WALTONS: Mounting on the Mountain

By Uncle Mike

In the middle of the bustle of a typical Walton gathering
before supper, Jason pulled Erin aside and whispered in her

"Tomorrow morning, after our chores, meet me by the old
oak at the crossroads. I've got something to show you!"

Erin whispered back a question, but Jason shook his head.
"You'll see," he said, and then shushed as Grandma gathered
them at the big table.

Jason and Erin were used to sharing secrets. As a middle
boy and middle girl of the Waltons' big family, they got lost in
the shuffle a lot, so they clung to each other for support. Both
were just about teenagers -- Jason just barely qualifying,
Erin almost there. Like all the Waltons, they were tall and
rangy, bodies well-conditioned by a life that had no luxuries.
The family did for itself, and that included a full complement
of chores for every member every day.

Saturday morning's chores, in fact, kept Erin and Jason
busy until lunch and even longer -- Erin had to help her mother
make a big batch of pies for a church fair the next day; Jason
was drafted to help repair a shed down at the family mill.

It wasn't until around 2 o'clock that both of them got
reprieves and each hurried off to their familiar meeting
place, well away from the prying eyes of the rest of the

Erin started closer, so she was already sitting on the limb
of the big oak when Jason arrived, out of breath from a
scramble down the mountain. She was twisting the hem of her
drab print dress, staring idly off into the distance while her
slim legs dangled beneath her.

"It's about time you got here," she said with a smile. "I
almost thought you forgot. So what's the big secret?"

"It ain't -- isn't here," Jason answered, tugging at her arm
to pull her down to the ground. "But it's close."

With Jason leading the way, they tumbled over hillocks and
stumbled across fallen branches until they came to a clearing,
with a weathered rail fence barring their way. Erin hesitated
but Jason leaped the top rail and turned back to help her over
as well.

"Jason Walton, just where are we going?" she demanded,
refusing to go one step farther.

One glance at the determined look on her freckled face
convinced him he had to give her some kind of answer. "This is
old man Johnson's place," he said. "I've been coming down here
every afternoon about this time for the last week. He's got a
couple of horses -- they're usually down at the other end of
the field."

"Horses!" Erin snorted. "You brought me all this way to
show me horses? We see horses every Sunday at church when
the Bartlins come." She turned to go back, but Jason caught
her arm.

"No, it's not just the horses -- it's, it's what they're doing.
C'mon. It won't take but a little while." He smiled. "Race you."

Jason quickly turned and tore off across the thigh-high
field of grain with his sister in close pursuit. Their long, easy
strides quickly brought them to the other side of the field. As
they reached a stand of elms, Jason slowed down and
motioned to Erin to stop. Holding a finger to his lips, he led
her around the trees and over the fence again. They followed
the fence-line for a short ways; it curved off to their left,
enclosing a small pasture ringed by trees, sheltered from the
main field. In the middle of the pasture stood a beautiful
brown mare.

"Sshhhh," Jason whispered. "It's almost time, I think. Come
on, there's a patch of grass right over there. We can watch
from there."

"Watch what?" Erin wanted to know, but Jason just shook
his head and drew her on. They flopped down onto the sweet-
smelling grass, propping their heads on their hands and
watching the mare as she slowly grazed.

Then, in a rush of hoofbeats, a well-muscled black stallion
came galloping into the pasture. His pounding hooves shook
the earth as he raced around the inside of the fence-line again
and again; the mare continued to munch calmly.

"Now," Jason said. "I think he's gonna do it now."

The black horse slowed to a trot and made his way out to
the center of the field, coming up behind the mare. She turned
to look at him and they stood eyeing each other for a minute
or so.

"But what..." Erin began, but Jason shushed her.

Then the stallion cantered around behind the mare again.
She seemed to brace herself, when suddenly the stallion
moved up behind her and rose above her haunches. Erin gasped
as she saw a two-foot-long shaft sticking out straight and
hard from the stallion's underside. She'd seen enough animals
to know that boy horses and dogs and such all had penises, but
she'd never seen one so big before. As she watched, the
stallion lunged forward and the penis seemed to disappear
inside the mare. She gasped again. How could all that fit
inside her?

Erin and Jason watched in silence as the stallion rutted at
his mate before pulling off and trotting away. They were
close enough that Erin could see some kind of white goo
around the stallion's penis as he pulled out.

"What were they doing?" she asked her brother.

"I'm not sure," he said, "but I think that's how they make
baby horses."

"What? Like that? Oh!" Erin had seen pregnant animals
before, and even her own mother; she knew that babies came
out of the mother's stomach, and from whispered
conversations and snatches of talk amo
ng the kids at school,
she'd figured out that a man was somehow involved too. But
the mechanics of it all had eluded her until now.

"Thanks for bringing me her, Jason," she said fervently.
"That was great! But ... well, I still think there are some
things I don't understand."

"Like what?" Jason hadn't gotten a much better sex
education than Erin had, but a week of watching the horses go
at it had made him an expert, he thought.

"Well, how does what they did make a baby, exactly?"

"Uh, I'm not sure," Jason said, looking away.

"Oh. Well, how does that big rod thing fit inside the girl
horse? It looked way too fat to go in anywhere."

"Uh, I think -- well, I don't know," her brother said quietly.

"Oh. Well ... do you know how come that thing was so big? I
mean, I've seen boy horses with p-penises, right? But they've
never been that big."

Jason's face lit up with a smile. "Oh, I know that one," he
said brightly. "It gets big sometimes. All of them do. ... Even

Erin reached out a hand and pushed Jason over onto his
back. "Oh, go on! Yours doesn't get that big! Where would you
put it?" She reached down to his crotch, grabbing at him. They
giggled as they wrestled on the ground, rolling over and over,
until both were about out of breath. As Erin slipped aside,
Jason rolled over to face her.

"Well, silly, of course it doesn't get THAT big," he said.
"But it does get bigger than usual. Like ... well, like now."

Erin glanced down and noticed that the bulge in his
trousers did look more obvious than usual. Still suppressing
the last of her giggles, she reached out to touch. Her eyes
widened. "Wow, that's really hard," she said. "How did it get
that way? Does it hurt?"

"Naw," her brother answered. "Not really. Except it feels
kinda cramped. But it's OK."

"Cramped?" Erin asked thoughtfully. "Maybe you should take
it out."

Now it was Jason's turn to get wide-eyed. "Take it out?" he
squealed. "But ..."

"Aw, please, Jason," Erin begged. "I wanna see it. Come on,
I've seen you before."

"What? When?"

"Oh, you silly, did you think when we go skinny-dipping at
the pond I don't peek around the bushes? Haven't you peeked at

"Well, sometimes," Jason said, shyly. "But ... well, you've
never seen me like this, I bet."

"Well, then, it's high time. Come on, let me see!" She
reached out and slipped a finger into his fly, slipping one of
the buttons open. They looked about ready to burst, anyway.

Jason rolled away, but under Erin's soft pleading he soon
slipped off his trousers and pulled down his shorts. Even
though he was lying on his back, his penis stood straight up,
six inches of hard, thick shaft.

Erin crawled over to look more closely. Her warm breath
fluttered at the tip of Jason's penis as she turned her head
from side to side.

"Can I touch it?"

Jason nodded.

Her touch was soft and gentle, but still it sent a shiver
through him. Erin's fingertips slipped up and down the stiff
shaft, tracing out the flare of the helmet, the small opening
at the tip, the skin stretched smooth down to the base and the
floppy sac. Jason winced slightly when Erin experimentally
squeezed one of the soft organs she felt inside the sac; she
released the pressure quickly.

"Sorry, Jase," she whispered.

"It's OK," her brother said. He couldn't get over how
different it felt to have someone else touching him there.
Watching the horses the last week, he'd often felt his penis
swell, and he'd touched himself, but it had never felt this
good. He could go on like this forever, he thought.

But in time Erin sat up, taking her hands away but still
eyeing his rod as she spoke.

"Uh, Jason, about that other question I asked..."

"You mean how they make a baby? I just don't know. But I
think they have to be old enough or somethin', 'cause I heard
Grandpa saying something once about ..."

"That's not what I mean," Erin said. "The other question --
about how it fits in?"


"Well, I was wondering ... Do you think we could try it?"

"You mean -- you mean like they did? Us? Me and you?"

"Yes, well, I mean -- don't you wonder what it's like? When
they were doing it, I felt -- kinda -- well, funny -- all warm
and tingly. Down by my hole. Like where the boy horse put it in
the girl horse. It felt kinda good, but I bet what they did felt

Jason didn't take long to answer. "I'd really like to, Erin.
Are you sure it's all right?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I mean, do you think the horses were brother and

Erin laughed. "I don't know, but I don't think they cared
much!" Jumping to her feet, Erin quickly slipped off her dress
and slid down her underpants. She didn't wear anything else;
her breasts had developed into noticeable rises on her chest,
but money was too scarce to waste on frivolous things like
brassieres. Naked now, the young girl shivered slightly as a
cool breeze swept through the meadow. As it died down, she
got down on all fours, presenting her buttocks to her brother,
who had pulled off his shirt and shoes and came up behind her.

Jason felt his penis, already stiff and hard, grow even
bigger as he admired his sister's slim body. Bowing to his
urges, he moved forward, looming over her. His penis prodded
forward, jabbing into her cheeks and then slipping between

"Ow!" Erin slumped forward. "Not there, Jason!"

"I'm sorry," he mumbled.

"Oh, it wasn't so bad. Here, let's try again. I'll help." Erin
got into position again, this time reaching between her legs
to grasp her brother's erect member. He shuffled forward on
his knees as she pulled his penis to the entrance of her vagina.
It was already slightly wet -- the result of Erin's excitement
while watching the animals. But Jason's big penis still
couldn't quite penetrate.

"It's no use," he said, starting to pull back, but Erin held on.

"Wait," she said. "I've got an idea." Taking her hand from
Jason's penis, she stroked herself. Soon she was lubricated
enough that she could put three of her own fingers inside her.

This time when Jason moved forward, he was able to
penetrate his sister with just a bit of pressure. He groaned as
his helmet slipped past the entrance. The feeling seemed to
turn on a switch inside him; he wildly plunged forward as he'd
seen the stallion do. Very quickly he felt something barring
his way, but in his lust-maddened haste he drove forward
again and again until he burst through.

As he did, Erin squealed in surprise and pain. She would
have fallen on her face if Jason hadn't had his arms wrapped
around her as he massaged her small breasts. He was still
bucking into her, but Erin managed to slow him down for
awhile until the pain went away, gradually replaced by a
warm, thrilling feeling.

Just as Erin was beginning to move to meet Jason's
thrusts, he began to grunt and groan and then flopped onto her
back as she felt a hot jolt inside her.

When Jason pulled his shrinking penis out of her, they saw
the same kind of gooey white substance that had been on the
stallion's shaft. Tentatively, Erin took some on her finger and
brought it to her lips.

"Mmmmm," she said, "not bad. But I still don't feel as good
as I thought I would. Can we do it some more?"

Jason insisted that he couldn't, but even as he said that his
penis was once again growing thick and long. Eagerly Erin got
on her knees again and Jason moved in behind.

Quickly they fell into a passionate rhythm, Jason's penis
driving into his sister's vagina over and over. Erin was pulling
out tufts of grass as she struggled for a grip, trying to push
back as far as she could to take Jason all the way into her.

"This is great!" she shouted into the ground before her. "Oh,
yes, do it more, do it harder! Please, Jason, more! I want it

Jason's hands were slipping on her sweaty body as he
pushed in and out, and his knees were beginning to slid on the
turf. Then all at once he lost his hold and fell next to Erin, his
penis slipping out as his shoulder hit the ground.

A quick check proved no damage done, but when Jason
began to mount his sister again she told him to wait.

"I've got an idea," she said, turning over so that she was on
her back. She spread her legs wide and beckoned her brother to
enter her that way.

As she'd hoped, it worked -- and she found she could take
even more of him that way. The soft earth proved a cushiony
bed as they bucked against each other, Jason's cock burying
itself to the hilt in his young sister's body.

This way, too, Jason could bend down and kiss her. At first
it was a tentative peck, but Erin reached up and pulled his
head onto hers as she opened her mouth to him. Soon their
tongues met as they ground their mouths together and then
went on, licking and suckling their necks and chests. All the
while Jason kept up his frantic motions, driving himself into


"That's it!" she urged him on. "Drive it into me! Oh, yes,
Jason, that feels so good! Deeper, deeper! Oh, yes, oh,
aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyaaaaaahhhhhhh!" Her slender hips
began to quiver and shake and soon trembling wracked her
entire body. Desperately she clutched her brother's waist as
she felt herself losing control, giving herself over completely
to passion. The sensations sent Jason over the edge too, and
again he felt a boiling inside him erupt in a hot stream
coursing through his penis and exploding into his sister.

=== === === ===

After that it became a weekly ritual -- daily during the
summer -- for Erin and Jason to slip away from the house and
go down to the pasture. After awhile, they grew too impatient
to take the long walk and they didn't need the horses' example
to stir them up, so they made love in a sheltered spot near
their old meeting place at the crossroads.

They were there one summer afternoon, lost in passion as
Jason plunged his penis into his sister's hot, wet hole, when a
girl's voice interrupted their lovemaking.

"Jason Walton! Erin! What do you think you're doing?"

It was their sister, Mary Ellen. She was closer to Jason's
age than Erin was, but as the oldest girl she gave herself a
few airs and usually didn't associate much with the middle
children. Mary Ellen had the Walton beauty, burst forth into
full womanhood -- full breasts, slender and shapely legs, a
full mouth and soft, smooth skin.

As she came into view, pushing aside a pair of bushes,
Jason slipped out of Erin and knelt over her, covering himself
with his hands. Erin just lay back, craning her neck to look up
at her sister.

There was a moment of silence as the older girl took in the
scene. She didn't have any more formal sex education than her
brother and sister, but she'd heard more in the schoolyard and
one of her girlfriends had once showed her a pair of dogs
mating, so it didn't take her long to figure out what was going
on. Her face grew red as she looked down and saw the head of
Jason's penis peeking out above his wide-spread hands.

Erin and Jason braced themselves for a tongue-lashing, but
instead Mary Ellen's voice was soft. "Was it ... did you ... how
does it feel?"

Erin broke into a freckled grin. "It's great! Really, really
great! Jason's gotten really good at it, he can get himself hard
two or three times in a row!"

Now it was Jason's turn to blush.

"Really?" Mary Ellen took a couple of steps forward.

"Yes." Erin scrambled to her knees and turned toward her
sister. "Do you ... do you want to try it?"

"Oh, could I?" Mary Ellen blurted out. Then she clapped her
hands to her mouth, as if unwilling to believe what she'd just
said. But, before she could change her mind, Erin was at her
side, unbuttoning Mary Ellen's dress and reaching up to pull it
off her.

Very soon, Mary Ellen was on the ground, her legs spread.
Jason moved toward her, but Erin stopped him with a look.
"Remember our first time? I have to get her ready first," his
younger sister said.

With that, Erin knelt between Mary Ellen's legs. She
caressed the insides of her sister's thighs, her fingers
drawing ever closer to the furry patch that partly obscured
her labia. Erin's own crotch was silky smooth, but Jason had a
coarse mat of hair at the base of his penis, so she wasn't
surprised at Mary Ellen.

As Erin's fingertips brushed the sensitive lips, her older
sister moaned softly and spread herself even wider. Erin ran
her fingers up and down and soon Mary Ellen's juices were
flowing. Erin's fingers spread them open and slipped inside,
drawing a deep sigh. Erin bent down and touched a finger to
her lips. Smiling a bit, she then bent down further until her
mouth was so close Mary Ellen could feel Erin's warm breath
on her. Then, to the older girl's surprise, and perhaps to Erin's
too, the younger sister slipped her tongue inside Mary Ellen.

Under Erin's probing tongue, Mary Ellen soon was bucking
and twisting on the ground, her long hair flailing around her.
In time Jason grew impatient and came up behind Erin, trying
to enter her in the old way.

Erin raised her buttocks to him and he drove in, driven wild
by the sight before him: Mary Ellen, her full, womanly body
naked and being eaten by his equally naked younger sister. He
plunged into Erin's steaming hot vagina, reveling in the tight
squeeze as she met his every thrust.

Mary Ellen began to shout incoherently under Erin's
tantalizing ministrations. She entangled both hands in her
younger sister's hair as she tried to press Erin's tongue
deeper into her. Suddenly, her body arched and stiffened,
driving Erin back and propelling Jason onto his behind.
"AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!" Mary Ellen screamed. "Oh, oh,

"Mary Ellen, quiet! Someone will hear us!" Erin pleaded, but
her older sister could not control her shouts. Finally Erin
moved up and planted her lips on Mary Ellen's silencing her
with a long, deep kiss. As she did, she took advantage of the
older girl's passion to drive two of her fingers deep inside
Mary Ellen's vagina, piercing the thin membrane as Jason had
pierced hers. Mary Ellen was so lost in her orgasm that she
never even winced.

Mary Ellen finally calmed down and Erin moved aside. The
older girl was so overcome by the sensations that at first she
didn't realize what was happening when Jason moved over her.
She was so slick from Erin's probings that he slid into her

"Hey," she said, still slightly in a daze, "what are you ...
ooooooh. Oh. OH. OHOHOH!" As Jason picked up the pace Mary
Ellen kept up with him, her hips rising to meet him. He bent
down to her chest, enjoying the difference as he sucked and
nibbled at breasts that were more ample than Erin's.

The younger girl was jealous as she saw her brother so
obviously relishing the bigger girl's endowments. But then she
caught Mary Ellen's eye and the older sister winked. In a flash,
Erin was standing over her sister's face and lowering herself
down. Mary Ellen reached up to ease Erin's labia down as she
flicked her own tongue up to meet them. The sensations sent
shocks through Erin's body and she had to bend down, putting
her hands on the ground on either side of Mary Ellen's chest, to
keep from falling over completely. Jason raised his head from
his older sister's breasts and he and Erin kissed deeply, their
tongues hungrily seeking each other's out. And through it all,
Jason kept driving his rock-hard penis into Mary Ellen's vagina
as the older girl bucked up at him. Soon she had her legs
wrapped tightly around her brother's waist and her heels were
digging into his buttocks, urging him deeper and deeper into

Erin was the first to come. The orgasm rocked her so hard
she was driven off her sister's face; she ended up backed up
against a tree, her young body shaken again and again by
tremors of delight.

Jason's powerful plunging was met with equally forceful
movements by his older sister.

"You were right!" Mary Ellen called out to Erin. "This is
great! Oh, Jason, yes, yes, more! Mmmppph, harder!"

Sweat was pouring off Jason's slim body as he pistoned his
hips into her, his balls slapping wetly against her thighs as he
drove in. All at once he saw stars as he felt the familiar
surge building and then blasting into his sister, wave after
wave pulsing through his shaft. "Mary Ellen, I'm ... gaaaahhhh ...
I'm ..." He could say no more as the uncontrollable surge of
emotions drained him of all feeling. As he collapsed onto his
sister, she bucked up at him stiffly, her own brand of orgasm
launching her into a series of wild gyrations that finally
quieted down into a warm glow.


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