Walker, Texas Ranger: Walker And Trivette Get Some (MMFF,rape)
by Spyder

Cordell Walker, a Texas Ranger who is noted to uphold the law, and his
partner Trivette go through Texas keeping peace with flare. On one particular
night singing star Lila McCann made a guest appearance as herself and sang a
song. The story line has her being followed by a stalker who dislikes her
singing abilities so much he has threatened bodily harm when she has
completed her concert.

On the night of her big show, Walker is staying close to the young lady and
has Trivette close by just in case something occurs. While she performs the
man dressed as a maintenance man slips into her private dressing room and
waits silently for her return. After one hour of singing her hit songs and
some favorites from her childhood, Lila does an n encore and runs back to her
dressing room. Walker asks her to tread lightly into her room and be careful.
Thirty seconds later, a scream echoes the now empty arena as Lila scrambles
to get free of the stalker. No sooner does the scream echo that Walker breaks
down the door and has the man arrested on a variety of charges that stem from
the threats and now possible rape of the star. Lila is relived that she is
safe and kisses Walker on his cheek.

Walker is not aware of it yet, but this had awakened something that he might
not control. Rage begins to surge as he looks with an evil eye at Lila. She
wonders aloud what is now bugging her protector. Trivette looks at his
partner and knows that he has never saw this side of Cordell. Lila kisses
Trivette as well and he has a spark of the same bug that has Walker
salivating over and over again.

Walker slams and locks the door, grabs Lila by her wrists and throws her on
the leather couch. Not sure of what is going on, Lila ignores it and hopes
nothing is developing.

Trivette also wickedly looks over the sexy singer and grabs her ponytail,
yanking her head back. A frightened Lila shrieks as the two men make advances
towards her body. Walker throws his hat to the floor, rips Lila's red shirt
from her body and bites down on her bottom lip as he forces a kiss on her
ruby lips. Trivette joins in and cuts her tank top that was underneath with a
switchblade he carries. Lila's huge tits fall into view as Walker slaps the
mammaries around, bruising them as a shocked Lila is not sure what to make of
the treatment she is getting from the two who were assigned to protect her.

Walker yanks at her jeans, with the tightness and the flimsy stitching it
doesn't take long for the denim to be torn away from her hips. Trivette has
been biting on her tits as Walker jams his fingers in her panties and tears
them off. Lila tries to get away, but is held by the horny rangers. Walker
removes his clothes as Trivette holds the blonde singer down. Taking his
already stiff cock, Trivette jams it in her throat and yells suck it bitch.
Having no choice she sucks his dick as Walker forces her thighs open and
pounds his way into her pussy. She squeals and squirms, as she is hurting
from the treatment of the two supposed cops.

Forcing his cock inside the lady, Walker sees a little blood trickle from
her cunt as he says that they are not through. Trivette, turns her on her
stomach after Walker exits her pussy and drives forward into her ass.
Walker, who stuffs his dick in her mouth, muffles her screams. These
protectors of the people are ravaging both holes, as Lila begins to cry.
She wonders what she did to deserve this from these men and knows it is
not over, as Walker has Trivette lift her on top of his body as Walker
again pounds her bruised pussy. Trivette again pulls down on her hair,
while Walker punches her stomach and slaps her body while he continues the
assault on her hurting body.

The door swings open as Prosecutor Cahill is entering the room seeing her
two friends in the process of raping this lovely lady. Cahill begs them to
stop, but Walker turns to her and slaps her as well, he rips her dress off
and wants to go in anew direction, but is coming to his senses. She smiles,
but is again frowning as Walker tears her panties off, Cahill stands nude
before the three and Walker fist fucks her pussy. Trivette explodes all
over Lila as he re-enters her pussy. Walker is driving hard in Cahill's
twat and replaces his fist with his cum soaked cock. Two ladies who never
would have thought such a gentle man would ever do something so heinous
are being raped by two of Houston's finest.

Once the two rangers have done the deed they ask for one thing and that is
for the two ladies to do each other. Lila, whose body is aching and bleeding,
looks over at the blonde lawyer and kisses her reddened breast from the
beating she received at the hands of her boyfriend. Cahill licks Lila's
nipples tasting her blood and lowers between her legs. Eating Lila's bruised
pussy, Cahill realizes that she is a lesbian who loves male companionship.
The women take turns making each other orgasm and soon flop on the floor well
spent, bleeding and bruised from the treatment just inflicted by the Rangers
in the room.

All four will try to forget the night in the arena, but never will. Cahill
and Lila have decided not to tell what happened as long as the two Rangers
promise to never do this again. After agreeing, all four leave to go their
separate ways. As for Walker and Cahill, separate is not a luxury as she
informs him in a couple of months of an important happening.

The End


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