Pairing: Maggie/Sasha

This story occurs shortly after the events of episode 410; "Inmates".

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Walking Dead: Take Me To The River
by Zeusaphone

Glenn wasn't on the bus.

Maggie wasn't sure how she felt about that fact. On the one hand, if he had been there she would know what happened to him. On the other, if he had been on the bus he would be dead (or undead). Now she had no idea where he was or what his condition was. In her head she knew the odds. Glenn was most likely dead. In her heart, she believed he was still alive. Glenn was a survivor. If he was alive, he would be looking for her. She wanted to do the same, but had no clue where to go next. She had so much pent up emotion she couldn't think straight.

Having to kill all the walkers on the bus made it worse. These weren't just random strangers who had turned. These were people she knew and lived with at the prison. It was worse, even than the slaughter outside the barn when Shane had put down the walker that had once been her step mother. This time she had to kill them herself. If Glenn had been on the bus, she wondered if she would have been able to put down whatever force was animating his body.

Maggie was so consumed by her conflicted thoughts she hadn't heard what Sasha just said. "What?"

"We're going to camp here for the night. Tomorrow we can decide what to do next." The trio, Maggie, Sasha, and Bob, were back at the spot by the river where they were going to camp before Maggie went off half cocked to find the bus.

"We have to find Glenn!"

"We'll talk about it in the morning. Right now you need to get cleaned up. Look what I found in one of the bags on the bus." Sasha grinned widely as she held up a bar of soap. "Bob said he would give us some privacy. We can use this to wash our clothes and get all that blood off your face and hands."

The two women went a little further down the river, got undressed, slipped into the water, and began the laborious process of washing their garments with a single bar of bath soap. The cool water was a welcome respite from the hot Georgia sun. Sasha kept talking to Maggie, but the light skinned farm girl would not be drawn into conversation. "The one good thing about this summer heat is that these will dry quickly. That big rock should do nicely." The two laid out their clothing and set about bathing themselves. "Bob said he would give us privacy, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was in the trees watching us."

Maggie blushed at the thought. She knew she was attractive but she never considered herself the type guys would ogle. Maybe standards had changed since the world ended. She doubted many supermodels had survived. She still had not spoken when she felt Sasha's hands on her shoulders. She didn't resist the massage, but she gave the darker girl a glare.

"Girl, you are ten kinds of uptight. We need you relaxed and thinking clearly if we're going to survive." Sasha continued her efforts on Maggie's shoulders, but it was like kneading iron. Losing her husband and killing all those walkers she knew on the bus had raised her tension level beyond all measure.

After several fruitless minutes of standard massage, Sasha proceeded with more drastic measures. She moved closer to the younger woman and wrapped her arms around so her hands were in front; the right one moving to Maggie's medium sized breasts, the left going under the slightly above waist deep water to her nether region.

Maggie was startled by the new contact and tried to pull away. "I'm not a lesbian!"; she snapped.

Sasha tightened her grip enough to keep Maggie from escaping and whispered in her ear; "I'm not either, but you need someone to help you release all that stuff you've got bottled up. It's either me or Bob. This way it's not like you're cheating on Glenn. Close your eyes and think of him if it makes you feel better."

Maggie stopped resisting, partly because she knew Sasha was right and partly because she liked the sensation. The older woman's fingers danced inside her, reaching sensitive spots she didn't even know she had. She let out a growling moan that could easily have been mistaken for a walker.

"Shhh. We don't want to attract company and we certainly don't want Bob running over here to see what's wrong." Sasha kept working that spot, knowing it was the one that would put her over the top.

As Maggie approached climax she felt all the crazy emotions the bus had brought on slipping away. She closed her eyes and thought of her husband, as Sasha had suggested. She came quickly once she had Glenn in mind, with all thoughts of walkers and the bus and everything else momentarily banished from her consciousness. She continued to breathe heavily after coming down.

Sasha, sensing once was not going to be enough to alleviate all the stress, switched the positions of her hands once the moment was over, bringing the left one up and sending the right one down. The change in angle, movement, and even texture between the two brought Maggie back to the rapture point almost immediately.

Maggie did not know how to react. She knew multiple orgasms were possible in theory but she had never experienced it. Not with Glenn, not with any of her old boyfriends, not even with herself. She had decided her body wasn't able to produce this effect. And yet, here she was on the verge of a second before she had completely recovered from the first.

The second was better than the first. Maggie felt she was in the state of bliss forever, and yet not long enough. When she finally regained her senses she whispered "No more. I can't take another one." Her heart was beating faster than she'd ever felt it go and her breathing was so heavy she was worried she might hyperventilate.

Sasha started to speak and then thought better of it. Conversation now would undo much of the good she had accomplished. She let go and moved away.

Maggie leaned back until she was floating on the surface. The slow moving current barely affected her position. For the moment she was sedate and at peace with the universe. She stared up at the clear blue sky and pondered the future, her still erect nipples pointing towards heaven.


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