Waltons: John Boy Remembers (MF,inc)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Walton's Mountain, a quiet little piece of country that is never boring, if
you love the life it brings. The family is busy doing the daily tasks that
keep them busy at what ever it is they do. John, Ben and Jason are delivering
wood to a nearby town for the new store that is to be built. The grandpa and
grandma have decided to have a honeymoon for the fifth time before they are
too old to go on another one. Erin, Mary Ellen and Elizabeth have business to
attend to in Rockfish, so they asked Jim Bob to drive them there. John Boy
and Olivia are at the house doing chores and other things. In John Boy's case
he is adding to his memoirs of the life on Walton's Mountain. As for the
mother Olivia, she is busy baking pies and cakes for the church, but has
decided to take a break and has called her eldest child to join her.

A few minutes after being asked John Boy sit at the kitchen table to have a
coffee with his mom. While drinking the strong brew, they reminisce over the
past and how many times they have had close calls in this house. The subject
inadvertently goes to sex,

Olivia asks John Boy, "Do you remember the first time you were fucked?"

A shocked John Boy replies, "Oh, yes mama. We were alone like today and you
had a strange look in your pretty blue eyes."

"That is right, son. I was so hot and bothered after your dad left for
Rockfish and needed stimulation," adds Olivia.

"I remember being afraid of the situation, but you quickly calmed me down
with my first blowjob," states John Boy while unzipping his pants.

Olivia sees what her son is up to and before she sits on the floor to get
herself some she says, "I also know that you have helped the girls find
there way sexually son."

John Boy nods his head and his sexy mother grabs hold of another head to
draw some of his sticky juice into her throat. Olivia accepts her son's
large throbbing dick in her hand and gently strokes the length of it until
her mouth canĦt wait anymore. She licks up and down the shaft, taking his
balls and sucking on them slowly, which in turn drives him into frenzy. Her
next action was no surprise to him as he watches his hot mama lower her
lips on his cock, sucking it wildly as she deep throats it fully nine or
ten times until John Boy's load is all over her china and face. John Boy
plunges his rod back into her mouth and lets another full load of jism flow
down her throat, which she swallows with love. Once he has cum, John Boy
helps his mother off the floor and kisses her full lips, as he tastes his
cum for the first time. In his mind John Boy relives the first time his mom
blew him and how he came so fast.

"John Boy, do you know what we did next?" asks Olivia.

"Oh mom, I certainly do and I want that piece of pie again." states John Boy
with a wickedly wide grin.

With those words, Olivia removes her dress, bra and cotton panties, she then
lies on the long kitchen table, opens her white thighs and waits for her son
to eat the pussy that is too hot to leave alone. John Boy lowers himself on
a chair; leans into the gaping pussy that stares him in the face and begins
to devour his mama's extremely hot cunt. Using three fingers, he jams her ass
with the digits meant to probe her pussy. Olivia moans as John Boy eats and
finger fucks her ass and pussy, to which she yells out, not even your father,
can bring me to cum so well. Soon, John Boy slams his tongue into her fuzzy
peach and waits for the dribble of female cum to wet his tongue.

Olivia gets up for a second, tells her son to retrieve the wooden spatula
from the drawer and smack the hell out of her ass. Not one to disobey his
parents especially his mom, John Boy does as asked and decides to use it
for more than told to. While she turns on to all fours, Olivia points her
ass outward to greet what she expects, but what she gets is a lot more
than she hoped. With the small end of the spoon, John Boy slides it up his
mother's well-fucked ass.

While looking at the marvelous piece of ass she has John Boy asks, "Mom,
Does dad ass fuck you a lot?"

To which Olivia answers, "Oooh my Lord son, that question has a lot of
buckshot to it and deserves an equally hot answer. So, yes your father is
a great ass fucker and does it quite often."

"Well, mom I plan to shove my thick dick in there as well. Since you've told
me that dadĦs is tiny compared to mine, be prepared to feel eleven inches of
manhood with a five-inch thickness." says a gleeful John Boy.

Olivia braces for the cock she has only witnessed enter another woman's cunt,
her youngest daughter Elizabeth and Ike's wife Corabeth. John Boy is still
playing with the spoon, slapping her cheeks and sliding the wide end into
her ass and pussy. She moans with ecstasy as her son rears back and finally
plunges his rod deep into her hot ass. Pounding his mamaĦs ass until she
screams in shock as he cums in her hole, Olivia turns over and widens her
thighs more than when he ate her hairy hole.

Mounting the lady, who is his mom, John Boy begins to fuck her like he has
never fucked before. Meanwhile... outside the window Erin has returned early
and wonders who is having sex with her mother. She enters the house and sees
that John Boy is deep inside Olivia's cunt fucking her for what it's worth.

John Boy looks over and says, "What are you doing back so soon?"

"Mom said to enter the house if I am home sooner than I thought. Since Jim
Bob dropped only me off, I wonder why you are banging mom," says Erin.

Olivia joins the conversation by stating, "Erin you will undress, then take
turns eating my pussy and sucking John BoyĦs cock."

Erin does as she is told and waits for the next part of the equation. Lapping
at her mother's cum soaked pussy, Erin swallows the wetness of her mom and
brother's love making. She then takes hold of her brothers dick and sucks the
love out of it. Erin leaves them alone once she has had what she needed, John
Boy re-enters Olivia's pussy and continues to fuck her harder than at first.

In a fit of ecstasy Olivia screams, "Jim Bob is your son via my body. At
eighteen when you first fucked me, I allowed some jism to fill my hole."

John Boy stops, looks down to his mom, who nods at what she said, "Yes, it's
true, your dad knew, but didn't do anything since he got Mary Ellen pregnant
once. She miscarried and we never said anymore."

Once the truth was spilled, John Boy stops his sexual deeds and thinks over
what he heard, but decides it was a ruse to get him to stop fucking her so
hard. Olivia smiles to him, while she tells him what he suspected and gets
him to fuck her more gently. Once hours later, the lovers, who are also mom
and son, stop the hot passion and lets the cum flow where ever it may. Olivia
takes one final slurp off her sonĦs hard dick and tells him to meet her in
the barn next Tuesday. John Boy agrees, but before running upstairs with his
clothes in hand, he eats her pussy one more time.

Sex was grand with only one hitch, Erin entered the nest, but they enjoyed
her tongue and lips so much, they consider asking her for a threesome.

The end


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