Waltons: John And Corabeth (MFF,inc,voy)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Waltons mountain in the late summer, the air is hot, the women are horny and
the men have trouble keeping the women loved. John Walton, the patriarch of
the oldest family on the mountain, has no problem keeping Olivia happy in
bed. Every night he fucks his wife and once in awhile his lovely daughters:
Mary Ellen, Erin and Elizabeth.

Now John has a rather sexy cousin named Corabeth, she is married to the
general store owner Ike Godsey. Lately John has had an ache even Olivia can't
stop and Corabeth is in the sights of her cousin to alleviate it. Corabeth
has always wondered what size of cock her cousin has and is eager to have
him enter her twat. Also Corabeth knows that John has fucked her daughter
Amy lately as well.

Next day while in town on a shopping spree for Olivia, John notices that Ike
isn't around as he normally is. Upon being asked where he is Corabeth says
that Ike is getting an order snafu straightened out in Richmond. Knowing that
they won't be interrupted, Corabeth and John tease each other with kisses
that makes his cock stand still in his pants. Underneath her panties
Corabeth's pussy is awakened with a sensation that even Ike never causes to
happen. John wraps his arms around his cousin, plants a firm kiss on her lips
and at the same time squeezes her ass. Corabeth returns the motion by biting
down on John's tongue and squeezing the bulge in her soon to be lover's

Corabeth is the first to back away; she unbuttons the back of her dress and
slithers out of it. John is much quicker at his movements as he removes his
pants as fast as possible. Standing in front of his sexy cousin, John licks
his lips as he sees that she is now out of her slip, bra and panties. He
thinks quietly that it's no wonder Ike enjoys the sex he gets from his wife,
especially when she is absolutely one of the hottest women on the mountain.
Corabeth looks over at John and knows that she has to suck his cock before
having it in her gaping holes. Outside the storeroom door, Amy is watching.
She is the recently turned 21-year-old daughter of Ike and Corabeth. She
makes no effort to break up the sexual activities of her mother and second
cousin, but strips down and masturbates while the sex goes on.

Now Corabeth and John are totally naked, she stroking his cock and he is
finger fucking her ass and cunt. Corabeth moans in ecstasy as her lover has
brought her to a pleasing climax with only tow movements. She next kneels on
the floor, with a little of John's cum dribbling out; Corabeth administers
the best blowjob of her life. John looks skyward as his cousin devours his
balls and penis, swallowing load after load of cum. Again they do not know
that Amy is having multiple orgasms as her uncle is being blown by her
mother's hot lips. Amy's blonde hair encasing her clit is covered with her
nectar as her mom is being filled with male nectar.

John takes Corabeth by the hand, slaps her tight ass and lies her on the
floor to eat her pussy. With his tongue acting like a jackhammer, John
plunges it deeper as he licks the cum from his lover's twat. Amy cannot
take it anymore; she walks into the room and joins the older people she
has watched from the door. Corabeth tries to send Amy away, but John
rolls over, tells Corabeth to sit on his face and accepts Amy's pussy
around his stiffened shaft. What was John's need to have his cousin,
turns into three-way action with his cousin and second cousin.

Amy rides the pole in her cunt, then lifts up to switch places with her
mother. Corabeth takes her spot atop the hard dick of John Walton and rides
as Amy blows him. A little while later, John is getting off the floor to
fuck the two horny ladies, sees two lengths of rope and ties the women
together. He knows he has the opportunity to bang both ladies at his leisure
while they are tied to the table legs of the storeroom.

Grasping his cock, John decides to drive it home into Amy first, due to the
fact he wants to have Corabeth last. With no condom covering his rod, John
does his best to please Amy and knows that he will as they have fucked
before. In fact, he is the first man to go inside her hole. Fast and furious,
John derives some pleasure out of banging the young woman until she has cum
over and over again. John unties Amy and plunges his cock in her ass. The
pain hits her as she never been taken in this manner before. John unloads on
her ass after backing out and watches as Amy leaves the room.

John turns his attention to Corabeth; he lowers himself between the creamy
thighs of his cousin and fucks her hot pussy. The hair tickles John's prick
as he slips into Corabeth's honey pot. With the hot sticky ooze welling up
inside his dick, John unloads deep inside his cousin's pussy. John unties
her slowly and fucks her ass so long and so much. She moans as she watches
Amy re-enter the room who is now licking John's ass. Feeling uneasy about
the situation, Corabeth insists that Amy stop her sexual deviancy. John
stands away, as Amy uses the opportunity to eat her mother out.

John strokes his cock slowly, watching the women eat pussy because Corabeth
works her way between Amy's legs. Sweat and cum fill the air, as the women
haven't stopped since Amy walked in. Soon they tire of the love they made
and return to John's aching cock. They suck on it one more time, draw more
of his jism out, stop to get dressed and go their separate ways.

John returns to the farm, finds Ike leaving his wife lying on the couch nude
after fucking her wide asshole. He smiles at Ike, kisses his wife and goes
to wash up for dinner. Each know what has happened, but are okay with it as
they need motivation from another source before bedtime tonight™

The End


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