Excalimer: I don't own the charactors of wizards of waverly place, nor do I know the actors. I do doubt that the following actually happened. As such, the sexual pairings is illegal.

Wizards Of Waverly Place: Part 1 - Alex's Torture (MF,Mf,inc,voy,magic)
by Max Dragon

6:30AM and Alex wakes up from her slumber. She rubs her breast and stomach and runs her fingers through her silky black hair. She grabs her towel and makes her way to the bathroom.

She hears water turning off coming from the bathroom, and she sees her father coming out the shower. Alex can't seem to look away from her fathers member.

Jerry looks at the soft doe brown eyes aimed at his penis, which started to grow. He grabs his towel and covers himself quickly. "Don't tell your mother!" as he gives his little girl a quick glance.

Alex feels the warmth rush to her smooth cheeks as her father looks at her growing slender form. Jerry rushed out of the room. Alex closed the door all but a crack to maintain the steam from the shower.

About 7AM she gets out of the shower and goes over her body with her eyes and hands. Feeling over body as well as her growing breasts, as the water beads fall down all over her body.

Meanwhile, Jerry thinks Alex has left the bathroom. He needed to relieve himself as he makes his way to the bathroom. He opens the door and gets a eye full of his only daughter. Surprisingly, she didn't shy away like he thought she would.

"I won't say a word," she smiles devilishly and walks towards her father and closes the door behind him.

Jerry turns the shower on full blast and locks the door. He props her up on the sink and kisses Alex full and pouty lips. She rubs his cock through his pants. She undos his pants and reaches inside.

Someone knocks on the door.

"Yeah?" Jerry yelled over the water. Jerry looked down at his naked daughter as she had a heartbreaking look in her eyes as they began to well up.

"Jerry I need to get a shower too, let me in before the kids see me."

"Damn, Alex do a spell so your mother doesn't see you!" Jerry whispered.

Alex jumped off the sink and thinks quickly,

"Magic make sure she doesn't see, make me invisible and protect me."

Jerry unlocks the door and lets Theresa in. She slips inside wearing and white silk gown that hugged her curves nicely. Jerry began to get hard again as the two got in the shower. As the water cascaded down his wife's body he got even more aroused. Jerry pushes Theresa onto the wall and hikes her slender leg up and begins to hump his wife while thinking about their daughter. Theresa came harder than ever and they finished their shower. Theresa wraps a towel around her and leaving her wet hair down in a mess, and makes her way to her and Jerry's room.

Jerry then realized that Alex had to watch them have sex after she tried to seduce him. Then he heard Alex's voice sound a bit shaken.

"Magic that was used to protect, now let me be visibly detect," and she appeared on the toliet as tears streaked down her soft cheeks.

Alex grabs her towel and runs to her room. There she flops on her bed and cries.

Justin hears his baby sister crying so he checks on her. He walks in and sees his sister sitting there naked. He walks up and hugs her. Not caring that she's naked. She pulls away and covers up.

"I know I don't say this much, but, thank you." She weakly smiles and continues, "Sorry, I'm probably making know."

"Yeah a little bit, but I'll be ok. Besides we need to leave for school soon. What can be done? It'll dissipate soon. Get dressed, and hurry. And as you know I won't say anything, mom will flip." Justin leaves.

"Yeah, if she only knew." Alex gets dressed and the three kids leave for school. The rest of the day goes smoothly

* * *

Alex is the first home and she looks at her father coyly as she walks upstairs. "Give him 5 minutes til he comes up," she tells herself and she grabs a soda from the frige. And she proceeds to go up to her room and wait.

"Alex, where are you?" Jerry calls as he walks upstairs of the house.

"In my room, daddy," she replies sitting in her bra and underwear as he walks in.

"Sweetie, I'm sorry 'bout this morning. I didn't realize you where watching."

Alex stands up and drops her underwear and rips his pants down and jumps up on his cock and into his arms. He lays her down on the floor and rams his cock into her pussy repeatedly. Sweat begins to bead on Alex's body, as Jerry pulls out and climaxes on her stomach and chest. Jerry kisses her sweetly and leaves. Alex knows that if he's gone for too long her mom will look for him, and them together isn't something she needs to see.

"Hmmm, if I can seduce him I wonder if I can suduce her too. Lets see, 'let me move and talk just like him, make me look like justin'."

She looked identical to her older brother, and she told herself "let the games begin."

Look for a follow up WOWP: Theresa's Seduction


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