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Author's note: Spoilers for the first half of Season 4.

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Walking Dead: Sister's Needs
by MTL ([email protected])

They clearly weren't the first to raid the country club or whatever the correct term for this place was. At least it had four walls, a roof and most importantly doors which they could barricade, meaning they would get the best nights sleep they'd had since the prison fell. That was several days ago now, and for all Maggie Greene knew they could all be dead. Her friends. The people who had become family to her. Glenn. For all she knew Glenn was dead, but the idea was almost enough to make Maggie want to give up entirely if it was not for her sister, who needed her now more than ever.

"Looky what I found!" Beth exclaimed far too brightly for the situation, although they both knew the importance of small victories. Nevertheless Maggie gave Beth a raised eyebrow, prompting the younger sibling to quickly add, "What? I've never had a drink before."

"It's not exactly the good stuff." Maggie eyed the bottle warily, and then when Beth gave her a look she quickly added, "I already checked."

"Well, I don't see how we can be picky these days." Beth pointed out, sitting down cross-legged next to her sister and handing her the bottle, "Wanna share?"

"I don't know." Maggie sighed, "Don't ya think at least one of us should try an keep our wits about us? Case Walkers stumble by?"

"Na, we barred the doors good and proper. Sides, I think we could both use the distraction." Beth hesitatingly pointed out, clearly not wanting to go into specifics.

Neither of them did. After all, if the world wasn't bad enough they had both just gone through the trauma of watching their father being murdered by a madman, and then their second ever home had met the same fate as their first, overrun with the living dead and left in unsalvageable ruin. So, overwhelmed with pain and despair, Maggie found them some reasonably clean glasses, and then after rinsing them out thoroughly, joined her little sister in what was a very pleasant distraction.

The problem was due to her father's strict no drinking policy Maggie had never had the chance to become a heavy drinker so by the time they finish the bottle they were both giggling and falling all over each other. On the bright side they'd never felt closer, Beth opening up to her like never before and Maggie did the same, partly because it was therapeutic and partly because it felt so good to connect to her sister in this way. Hell, it was great to connect with anyone in this way after what she had just been through.

Then all of a sudden things took a turn as Beth asked, "What's sex like?"

All light-heartedness drained from Maggie, and with all her might she tried to be the responsible older sister as she moved closer and said, "It's amazing, with the right person. If, if you just fuck some random guy, like I did, you'll regret it. I know I do. I lost my cherry not knowing I was months away from meeting the love of my life and falling for him, and it would break my heart to watch you do the same."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard that before." Beth huffed in annoyance, "And I've waited all right. I've waited, I've waited, I've waited, and now for all I know there ain't a living guy left! No offence."

"It's ok." Maggie said quickly, seeing the panic in Beth's face, "Glenn is fine. Glenn is fine, and the perfect guy is out there for you somewhere. I can feel it in my bones."

"I wanna believe that, but..." Beth began, before seemingly changing her mind, "Ya know what, I don't. I don't care that there might be a guy who could love me out there somewhere when I've got someone who loves me right here."

Things became deathly quiet for a few moments, and then Maggie stammered, "What... what do you mean?"

Ignoring the question Beth moved closer and stated firmly, "I love you. And you love me. Always and forever, no questions asked. And since ya can't promise me we'll even survived the night, let alone tomorrow, I'm askin' you... no, I'm beggin' you to take my cherry."

Maggie gulped, "Beth, I-

"I don't want to die a virgin!" Beth continued forcefully, "I've come so close, so many times, I just can't take it anymore. It's too much. And it seems crazy to me to be close to such a beautiful person, inside and out, and have them love you unconditionally and not fuck them. At least, ya know, under these crazy circumstances. And, and I can feel the alcohol wearing off already, and we both really need a distraction, and... and you're just so fuckin' beautiful!"

With that Beth dived forwards, smashing her mouth against her big sister's with a brutal force which knocked the wind out of Maggie for a few long seconds. Then Maggie tried her best to push Beth away, she really did, but her baby sister just wouldn't be denied and despite herself Maggie melted into the oh so soft lips consistently pressing against her own. Maggie told herself she had no choice, but that wasn't true. The truth was part of her felt Beth had a point, and with the alcohol clouding her judgement she felt helpless but to give in to her sibling's sinful desires.

Beth smiled as she felt Maggie parting her lips so the blonde could slip her tongue inside the brunette's mouth, Maggie even massaging Beth's tongue with her own in a sign of total surrender to this unspeakable act. And oh, it was a million times better than making out with clumsy old Zach, and maybe even a million times better than Beth had ever dreamed, and she had always dreamed that Maggie would be awesome at this.

She knew it was wrong on so many levels but Beth had been dreaming of fucking her big sister since before the apocalypse, and now finally she had a chance. Beth could have never a vast something like this when their father was still alive, but now he was gone she had been waiting for the right moment to make a move, and so far it couldn't have gone better. Not that she was remotely glad he was gone, and there was still part of her that was worried he could see them now, but she hoped that he found some semblance of peace, and wouldn't have to know her shameful secret she had been hiding for so long.

Putting aside those thoughts, and all others, Beth became completely lost in kissing her sister for several long minutes. Hell, it could have been hours for all she knew or cared, all that mattered was that her tongue was in her sister's mouth and her hands were all over Maggie's body, paying special attention to those big tits and that amazing ass, Beth shamelessly squeezing them as she completely dominated her sibling with just her mouth and tongue.

It all went so well that it was a major disappointment when Beth broke the kiss to move her lips down to her sibling's neck that Maggie whimpered, "We can't do this Beth. What would Daddy think?"

"He isn't here." Beth practically whimpered into Maggie's neck, pulling back slightly to look into her sister's eyes, "None of them are. Do ya really want to think about that right now, or do ya want to do me the biggest favour you could ever possibly do. Cause I reckon this is about the only thing which will make us stop thinkin' about everything else, and well... that sounds real good to me. Sides, I really, really like kissin' ya."

With that last phrase Beth cupped her sister's cheek gently and glanced down to those swollen lips she had enjoyed kissing so much. Then she kissed her again, this time Maggie not hesitating in kissing her back. Then, after a much shorter make out session, Beth went back to kissing her big sister's neck, this time Maggie only moaning in pleasure and relaxing, letting Beth have her wicked way with her.

Maggie couldn't believe this was happening. That she was allowing this to happen. She should stop it, she knows she should, but... it just felt so good. It had been so long since she had been touched like this, and this was so... different. So exciting. So wrong, and yet it felt so right. And that was before Beth literally ripped her shirt open, Maggie silently hoping that she could find a shirt in her size somewhere in this place as her little sister's lips latched onto her right nipple and began sucking greedily.

"Oh my God, your tits are amazing!" Beth moaned, mostly to herself when she moved to the other nipple.

Back and forth Beth did this, at one point literally burying her face in between Maggie's breasts and just lying there for a few seconds before motor-boating them. That last part made Maggie giggle a little, but it was quickly forgotten as Beth kissed her way back to one of her nipples and started sucking on it again. Beth adding her hands into the mix make things so much worse/better, the blonde cupping the brunette's boobs into her mouth while massaging whichever one her lips weren't working on.

This seemed to go on forever, then all of a sudden Beth flipped them so Maggie was on top. Before Maggie could get her bearings Beth had grabbed hold of her hand and slid it into her jeans/underwear, the older sister gasping as she found her little sister wet and ready for her. Maybe even wetter than Maggie had ever been. And then she looked directly into Beth's eyes and was blown away by the pure shameless lust she saw there. Lust for her. Her little sister was in total lust for her. Why was that so hot?

"Fuck me!" Beth whimpered softly, "Please Maggie, fuck me. I need it. I need you. Please?"

Maggie wished she could say no. Wished she could be the responsible older sister she was supposed to be and clearly explained to Beth why she could never, ever do what her baby sister was begging her to do. There were so many reasons not to do this echoing through Maggie's mind right now that she could barely concentrate on them, but she knew there were many and in her bones she knew this was wrong. But, even though she couldn't understand it, she just couldn't stop herself from slipping a finger slowly inside her little sister's virgin cunt, Maggie even feeling delighted as Beth closed her eyes, tilted her head back and let out a long moan of pleasure.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhh Maggie!" Beth cried/moaned, "Yeeeeeessssssssss, yes, yes, ohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssss, fuck me, fuck me please, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Beth wanted to say more. To confess her undying love for her sister who loved her so much she was willing to do this for her. Tell Maggie exactly how good she was making her feel. To tell her all the things she wanted her to do to her, and all the things Beth wanted to do to her older sister, in the most graphic detail possible. However she was rendered utterly speechless by the overwhelming feeling of being penetrated for the first time by something other than her own fingers.

Inside her. Someone else was inside her. And not just anyone, not a random boy who had been smart/lucky enough to survive the hell they had fallen into, but someone who would forever love her unconditionally. Her big sister. Her big, beautiful, smart, funny, amazing sister was inside her. No matter what happened Maggie would be the first one to enter her, and while her cherry was still officially intact this was still something Beth would treasure for the rest of her life, however long it was.

Savouring the moment Beth closed her eyes and just enjoyed the sensation of having her sister inside her. Only a few seconds later her eyes were wide open and she was letting out along moan as for the first time ever somebody started fucking her, Maggie pumping her finger in and out of Beth's cunt to officially start fingering her. It was slightly surprising, but encouraging, Beth turning her head back to look at her older sister directly in the eye and give her a soft smile of gratitude.

To Beth's delight Maggie smiled back, the two sisters becoming lost in staring at each other for a little while as the older one continued to finger the younger one. Then Beth kissed her sister, living out the 'Southerner' stereotype she supposed with a wicked smile as she slipped Maggie the tongue, her sibling massaging that tongue with her own as she slowly picked up the pace of the finger fucking, making Beth moan into her mouth louder and louder with similarly every thrust.

Maggie wasn't entirely sure what had come over her. She wasn't gay, and if she was going to explore her mild curiosity on the subject she'd had never thought it would be with her baby sister. But in this moments Maggie so desperately wanted to prevent Beth from missing out on one of life's most important experiences, and how unfair it was that now Beth's only option was her own flesh and blood. Then again they were both all each other had in this world now, and they loved each other so unconditionally it also felt kind of beautiful.

It certainly couldn't be denied Beth was beautiful. Growing up Maggie had always known that Beth somewhat lived in her shadow simply because Maggie was older and therefore had matured first. Also Beth was just so darn quiet all the time, her demeanour meek and mousey to the point where Maggie could almost understand how anyone could miss just how cute, pretty and fuck-able her sister was.

Fucking her. That was what she was doing now. Maggie was fucking her little sister, and God forgive her but it felt wonderful. Beth was so warm, and wet, and tight, her insides clenching around her fingers as Maggie continued fucking her. Abusing the one person she had sworn to protect in this unforgettable way which neither of the Greene siblings could seem to get enough of, the two of them exchanging kisses and continuously groping at each other in between long, intense stares which only truly ended when Maggie pushed herself down Beth's body, pushing the other girl's jeans and panties down and wrapped her mouth around her little sister's clit.

Although she didn't have much of an idea of what she was doing Maggie knew this would make Beth cum hard, and oh heaven help her she wanted to make sure her sister's first orgasm courtesy of another person was a hard, wonderfully satisfying one. She... she wanted to make her baby sister cum hard, and through a combination of her fingers inside Beth's cunt and frantically licking her little sister's clit Maggie got what she wanted, and so did Beth.

Of course Beth had never been with anyone before so there was no way she could be prepared for what it was like having someone else make her cum, but she knew because it was Maggie doing it to her it was ten times better than it could have been with anyone else. How could it not be? Maggie was everything Beth wanted. Strong, confident, smart and quite frankly the most beautiful looking person she'd ever seen, man or woman, perhaps just the sight of her big sister crawling in between her legs enough to send Beth over the edge. Or at least it felt like it.

In reality it was at least partly because of Maggie's mouth on her clit and her older sister's fingers curling inside her pussy, but the visual aspect definitely contributed, Beth's eyes glued to Maggie's head nestled in between her thighs, the blonde eventually letting go of the bed sheets and gripping onto the pretty brown hair in front of her so she could push her big sister's face deeper into where she needed her the most as the most incredible sensations rocked her body and left her blissfully mindless.

For a few brief seconds Beth forgot all about her troubles and became consumed with the pure joy of cumming on her big sister's fingers. Then just as she was returning to consciousness Maggie replaced her fingers with her tongue, that soft wet muscle shoving its way into Beth's pussy and making the blonde's head shoot backwards so she could let out another long cry of pleasure. Maggie gave Beth a few seconds to get used to that, then the older sibling started pumping her tongue in and out of her, Beth desperately trying to hold back a second orgasm so she could enjoy it a second longer, but it was no use.

Soon she was cumming in her big sister's mouth, Beth whimpering as she felt Maggie remove her tongue so she could concentrate on sucking the cum out of her. Not that she needed too. At the rate Beth was cumming some of it would have had to have gone down Maggie's throat, and the idea that her older sister liked her cum so much that she was greedily swallowing it like a pig back at their farm made Beth cum even harder, the 18-year-old becoming blissfully lost in orgasm after orgasm until it felt like she was literally going to become unconscious. Then and only then she pushed Maggie away. After all, as much as Beth would have loved to do this all night she wanted something else even more.

As Beth trembled with the after-shocks of her first-ever non-self-inflicted orgasms Maggie went pale with horror as she realised what she had just done. What she had just taken from her baby sister. The unforgivable sin she could never make up for, and yet it had been so wonderful. All Maggie had to do was lick her lips to get a reminder of that, the older sibling moaning softly as she tasted Beth's cum and cunt cream on her lips. Which of course renewed her shame, Maggie covering her mouth and whimpering before she noticed Beth reaching for her travelling bag.

Taking her hand away from her mouth and Maggie began to apologise, "Beth, I... I, I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me, but we can't-"

"Take off your clothes and put this on." Beth interrupted, pulling something out of her bag and holding it up for Maggie.

Maggie's eyes went wide, "Beth, what... what is that?"

"It's called a strap-on." Beth said matter-of-factly, "And I want you to take my virginity with it."

Maggie blushed, "I, I can't-"

"You can." Beth insisted forcefully, and then after a thoughtful moment added, "You just did. After all no matter what ya'll be my first. This just makes it official."

She was right of course. Maggie and her sister weren't brought up to believe there were such things as technical virgins. You either had sex or you didn't, there was no grey area. And oral was definitely sexual activity, no matter who it was from. And in this cruel, unfair world where their choices were reduced to just each other how could Maggie deny Beth this simple request after already crossing such a forbidden line for them?

Not happy with Maggie's hesitance Beth moved forward and softly yelled, "I said take off your clothes!"

Still feeling dazed from somehow finding herself going down on her little sister Maggie obeyed Beth, the younger girl also shaking off her clothing even though it wasn't exactly hiding her modesty anymore after it had been mostly cast aside while Maggie was having her wicked way with her. To add to her shame while she was removing her clothing Maggie found herself constantly glancing over to Beth and once they were both completely naked she found herself giving her little sister a long look. Hopefully it wasn't as shamelessly lustful as the look Beth gave her, Maggie blushing and looking down under the force of the burning hungry stare.

Ignoring her sister's blushing Beth firmly ordered, "Stand up!"

For maybe a second or two Maggie hesitated, then she did as she was told and watched with disbelief as Beth quickly strapped the unholy device around her waist. Which of course led her to wanting to ask Beth how she became so confident with this thing, along with where she said she found it and why had she kept it, but despite all the cum she had just swallowed Maggie's throat felt incredibly dry. Then the ability to speak was taken from her entirely when Beth grabbed hold of her newly acquired dick and guided it into her mouth, Maggie's own lips parting with disbelief as her little sister began sucking her cock.

Ironically Beth wasn't confident in what she was doing at all. She was just faking it. The truth was she had found this device and one of the rich lady's bags and had taken it as a sign it was finally time to make a move on her sister. Well, another/the final sign. After all they found themselves alone with a small bottle of alcohol and a sex toy. What were they supposed to do, not have sex?

Pushing such ridiculous thoughts out of her mind Beth concentrated on what mattered, getting the dildo wet for her virgin pussy. As she had no experience sucking cock whatsoever, and hadn't even had the guts to try practising on a banana or anything, Beth was sure she was doing a terrible job at it, but Maggie wasn't complaining, so that was good. Also while it was undeniably weird it was also kind of hot.

Before the dead started walking around and eating people Beth had dreamed of strapping on a big dildo and taking her big sister like a man. It was a dream she had long since given up on until her glorious find today, but rather than immediately go for that she had decided to opt for literally losing her cherry to her older sibling. After all while she fancied herself a top Beth was telling the truth earlier, she didn't want to die a virgin. So, she would take care of her pesky virginity, then perhaps she would turn the tables and fulfil another fantasy.

Until then it was kind of thrilling to be sucking Maggie's cock. Not that she could get much of it in her mouth, although she did try her hardest, Beth even succeeding in pushing a few inches down her throat. But that just made her eyes water from violently choking and gagging, so she mostly stuck with sucking on the head while letting drool slowly slid out of her mouth and down the shaft, Beth using her hands to make sure that saliva thoroughly coated the bottom half of the dildo.

Maggie couldn't believe this, her baby sister was sucking her cock. Sure, she hadn't grown a real prick, but if she had it wouldn't be much weirder than what she felt right now while standing there looking down dumbstruck as her little sister sucked on a dildo strapped around her waist, obviously getting ready to take her virginity. Knowing that had to be what Beth was doing Maggie told herself over and over again throughout the blow job that she need to put a stop to this madness. Finally push Beth away. Anything that would result in this madness not continuing.

Maybe it was because she was just too shocked to say anything, or maybe Beth had awoken something wicked and evil inside of her, but for whatever reason Maggie didn't do her duty as a protector/Guardian in that moment. No, she just watched her sister give her a long, thorough blow job, the only sound out of her mouth being a pathetic whimper one-time when Beth looked up at her, the Greene sisters locking eyes as the younger one gave the older one's 'cock' a passionate spit shine.

Eventually Beth took her mouth away from the cock and ordered, "Lay down."

This time Maggie obeyed without hesitation, blushing slightly because of her actions and the happy grin which crossed Beth's face as the sibling who was supposed to be in charge submissively laid down and waited for further instructions. Realising just how wrong that was Maggie opened her mouth to again tell Beth to stop, but then her sister mounted her, the beautiful blonde's body on full display as she pressed her 18-year-old virgin pussy against the hard man-made cock which Maggie would struggle to take her cunt.

So Maggie's mouth remained open in disbelief and awe at the incredible sight before her, both Greene sisters trembling as Beth got the position just right and then pushed herself down. They then both let out a loud cry followed by a moan as the younger sister forced the older sister to take her virginity. Or the younger one took her own cherry with a little help from her big sister. No, Maggie definitely liked the first one better, and now no matter what happened to them Beth's first time would officially be with someone who loved her unconditionally. For all the voices in her head telling her this was wrong in that moment Maggie didn't think she is ever truly regret this, especially when she couldn't take her eyes off her beautiful baby sister as she could use to feeling a cock inside her for the first time.

Beth wasn't sure she could ever get used to this. The initial penetration had hurt so much, the thrill of it being her older sister beneath the only thing getting her through the pain. Even when it died down to a notice ache it didn't feel as good as Beth had been hoping, although maybe the problem was she wasn't moving. After all how could she possibly get pleasure from a cock if just the tip was inside her without moving? So she forced herself down further, the man-made prick sliding further into untouched territory.

It was a very long, slow process but to Beth's relief she did start receiving some pleasure which was similar to what time she had received while fingering herself in the past. On the bright side it was stronger than that, on the other hand she didn't have to deal with such unfamiliar stretching, Beth having to bounce up and down on Maggie's cock half-dozen times while constantly reminding herself she was fucking her sister for the pain to go away entirely.

When she finally felt the type of pleasure she had been hoping for Beth finally focused on her naked older sister beneath her, the blonde smiling happily down the brunette as she revelled in the fact that Maggie was allowing her to do this. That Maggie had been so willing. And sure, circumstances had once worked in Beth's favour, but the fact that she was now officially losing her virginity to her big sister suggested that Maggie wasn't the good little farm girl their father like to pretend she was.

Sure, there had been other signs of that, but nothing this extreme and Beth loved the fact that she had been able to convince Maggie to step over this line with her. Because honestly, Maggie was the most beautiful woman Beth had ever seen. No one, male or female, could compare to her. She was perfect, and in this wonderful moment she was hers. She was all hers. Yeah, Maggie may be wearing a symbol of power at least as far as men were concerned but from the look in the older sibling's eyes it was clear they both knew who was in charge here.

The idea of that, the look on Maggie's beautiful face and the sheer perversion of this act relaxed Beth's virgin pussy as much as possible and soon had her racing towards orgasm, the 18-year-old crying out with pure ecstasy as she bounced up and down frantically. Her body was tired from a day's worth of running for her life and killing the walking dead, but like when she was caught in life-and-death situations adrenaline took over, giving Beth the strength to continue on even though she felt exhausted beyond belief.

To help matters she reached down to squeeze and to play with her older sister's big tits, almost overwhelmed by how they felt in her hands. Of course she had squeezed and fondled them plenty while they had been making out, but now Beth was focused on them like never before, and oh how she had spent so many nights fingering herself to the thought of those huge boobs which back then she could only glance briefly from afar. Now though she could do what she wanted to them and it only made her sister moan with pleasure, Maggie throwing her head back as Beth continued having her way with her.

As she could feel herself reaching the edge of orgasm Beth whimpered softly, "Maggie... oh Maggie... please, please... fuck me. Please? Ooooooooh Gaaaaawwwwwwwwwdddddddd fuckkkkkkk meeeeeeeeee! Fuck me! Please? Just a little... I, I... I just need a little push... OWWWIE! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Beth knew it was a long shot, even risky under the circumstances, but given that Maggie had seemed so willing so far maybe she could talk her into fucking her a little. Yeah, that's officially what she was doing, but Beth just wondered if she could get the other girl to thrust upward into her pussy to push her over the edge. That was all. Instead suddenly Maggie flipped them, almost knocking Beth unconscious as her head banged against the hard floor in the process.

Then Maggie started awkwardly thrusting into her at a rough pace which had Beth briefly crying out as her virgin cunt struggled to accommodate the almost savage attack it was suddenly under. Then Maggie settled into a rhythm and Beth's body relaxed and accepted the rough treatment, which resulted in the 18-year-old moaning, groaning, whimpering, crying out and eventually screaming in pleasure as she went over the edge of her first orgasm as a result of being fucked in her pussy by a cock. By her sister's cock. Her sister's cock was fucking her and it felt so unbelievably good.

Maggie had no idea what had got into her. Ok, that wasn't strictly true. After spending years as a repressed Christian Farm girl she'd had a steady supply of sex with her beloved Glenn and without him she had been distractedly horny as of late. That combined with the alcohol, her little sister's sudden shameless desire for her and the overwhelming feeling that she needed to make her baby sister's first time as magical as possible all resulted in her fucking her kid sister's virgin cunt like a mad woman.

It was Beth's begging which was what finally sent her over the edge. After that although voices in her head mercifully were silenced she became completely lost in fucking her baby sister and making sure this was the best 'first time' ever. Which wasn't easy given her own first time had been wonderful, and after spending the whole day marching through a forest/clearing this country club of walkers Maggie wasn't exactly full of energy. Still, she was filled with a boatload of intense adrenaline, and with it she fucked her sister to multiple climaxes.

Having her kid sister trembling beneath her, wrapping her shaking legs around her, staring up lovingly into her eyes as she probably screamed loudly enough to bring every Walker in the world to their doorstep, it somehow all caught up with Maggie and she came too. She was vaguely aware of something inside the harness bashing against her clit, which Maggie had told herself was responsible for the majority of her moans of pleasure throughout this round of ultra-forbidden sex, but still Beth seemed to be the reason she came more than anything.

That orgasm was the beginning of the end. Maggie tried, she really did, but there was just something about cumming while fucking her little sister with a cock which completely knocked the wind out of her, her thrust slowing down until she was laying on top of Beth, both Greene sisters desperately panting for breath as they tried to recover. Unfortunately during that recover all the voices and all the guilt rushed back into Maggie, making her whimper and feel irredeemably horrible about what she had just done.

"Beth, I-" Maggie began, only to be silenced by Beth's lips.

The kiss which followed wasn't as rough and needy as most of the others, and it was really brief, but Beth brought a lot of emotion into it, trying to silently tell Maggie how much what they had just done meant to her. Then Beth broke the kiss and whispered softly, "Please never be sorry for what we just did."

Maggie hesitated for a few long seconds, then she nodded, "Ok."

Smiling in pure gratitude Beth pulled Maggie in for another kiss, this one far less gentle than the last, and then she pulled back, crying out and clutching at her sex once the fake cock had been removed, "Owww!"

"It's gonna be sore for a while. I'm-" Maggie closed her eyes, stopping herself from uttering the words I'm sorry, and then followed up with, "It's natural. You'll feel better soon, I promise."

"Oh I will." Beth grinned, reaching over and undoing the straps to the harness, "Cause it's my turn now."

Maggie frowned as Beth pulled the strap-on away from her body, "What do you mean?"

Ignoring the question Beth lifted herself up onto her knees and then while strapping the dildo around her waist calmly said, "Bend over."

"Beth-" Maggie began.

"I said bend over!" Beth snapped, deciding her father's best no-nonsense tone was the best way to go with this.

There was a moment that Maggie just looked at her were Beth thought she had made a mistake. Then to her delight Maggie did as she was told, turning over and getting onto her knees in the classic doggie style position. In what had to be an accident Maggie even ended up sticking her gloriously round ass in Beth's face, the innocent looking blonde knowing it had to be a mistake because if her big sister knew what she had planned there was no way she'd be showing off that beautiful bubble butt of hers.

Once she had the dildo firmly strapped around her waist Beth lowered her head down and grinned as she studied her older sibling's wet cunt, "Wow, ya must have really enjoyed fuckin' me."

Automatically Maggie opened her mouth to say sorry, but it was too late for that be anything but an empty gesture so instead she admitted while blushing furiously, "Yes... I did. Oh God, I did."

"And now..." Beth said thoughtfully, sliding a finger around Maggie's wet cunt, "You want me to fuck you."

Maggie blushed furiously again, but she still admitted, "Yes. I... I, I-"

"But I ain't gonna fuck ya here." Beth said confidently, sliding her finger north to the most inviting target she had ever seen, "I'm gonna fuck ya here."

Maggie's eyes went wide as she felt Beth's finger pressing against her ass hole, "Beth, I-"

"Did Glenn ever fuck ya here?" Beth asked almost casually as she used her free hand to pull apart her sister's ass cheeks so she could have a better view of what was going on.

Whimpering softly Maggie shook her head and stammered, "No."

"Good, ya owe me a cherry." Beth said as she pushed her finger into her big sister's apparently virgin ass.

Not that Beth had thought for a second it wasn't. Glenn didn't seem like the type of guy who would have the nerve to ask, and even if Maggie's mind was half as perverted as hers Beth knew neither of them could have wrist doing something like anal with anyone so long as their father was always nearby. But now, oh now Beth would have the type of anal sex she had been dreaming of since puberty, the little blonde fulfilling one of her biggest fantasies by taking her older sister's back door cherry right there and then.

Sure, it was still debatable as she was using a finger instead of a cock, but no matter what happened Beth knew she was always going to be the first one to invade her sister's back hole in some way. And in just a few moments she would officially take Maggie's anal virginity, making this the best day of her life. But she couldn't concentrate on that right now. Not when she was slowly pushing her finger up to the knuckle in the most wonderful feeling thing ever, Beth moaning softly as she got to experience the exquisite tightness of her big sister's virgin butt.

To somehow make things even better Maggie also moaned softly, almost sounding like she was enjoying this as much as Beth. Which briefly confused Beth, until she realised her sister was a big old anal slut. It was the only explanation of why Maggie moaned in pleasure at the initial anal penetration and again when Beth started pumping her finger in and out of her older sister's bottom. Sure, there was more than a hint of pain there at first, but that quickly went away, proving Maggie was an anal slut, which suited her just perfectly because Beth really, really wanted to butt fuck her big sister.

Maggie couldn't believe what was happening to her. What Beth was suggesting. This whole situation was beyond anything resembling decency, the worst part of it being it felt kind of good. It felt kind of good to have her little sister's finger inside her ass, whatever initial pain or discomfort melting away leaving only a rather pleasant sensation and of course overwhelming shame and humiliation.

Before the dead had started walking Maggie wouldn't have allowed herself to be touched back there in anyway. It was obscene, something only the filthiest of sluts would subject themselves too, and while Maggie might not have been the best farmers daughter she could have been she was no butt slut. But now... after committing such heinous acts what was one more atrocity? Besides, in her lust clouded mind Maggie thought Beth was right.

She had taken something from her baby sister, something Beth could never get back. This almost seemed like an appropriate price to pay after committing that sin. So much so that Maggie almost begged Beth to take out that finger and shove the dildo as hard as she could up her ass and then hammer that poor little hole with every ounce of her strength. Maggie thought about that a lot in the next few minutes, but she seemed far too dumbstruck to speak, and mercifully Beth didn't seem interested in harming her.

The blonde made that clear from the way she spent what felt like hours fingering Maggie's ass, eventually adding a second one into the mix after Beth very thoroughly clean the first finger with her mouth, then pushed her index and middle finger into the older girl's pussy before stuffing them up her ass. Maggie could feel most of that, but for some parts she needed to look behind her, and when she did she couldn't take her eyes off of her beautiful baby sister. At least not until Beth forced her too.

"Spread your ass cheeks for me." Beth commanded with a surprising amount of authority in her voice as she removed her fingers and slapped Maggie's butt, "Make it easier for me to take your anal cherry."

Beth hadn't meant to let out that part, but she couldn't help it. She was just so excited to be living out this fantasy that her mouth had run away with her and now she was convinced Maggie was going to flip out. Then again considering what Beth was about to do perhaps that was inevitable. Or not, because instead of offering up any form of complaint Maggie did nothing for a few seconds, then slowly reached back, grabbed both of her butt cheeks and pulled them wide apart, exposing her very wet pussy and cute little virgin ass hole to the horny 18-year-old.

Blown away by the site in front of her Beth just stared for a few seconds, then lent forward to spit on Maggie's starfish to provide a tiny bit more lubrication and then she pressed her strap-on cock against her big sister's virgin butt hole. The cherry being offered up by her older sister as a gift in exchange for Beth's 'official' cherry, the blonde unable to believe heaven was better than this incredible moment where she got to push forward and take Maggie's anal cherry.

She had done it. Beth had taken her big sister Maggie's anal virginity with a strap-on dildo, that forbidden hole now stretched obscenely wide around the head of the dick attached to her waist. It was a sight Beth had never truly believed she would see, but now that she had it would be ingrained in her memory forever because it was the most beautiful sight she'd ever seen, one which was made perfect thanks to Maggie continuing to submissively spread her ass cheeks, ensuring Beth got the best few possible of this incredible sight.

The feeling Beth got from violating her sister's ass was one she'd be no doubt analysing for the rest of her life. It was indescribably wonderful, Beth savouring it for what felt like an eternity before she finally pushed forwards, adding another indescribable feeling to this experience as inch after inch of long thick dildo started disappearing up Maggie's butt like some kind of magic trick. Seconds or possibly hours later Beth's thighs were pressing against Maggie's butt cheeks, announcing that she had buried the entire length of her cock in her older sister's ass, Beth's body kicking into autopilot as she became completely overwhelmed by this experience.

Maggie let out a series of incoherent groans and gasps which might have been her unconscious mind trying to object to this obscene misuse of her back hole, but there was no way she could be sure because in that moment her mind was incapable of thought. The poor brunette just couldn't cope with the fact that her baby sister was stuffing a strap-on dildo up her butt, Maggie's mind continuing to struggle when Beth's thighs smacked into the ass cheeks she was continuing to spread for some reason.

If Maggie was honest with herself, she knew the reason she was continuing to spread her cheeks, only when she tried to acknowledge it didn't help matters because it added to the whole mind-numbing thing. At the same time it was difficult to forget she was forcing herself into this unspeakable humiliation because she had a sudden and overwhelming urge to sexually please her little sister, Maggie wishing she had known what kind of sick and twisted pervert Beth was before they began this ultra-forbidden affair because it would have been yet another deterrent from doing it, and apparently Maggie had needed more help than anyone else on earth to stop her fucking her kid sister.

Just as she thought that Maggie's eyes widened as she felt as part of something she never expected to feel during anal sex. Not that she had imagined it often, but on occasion she had feared that she would be anally raped, like when she was being held hostage by the psychotic Governor. Luckily for Maggie she quickly forgot all about that bastard as her back passage slowly accepted its fate as Beth's cock depository, those widely stretched anal walls relaxing until the intense pain and discomfort was a distant memory and the now totally humiliated older sister found herself struggling to prevent herself from moaning in pleasure as her little sister fucked her in the ass.

When Beth had first insisted on taking her anal cherry Maggie had been horrified by what a sick and twisted pervert her younger sister turned out to be. Now it was clear that both the Greene sisters were as sick and twisted as could be, moans gradually escaping Maggie's mouth until she could no longer control them. It was so humiliating, tears of humiliation literally streaming down Maggie's face as she desperately tried to muffle the sound of her enjoyment in the floor, the poor brunette unable to believe that her body was betraying her like this.

In all of Beth's fantasies Maggie loved being butt fucked as much as the little sister loved butt fucking the big sister, but she had never seriously believe this would ever happen, let alone that Maggie would love it so much. The closest Beth thought she would get was masturbating while listening to some boy do what she so desperately wanted to do. So when she realised her sister was moaning for her, moaning in pleasure from having Beth ass fuck her with a strap-on dildo, Beth grinned a grin which could have lit up an entire country. Maybe even the entire world. However it took a long time to notice. Why? Because Beth had the most beautiful sight she'd ever seen before her, and she couldn't get enough of it.

Her own sister Maggie Greene face down and ass up, this girl who had been bossing her around as long as she could remember but especially lately now spreading her ass cheeks to present her dildo stuffed ass hole. The now formally virgin ass hole which was taking Beth's dick inside it. Because make no mistake, it might not be flesh and blood, but in that moment the dildo felt as much a part of Beth as any other part of her body and she refused to believe it could be anything else. Refuse to believe she wasn't sliding as deep as she could go into her sister's ass, filling the very deepest part of Maggie's bowels with HER dick, Beth showing total dominance over her older sister.

So how could she possibly concentrate on anything else? Because to her, in that moment, all their friends in the group including Maggie's boyfriend Glen or even a walker could have stumbled into the country club and Beth would have continued to stare in disbelief at where HER dick was pumping in and out of her big sister's butt hole. The obscene sight acted like the world's most interesting lava lamp or an incredibly talented hypnotist, Beth completely unaware of what else was going on around her for what felt like an eternity.

Then Maggie let out an extra loud moan which finally got Beth's attention, the blonde grinning widely while she herself moaned, "Ohhhhhh fuck, that's it Maggie, moan for me. Moan while I'm fucking you up the ass. Oooooooohhhhhhh, you love it, don't you? Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, my big sister loves it up the butt. Mmmmmmm ooooooooh aaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, my big sister loves it when I fuck her up the butt! Don't you sis? You love the way I'm pounding your hot butt, mmmmmmm, making it all mine, mmmmmmmm, taking your forbidden hole and making it my personal fuck hole, something I can use whenever I want. Ooooooh yeah, you love it, don't you? Admit it! Admit you love being butt fucked by me! Tell me you want me to pound your butt harder and make you cum! Do it!"

Whimpering pathetically, Maggie told herself she was just trying to placate Beth as she frantically wept, "Please Beth, pound my butt. Ooooohhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddd, I love it, it feels so good, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck, please fuck me. Fuck me up the ass hard and deep and make me cum like a little bitch!"

"Oh I'll make you cum like a bitch. My bitch." Beth moaned, possibly to herself before commanding, "Help me. Take your hands off your cheeks, lift yourself up onto all fours and start thrusting back against me like a bitch in heat. Mmmmmmm, that's it Maggie, be my bitch. Be my good little bitch and help me make you cum nice and hard with my dick in your slutty little dyke ass!"

To Beth's delight Maggie didn't hesitate to obey her, her elder sister taking her hands off her butt cheeks and lifting herself into the doggy style position and then starting to hammer herself backwards shamelessly against Beth's dick. In turn Beth increase the pace of her thrusts, the sound of her thighs smacking into her big sister's butt cheeks becoming almost as deafening as Maggie's squeals of pleasure. That collision also made Maggie's cheeks jiggle oh so wonderfully against Beth's thighs, the blonde loving that feeling and the overwhelming sense of power and dominance she got from roughly butt fucking her big sister.

At the same time Maggie was being overwhelmed by feelings of shame and submission. She knew what she was doing was beyond wrong and something she would probably regret for the rest of her life, it just felt too damn good. She couldn't help herself. She needed to feel that big fake prick hammering her ass hole, stretching it out and turning it into a fuck hole. Because that's what it was now. What it would forever be. Sure, Maggie couldn't stop using it for it's original purpose, but now she knew the ecstasy she could receive from being fucked in that hole she would surely beg Glenn to fuck her back there the second they were reunited. Hell, despite what repercussions it may bring Maggie may have no choice but to beg Beth to butt fuck her again.

Maggie could have never imagined it but her baby sister was a natural at this. It felt like she had been made to ass fuck sluts, or perhaps turn blushing anal virgins like Maggie into the most shameless ass whores imaginable. Because in that moment, slamming herself back against Beth's dildo in a way which seemed almost guaranteed to literally wreck her own rectum in exchange for momentary pleasure, Maggie wanted to spend the rest of her life getting ass fucked. More importantly she wanted to get ass fucked by her little sister for the rest of her life, sexually surrender herself completely to her own flesh and blood and become Beth's bitch.

It was wrong, it was so unbelievably wrong, but both their options were extremely limited. And who knows, even though they had found other survivors before maybe this was really it and they were the only two left. Maybe if Maggie ever wanted to feel pleasure again she would have to have sex with her sister. Maybe in some twisted way she could be ok with that. Maybe even the darkest part of her wanted it, because it would be an excuse to feel this mind-numbing ecstasy every day.

Just then Beth smacked her ass and yelled, "Who's my bitch?"

"Me! I'm your bitch!" Maggie squealed without hesitation, "My ass is yours Beth! You've made my ass yours, and me your bitch!"

With that little exchange Maggie felt the most intense ecstasy she had ever felt echoed through her body. She wasn't even sure where it originated from. Her ass, her cunt, her mind, it didn't matter. It all seemed to melt together anyway, Maggie becoming a screaming mess of flesh and bone as she bucked so hard she almost pushed the determined little stud behind her away. Thankfully Beth was not only able to hang on, but continued pounding Maggie's ass to orgasm after orgasm, the brunette becoming blissfully mindless as she surrendered herself completely to her baby sister.

Beth came too, multiple times, and they were perhaps more satisfying than any she'd ever had, which considering the orgasms she'd just experienced while Maggie was fucking her pussy and going down on her was really saying something. However luckily for the two siblings they didn't take as much out of her as they did out of Maggie, Beth able to keep going even when the brunette collapsed face down on the floor and only the blonde's vice-like grip on her hips kept Maggie's lower half in the air so Beth could continue the all-important ass fucking.

If Maggie had complained at that stage, or at any stage, Beth would have stopped, but that didn't happen. Instead Maggie just continued whimpering in pleasure as Beth went from relentlessly wrecking her rectum with every ounce of her strength to lazily pumping her pooper as both sisters tried to recover from the series of incredible climaxes they had just received. Then, as slowly and as gently as possible, Beth pulled her dildo out of Maggie's butt and then grinned wickedly as she studied the damage she had done to her big sister's bottom.

Maggie's ass was gaping something fierce, battered and stretched like the dildo was still inside it. Only it wasn't. The dildo was gone and Maggie's violated butt hole remained wide open allowing Beth to see deep into her big sister's bowels. That gaping hole and the anal walls stretched into a darkened tunnel was easily one of the most twisted things Beth had ever seen, and it was also one of the hottest things she had ever seen. Beth knew on some level it was wrong but she didn't care, this was a beautiful sight, one which rejuvenated her. Or at least pumped her full of adrenaline, which was good enough.

Wanting to push her luck Beth smacked Maggie's ass and ordered, "Spread your ass cheeks. Show me what I've done to your pretty hole!"

Of course Beth could see just fine, she just wanted to test Maggie. After that wonderful experience there was absolutely no going back, Beth wanted to butt fuck her big sister every single day, plus do every nasty little things she could think of. For that Maggie was going to have to accept her new role as Beth's pussy pleaser. Her fuck toy. Her anal whore. Her bitch. Yes, she would be all those things, but Beth liked the last thing the best. And considering Maggie had kept her butt in the air, even though she must be exhausted, it was clear that she had either accepted her new role as Beth's bitch or was moments away from doing so.

If anything it was the latter as Maggie's mind raced, trying to figure out what she should do. She knew she shouldn't do what her little sister said, she shouldn't have done any of the unspeakable sins she had just committed, but she did and they all felt wonderful. Because of that, and her exhaustion, Maggie eventually reached back and pulled her cheeks as wide apart as possible, further displaying her battered butt hole, silently praying that wherever he was their father couldn't see her exposing her loose and opened back door to the sister who had just brutally butt fucked her. She thought the same thing seconds later.

"Ooooooohhhhhhh gosh, that's sooooooooo hot!" Beth exclaimed happily at her sister's submission, "Mmmmmm, your butt hole look so pretty. We're gonna have to do this all the time, aren't we? Huh? Me butt fucking ya whenever I want, keepin' my new personal fuck hole loose and ready for me to use whenever I want. But first, why don't ya turn around and suck my cock clean of your slutty ass?"

Even though this was phrased as a question Maggie could tell from Beth's tone it was an order, and again instead of protesting Maggie followed her instincts which involved turning around, briefly glancing up at the dominant blonde and then lowering her head in submission before taking the head of that cock into her mouth. The cock which had just been pounded as deep as it could go into her butt, Maggie amazed that not only did the piece of hard rubber look clean but it tasted fine. In fact may be the most perverted thing about it was that it actually tasted good, Maggie even moaning like a shameless whore as she became lost in going ass to mouth.

Which of course pleased Beth, "Mmmmmmm, that's it Maggie, suck my cock. Be a good little cock sucker for me. Be my good little cock sucker. Be mine. Mmmmmmm yeah Maggie, you're mine now. All mine. I own your ass, and every other part of you. From now on I'm in charge. I make all the decisions. I'm the head of this family now and you're just my bitch! Understand?"

This time it was clear Beth wanted an answer, and with her kid sister's cock in her mouth how could Maggie possibly argue? How could she ever try and boss this girl around when Beth had made it crystal clear who was the rightful head of the family now their father was gone? How, in this cruel world, could Maggie deny herself or her sister what they both clearly needed? Maybe in the old world or even if they had the old group or just someone else around then Maggie's answer would be different, but now all Maggie could do was slowly remove her mouth from the dildo and look up at the little stud who had just conquered her so completely.

"Yes Beth, I understand." Maggie softly told her sibling, "You're in charge now and I'm your bitch. I'm yours. Whenever and however you want. I swear."

"Good, because I have needs. And from now on, you're going to fulfil every single one of them, starting with giving my cock a proper spit shine." Beth ordered firmly, tightening the grip she already had in Maggie's hair and shoving the older girl back in between her legs.

With more eagerness than ever before Maggie started bobbing her head on Beth's strap-on, desperately trying to get every inch of that cock down her throat so she could give it a proper cleaning, while occasionally glancing up lovingly at the new decision maker of their two woman group. Unfortunately she lacked practice so Maggie was only able to get just over half down her gullet, but she thoroughly licked the rest before promising Beth she would do better next time. After all, Beth had needs, and as the big sister it was Maggie's job to satisfy those needs.


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