of the shower dropping her towel on the floor. She looked
around again curiously before bending down and picking up the large pink
towel. Justin just smiled as he watched her dry herself off before exiting
the room.

"Justin!" She yelled out throughout the small loft, "Where you at?" She again

Justin was stunned. He rushed down the hall to his bedroom where he hollered
back, "In my room... Why?" He asked curiously.

"Something weird was going on in the bathroom and I wanted you to run the
ghost finder 3000 in there!" She again yelled back right before he heard the
door to her bedroom slam shut.

Justin was stoked. She had no idea that it was him in the shower with her. It
was in that moment that he knew that he had to see her again, but he had no
idea how. He lay back on his bed allowing his mind to flow with ideas on
mischievous things that he would like to do to his young sister.

After a couple minutes he drifted to sleep. His mind continued to think of
both his sister and Miranda's gorgeous nude bodies. He quickly woke up when
he pictured his sister asleep in her large bed. "That's how I'll get you!"
He said to himself noticing that he was still invisible.

He smiled as he rose from his bed and proceeded to walk towards hers. He
cautiously opened the door to her bedroom and walked in. He slowly walked
towards her large bed that was covered in hot pink silk covers. His heart
was beating out of control in anticipation of the adventure he was about to

He reached his destination and as he took a deep breath he reached out and
grabbed the blanket and slowly pulled the large comforter off her petite
body. Alex stirred a bit as the cool air roamed over her now exposed body.
Justin let go of the blanket and stared down at his sleeping sister. Her
body was gleaming from the glow of the moon. She was wearing a pink button
up top with the top two buttons unfastened exposing her creamy white skin,
and her bottom half was merely covered by a pair of black panties with a
bright pink trim.

After a brief hesitation, he reached down and carefully proceeded to unfasten
the rest of the buttons. Once the two pieces of thin fabric were unclasped he
cautiously pulled them apart once again, much to his delight, exposed Alex's
firm teenage breasts. They looked amazing from the glow of the moon, and
Justin couldn't help himself but grip the soft underside of her right breast.

Alex became a bit restless as Justin became braver sliding his other hand
down her smooth stomach reaching the hot pink trim of her panties. He
continued to knead her small mounds switching between her left and her right
breast occasionally twirling her erect nipples between his fingers. He led
his other hand under her thin panty line feeling her tiny stubs of pubic
hair. He continued to run his fingers through the growing fur for a few
seconds longer causing Alex to become more restless. She was shifting back
and forth turning her head side to side while remaining asleep. Justin
steadied himself before glide his hand further down her private area cupping
her moistening crotch in his hand allowing his middle finger to tickle her
sensitive slit.

Alex began to become even more restless, and eventually awoke. Justin quickly
removed his hands from her timid body before she sat up in her bed. She
looked around the room attempting to get her bearings. "Hello?" She said
softly, almost whispering, as she looked around the room. "Is anyone in
here?" She said looking down noticing that her top was unbuttoned. She
quickly pulled the two sides back together covering her small developing
breasts while she still timidly looked around the room. Convincing herself
that it nobody was there she cautiously laid back in her bed.

Justin let out a slight laugh as he continued to watch on as his sister lay
back down. He waited a few minutes allowing his sister to drift back into her
slumber. "Guess you're not as heavy sleeper as I thought," he said softly as
he slowly pulled apart her top once again exposing her beautiful chest. "I
can fix that," he said as he slid his hand on top of her meaty mounds. "With
your dreams so sweet; drift further into sleep," he said softly sending his
sister into a deep coma state. Justin maneuvered his large hand over her tiny
chest squeezing her breasts a little harder than before testing to make sure
she was truly out.

Once assured he walked to the end of the bed and looked down at her. His
rock hard cock was protruding in the front of his loose boxers screaming for
escape. While still looking down at his unsuspecting sister he slid his
boxers down and his throbbing cock bounced up and down from the sudden
freedom. He stroked it a few times causing a bit of cum to seep from his tip.
From the angle he was standing he could see the outline of her virgin pussy
through the thin material of her panties. He leaned down and began rubbing
her small slit gaining little reaction from Alex. He finally moved his hands
over and gripped the sides of her panties and proceeded to drag them down her
firm legs.

Once he removed them from her lifeless body he through them to the ground
and began crawling up the bed towards her. His breathing became harder as he
neared his sister's nearly perfect pussy. He placed his hands under her and
gripped her ass in his hands. He gently began squeezing her curvy ass as he
led his head down towards her sweet pussy. He began to gently place pecks
around her sensitive area causing Alex to shift a bit. He tightly squeezed
her plump ass cheeks as he dug his tongue inside his little sister's twat.
Alex let out a slight moan causing Justin to look up from his position to see
that she was still fast asleep.

Justin smiled as he went back to licking his little sister's cunt. He brought
his hands back around to the front of his sister, and allowed them to roam
the length of her body until they both cupped her tiny breasts. Alex let out
another light moan of pleasure as he continued to lick her clit.

He continued thrashing her pussy with his tongue for several more minutes
until Alex became louder with her unconscious moans. He removed his tongue
and smiled at the sight of his little sister violently ripping at her own
breasts. He slowly began sliding his hot sweaty body up hers until he lay
directly on top of her. His cock was now inches away from her already wet
cunt with the tip occasionally brushing against it. The sensation of her
teen pussy on his cock sent shocks of ecstasy throughout his body. He
leaned forward and kissed his little sister.

This wasn't an ordinary kiss either it was a full open mouth kiss. He licked
along her luscious red lips for a few seconds trying to intrude her youthful
mouth. He grinded forwards a bit forcing the tip of his cock a little ways
into his sibling's cunt. Alex tried to utter a moan, but instead got a
mouthful of Justin's tongue inside her. Justin explored his sister's mouth
with his as the two shared a most passionate kiss.

His hands were busy roaming over her tiny chest with the feeling of her rock
hard nipples grazing the bottom of his palms. Justin released the kiss and
sat up straddling the young girl. He smiled down at her once more before
thrusting forward pushing his cock as deep as it would go in her tight pussy.
Alex let out a subconscious squeal from the pressure of his large cock
forcing its way inside her. Her tight virginous pussy squeezed tightly on his
pulsating cock as he began retreating. He slowly pulled his cock out before
shoving it back in a little harder and faster than before. Alex let out
another moan of pleasure as she began to fiercely pinch her tiny breasts
while remaining fast asleep. Justin leaned down once again kissing his little
sister entwining their tongues together as he found a rhythm to fuck her.
Alex began having multiple orgasms as Justin continued to drive his dick
inside her. His hands roughly tore at her tender breasts while he ferociously
molested her mouth with his.
Moments passed and he knew that he was on the verge of cumming himself.
Knowing that he couldn't cum inside his little sister, he began to slowly
withdraw his cock from her body leaving a trail of cum on his way.

He rolled off his sister and lay beside her. He slid his hand under body and
with a swift motion he rolled her to her side and began to cuddle with the
young girl in a spooning position. His cock still throbbing hard nestled
perfectly between her ass cheeks and his hands once again cupping her tiny
mounds of flesh. Jizz began seeping from his rod as he began to grind a bit
forcing the tip a little ways into her extremely tight ass. While keeping
one hand firmly cupped around one of her perfect breasts he slid his free
hand down her tight abs until it reached her pussy. He inserted his finger
into the overly wet cunt at the same time he inserted his cock deeper into
her virgin asshole. Alex screeched from her unconscious state.

Justin released his load as soon as it entered her forbidden zone. He
continued to probe his fingers inside her wet cunt while thrusting his
bulging cock in and out of her ass forcing his cum to leak out of her. He
began to softly kiss on her neck as he took in the sweet smell from the
shampoo that was released from her hair. Alex was screaming as if she was
wide awake, and Justin had no idea if she was or not. Finally, after just
a few more seconds he pulled his cock from her tight ass allowing his cum
to seep from her brown hole.

Justin gave his sister one last kiss before rising from the bed. He walked
around and gathered his clothes giving one last look at his naked sister
before leaving the room. He walked back to his room, and on the way he
passed his parents room. "Ahh what the hell..." He thought to himself as
he opened the door.

His parents were fast asleep. Justin hastily made his way over to the
side where his mother was sleeping. He slowly pulled the covers off her
unconscious body. She was wearing a very revealing silk slip that exposed
much of her mature chest. Justin slid one of the tiny straps down her arm
enough so that the slip fell from her chest exposing her large breasts. He
grabbed one of the meaty mounds and began to softly caress it.

"Not tonight sweetie," She said as she brushed his hand off her tit. Justin
just replaced his hand on his mom's firm tit and softly squeezed it once
again. "I said not tonight!" She said in a firm voice as she sat up and
looked around. She looked over at her snoring husband and then down at her
exposed chest. She covered herself back up and looked around the room once
more before laying back down.

"You're right mom," Justin said as he walked towards the door. "Not
tonight!!" He said softly as he exited the room.

***THE END***

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of fiction and none of this story is to be taken as true!


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