Note: Short lived news parody show.

Weekly World News (Mg,preg,alien,rape)
by Hamster

Edwin Newman (host): Good afternoon and welcome to the Weekly World News.
Tonight our top story is about a young girl who was apparently raped and
impregnated by aliens.

Leeds, California...

Molly had made quite crap load of money selling cookies or more accurately
selling her pussy in exchange for people taking cookies off her hands. And
people where actually starting to buy the damn cookies for the cookies!
Crunching on snack foods seemed to get peoples minds off of the incident
several weeks ago when a cannibal serial killer had killed half the town***.

The Girl Scout didn't actually remember much about what had happened when the
killer had struck but her parents where now dead and she was living with her
loony uncle Zeke. It wasn't so bad because he let her do whatever she wanted
the only downside is that she now had to at least attempt to cook for herself
since her uncle pretty much ignored her and always forgot to feed her. At
least she had plenty of cookies.

She was on her way back home after school and had decided to try and 'sell
some cookies' on the way so she stopped at a 7-11 and changed into her Girl
Scout outfit and roller blades in the bathroom.

"Hey little girl that's a bathroom not a changing room." The skinny elderly
scarecrow-like clerk behind the counter protested.

Molly grabbed a 20 oz. Pepsi Blue, flipped off the clerk, and left without

"Fuck you!" She cried as she took off on her roller blades as the clerk
chased after her (briefly) shouting profanities.

She was racing down the down the street as fast as her roller blades could
carry her. The wind rushed over her face as she sped away and she rounded the
corner into an alley so that she could drink her ill-gotten soda.

After taking a long drink she noticed that she was standing in the shadow of
something very large that had somehow gotten behind her. She slowly turned
around and saw the huge monster standing behind her. It had a thick blue
serpent-like body with six long spider-like legs and two mantis-like arms.
Its body was covered in crab like plate armor.

Molly screamed hysterically as it grabbed at her. She was pinned by the
shoulder by its mantis-arms and the creature lifted two of its spindly legs,
which it used to shred her outfit.

"EEEEEEEK HELP, HELP ME!" Molly screamed.

The Araknyd ignored her both because it was more interested in impregnating
her and because it really couldn't understand what she was screaming.

"Enjuhbdwu ji kjimo!" Said the Araknyd.

Translation: Please stop screaming.

Molly really did not understand him either she was just terrified that she
was about to be eaten by some weird, hungry alien monster. Accepting the fact
that she simply didn't speak his language he decided to continue impregnating
her and be done with it. His long snake-like penis extended and snaked its
way in Molly's direction. The long chubby alien cock poked at Molly's young
cunt but found the going a bit difficult.

"Oh god NO! NO! It's too big! You'll tear me apart!" Molly cried

The alien ignored her its cock found the most likely point of entry and
shoved with all of its great might. The cock forced its way into the small
pussy stretching it tight. The alien groaned in deep pleasure as the young
girl's pussy was stretched tight over it's enormous member.


Her head began bobbing wildly as the alien began stroking in and out slowly
at first then picking up the pace as it pounded her young cunt relentlessly.
The alien was dizzy with pleasure from raping her tight young pussy when it
felt a large bulge passing somewhat painfully through it's penis. The bulge
slowly passed down the shaft until it reached Molly's pussy lips.

"OH NO IT HURTS EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!" Molly cried as the bulge in his cock tried
to squeeze it way painfully into her body.

The bulge pushed and pushed, attempting to stretch her pussy out even more
as the pressure behind it built and built relentlessly. Finally it became
too much and it forced her cunt to open up as it passed into in to her and
splattered inside her womb. The bulge had been in fact a gooey cocktail of
alien sperm and eggs. The alien dropped her now unconscious body and roared
a loud victory cry. He looked down and was pleased to note that her belly
was sufficiently distended, all though she hadn't been able to contain all
of his seed. Purple sperm-and-egg goo was splattered over her inner-thighs
and leaking from her pussy. Well, it thought, better return to what's left
of the ship. We're lucky to be alive but we need to repair the ship before
the spawn are born. The Araknyd thought. It implanted a tag into Molly then
left to return to his ship leaving the Girl Scout in the alley.

Follow up...

Edwin Newman (host): 9 months later the pregnant girl gave birth to several
alien Spawn which were collected by the father and taken to their home
_ _ _

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