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Waking Dead: Sister's Needs Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

When Maggie Greene blinked her eyes open at first she thought she was back in the safety of the prison in the arms of her beloved husband. However when her eyes focused she realised that her surroundings were unfamiliar, that the hand touching her was softer than Glenn's and the body spooning hers belonged to another girl. A naked girl. There was a naked girl pressed against her equally naked body, that girl gently caressing her and kissing her neck, and... all of a sudden Maggie remembered everything that happened last night and she whimpered.

"Mornin'." Beth whispered, kissing her sister's cheek before murmuring dreamily, "Ya looks so beautiful when ya sleepin'."

Her head spinning Maggie stammered, "Beth, wha, what... what we did last night-"

"Was a long time comin'." Beth interrupted boldly.

"It was wrong." Maggie whimpered, "It was so wrong."

Her eyes narrowing Beth pushed Maggie onto her back, got on top of her and started grinding down on her prey, "Does this feel wrong?"

"Ohhhhhhh Gooooodddddd, it, mmmmmmm, it feels to good to be right." Maggie moaned, "Please Beth, I'm married, and your sister!"

"I don't see your husband around." Beth began coldly, before softening her tone, "I ain't tryin' to be mean, but even if Glenn is alive we'll probably never see him again. Or any of the others for that matter. It's just us now, and like I said I've got needs. Don't think I'm just gonna let ya back out now after ya promised to fulfil those needs."

"But Beth-" Maggie began.

"I, am the head of this family now. You, are my bitch!" Beth said boldly before kissing Maggie firmly on the lips.

Maggie briefly didn't kiss back and even weakly tried to push her sibling back, but Beth just wouldn't be denied, the younger girl's newly found confidence wonderfully intoxicating, as was the kiss itself. Soon Maggie found herself not only returning the kiss but wondering why exactly she had resisted giving into her little sister's sinful desires in the first place. Especially when Beth's wicked little hands moved to groping her boobs and then one of them moved to her needy centre and started to rub it.

Breaking the kiss with a grin Beth challenged, "Now try and tell me you don't want this!"

"I, aaaaaahhhhhhhhh oooooooooooh, I never said I didn't, ohhhhhhhhh, but-" Maggie tried to argue weakly, until Beth shoved a finger inside her.

"You're mine!" Beth growled forcefully as she began to finger fuck her big sister, "You are my bitch, my fuck toy, mine to use as I please!"

"Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm Beth!" Maggie moaned, already lost in the pleasure her baby sister was giving her, "I'm yours! All yours!"

Maggie was ashamed of herself for giving in so easily, but Beth's finger just felt so good inside her, the blonde rewarding her for her words by slipping the digit further into her welcoming hole as her palm pressed against her clit. Unable to take Beth staring her in the eye anymore Maggie closed her eyes, relaxed and surrendered totally to her baby sister, the brunette even pumping back against those fingers a little in an attempt to make her rush towards climax faster. With Beth rubbing her thumb against Maggie's clit as well it wasn't long before the older sibling was on the edge, but then without warning Beth removed her fingers at the last-second, causing Maggie to whimper pathetically.

"Wait right here." Beth ordered coldly, Maggie waiting a few seconds before opening her eyes just in time to see her little sister drag a chair over, set up next to her and then grab the brunette by her brown hair, "Come here, ya gonna learn respect."

Finding herself forced to bend over her kid sister's knee Maggie's eyes were wide in realisation over what was happening, "Beth, please don't do this. I'll be good, I swear."

"Ya should have thought of that before tryin' to deny me." Beth said, raising her hand and bring it down as hard as she could on her big sister's butt cheeks, causing Maggie to yelp loudly.

The strikes were repeated, over and over again, far worse than anything that either sister had received from their Daddy, although the pain wasn't the worst part. It wasn't even the shame of being spanked by her baby sister. It was the humiliation of being spanked by her younger sibling, and actually liking it which made Maggie blush red as Beth effortlessly beat her butt in a sign of her total dominance over her.

Beth had trouble concentrating on the spanking. Which was ironic because she had wanted to spank Maggie's glorious ass for pretty much her whole life, but the reality was filled with distractions. Just the way those soft round cheeks jiggled with every blow, slowly turning a tantalising pink then eventually a rosy red with the cutest little bruises, oh Beth was aching to get that strap-on back around her waist so she could bury every inch of that dildo back up her big sister's butt so she could watch those cheeks jiggle and become discoloured from her thighs smacking against them as she gave Maggie the butt fucking she deserved.

There were other things Beth wanted to do to Maggie's bottom, like shove her fingers or better yet her tongue up that tight little back hole, and she wanted to do the same to her elder sibling's pussy, and of course she wanted to shove Maggie's pretty face into her pussy, and maybe her ass as well, but if Beth was going to be in charge from now on she had to remain in control. So despite all the naughty things going on in her head Beth forced herself to spank Maggie until her hand felt like it was going to fall off. Then she spanked her some more.

Through it all Maggie begged for mercy, swore she would be good and do everything Beth said, and pleaded to be allowed to eat her sister's sweet little pussy. The last one was particularly difficult for Beth to resist as she remembered how good Maggie's mouth had felt against her cunt, and how wonderful her big sister's tongue had felt on and more importantly in her pussy, but again if she was going to be in charge she needed to stay strong and teach Maggie who was boss. And to both sisters' credit the younger ones she stayed strong while the older one gave up on trying to get out of the punishment she so richly deserved, although the latter was because Maggie became a sobbing mess, further making it difficult for Beth to continue.

Any guilt or concern for her big sister's well-being went out the window when Beth realised something. Maggie was wet. Maggie's pussy was wet against her thigh, proving that her older sibling was enjoying the spanking an indecent amount. God, they were both such perverts, and perfect for each other, Beth acknowledging that her own cunt was just as wet if not more from brutalising her big sister's butt. Ok, she preferred brutalising that well rounded ass with her new strap-on dildo, but this was fun too.

When she decided that Maggie's ass had taken enough punishment, which felt like hours, Beth slipped her hand down to her sister's soaking snatch and chuckled, "You slut, ya loving this!"

Blushing with horrified embarrassment Maggie whimpered, "I'm sorry, I... I couldn't help it."

"Shhhhhh, it's ok." Beth cooed, squeezing soft little moans out of Maggie as she rubbbed her sibling's pussy lips, "Ya can't help being a slut. It's who ya are. Ya a slut, who was put on the this earth to be MY slut!"

Maggie whimpered, partly from the pussy rubbing and partly because of what Beth had just said, then when she opened her mouth to reply her kid sister stuffed her index finger into her welcoming entrance, causing Maggie to cry out in pleasure, "Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddd yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, oh Beth, fuck me Beth, OH FUCK!"

Very quickly Beth added a second finger, Maggie's eyes going wide as she felt that finger sliding against the original finger and walls of her love passage, making her womanhood feel so wonderfully full. Then her baby sister skilfully began pumping her pussy while gently using her thumb to rub her clit, Maggie once again feeling herself raced towards orgasm in record time, the only difference was this time it was even more embarrassing because Beth didn't stop. No, her own sister effortlessly pushed her over the edge of an orgasm, Beth able to make Maggie cum hard and fast with just two fingers while Glen struggled to give her something half this good with twice or more time.

As she lay overwhelmed in the shame of that, and the fact that at least part of the reason she had gotten off so quickly was because she so thoroughly enjoyed getting bossed around and spanked by her baby sister, Maggie found herself being gently brought down from her high by Beth's skilled little fingers, the blonde even reaching down with her free hand to stroke the brunette's hair in a way Maggie felt she should find patronising. Instead she found it comforting, even leaning into the touch as Beth treated her like some kind of pet.

"You see how easily I can make you cum?" Beth bragged softly, "Mmmmmmm, and how hard? Ohhhhhhhhh, you were definitely made to be mine. Don't ya think?"

"Yeah, mmmmmmmm, you're right. I was made for ya." Maggie said softly, unsure if she truly believed it or whether she was just trying to tell Beth what she wanted to hear. Either way Maggie

liked her version better, so she spoke at the second it came to her mind, "Mmmmmmm, or maybe we were made for each other?"

"That's sweet... I like that." Beth murmured thoughtfully, before pulling her fingers out of Maggie and rubbing her quite harshly to wake up her big sis, "But I like the idea of you being made for me better. That way the emphasis is on you being for me, cause you're here to serve me and fulfil my needs. Speaking of which, since I was nice enough to make you cum, how about you return the favour? Mmmmmmmmm, cause I just loved cummin' in your sweet mouth last night, and nothin' says thanks for putting me in my place like a nice long cunt munchin'."

"Yes Beth, I'll do whatever you want." Maggie quickly promised as she found herself gently lowered to her knees and pushed in between Beth's legs.

Even though Beth was pushed Maggie found herself eager to obey her little sister, and just as eager for a taste of her sibling's sweet pussy. In fact she found her mouth-watering just at the mention of it, just like she had when she had been trying to get out of being spanked. And sure enough when she found herself firmly between Beth's legs Maggie didn't hesitate in sliding her tongue out and over the sweet treat in front of her, the older sister moaning softly as she tasted the younger sister's womanhood for the second time in 24 hours.

Maggie even found herself closing her eyes as she savoured the sweet taste which had made her mouth water so much, the flavour not disappointing as it set fire to her taste buds. Soon she was lapping away eagerly at her kid sister's cunt with quick but thorough licks, Maggie feeling a overwhelming sense of pride as her inexperienced tongue made Beth moan loudly and pushed deeper into her pussy, these encouraging signs making the married woman very proud of herself as in that moment she didn't care about her husband or the fact that she was breaking such a taboo. All she wanted to do was sexually please her little sister and fulfill all of her needs.

Beth knew that loud noise was likely to attract the attention of the Walkers, but she and Maggie had gone to great lengths to barricade the doors which would hopefully hold. And to be fair they had got away with it last night, and they had both been screaming pretty loudly, especially Maggie when Beth fucked her up the ass, that memory causing Beth to grin wickedly. For a moment she lingered on that precious memory, which would easily be one of her most treasured memories from now on, then Maggie's tongue flicked her clit causing Beth to let out an extra loud cry which was probably the reason there was a horribly familiar sounding groan seconds later.

Immediately Maggie tried to pull away but she didn't get far, Beth shoving her back in place and growling, "Keep goin'."

"But-" Maggie protested.

"There's just one, and the door will hold." Beth insisted, "Now don't ya dare stop again until you make me cum!"

For a second Maggie stared up at her, then the older Greene sister whimpered and went right back to licking Beth's pussy. Obviously Maggie wasn't completely broken yet, but that was fine because that just meant Beth would have plenty of excuses to spank her big sister. Not that she needed one. Maggie was her fuck toy now, a role it felt like her sister was born for. Beth would do whatever she wanted to Maggie, whenever she wanted. Still, an excuse would make the transition easier on Maggie, and as much as she was consumed with her sinful lust Beth didn't want a truly hurt her sibling. No, she just wanted to make sure herself and Maggie indulged in the only pleasure left to them. Ok, the main reason was that dominating her bossy big sister was an incredible turn on, but also that other thing.

Letting a Walker break down their door, or attracting others like him, was incredibly risky and maybe Beth should have stopped to deal with it. However Maggie's tongue just felt so good against her cunt, and besides this was a way to assert her newly acquired authority over the bossy brunette. After all, Beth was the head of their family now, and as the leader of their two women group she had to make it crystal clear who was in charge. And what better way to do that then to keep her sister's face buried in her cunt no matter what? Well, she would have to stop if the door gave way, but even then it would be hard because Maggie's tongue felt so, so good.

Beth had been raised religious, and while it seemed she had been condemned to hell for her impure thoughts it very much felt like she was in heaven now. She certainly couldn't believe anything was better than having her own sister eating her out, especially when Maggie's tongue took a break from gentle yet thorough licks to linger on her clit or entrance. Ok, popping Maggie's anal cherry might have been more emotionally mind blowing, and the orgasms she had received last night was more physically mind blowing, but there would be plenty of time for cumming and butt fucking later. For now Beth was just happy to lie back in her chair and moan with joy as she made her own sister lick her pussy.

She also pushed herself to the edge of the chair and spread her legs as wide as possible while pushing Maggie's face deeper into her cunt. Thankfully Maggie got the message and immediately wrapped her lips around Beth's pussy lips so she could gently suck the dominant sibling's juices directly out of her in between licks. Also the sensation of the sucking itself was quite something, and having Maggie's mouth around her downstairs lips made the licking so much more intense, Beth whimpering as her big sister effortlessly pushed her towards a orgasm like Maggie had been eating pussy for years.

Beth had half a mind to accuse Maggie of being a secret dyke. Only, she had seen how happy Maggie had been with Glenn, and Beth didn't want to say anything which could lead to Maggie thinking of her missing and probably dead husband. Partly because she didn't want to cause her pain, but mostly because she didn't want to distract Maggie from her all-important task of eating her cunt. As a matter of fact, Beth wanted to do exactly the opposite, especially as the need to cum slowly grew inside inside her until it became overwhelming.

"Lick me! Oh lick me, ohhhhhhhhh, lick my pussy. Mmmmmmmm, that's it Maggie, eat my pussy like a good girl." Beth moaned joyfully, "Ooooooooh lick me, suck me, fuck me, oooooohhhhhh Maggie! You're my pussy licker now Maggie! Mmmmmmmm, you're my bitch, and that means ya'll be eatin' my cunt a lot from now on. Like, all the time. Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, whenever I want that pretty little mouth of yours all I'm gonna have to do is say the word and ya'll drop to your knees or crawlin' between my legs and eat my pussy like the good little sister pleaser ya now are. Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, ya exist to give me pleasure, ohhhhhhhhhh, and that means there gonna be a lot of pussy eatin' in your future. Maybe I'll even return the favour, mmmmmmmm, in between fuckin' ya with my strap-on. Oooooooooh, ya like the sound of that? Tell me you like it!"

Maggie gasped as she was momentarily pulled away from Beth's pussy, although she quickly found her voice, "Yes, I like the sound of it. I like the sound of being your pussy pleaser, your cunt lapper, your twat lickin' dyke! I'll be anythin' ya want me to be, do anythin' ya want, just please fuck me. Fuck me and make me cum!"

"You wanna cum, huh?" Beth teased, and then when Maggie frantically nodded her head she shoved her sister's face back in her cunt and added, "Well ya gonna have to earn it! Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, you're going to have to earn the right to cum, again, by making me cum. Ya gonna have to earn the right to be fucked by your baby sister. Ooooooooooh, and ya gonna do that by makin' me cum. Ohhhhhhhhh fuck, make me cum! Make me cum, make me cum, make me cum, make me cum, ooooooohhhhhhhhh, shove your tongue inside me and make me cum! Ohhhhhhhhh, tongue fuck me and make me cum in your mouth! I wanna cum in my big sister's mouth! I wanna aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh shit, fuck, Gaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwdddddddd!"

Beth continued trying to say various things, but it mostly came out as swear words and incoherent jargon. She had been strictly taught not to cuss and she had tried to watch her mouth last night, at least at first, but swearing seemed appropriate when her big sister's tongue invaded her cunt and started thrusting in and out of her, Beth becoming more overwhelmed with every thrust until she got what she wanted. She came in her big sister's mouth, the sensation just as powerful as last night if not more so.

Just before she became completely lost in what she was feeling Beth questioned the wisdom of constantly reminding Maggie they were related. It seemed unwise given what they were doing, but Beth felt it added to the taboo nature of this unholy union to continuously point it out, and Maggie had to understand that Beth's wants and needs took priority over her own. It didn't matter how uncomfortable Maggie was being reminded of exactly who she was fucking. In fact Maggie should be proud of what she was doing, because fulfilling her sister's needs was Maggie Greene's purpose in life, Beth never more sure of that then right now as she felt herself pushed over the edge of a second and then a third orgasm which melted her mind for a few wonderful moments.

Maggie was just as lost in desperately trying to swallow every drop of Beth's cum. She succeeded the first time, but the more Beth came the more she started to grind against Maggie, meaning the older sister's face became covered in the younger sister's cum. Maggie's face had already been glistening with Beth's regular pussy cream, so hopefully like the majority of the cream Maggie could scoop it up later and eat it. Perhaps more importantly it was completing Beth marking her as her pussy pleaser, Maggie truly becoming a slave to her sister's needs.

In those wonderful moments Maggie felt like that was why she had been put on this earth, the brunette shoving her tongue back into the blonde and pumping Beth's pussy until she received another batch of her baby sister's cum onto her face and into her mouth, Maggie working tirelessly to fulfil her sister's needs. And because it was her sister's pleasure which really mattered Maggie forced herself to replace her tongue with her fingers after a few minutes, that way she could continue making Beth cum while giving her tired tongue a rest. Well, she still licked Beth's clit, but only gently while her main focus became fingering her kid sister.

At first Maggie just used one as Beth had been a virgin last night, and her cunt still felt super tight. It had felt tight around her tongue, but when she pushed her index finger in there Maggie almost wished she had a cock. Which made her momentarily sombre that Beth couldn't just find a nice boy to fulfil her needs like normal girls could do before the world went to hell. Then Maggie focused on her purpose in life, sexually pleasing her sibling, this time achieving that goal by first pumping her finger in and out of Beth's cunt and then quickly adding a second one into the mix, both Greene sisters crying out as the younger one clenched and came around the older one's fingers.

The feeling of another girl cumming around her fingers was incredibly thrilling, and that it was her own sister was out of this world, although it still felt like Beth's precious cum was being wasted, Maggie practically aching for it until she just couldn't resist replacing her fingers with her mouth the next time her little sister was about to cum. As that resulted in Maggie successfully swallowing the majority of Beth's cum that time she switched back and forth between her mouth and fingers for several minutes, making the switch when her sister was about to cum so she could enjoy the fruits of her labour.

Part of Beth wanted to spend all day cumming in her big sister's mouth, however her desire to strap-on fuck her sibling had become overwhelming, so instead she pulled Maggie up into a brief kiss and then told her, "Help me deal with that Walker, then you can strap my cock onto me so I can fuck you."

Maggie blushed again, but didn't offer up any formal complaint. She just lowered her gaze and licked her lips clean of Beth's cum, a happy expression briefly crossing her face as she got to swallow just a bit more of the cream she had obviously loved so much. This made Beth very happy. What didn't make her happy was the fact that Maggie reached for her clothes right afterwards. Before Maggie could touch a stitch of her clothing Beth had reached down and given her big sister's bruised butt a hard smack, making Maggie cry out loudly.

Once she was sure she had the other girls attention Beth said sternly, "I didn't tell ya that ya could get dressed. The Walker ain't gonna care, and from now on ya only wear clothes when I give you permission, understand?"

"Yes Beth, I'm sorry Beth." Maggie whimpered, rubbing her sore ass.

With that the Greene sisters picked up a couple of nights, moved the sofa they had put in front of the door, and then unlocked it after a calming breath. The Walker was immediately on Beth, but she refused to appear weak in front of her new sub and killed the undead monster with one quick stab to it's head. Unfortunately, as seemed to be always the case, one Walker attracted others and moments later there were four more stumbling towards them. Luckily Beth and Maggie had spent the better part of a year killing these creatures at the gates of the now overrun prison, and both before and after that they had learned to do what they had to, so it was over pretty quickly.

They even managed to avoid getting much blood on themselves, although the experience clearly ruined the mood for Maggie who looked the kind of thoughtful that was very bad for Beth. So the blonde walked right up to her older sibling and smacked her across the face, Beth then snapping, "I told ya to get my cock! Don't make me tell ya again!"

Clutching her cheek Maggie looked like she was going to complain for a minute, then scrambled to retrieve the strap-on, Beth briefly smirking as she locked the door and moved over to the couch. Seeing what her sister had in mind Maggie breathlessly helped Beth move the couch back into place and then dropped to her knees in front of her sibling, Beth helpfully stepping into the harness so that Maggie could then pull it up her thighs and then tighten it around her waist. Once the strap-on was securely in place Beth grabbed it by the base with one hand, her sister's hair with the other hand guided the dildo to Maggie's lips.

Immediately Maggie opened her mouth wide and took the head of the cock into her mouth. She then started sucking and slurping on it noisily, Maggie obviously trying to give Beth what she wanted. What Beth felt she almost needed right now, the younger sibling feeling overwhelming happiness and dominance as the older sibling sucked her cock, some form of those last few words echoing in Beth's mind for quite a while. Her only other coherent thought was wondering whether Maggie could still taste her own ass on the cock. Probably not on the head, that had been thoroughly cleaned, but maybe the base?

Deciding she should offer encouragement to find out Beth told Maggie what she had planned, loving look on her sister's face when she revealed exactly where the dildo was going, "Mmmmmmm, that's it, get my cock nice and ready for your cunt. Yeahhhhhhh, that's right, I'm going to stick this dildo which was inside your ass last night into your little pussy, so if I was you I would make sure it was thoroughly cleaned."

Maggie's eyes went wide with shock at the reveal of what Beth planned to do to her. In a way it was a relief, having her butt hole stretched had felt so wrong and dirty, Maggie overwhelmed with pain and humiliation at first and then just humiliation as she was fucked up the ass by her own sister. Compared to that the idea of getting her pussy filled was far more preferable, as that's a hole which was meant to be fucked. On the other hand Maggie had cum so hard when Beth had butt fucked her. So hard that Maggie actually hoped that her kid sister would fuck her pussy and then her ass, Beth fucking all of her accessible holes.

For now Maggie just concentrated on giving Beth a long drawn-out blow job, the broken brunette putting more effort into this than any BJ she had ever given her husband. She sucked louder and more passionately on the dildo, bobbed her head up and down on it, and even forced it into her throat which was something she'd never done for Glenn. As a result she wasn't able to take very far without gagging, Maggie looking apologetically up at her owner as she was forced to switch from sucking to licking so she could make sure the bottom of the strap-on was nice and wet free of any left over anal cream.

Last night was something Maggie would never forget, and one of those details was the taste of her own ass. From now on whenever she looked at Beth, sat down or took a shit Maggie was going to think about how her own sister had made her go ass to mouth and made her love it. So to her horror Maggie found she was actually disappointed that she found no anal juices to clean, tasting only rubber and her own saliva. Still, Maggie hid her disappointment and devoted herself completely to worshipping Beth's cock, going back to sucking it at the first opportunity so she could give a more traditional BJ, waiting patiently for Beth to tell her to stop.

It felt like a very long time, but eventually Beth moaned, "Mmmmmmmmm K, that should be wet enough. Get down onto your back and spread your legs. Mmmmmmmm, show me my sister's wet little pussy, ooooooooh, that wet little pussy I'ma bout to fuck!"

Eager to obey Maggie quickly got into the classic missionary position and waited patiently for her sister to penetrate her. She was so wet and ready that Beth could have just shoved the entire length into her, but instead her baby sister cruelly teased Maggie by kneeling down in front of her rubbing her cock along her pussy lips, and pressing slightly against her entrance without enough force to actually penetrate her. This of course caused Maggie to whimper loudly and buck her hips upwards, trying to silently beg her little sister to fuck her.

When that didn't work Maggie tried a verbal approach, "Ohhhhhhhh Beth, please fuck me. Fuck my slutty little pussy with your big hard cock! Stuff every inch inside me to prove who's in charge here. Mmmmmmm, I'm so sorry I forgot my place, but let me make it up to you now by taking your cock deep inside me. Please? Please Beth, fuck me, I, oh God! OH GOD! OHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOODDDDDDD!"

Beth could listen to Maggie begging her to fuck her all day, but she was getting kind of loud and they'd already attracted one Walker today. More importantly Beth was aching to fuck her sister this way, so wasn't long before she firmly pressed her cock against Maggie's entrance and then slowly push her away inside, the blonde's eyes locked onto were the brunette's love hole was stretching for her, Beth savouring every moment of penetrating her big sister. Of course unlike Maggie's back door this hole was made to be penetrated, meaning that not only did the head of the dildo quickly slid inside but almost half of the toy cock entered Maggie on that first thrust.

Not that it was purely down to the design of their bodies, as Maggie was as wet as could be and the dildo still glistened with the brunette's saliva, making not just the first thrust easier but also the ones that followed it. In what felt like no time at all Beth fully penetrated her big sister's pussy with her strap-on cock, Maggie instinctively wrapping her legs around her as the younger sibling laying down so that her petite body was lying directly on top of the older sibling's more voluptuous one. Beth then gave Maggie a little smile, and then kissed her sister, softly at first but with ever-growing passion and intensity.

Ironically while one of the reasons Beth hadn't spent that long listening into her big sister beg for her was because she didn't want to attract Walkers penetrating Maggie actually made her cry out so loudly that it was a miracle it wasn't followed up with the horrific groaning of the walking dead. Luckily the only groans which followed were directly from Maggie's mouth, the older girl obviously trying to keep herself quiet, although Beth didn't blame her for failing. After all, she had taken this monster cock in her own cunt, so she knew what a struggle it could be. Still, it wasn't like Beth couldn't think of an enjoyable solution.

For a while Beth stayed perfectly still so she could concentrate on enjoying that solution. Well, it was also an incredible turn onto have her body pressed very firmly against Maggie's, a huge dildo connecting them. Connecting them because that dildo was strapped around her waist and buried as deep as it could go in Maggie's cunt, giving at least Beth the illusion of stuffing her sister's love hole with her cock. Because to Beth while that cock was firmly around her waist it was her cock. It was a part of her body she had buried inside her big sister's body, and now she was going to fuck Maggie with it. Fuck her sister with her cock.

Beth's cock was so big. Maggie blushed at the thought but as it was being shoved inside her again and especially when it was fully embedded in her cunt she couldn't stop thinking about it. Thinking about how big her baby sister's cock was. How her kid sister's huge cock stretched her pussy far wider and deeper than any man ever had. That not even her husband, her sweet Glenn, filled her so completely. And perhaps most of all Maggie thought about how Beth's big dick had now stuffed each and every one of her holes. Her little sister had invaded her mouth, ass and now cunt with this huge strap-on cock, and now she was going to fuck her with it.

When it finally happened, when Beth slowly pulled a few inches of dildo out of Maggie's pussy the brunette whimpered pathetically, Maggie almost feeling like she was losing a part of herself. Then she got that part of her back when Beth pushed all the way back inside her again, filling her to overflowing and making her moan. Over and over again that was repeated, Beth using slow shallow thrusts, pumping her huge dick in and out of Maggie while still passionately frenching her, the older sister eagerly worshipping the younger sister's tongue with her own while once again Beth proved her dominance.

In that moment Maggie felt bizarrely proud of Beth. She had always wanted her sibling to come out of her shell, stand up for herself, go after what she wanted, stop being such a little church mouse. Perhaps Maggie should be more careful what she wished for, because now Beth certainly didn't seem like a timid little mouse. No, Beth Greene was a little lioness devouring a fresh kill, Maggie Green nothing but meat, a juicy piece of meat to satisfy Beth's cravings.

Even when the consuming kiss ended Beth gave her this look which almost made Maggie cum on the spot. Beth just looked so grown-up, the 18-year-old girl looking like a wise beyond her years woman who had complete authority over Maggie. Of course the last part was true. Maggie should be in control, her birth-right as older sister meaning she should be making the decisions, but tiny little Beth had taken control from her. Beth had taken everything from her, her own sister turning her into her sex slave, and instead of having the decency to be disgusted by that fact Maggie felt increasingly wet and lucky. Lucky that this little stud had decided to use Maggie to fulfil her sexual needs. Not that she had much choice, but Maggie still felt honoured that Beth was using her in this way.

Maggie was awoken from her thoughts by Beth's dainty little hands sliding up her sides and then around to her tits, cupping and squeezing them while playing with the painfully hard nipples, or without slowing down the pussy pumping. If anything Beth kind of sped up, causing Maggie to moan loudly in pleasure. Perhaps to quieten her again, or perhaps with some other reason in mind Maggie couldn't guess right now, Beth let go of her boobs and pressed a finger against her lips. Assuming this was a sign to be quiet Maggie sealed her lips tightly, although that only caused Beth to frown.

"Open up." Beth ordered, smiling softly as Maggie immediately did as she was told which allowed the blonde her finger into the brunette's mouth, "Good girl, now suck. Mmmmmmm yesssssssss, suck my finger. Get it nice and ready for that tight little ass of yours. Oh yeah, I love your cunt, but there's just something about taking ya up the ass. Mmmmmmmm, and I'ma gonna be fucking ya in all of your holes, oooooooohhhhhhhh, your mouth, pussy and ass mine to fuck whenever I want, because you're my bitch from now on! I own you sis! You're my walking fuck hole! What are you?"

"Your bitch." Maggie quickly replied once Beth pulled her finger from out of her mouth, "I am your bitch, your walking fuck hole, your property, oooooooohhhhhhhhh Goooooodddddddd Beth, I'll be whatever ya want me to be, just keep fucking me!"

"Yeah ya will." Beth grinned, reaching down underneath their bodies, "Now relax and give me that sweet ass of yours. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, gimme my favourite hole!"

Maggie blushed with those words and Beth grabbing her ass, then sliding her finger down her crack until that digit was pressed up against her back door. Thanks to Maggie relaxing and Beth being determined the younger sister was able to push her finger into the older sister's butt, Maggie crying out with pleasure as her anal ring was forced open and invaded. Soon Beth's finger was buried to the knuckle inside Maggie's ass, Beth either savouring the feeling of her elder sister's rectum around her finger or giving Maggie a chance to get used to the invasion before beginning to pump in and out of that hole.

The entire time Beth fucked Maggie's pussy with machine-like efficiency, the beautiful blue eyes staring into Maggie's soul and making her realise she meant every one of her words, and that Beth certainly did. Not that was a problem in her current state, Maggie's mind melting as she was pushed further towards orgasm with every thrust. The finger definitely added to it, Beth constantly switching between pumping the dildo and the finger in and out of the same time and then one after the other, pushing Maggie to the edge of climax in what felt like no time.

To Maggie's shame the thing which pushed her over the edge was Beth pulling her finger out of her butt hole and then bringing it up to her lips again. Maggie at least had the decency to whimper softly and scrunch up her face before she opened her mouth to allow Beth to slide that finger inside, but then the moment she started sucking that finger Maggie came. It was just too much. Tasting her own ass juice on her own sister's finger, knowing that her own baby sister was planning to butt fuck her right after she was done with her cunt, it was all too much and Maggie had to concentrate all her willpower on not biting down on the finger inside her mouth as her body was rocked with the most wonderful sensations.

Beth grinned as she once again made her older sister cum for her. This time round she wasn't even trying that hard, her hips just slowly pumping back and forth on instinct, Beth giddy with the idea that she was already instinctively fucking her sister after just one and a half sessions with her. Or maybe she was always supposed to be a boy. Maybe she was always supposed to have a dick and fuck women just like this. Or maybe she was just supposed to fuck her own sister. Maybe this was the way it was always supposed to be between them, Beth sexually dominating Maggie, the little sister using her tongue, fingers and whatever else she could find to stuff the big sister's fuck holes so Maggie would never forget her place.

The thought of that caused Beth to pick up the pace of her thrusts until she was slamming Maggie's cunt with every ounce of her strength, the blonde making the brunette cum in less than a minute before shoving her finger back inside her big sister's butt and then frantically taking both holes until Maggie came again. Then Beth pulled her finger out of Maggie's ass hole and went back and forth between her elder sister's mouth and ass for a few minutes, constantly feeding Maggie the taste of her own backside which just made the brunette cum harder. Which once again proved in Beth's mind that Maggie was a perverted slut and truly wanted this, just like her.

After a few minutes of that Beth shoved two fingers up Maggie's butt and kissed her sister, allowing her to take all three of Maggie's fuck holes. Oh yes, Beth was making Maggie air tight, stuffing all three of her holes and fucking them as hard as she could. The little sister pounding the big sister's pussy with her strap-on dick, the blonde's fingers slamming the brunette's butt hole and even Maggie's mouth was being assaulted by Beth's tongue. As a result of all this Beth lost count of the number of orgasms she gave herself and Maggie, the stimulator inside the harness doing its job so that both Greene sisters became lost in their taboo sex for a little while.

Beth even considered not bothering with Maggie's ass, or at least no more than she already had. This was dominating enough, and so much fun, Beth didn't want to stop. For a while she didn't even think she could. Not when she was taking her sister like a husband takes his wife on their wedding night, Beth claiming Maggie in the most primal way possible. But ultimately, the desire to completely and utterly humiliate Maggie and inflicting the ultimate act of dominance over her/force Maggie into committing the ultimate act of submission by giving up her ass hole for the pleasure of her top, her own sister at that, it was too much to resist.

So without warning Beth broke the kiss, pulled her finger an strap-on out of Maggie's fuck holes and ordered while pushing the brunette's legs in the air, "Grab onto your legs and keep them there! I wanna fuck your ass with ya like this, and for that I'ma gonna need plenty of access to that tight little hole of yours."

Maggie whimpered loudly, first at losing Beth's tongue, fingers and strap-on from inside her, then from her baby sister's words. Not that stopped her from answering, "Yes Beth."

As she spoke those words softly Maggie grabbed onto her legs, yet looked anywhere but at Beth, which displeased the blonde, "Look at me! Mmmmmmm yeah, look at me while I take your ass!"

Once again obeying her sister's wishes Maggie looked at Beth. Considering what was about to happen Maggie was extremely embarrassed to do so and she thought it would be difficult to maintain eye contact, but there was just something about the way that Beth looked at her. Something in those beautiful eyes which commanded her attention, her baby sister never looking more grown-up and in charge than in that moment.

Maggie continued to stare into Beth's eyes even as she felt something hard pressing against her ass hole. That was also true when the pressure increased and her ass hole began stretching open. The most forbidden hole on her body began stretching for her little sister's cock, Maggie letting out a soft whimper and clutching her legs tightly as she felt Beth begin to anally penetrate her. Beth took her time, clearly enjoying the moment while leaving Maggie to wallow in the humiliation of having her anal ring slowly stretched by her kid sister until that strictly exit only hole was forced open wide enough so that a foreign object could enter it.

Both sisters let out a cry when the head of Beth's cock slipped inside Maggie's ass, the obvious difference being that the blonde's cry was of pure pleasure while the brunette's cry was mostly of pain. Then, finally, Beth broke the eye contact, looking down at where Maggie's ass hole was wrapped around the head of her dick, causing the younger Greene sister to grin wickedly. Maggie whimpered in response, but tried to crane her neck so she could see. She wasn't sure why, she knew exactly what she would see, that being not much, but what she could see embarrassed Maggie even further. Not as much as the smug look on Beth's face where she looked back up at the blonde though.

Shortly after Maggie blushed and closed her eyes Beth ordered sternly, "No! Look at me! Keep looking at me, the entire time I fuck your tight little ass!"

Maggie yelped as Beth emphasised her point with a gentle smack to her well beaten butt, the older sibling quickly doing as she was told and then whimpering as the younger sister smiled again and then pushed forwards, adding another inch of dildo into Maggie's rectum. It didn't hurt as much as the initial anal penetration, or as much as last night and thus perhaps proving that Maggie's ass would get used to the constant violations Beth had promised her. That thought should terrify Maggie, but it didn't. Because Beth wanted her ass, and Maggie could remember the ecstasy she experienced when her baby sister butt fucked her to orgasm. More importantly, she just wanted to fulfil her purpose in life and be the tight little fuck hole her sister needed.

Beth's first thought when she penetrated her sister's ass for the second time in her life was that Maggie was still wonderfully tight. Maybe if Beth's dick was real she would feel a subtle difference, but as it was Maggie still felt virgin tight to Beth. It was certainly tighter than Maggie's pussy, although that made sense as this was a hole which wasn't designed to take dick, Beth loving the fact that she got to miss use her big sister's butt hole again, this time while staring into Maggie's eyes.

The temptation to look down and watch as Maggie's back hole stretch to accommodate her cock was almost overwhelming, but Beth told herself she was going to get plenty of chances to watch that incredible sight. After all, she was going to butt fuck her big sister every chance she got, and now they were alone in this nice big country club she was going to have the opportunity to fuck Maggie's ass several times a day. That meant Beth should get used to taking her sister's ass in multiple positions as it would help keep the spark going in their new twisted lesbian relationship, and as much as Beth adored watching Maggie's ass hole stretch for her there was something just as special about looking into her sibling's eyes as she sodomised her.

It was also fun to see the look on Maggie's face in general. The way it would scrunch up when Beth added another inch, forcing Maggie's rectum to stretch even further as it struggled to accommodate the monster invading it. The way Maggie's face would flush with embarrassment when pain gave way to pleasure, the older sister's body betraying her and revealing to Beth that Maggie was just as much a twisted pervert as she was. Then there was the look of humiliation of having her forbidden hole invaded. But best of all was the look of submission, Maggie accepting her new role as Beth's anal whore. And the eyes with the windows to the soul, and while Maggie's face was constantly changing, the brunette's eyes screamed and almost pure submission and humiliation with only a few hints of the pain and pleasure Maggie was receiving.

Beth found that sight so intoxicating, not least because over anything else it told her that Maggie's momentary rebellion was forgotten and not to be repeated, her big sister now truly her bitch. Maggie was Beth's bitch, that thought echoing in the blonde's mind as her thighs came to rest against the brunette's buttocks, announcing that for the second time in their lives the younger sister had buried every inch of her strap-on cock into her older sister's bowels. Beth had skewered Maggie's ass on her cock, and now she was going to fuck that well rounded ass and show her sister who was in charge.

"How does it feel?" Beth asked, seemingly out of nowhere about a minute later. When Maggie gave her a grunt of confusion Beth clarified, "My big cock? How does it feel to have my big cock back inside your butt? That's 10 inches of rubber y'know. Only a total anal whore could take that, but that's just what ya are, ain't it?"

"Yes Beth!" Maggie quickly nodded, and then as Beth kept staring at her continued, "I'm a total anal whore. I'm your anal whore. Your butt slut, your ass slave, your bitch, whatever you want, I'll be.

"What I want is for ya to answer my question." Beth huffed.

After thinking about it for a second Maggie answered eagerly, "It feels good. Your big 10 inch cock feels really good inside my butt."

"Yeah it does." Beth grinned, "But it's about to feel even better. Place your legs on my shoulders sis, I'm about to fuck your ass hard and deep, pound your pooper and make ya cum like the anal whore that you are!"

Maggie quickly did as she was told and then braced herself. Given the lust crazed look in Beth's eye Maggie wouldn't have been surprised if her baby sister just started pounding her butt right from the get go, however fortunately for the older sibling Beth smirked wickedly, slightly moved Maggie's legs for what must have been for the sake of comfort, and then began to slowly pick up the pace of the ass fucking. This meant although Maggie felt a little discomfort it was pretty much overwhelmed by the pleasure she was feeling, the once innocent farm girl blushing as her little sister loosened her bowels in preparation for the deep, hard butt banging she had promised to deliver.

As she continued staring upwards into Beth's blue eyes Maggie didn't doubt that her kid sister would deliver on her promise, Maggie ashamed that she was both quivering with anticipation and loving every second of being butt fucked by her baby sister. She was the one who was supposed to be protecting Beth from the evils of the world, teaching/guiding her how to be a woman, and most of all Maggie was supposed to be the one in charge. Instead Beth was in charge. Beth was sodomising her like a cheap whore, Maggie actually revelling in her new role, the new role which gave her more pleasure than she could ever have imagined, the new role which made her completely submissive to her younger sister.

Sometime after Beth started to really pound Maggie's butt the blonde leaned down so that the brunette was practically bent in half, Maggie whimpering as Beth's face was suddenly inches from hers. Then in a flash Beth wasn't just fucking Maggie's ass hard, she was brutalising it with each thrust feeling like it would tear Maggie's rectum open. It hurt, but again the pleasure Maggie felt was so intense she barely noticed it, and the entire time she was captivated by the beautiful face in front of her, those haunting blue eyes telling Maggie this wasn't the same soft-spoken mouse of a girl she knew, but a powerful Alpha female determined to destroy her butt hole.

For the intense ecstasy which was the orgasms which was soon rocking her body Maggie would happily sacrifice her butt hole to the little stud mounting her right now. She would happily give up every ounce of her body and be nothing but her baby sister's sex slave if it meant she could feel like this every day. She would do anything for this pleasure. She would fulfil her sister's every need with a smile on her face, and in her delusional mind Maggie actually wondered whether everything bad that ever happened to them was so she could fulfil her destiny of being her little sister's bitch. Either way Maggie again promised herself she would do everything Beth said from now on.

Beth never, ever wanted to stop fucking her sister's perfect ass. The power, the dominance, the sheer mental pleasure of sodomising her own sister, it all made Beth feel so wonderful. Even without the stimulator rubbing against her clit she would have probably cum several times. Not that she had any intention of removing it. Oh no, because the rubbing of her clit along with all the mental stimulation she was receiving gave her some of the most powerful climaxes of her life, the mind-blowing feeling far better than anything else she could imagine, in that moment Beth finding it difficult to believe heaven itself was better than butt fucking her own big sister.

That may have made her the most sick and twisted slut ever, but Beth didn't care. She didn't care if Maggie's rectum ever recovered from the wrecking she was giving it. Hell, a sadistic part of her wanted to permanently ruin Maggie's ass hole. That way Maggie would never forget her place again, her forever gaping open butt hole easy for Beth to slip her strap-on into an fuck whenever she wanted. Who cared if that meant Maggie wouldn't be able to sit or shit ever again as long as it made her a better fuck toy? Because that's what Maggie was. It was Maggie's reason for being, her purpose in life, Beth determined to make her sister see it too.


As she felt herself succumbing to exhaustion Beth tried to convince herself to slow down. If she slow down to a gentle pace, or maybe forced Maggie to anally ride her dick, she could continue the heavenly butt pounding. However as much as she wanted to spend eternity ramming her big sister's ass with her strap-on Beth knew she would have to stop eventually, so she might as well squeeze as many orgasms out of them both before the heart-breaking moment she would have to stop fucking Maggie up the butt.

Luckily while living at the prison had made some people soft Beth wasn't one of them. No, she had been killing Walker's every day, and farming, and other exhausting activities, so she had built up an impressive amount of stamina for a girl of her petite size, stamina she now used to brutally pound her big sister's butt hard and deep just like she promised. Maggie rewarded her for this by continuously squirting cum onto her belly and screaming so loud it attracted more Walkers, the Greene sisters becoming so lost in the butt fucking that they probably wouldn't have stopped if one of these beasts actually broke down the door. Or at least Beth didn't think she would have, not when she was having so much fun making Maggie cum with a strap-on cock in her ass. Cum with her strap-on cock deep inside Maggie's ass, Beth making her big bossy sister cum over and over again like a bitch with her big dick up her ass.

Sadly while Beth had impressive stamina for someone her size exhaustion eventually overcame her and she found herself collapsing down onto Maggie's sweaty body, her own body trying to instinctively continue the fucking but all she was able to do was pump the dildo in and out of her big sister's ass hole at a slow and steady pace which was enough to give them both wonderful after-shocks but it wasn't enough to make them cum again. Then Beth finally stopped completely, although she made sure every inch of her cock was buried up Maggie's butt when she did, the blonde snuggling against the whimpering brunette beneath her for several minutes.

Beth could have happily drifted off to sleep if it wasn't for the groaning of the Walkers. It was funny, Beth used to be so scared when she heard that sound, and part of her still was, but mostly she was just upset that anything was disturbing the perfection which was being inside her sister's ass. Emboldened by that feeling Beth pushed herself up and off of Maggie, yanking the dildo out of her big sister's butt in the process. Maggie cried out and then rolled over onto her side, unwittingly giving Beth a really good view of her gaping ass hole, a sight which gave Beth a lot of twisted joy before she grabbed her knife and strolled over to the door.

After checking to see how many of them there were Beth took a calming breath before doing what needed to be done, and then opened the door and stood back. Two of the beasts were leaning against the door so much that the force of opening causing them to topple over into the floor and making it easier to pick them off. The other three or more of a challenge, but as they had to get round their former comrades Beth was just about able to do it herself. She even managed to keep herself relatively clean, only a little blood on her hands and nothing on the strap-on, which was the important part.

Once it was done Beth quickly turned to her sister and ordered, "Now that's dealt with, it's cock cleaning time. Come on, get over here and suck my cock clean of your nasty anal juices. Move that ass I just fucked and suck me!"

When Beth turned to her sister Maggie had already turned around and was now staring at her, causing the younger sibling to worried the elder sibling was once again conflicted by their new incesty relationship. Which would be disappointing as Maggie had seemed to make such progress, but Beth didn't mind beating it into her bottom if she had too. In fact Beth had adored spanking Maggie, the new head of the Greene family promising herself she'd be regularly beating her big sisters butt from now on. Oh yes, Beth would find any excuse to spank her sister, like this annoying pause for example.

Maggie didn't mean to hesitate, she was just so captivated by the sight of the beautiful Goddess in front of her. She had been too tired to stop Beth from opening the door, a reckless move which had Maggie terrified she would lose the only family member she had left. The only person she had left. But instead Beth dispatched the Walkers with ease and was now standing before her proudly as the dominant Alpha female she was, her big woman cock glistening with the proof of her conquest of Maggie's pussy and ass, the brunette's mouth watering at the thought of tasting the blonde's dildo.

Seconds later the obviously displeased Alpha female cleared her throat and opened her mouth, obviously ready to say something else. Before she could Maggie sprang into action, crawling forwards so quickly she caused herself carpet burns, and then cheekily wrapped her lips around the head of Beth's cock, tasting her own ass on her baby sister's strap-on dildo. Oh God, Maggie could have never imagined doing something so wickedly sinful yesterday, even savouring the deepest part of her bowels before begining to eagerly bob her head up and down, eventually taking as much as the dildo into her throat as possible.

Unsurprisingly this delighted Beth, "Oh yeahhhhhhhh sis, suck me! Suck my cock clean of your slutty little ass, oh fuck!"

Beth said a whole lot more, but it was all just background noise to Maggie who frantically cleaned every drop of ass juice she could get just using her mouth, before switching to licking the lower half of the shaft, and then going back to attempting to deep throat. Apparently not satisfied with those efforts Beth went from loosely holding her hair and encouraging her to bob up and down to holding her head in place with both hands and thrusting her own hips back and forth, literally fucking Maggie's mouth just like she had fucked Maggie's pussy and ass, the elder sister feeling totally dominated/humiliated by the younger sister as she was turned into her sibling's personal face pussy.

As Beth used increasing roughness to fuck Maggie's mouth like a cunt, or an ass hole, meaning that the older sister had been fucked in all three of her available holes in just one morning, Maggie thought about how lucky she was. She could have ended up alone, or with anyone else from the prison, but instead she had found a safe place to share with this total super stud who easily put her in her place. The fact that that incredibly dominant top was her sister just meant that even as she was degraded in this extreme way her new owner loved her, Maggie feeling all fuzzy inside as she looked lovingly up at Beth and silently promised herself she would never again forget that her purpose in life was now to fulfill her sister's needs.


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