Exclaimer: I don't not own the characters of Wizards or Waverly Place, nor do I know the actors. As such the pairings are illegal. Enjoy! Oh and I stole the rhyme from fern gully...I can't write rhymes well.

Wizards Of Waverly Place: Part 2 - Theresa's Seduction (mF,inc,morph,magic)
by MaxDragon3500

Over the last few days Alex had been shooting her father very coy looks. All Jerry can do is just smile awkwardly and look away.

"Hi Daddy! You ok? Well, I'm gonna jump in the shower. We had gym last period and I worked up a lot of sweat. Well later, daddy!" Alex said teasingly and walked upstairs adding a little extra sway in her hips. Theresa notices the longing look but ignores it, and shakes her head.

"Hey honey, so I was thinking about the other morning in the shower and I was hoping for another round? Hmm, maybe tonight?" Theresa asked as she leaned over the counter and ever so slightly caressed her cleavage.

"Um, sure... I need to drop off a load tonight, but hell ya. Can you do me a favor tonight? Curl your hair and pull it back into a pony tail?"

"Sure, see you tonight. Now Justin needs help with something." Theresa walks away adding a little bit extra of sway to her own walk, up to Justin's room.

"So you needed help, honey? With what?" pulling her skirt down before sitting next to her son. She notices Justin looking at her form. 'Wow, is he checking me out?' she thought.

"Well I just have some health homework, and were learning about the female body...." Justin said shyly.

"Oh What do you need to know. I'll try to be of help with." Theresa replied awkwardly 'This will be interesting, I think he just wants to see boobs. But what the heck, I'll see how far this will go...' she thought, "Well, what's first? What do you wanna know or see?" she shyly said.

'This is easy,' Justin quickly thought. He looked down at her button up shirt and quickly turned away. "Well this is awkward but I'd like to see your....breasts." He started to turn around and wait for her to say no.

"Ok, but one second," she walks over to his door and locks it. "Don't want someone to walk in during your studying."

Theresa turns around and looks at her oldest child, her hands tremble as she unbuttons her shirt and lets it fall to the floor by her feet. She reaches behind her and unclasps her bra and slips it down her slender arms.

Justin looks in shock and awe seeing his mother's naked breasts. She walks toward him and says, "Well, what do you wanna know?"

"Well, what are they for? What do they feel like?" he asked getting antsy and standing up. Theresa stops before him and grabs his hands and places them on her breasts.

"Wow, they feel good! But is this normal?" as Justin looks down towards his pants. Theresa reached down and unbuttons his pants to find a extremely hard penis in her sons pants.

The feeling of her grabbing it drove both of them over the edge. Justin ripped at her skirt and popped off the buttons and yanked it down. There in the heat of the moment his mother stood before naked and panting. Sweat began to bead on Theresa's forehead. She pulled down Justin's pants and pushed him back onto his bed. And she positioned herself over his cock and lowered herself onto it.

"Oh my god! Mom this feels great! What now?" as he places each hand on her waist. She begins to grind against her son.

"Call me Theresa, but not in front of anyone else." She whispered, her eyes smoldered and he leaned up to kiss her full red lips.

She helped him switch positions without her getting off his throbbing cock. Now laying on her back and tightly wrapping her legs around his waist, he began to thrust against her.

Justin began to pick up speed and force. He does this for about half an hour. He pulls out and begins to orally pleasure her. She is surprised by his performance. He stops and looks up at her and says "Once was done, now undo, return me to the form that's true," Justin begins to change into Alex.

"Well Theresa, how was I" asked Alex as she lays in her mother's arms. Both women drenched in sweat and hair all a mess. Theresa smiles at her daughter, stroking her face.

"Wonderful, but next time just look like you." She moves her hand from Alex's face down her neck and rests her hand on Alex's right breast. They share an intimate kiss and get cleaned up before the men find out

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