Wizards Of Waverly Place (mf,inc,reluc)
by Benedictus41 ([email protected])

It was an early Friday evening on Waverly Place. The sandwich shop was
booming with the football crowd. Alex and Justin both had dates, so their
Mom, Dad, and little brother Max were keeping quite busy making sandwiches
for the onlsaught of hungry customers. Justin had decided to take his date
to the movies, the latest horror flick, hoping to get her scared and lean
towards him for comfort. He was considered a nerd, and had never been a
ladies man. The plan seemed to be going along great, she snuggled into him
at the scary moments, and dug her face into his shoulder at the moments that
made her jump.

At last he felt he had an opening to lean in for a kiss when both their eyes
chanced to meet. He leaned towards his date, and without paying attention he
spilled his entire soda onto her lap. She jumped up startled, which made
Justin jump as well, which in turn sent his nachos flying onto her new
blouse. Angered and embarressed, she stormed out of the theatre, leaving
Justin standing there all alone. "Well, there goes another one" he thought
to himself. "May as well just go home, no use staying and watching the rest
of this lame movie." And with that he quickly walked out of the theatre, and
headed home.

On the other side of town, Alex was trying her luck with her newest "love
potion". At lunch she had devised a plan that would get her alone with Jake,
the cutest guy in school. She would slip this potion into his drink, and BAM,
he would be hers and she his. Later that evening, Alex was with Harper and
Jake in a booth at the local malt shop. Harper was an obstacle she hadn't
expected, but she decided to play it by ear. After about and hour, Harper got
up to go to the bathroom. "Here's my chance!" thought Alex. She pushed her
fork off the table. "Oops, can you believe that!" she said to Jake.

"Here let me get that for you" he said. As he leaned over, Alex quickly
poured the liquid into his root beer. "There you are" said Jake.

"Oh, thanks! I'm just so clumsy" replied Alex.

She and Jake sat in an awkward silence as they waited for Harper. All the
while Alex hoping Jake would hurry and take a sip of his soda and fall madly
in love with her. Just then...

"Hey, sorry guys, so what'd I miss?" said Harper, just getting back from the

"Not alot" said Jake, taking a sip from his root beer.

"YES!" thought Alex. But little did she know, Jake was looking at Harper when
he drank from the love cocktail. Her plan had backfired.

"Wow Harper, I never noticed how beautiful your eyes were" Said Jake.

Just then Alex realized what had happened. Knowing there wasn't anything she
could do, she decided to call it a night and head home. "Well, guys, I'm
going to take off." she said.

"uh Huh, ok" said Jake, not taking his eyes off of Harper.

Alex sighed, "There goes another one", turned and headed home.

* * *

When Justin got home, he went right for his room, changed and turned on his
computer. While surfing, he came across pictures here and there of some
beautiful celebrities. After a while he started to get a little turned on.
"Alex is on a date" he thought "and Mom, Dad and Max are busy with the shop
till late, I guess I can make something of this friday night after all." With
that he unzipped his pants, and slowly started rubbing his dick. He scanned
through tons of scandal pictures of celebs, Britney's pussy, Christina in
Maxim, etc. "This is getting good" he said, all the while stroking faster and

* * *

When Alex arrived home, she was suprised to see that the door wasn't locked.
She entered their house and went right for her room. Although, when she
passed by the door of Justins room, she heard a faint slapping noise and some
low moans. "What could that be" she thought to herself, "Justin's on a date
with that goth chick, and everyone else is at the shop."

She approached the door. It was cracked, and as she got closer, the noises
intensified. She pushed the door open a bit, and to her shock, she saw her
older brother Justin, masturbating at his computer. She quickly jumped back,
but while doing so, knocked into the hall table. Justin jumped, quickly
pulled up his pants and went to see what was going on. When he opened his
door his was startled to see Alex standing there.

"Alex! What are you doing home so early?" Now trying to sound cool and
collected, adjusting himself so the buldge in his pants wasnt too noticable.

"Oh, um, well, the date just uh didn't work out."

"Oh, sorry bout that. Same here." Justin was red with embarressment. He just
knew she had to have seem him.

"So uh, whatcha got planned for the rest of the night?" he asked.

"Not alot, just going to chill" she replied. Noticing how red Justin was,
Alex decided to have a little fun.

"So" she smiled "what have you been up too?"

"Me? Oh um not uh not alot, just uh studying." he nervously replied.

"Studying? On a Friday night?" She asked.

"Yeah, so?" he said.

"Whats the subject, Naked Celebs?" she laughed.

She couldn't help glancing down at his bulging crotch a few time, with a
slight curiousity. She knew about sex from the talks the nurses gave in
school, but the farthest she ever went with a guy was making out.

"Hey! What I do in my room is....oh who am I kidding, you caught me. Don't
tell mom or dad alright?"

"Alright, I won't." She said. "So does every guy do that?"

Justin was quiet for a minute.

"Um, uh, yeah, I guess, yeah."

Looking at the bulge in his sweatpants, she picked up her nerve and said,
"Can I see it?"

Justin was taken aback "What?!" he said.

"Well I've never seen one before and Im just curious."

"Alex," he said "I'm your brother, and I'm shy about that kind of thing."

"Oh come on" she said "I just want see it, its not like I haven't seen it
before. Its just been about 10 years."

He thought for a minute.

"Swear you wont tell mom or dad?"

"Swear" replied Alex.

"Fine" and with that Justin pulled down his pants and his 7 inch penis popped
out, still hard. All this talk was getting him weirdly excited.

"Wow," said Alex, "why is it hard? Isn't it only supposed to be hard when
you are in the mood?"

"Well, yeah, I guess."

"Are the mood?" Asked Alex.

"No! Well, I don't think so, I don't know, I guess."

"Well," she said, "I guess that's a compliment, kind of strange compliment."

"Look, Alex, it's not what...."

"Can I touch it?" she interupted.

"Umm, I guess," he said.

Alex reached out slowly and softly touched his member. She was holding it
almost like she was shaking hands with it, while softly moving up and down
the length of it. She was starting to get excited herself. She glanced up at
Justin. His eyes were closed, his head tilted back a little. She could tell
he liked what was happening. Truth was she did too. Wanting to push it a
little farther, she thought she would return the favor.

"Wow," she said, "thats really nice. Do you want to see, um, my, you know."

"Huh," he said, bursting out of the trance.

"Well, you're letting me see and touch you, it only seems fair that I return
the favor."

"Um yeah, ok sure, if you want," replied Justin, trying not to sound eager.

Alex then proceeded to pull off tight top. Justin was in shock. Alex
disgarded her top to the floor and put her hands behind her back, fumbling
with the bra clasp. Finally, her bra too hit the floor, and she stood there
with her hands at her side, letting her older brother take her in. He small,
yet beautiful breasts stood at attention. Her creamy skin flawless. She had a
small mole above her right breast. Justin's dick was so hard now he thought
it was going to burst.

"Well," she said, "Go on!"


"Touch them, they won't bite."

He reached out slowly and cupped her left breast in his right hand, and
slowly started massaging it. He felt he would blow any second. While he was
bust on her chest, Alex reached back out and started fondeling Justins hard
dick once more.

"Maybe we should take this to my room," he suggested

"Yeah, um, yeah, that would be, uh, good," she said, getting more and more
excited by the minute.

Once back in his room, Justin looked into Alex's eyes while they touched one
another. He leaned in and kissed her. Small at first, then more passionatly.
They slowly moved to his bed. Alex started undoing her pants, while Justin
ripped off his shirt. All the while trying to not loose touch of one another.
Once they were both naked, Alex piped up in between kisses.



"I just wanted you to know, I've never gone this far with any boy before. I
don't feel ready to go all the way. Just dont want you to be dissappointed."

He stopped and looked at her.

"This is the farthest I have ever gotten either, whatever you are comfortable
with is just fine."

She leaned in and kissed him again. He was on top of her now. His kisses
started to wander from her mouth to her breasts, and down. Before she knew
it, Justin was kissing her between her legs. "Oh wow!" she thought.

"Justin, that feels sooo good."

After about 5 minutes she came. She decided that it was time to return the
favor again, so without saying anything she got up, layed Justin out on the
bed, leaned down beside him and started to jerk him off. Slowly at first,
then faster.

"OHhhh, Alex! I love you, that feels incredible."

She slowed her hand and bent down and put the top of his dick in her mouth.
She had never done this before, but knew of what it was, and heard other
girls at school talk about it. She didnt know exactly how to do it, so she
decided to suck on it like a popcicle. She alternated between sucking and
stroking and before too long, Justin moved her head away and came the hardest
he ever had in his life. She crawled up to him and layed down on top of him
and started to make out with her older brother again. He flipped her over and
was now on top. He was dry humping her, rubbing the bottom of his still hard
dick on the top of her pussy. They we both building up again.

"Oh Justin I want you," Alex whisperd.

"Oh god, I want you too," he replied.

"Put it in."

"You sure?"

"Just the top, let me see how it feels."

He obliged, positioning it at her entrance. He slowly and gently started to
push it in.

"Uh, oh, yeah" she moaned.

"You OK?" he asked.

"Uh, yeah, keep going."

He pushed on, untill he was halfway inside.

"Go all the way Justin, please, I need it."

He pushed once more, harder this time.

"ahhh!" she gasped.

"You sure youre ok?" He checked

"Yes, I'm ok, I love you Justin."

"I love you too," he said as he leaned in to kiss her. His dick slowing
sliding in and out of her. They were both moaning, and touching eachother.
The pleasure was getting to be too much. Justin was feeling it comeing.

"Alex, you feel so good, I'm about to cum."

"Me too, Justin."

"Where do you want me to cum?" he asked, breathless. He was pumping in and
out faster and faster.

"Let me suck on you," she gasped.

He pulled out of his sister and layed back. She leaned over and sucked on his
dick till he came. While she was doing this he fingered her untill she too

They both layed there in each others arms, and soon fell asleep. The woke up
in the morning with no one else any the wiser.

"That was great Justin. I love you" she said as she crawled on top, kissing

"I hope we can do it again sometime."


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