Waltons: Walton Family Exploration
by KHenne

Zeb Walton was a hard work elderstatesman of the family. He was a vetern
of the Spanish American war. He helped his son John run a mill on there
property. Zeb knew the mountain well. He had taken his oldest grandson
Johnboy last year to show him the orignal family property on the mountain.
He was taking his oldest grand daughter Mary Ellen tomorrow. They would
start out early in the morning about 6 a.m. Mary Ellen was going to be 14
years old tomorrow. She had started to grow up in the last year. Mary Ellen
was still a tomboy at times playing baseball and climbing trees. Her best
friend was a boy named D.W. He liked her a lot and want to be her boyfriend.
She was good in school and helped other students. Mary Ellen was excited
about going with grandfather. They packed some food and brought cups to
drink with.

Zeb had hidden some pop for this occasion. Zeb was leaving the room quietly
with his shoes in his hands. He put on a pot of coffee for the family. They
left and walk toward the mountain. It took them about 2 hours to get up the
mountain. Zeb got winded twice during the climbing up the mountain and they
stopped. They talked about different things during the walk.

Grandpa had a plan to seduce Mary Ellen today. He had been working on this
for the last 6 months. Mary Ellen's body had been changing and he took
notice. She was 5' 6" tall which was average for a girl. Grandpa stood 6'3"
tall and her dad was 6'1". At times she felt uncoordinated. She had tried
talking with her mother about the changes. Her mother had told about the
birds and the bees. There were things she didn't know yet.

Jeb and Mary Ellen rested a while while on the mountain. She looked at her
Grandpa and asked him to answer a question. "Would he show her how to kiss?"

Grandpa told her "Sure it will be out secret."

They got comfortable and Grandpa leaned it and gentle kissed Mary Ellen.
They kissed for about a minute. When they broke it off she told him, "That's
a regular kiss."

He told her "I'll be D.W. I'll kiss you like a boyfriend they are special

They kissed for a few minutes in the special way. Maryellen liked kissing
like this. They made out for about 15 minutes. Grandpa got a hardon from
kissing Mary Ellen. Mary Ellen was flush she had never felt like this before.
She looked at her Grandpa and asked, "Can we do that again?"

He told her sure and they kissed again for about 20 minutes this time. When
they broke off the kiss Grandpa told her, "I'm starved."

They ate lunch and drank the pop.Maryellen had listened to her parents made
love the other night. She was thinking about it. Grandpa asked her, "What
are you thinking about?"

She looked at him and said, "I was wondering what sex is like. I listened to
mom and dad the other night. She asked her Grandpa "Would you please make me
a women?"

Grandpa asked her "Are you sure about this?"

Mary Ellen told him yes. She lied down the blanket on the grass. They slowly
stripped each other while kissing each other. She was impressed by his size.
He had at least 9 inches. Grandpa told her, "I'm going to help you enjoy

He licked, kissed and fingered her to a screaming organism. She mounted him
and he told her" this might hurt a little".He lubed himself with spit and
held her hips He slid about 3 inches in and reched her hymen. She slid up
and down a few times trying to get more into her. He pulled her down hard
and she screamed ouch.They rested a few minutes and contuined. They screwed
slowly and increased speed.

Mary Ellen told her Grandpa, "I'm having another one!"

Grandpa screwed her for another 10 minutes and he told her "I'm cumming!"
as her blew 4 loads into her. They collasped onto each other. When they

She told her Grandpa "Thank you that was the best birthday present ever".

They started down the mountain a little while later. Zeb seemed to have more
pep in his step. Mary Ellen had a glow about her. They found a small stream
and got some water for the walk back. They arrived back about 3 p.m. Granpa
went in and tried dancing with his wife of 40 years. Mary Ellen was talking
up a storm. Her mother remember Johnboy when he got back from the trip he was
a chatterbox.

Part 2

When Johnboy graduated from from school the family was proud of him. He had
graduated valaditorion of his class. A few days later Grandpa took him down
to see the Baldwin sisters. They had told the family they were going to town.

When they arrived at the Baldwin house Mamie met them at the door. The house
they owned was beautiful. The other sister Emily entered the room and greeted
there guests. The sister congratulated Johnboy and gave him a gift. Mamie
said "I think we need some receipt for this occasion."

Her sister and Zeb agreed with the statement. They poured 4 glasses and
toasted Johnboy. Johnboy coughed after the first sip this was home made
moonshine. It seemed to relax him a few minutes later. They had a second
glass of the receipt. Johnboy declined it and sat on the couch. Ms Emily
sat down next to him and they started talking. Emily moved closer to
Johnboy while talking with him. Johnboy learned alot about the sisters
history. Emily placed her hand on Johnboy's thigh. He sort of liked it buthad no experience with women. She told him to relax and enjoy her company.

Mamie was making out hot and heavy with Zeb a few rooms away. She knew he
would probably screw her in a few minutes. The sisters had been Zeb lovers
for years. Zeb reached down and pulled her pantyhose and panties off. They
lied down on the bed and he quicked mounted her. Mamie gasped as Zeb entered
her. He fucked her with long hard strokes for 10 minutes. She gripped his
cock tightly with her muscles. He groaned "I'M cuumming!" and let loose with
2 hot loads. They quicked fixed each other up and listened for Emily and

Johnboy was getting his first blowjob. His cock was deep in Emily's throat.
She sucked him hard and deep for about 12 minute. He said, "Emily, I'm... Oh
Yes!" as he shot 4 loads into her mouth which she swallowed easily.

Grandpa and Mamie had smiles on their faces watching Johnboy.

Johnboy snuck off 3 times to see the Baldwin sisters over the summer. He got
laid once from the both of them and got a blowjob from Mamie. He felt like a
real man after that summer.

Part 3

Mary Ellen still felt at times like a little girl trying to grow up. She
looked to her father and older brother for guidance. Her mother was a
beautiful women who was deeply religious. She tried asking her mother once
how love was suppose to feel like. She explained it in general terms to
Mary Ellen and told her "You're to young to be in love."

Mary Ellen went to Johnboy. He tried to help her through her teen years.
Johnboy would stop what he was doing if she asked a question. She felt
comfortable asking him questions. Mary Ellen thought a lot about her
brother. He started to masturbate thinking of Mary Ellen. She gave him
hard-ons reguarly.

One night when they kissed goodnight someone head moved the wrong way and
it became a 2 minute closed mouth kiss on the lips. They stared at each
other for about a minute and said goodnight. That night both of them thought
about the kiss.

A few days later Johnboy left a note for Mary Ellen to meet him. They met
up at location and stared at each other for a minute. Johnboy grabbed Mary
Ellen and kissed her hard. It didn't take long for them to get turned on.
Johnboy lead her over to the bed and they lied down. Johnboy liked kissing
his sister cause she was a very good kisser. Neither of them had much
experience. They stripped slowly as they made out. Mary Ellen had become
very wet while they made out. Johnboy mounted Mary Ellen and she told him
be gentle.

They fucked slowly making out deeply. He screwed her for 15 minutes and they
climaxed together. He blew 3 loads into her as her organism was getting
stronger. It was the best either of them had. They dressed quickly and didn't
speak. Mary Ellen felt great afterward she was very happy. Johnboy thought
why does she have to be my sister. He loved her so much and would have liked
to date her.

Part 4

John Walton was a 43 year old father of 7. He ran the mill with his father.
He still had a good sex life with his wife of 20 years. One day about 2 weeks
after his 20 year anniversity he cheated on his wife. They made a large
delivery to a company in Charlotsville. On the way back they stopped by the
Baldwin sisters' house. The sisters has started early today with the receipt.
The ladies each had 2 glasses in them already. Zeb and John each had a glass.
Emily started to make out with Zeb on the couch.

Mamie stood and waved for John to follow her. She went into the beroom and
stripped. She was getting herself ready when John came into the room. Mamie
told John "I know it is late and you have had a long day but I need to get

He stripped quickly and mounted Mamie. They screwed for about 20 minutes he
gave her long hard strokes. She had wrapped her legs around him tightly. He
blew 4 loads into her sopping pussy. John had not been laid like that in a
long time. He dressed quickly and walked back to the living room. His father
was dressing and so was Emily. Mamie joined them about 2 minutes later. They
all kissed goodbye and they got home about 20 minutes later. John and Zeb
had talked on the way home. John asked "Are the sisters always that

Zeb tells him "Not always. Sometimes just give blowjobs." He told his son, "I
visit when I can. Most times I go there for the receipt."

Part 5

Jason has always been the musical one in the family. He was self taught of
the guitar. His speciality was the piano. When he practiced his grandma
always seemed happy. He was out walking one day when he came upon this couple
screwing in a field. He heard the moans and saw them. The woman had the
biggest tits he had ever seen. Jason realized he had a major hardon. He
started to jerk off watching the couple fucking.

The woman had been riding him got up and dropped down to her knees. The male
stuck his huge penis into her mouth. The woman slowly sucked his cock. He
grabbed her her head and hair and increased her speed. They were doing it for
10 minutes when the male groaned and blew 3 loads on her face. The woman had
her mouth open hoping to get some to swallow.

Jason blew his load about 2 minutes later onto the fence. It was the best
load he ever shot.

Jason went back for a few days and the couple was there every day. He thought
of his older sister Mary Ellen as he jerked off to the couple.

The next day he went there and Erin found him jerking off. She was wondering
why he was out there. When Erin got close to him she asked Jason "What are
you doing?"

He let go of his cock and ran to her with his pants open. She started to
scream he grabbed her and threw her to the ground. He told her "Shut up and
follow me."

They crawled over near the fence and he showed her the couple. Erin was wide
eyed for a few minutes. Jason's hard-on was painful so he lied on his back
and started to jerk off again. Erin watched the girl give a blowjob. She
looked at Jason who asked her "Want to try it?"

She stuck his cock into her mouth and went up and down. He told her use
your tongue and don't bite. She sucked him off for about 5 minutes. She was
enjoying this. Jason played with her hair and knew he was close. Jason
started to cum about 2 minutes later. Erin felt his cock jerk and she choked
on his cum. She spit out his cock and threw up. She then hit Jason and told
him, "You're evil."

Erin would not talk or look at him for a week. He tried to apoligize to her
saying he was sorry and told her you were pretty good at it".

Part 6

Erin followed her sister Mary Ellen when she went for a walk with her
boyfriend DW. She watched them afterward go to a place wher they could not
be seen. They talked and kissed softly as he stroked her face. The kissing
got intense and it affected Erin.

That night as she lied in bed she heard Mary Ellen moaning. She got up
quickly and started over to see if Mary Ellen was ok. She saw Mary Ellen
masturbating in bed. Erin watched as Mary Ellen came hard and screamed
into her pillow. Her fingers had been flying up and down on her clitoris.
Mary Ellen rolled over and went to sleep. Erin was turned on and tossed
around the rest of the night.

A few nights later Mary Ellen noticed Erin staring at her. Erin told her, "I
was wondering how I can become as beautiful as you."

Maryellen told her "Thanks and do you masturbate?"

Erin looked at her and said, "No, what is that?"

Maryellen told her, "I'll teach you if you want."

They both stripped the panties off and Erin lied in bed. Erin spread her legs
and Mary Ellen showed her were her clit is on her. She followed her sister's
instructions and Erin had trouble finding hers. Mary Ellen took Erin's hands
and placed her finger on it. She told Erin to wet her fingers with spit. A
few minutes later she told her keep your thumb on her clit and stick a finger
into your pussy. Erin got real hot and enjoyed it. She came real hard about
10 minutes later.

Afterward she hugged Mary Ellen telling thank you. They stared at each
other for a minute afterward. They said goodnight and Mary Ellen went to her
room. Erin masturbated again that night thinking of Mary Ellen. She came real
hard and passed out.

Part 7

When Mary Ellen graduated from high school she knew already what she wanted
to be already. Mary Ellen took the entrance exam for nursing school. The
local doctor had encouraged her and gave her books to study. She studied hard
and got into nursing school. The classes were hard as well as her studies.
She was in the middle of the class of 30 students. The local doctor passed
away while she was at nursing school.

A young brash doctor came and rearranged his office to be his own. Mary Ellen
got into a argument with him about 15 minutes after meeting him. They were
both strong willed and didn't give up easily. She thought about what they had
said and went back there 2 days later and apologized. He did also to her.

They started to date shortly afterward and after 6 months he proposed to her.
He was in the army reserve and knew he might get called up soon after the war
broke out. They got married about a year before the war broke out. Mary Ellen
got pregant soon into the marriage. When she recieved work of him being
killed at Pearl Harbor she was numb.

It took her parents a day to get her to open up. She barely even cried
afterward. Mary Ellen threw herself into working to be the best nurse around.
Erin became Mary Ellen best friend and confident. The family pitched in to
watch her child when she had to work.

Part 8

Grandma was not herself according to grandpa. Mary Ellen and John looked at
her and agreed and took her to the hospital. Mary Ellen had thought her
Grandma had a stroke but couldn't really tell. They brought her into the
hospital and the doctors examined her. The doctor came out and told Zeb,
John and Mary Ellen that grandma had a stroke. She was paralyzed on her
leftside and couldn't talk. Zeb was devasted at hearing the news. He was
not a religous person but became one because of what happened. He stayed at
the hospital for a week until she stablized.

A few days later his daughter-in-law found him crying in the kitchen. She
held him as he cried and told her. "I don't know what I will do if I lose

They went down to his room where he gained his composure. He kissed her to
thank her and it became a long hard kiss and she was kissing him back just
as hard. The kiss broke off about 10 minutes later and she was flushed. Zeb
had thought about her once years ago. They stared at each other for a minute.
She left the room and went back to cleaning the house. He decided he would
try and seduce her.

A few days later they met in his room again. They made out for about 15
minutes and Zeb was squeezing her breasts and she was not resisting. Oliva
was liking this very much she could feel him rubbing against her. He was
left high and dry again.

The next day she went to grandpa's room and found Mary Ellen giving her
Grandpa a blowjob. She went into the bathroom she masturbated hard and fast
till she came.

A week later he went for a walk with Oliva to the general store. They walked
about halfway there and Grandpa pulled her into the woods. He pulled her
panties down and bent her over a rock. He lubed his cock with spit he then
proceed to fuck her asshole. She was ripped open by his large cock. She
moaned a lot but didn't scream as tears ran down her face. She proceeded to
finger herself to an organism. When Zeb blew his load into her ass she felt
warm inside and weak. Olivia gather herself up and looked at Grandpa and told
him, "Next time just ask I might suprise you."

Part 9

Corabeth a Ike Godsey had a general store on the mountain at the crossroads.
They were the center point of activity. Corabeth was a sophiscated women. She
had been educated in private schools. When Jason had shown musical talent she
took him under her wing. They would use the piano at her house. Jason told
her "We could use the one at my house."

There was too much activity there you will be interupped from studying. Jason
practiced there 3 times a week after school. Corabeth was a good teacher to
him she knew and understood music. They had been together about 9 months when
Corabeth arranged for Jason to play at a concert. Jason didn't think he was
ready for it. Corabeth advised him you are ready for it. When he was leaving
she gave Jason a kiss on the lips. This surprised Jason and he liked it.

He dreamed that night about Corabeth. Corabeth surprised herself by kissing
him. She had been getting feelings towards him. The next time they met both
acted if nothing had happened. When the lesson ended they both looked at
each other leaned in and kissed. The kiss lasted a few minutes with tongues
seeking each other out. When the kiss broke off she walked him to the door.
She told him, "I'll see you on friday."

Jason walked home with a hardon and a memory. Corabeth took a shot of liqour
and went to her bed and started masturbating. She masturbated fast and came
hard saying "yes Jason fuck me harder."

A few weeks later he lost his virginity to her. They screwed hard and fast
Jason coming quickly. They rested a few minutes and tried it again. She
climbed on top of him and went slow. She helped him control himself better.
They screwed for about 25 minutes Jaon told Corabeth "I'm cumming". Corabeth
tightned her muscles and told him, "We will cum together."

They fucked for another 5 minutes and Corabeth told him now. Jason never felt
anything so wonderful in his life. When they recovered they both thanked each
other. Corabeth told Jason your very good and in need of regular practice.
They kept there 3 times a week practice the middle day they screwed.

Corabeth started drinking more since the affair started. She was doing a shot
prior to the meeting. Jason screwed her in multiple postions and gave him
blowjobs regularly. Ike noticed his wife drinking on occasion but now it was
increasing. He tried to speak to her about it but was ignored by her.

The end of the affair came as quickly as it started. Corabeth had a crazy
idea about opening a dance school in the next town over. She rented the space
with money she had kept hidden. They were able to get a few students to join.
Corabeth was drunk and tried to teach dance. She fell twice when teaching the
children. Some parents witnessed this and removed there children from classs.

A hour later all the students were gone. She climbed in the car with daughter
Amy and Elizabeth Walton. They were driving home and Corabeth passed out
while driving. The car hit a fence to the property next to the store. Ike and
John ran down to the car. The kids were scared but unhurt. They carried her
into the store and put her on the pool table. She awoke to the smelling

John left with Elizabeth and drove home. John explained to his daughter that
Corabeth had a illness. Ike spoke with Amy later that day. He explained to
her that mom was sick and needed to go to the hospital for a while. When
Corabeth left for the hospital Ike and Amy got closer.

Part 10

She learned and grew up alot during the time her mom was away. Ike taught her
how to cook a few things and she kept the house clean. When they said good
night the first night he gave her a kiss on the forehead. Amy told him "Mommy
kisses me on the lips."

She kissed him on the mouth and he thought he felt tongue on his lips. The
next night he asked her, "Would you like to sleep in bed with me?"

They kissed for a few minutes before settling down to sleep.

The next day the Baldwin sisters came into the store for a few items. They
told Ike "We're sorry to hear about your wife we are praying for her."

They invited him and Amy to dinner that night. It was a friday night he
agreed she could sleep in.

At dinner that night each sister spoke with Amy and told her your mom will be
back soon. Amy had pop to drink that night with dinner. Ms Emily gave her
some pop with receipt in it. Ike had a glass after dinner.

When they arrived home she asked if she could sleep with him again tonight.
Amy felt comfortable lying in bed with her dad. Ike kissed his daughter good
night slowly. They kissed deep for about 10 minutes. Amy broke the kiss off
and told her dad "I think i just peed myself and the bed."

He worked his finger to the outside of her panties which were moist. He told
her to take them off and let them dry. He slipped a finger into her and she
was getting wet. Amy told him that feels real nice when you touch me there.
Ike fingered her till she had her first orgasm. Amy came to a few minutes
later and asked what happened to her. Ike told her you had your first orgasm.
She kissed her father hard and deep for about 10 minutes and then told him
"Do that to me again." He fingered her again till she was sopping wet and
came just as hard as before.

When she woke up the next morning she made breakfast and helped her father in
the store for a little while. She left near noon and went to find Elizabeth
Walton. When Ike closed up that evening around 6:00 pm Amy wasn't back yet he
though. He checked the house and there he found her in his bed masturbating
"Yes, daddy, that feels so good!"

The site of his little girl doing that gave Ike a raging hardon. He quickly
stripped and climbed into bed with her. She opened her eyes and saw her
father on the bed with her. Amy was afraid she would be in trouble. He
quickly crawled up to her and gave a deep kiss. She relaxed and kiss him

When Ike awoke a few hours later there was Amy sleeping on his chest. He
looked at this beautiful girl who he had just made love to. She did it
better then her mom. When she awoke the next morning and they went to
service. She was told she had a glow about her from the Baldwin sisters.

A few nights later he taught her how to suck his cock. This was something
she liked to do nightly. He never fucked her again during the time her mom
was away but she gave nightly blowjobs.

Part 11

When Corabeth arrived back home she noticed how close Amy had gotten with
her father. She sent Amy to a school in Philadelphia. Amy didnt want to go
but her mother told her she needed better education. She had gotten a good
eucation during the 9 months she was away. Amy came back mature and
developed. Elizabeth went to visit her the second day she was back. She
could not believe how grown up she had become. The words she used around
her that day to prove how much smarter she was then Elizabeth.

A few days later Amy and Jim Bob went to the movies Jim Bob was impressed
how smart Amy was. The movies was about 20 minutes old when Jim Bob decided
to see if Amy would fool around. He put his arm around har and she cuddled
with him. A few minutes later they kissed and Amy frenched kissed Jim Bob.
He was impressed she could kiss that good for a 14 yr old girl. He reached
down and massaged her breast while they kissed she moaned into his mouth
her approval. They held hands walking back from the movie. Jim Bob was
daydreaming thru supper. Amy masturbated herself to the tought of Jim Bob
but didn't climax.

A few days later Amy and Elizabeth went to pick berries. They met Jim Bob
walking near by. A few minutes later Amy went with Jim Bob and Elizabeth
went by herself. She came back a different way and heard moaning. She
listened for a few minutes trying to hear what direction it was coming
from. Elizabeth found her brother screwing her best friend in the woods.
She ran off at the site she saw. How could Amy do that with him. As she
ran she didn't notice where she was and ran down the hill into Bailey's
pond. That awakened her senses she swam across the pond and went home.
When she got home she changed her wet clothes. olivia was not happy to see
her daughter soaking wet. She asked her "I thought you and Amy were going
berry picking."

Elizabeth told her, "We started to and them Amy saw Jim Bob and went with

Jim Bob came home later then excepted the family was eating dinner. He
apolizged and sat and ate his dinner. He told the family how mature Amy had
become. There was a look he had that made grandpa and his dad smile.

Part 12

The day Erin graduated from high school she had mixed emotions. She was glad
to be finished school but sad to be leaving her friends. The party she was
given by her parents she loved. The Baldwin sisters gave her a gift and told
her she must stop by our house soon. Erin called the Baldwin sisters and they
made arrangements to meet the following day.

Erin got a ride down there and knocked on the door. Mamie answered the door
and brought Erin inside. She was told Emily was upset about something. They
were cleaning out an old room and discovered some disturbing information
about their father. He had made Emily boyfriend break up with her. When Mamie
and Emily had removed a picture from the wall a letter had fallen out. The
letter had told Emily everything she needed to know and more. It also told
her to go to there spot and she would find a gift for her. She wanted to go
right away.

It took a while to find the tree Erin reached inside of it and found a small
box. She gave the box to Emily who opened it. It was a engagement ring. They
stared at the ring and Emily hugged them. Miss Emily decided to go to the

The sisters went to the kitchen to get refreshments. They gave a glass of
lemonade with a splash of receipt. The sister had a glass of lemonade with
1/2 receipt. They talked with Erin about writing there family history. When
Erin left the house they both kissed her goodbye.

The next day she arrived at 9:00 am to start the paperwork. Emily gave her
some paperwork to start withand disappeared. The ladies were gone about 30
minutes Erin stoped writing and went to look for them. She found then in the
bedroom Ms Emily on her back having her pussy eaten by Ms. Mamie. Emily was
saying "Yes Ainsley your so good at this".

Mamie ate her a few more minutes till Emily had another orgasm. Emily held
her sister head there until it subsided. Mamie then crawled up to Emily and
kissed her deeply telling her how much they loved each other. Erin had never
seen 2 women together before. She was surprised at how beautiful it looked
and how wet she got from watching it. The sister each had nicely trim bush.

At the end of the day she made out with both of them for a few minutes each.
Erin went to there house for a 2 week period and transcribed there history.
The sister worked a slow seducation of Erin. The last 2 days of the second
week Erin was seduced by one sister each day. She came harder then ever
before. She made love back to each of them. The sister enjoyed this very
much. Erin swore there secret till the grave.

Part 13

A few weeks later Erin read about a job in Virginia Beach. She had a hard
time convincing her parents to let her travel there for a interview. Mary
Ellen told her parents, "I'll go with her if you will watch my son."

They left on a early Friday morning and got there about 10 minutes before her
interview time. Erin interviewed quickly and was told we will let you know.
Mary Ellen met Erin for lunch. They did some sight seeing that afternoon.

They went down to the beach in the late afternoon. The sister took off the
shoes and stocking and went into the water. It was warmed then they expected
and went in deeper. They were out in the knee deep area They held hands as
the waves came in. Erin looked at Mary Ellen who was staring into space. She
decided to horse around with her. The girls were facing each other hand
wrestling when Erin lost her balance and fell into the water. She was smart
enought not to let Mary Ellen go who fell on top of her.

They were both soaked and laughing as they rang out there dresses as theywalk back to shore. They drove back to the hotel and changed. The sisters
went to dinner and came back to the room.

A little while later Mary Ellen opened a bottle of wine. They each had a
glass of wine. The wine relaxed both girls. The sister had become very close
since Mary Ellen became a widow. They decided to dance to music from the
radio. The music was nice as they slowed danced staring at each other. The
song stopped and they kept dancing thru the next song. Erin broke the stare
by looking down at her shoes. She looked up again into Mary Ellen's eyes.
Erin leaned in and kissed Mary Ellen softly. They broke the kiss off after
90 seconds.

Mary Ellen then kissed Erin softly at first and then hard. Mary Ellen tongue
worked is way into Erin's mouth who willingly excepted it. They made out for
about 10 minutes. When the kiss broke off no words were spoken. Mary Ellen
told her sister I'm going to take a shower.

Erin joined her 2 minutes later. They washed each other up and Erin fingered
her sister as they made out. Mary Ellen was moist and came hard about 15
minutes later from Erin;s fingers. Mary Ellen was weak kneeded from her
organism. They dried each other of and walked in the bedroom nude. Erin
climbed into bed first and was then joined by Mary Ellen. Mary Ellen went
down and ate her sister to 2 screaming orgasms. They pledged there love for
each other and fell asleep in each others arms.

They went to breakfast the next morning and walked along the boardwalk. Mary
Ellen ask her sister if she was a virgin. Erin told her no her boyfriend C.W.
at the time asked her to marry him before he shipped out to basic training.
She told him no but she would sleep with him. He gave her a night to remember
him always.

That night after dinner they listened to music and danced again. Mary Ellen
went to bed first and Erin made love to her till Mary Ellen begged her to
stop. Mary Ellen told her "Curt could never do that as well as you did you
have a great tongue."

Mary Ellen fingered Erin till she came hard. They fell asleep holding each
other. When they drove back the next day no words were exchanged. There
parents greeted them and told them they looked great. Mary Ellen told them
I guess it was the beach air.

Part 14

There mother became ill about 2 months after Mary llen and Erin came back
from the weekend. John transported her to the hospital. They admitted her and
diagnosed her with tuberculosis. She was given medication and released about
2 weeks later. She was to transported to Arizona. When they boarded the train
the family knew she would be gone for several months. Mary Ellen explained
the disease to the family.

The next day they had a family meeting. They worked out and divided the
house work. Mary Ellen heard her father crying the second night after his
wife left. She knocked and entered the room. Mary Ellen hugged her father
and calmed him down. Mary Ellen told her father if you need anything I will
do it. John looked at his oldest daughter differently. They looked at each
other for about 2 minutes. John leaned in and kissed Mary Ellen. The kiss
broke off after a few minutes later.

She told her father I will be back in a few minutes. She checked on her son
he was sleeping soundly. She returned to her father room and climbed into bed
with him. They lied in bed talking and kissing. He asked her "Are you sure
about this?"

Mary Ellen told him "Yes, we can help each other thru this."

They made love slowly and reached orgasm together. When they reached orgasm
together it was the best feeling either of them felt. They decided to meet
nightly but not spend the whole night together.

A month after Oliva went away Ben came home with a girl named Cindy. They had
gotten married yesterday. Cindy was a beautiful girl who drove a red sports
car. When Olive saw her with Ben 3 months ago she though the girl was
trouble. Ben called his mother and told her. She asked him "The one with the
red sports car."

They exchanged small talk and dad got the phone back. Olivia though the girl
was a loose easy girl. It didnt take long for the family to have to help her.
Mary Ellen went to help her and she fought with Ben. Mary Ellen spent a few
hours with her that day.

Erin liked her quickly and masturbated that night to the though of her. She
came hard and fell asleep. A few nights later she found out about Mary Ellen
and there dad. Mary Ellen son awoke up in the middle of the night from a
toothache and was crying. He cried for about 10 minutes when Erin got up and
went to him. She picked him up and was quieting him down when Mary Ellen came
into the room about 3 minutes later. They looked at each other and Mary Ellen
took her son. The robe she was wearing came undone and Erin saw Mary Ellen
was nude under it. Maryellen told Erin you can go back to bed now.

The next morning on the way to work Erin asked maryellen where were you last
night. Mary Ellen told her, "Don't you worry about it."

Erin knew from that answer what was going on. She saw Mary Ellen go into
their father's room later that night. She snuck down the hall a few minutes
later and listened. Her father told Mary Ellen, "You get on top you wore me
out last night."

She listened for about 10 minutes as her sister and father made love. She
returned to her room and masturbated to the thought of her father. Erin came
quickly and hard she screamed into her pillow not to awaken Elizabeth.

The next day Maryellen looked beautiful she had a glow about her. On the ride
to work the exchanged small talk. While at work Maryellen slipped a note to
Erin to meet her. Erin met Mary Ellen a few minutes later in a bathroom
stall. They made out for a few minutes.

Mary Ellen asked her if she would be willing to spend the night with daddy.
Erin told her "Yes, I'm willing. I'll have to make sure Elizabeth is

She told Erin "Dad is not sleeping right. He stays awake all night thinking."

Erin asked Mary Ellen, "If dad would like to have a threesome. He could find
us together and join in."

Mary Ellen kissed Erin one more time and went back to work.

That saturday night she got up and went to her father's room. She stripped
and climbed into bed with her father who was sleeping. He awoke a few minutes
later and rolled over to find Erin there. They kissed for a few minutes
deeply. Erin had put her hair into 2 ponytails. He kissed and massaged her
breasts for 20 minutes. When he slipped his finger inside her she was moist.
She asked him in a child's voice if he would "make her a women I've been
saving it for you."

He entered her slowly and couldn't believe how tight she was. He slowly
worked in and out finally opening her up fully. He looked down at his
daughter she had tears in her eyes. He kissed her hard and deep as he
increased his speed. Erin matched him stroke for stroke for 20 minutes.
Daddy told her "I'm cumming!"

Erin moaned "So am I daddy."

It was the incredible feeling both of them as they collasped holding each
other. He woke her about 6am and told her back to your bed. When they went
to services later Mary Ellen told Erin you have a glow about you. Erin told
her, "You get the look from being screwed with style and class."

Part 15

Cindy got pregant after Oliva was gone about a month and Mary llen started to
watch her. They would talk daily and Cindy was always asking questions. She
wanted to know if she could have sex during the pregancy. Mary Ellen told her
to follow the doctors orders. He told me I could and I will until the last

One day after there talk Cindy gave Mary Ellen a kiss. The kiss lasted about
2 minutes. There were no words exchanged afterward just a look.

A few days later Cindy took a walk with Erin to the store they just made
small talk. When Ike saw them he smiled at the girls. The girls picked up a
few items and placed them on the counter. He added up the bill and the girls
were short. Most of the stuff was for Cindy so she gave him an option to Ike.
She told him maybe a blowjob can cover the difference. He decided that would
work for him. They set up behind the counter and she gave him a great
blowjob. She deep throated him a few times during the act. Ike didn't last
too much longer and told her "I'm cummingggg!"

She swallowed every drop and Ike felt weak afterward. Erin gave Ike a deep
hard kiss for about 5 minutes. He was getting another hardon from the kiss.
She told another time we have to get back.

On the walk back home they shared a deep kiss for a few minutes. She opened
up to Erin about her past history. She was the daughter of a army major. She
had served in the army for a year. She was given a medical discharge due to
pregancy. When questioned she refuse to say who the father was cause she
did'nt know for sure.

She lost the baby in her 5th month. The father left her shortly afterward.
Cindy went into a depression and became a loner. She met Ben in Charlotsville
at a movie candy counter. "I know I'm easy it doesnt take much to get me into

Cindy took Erin hand and told her "I want to go to bed with you".

Erin told her "I feel the same for you."

Erin asked her "Have you ever done it with a women?"

Cindy told her "No but I'm curious to see how it feels cause I like kissing

Erin admited to Cindy she masturbates regularly thinking of her. When they
got back Erin helped Maryellen with dinner. Mary Ellen whispered to Erin
"You looked like the cat who swallowed the bird".

Erin swore Mary Ellen to secrecy. She told her "Cindy wants to sleep with

Mary Ellen whispered to her "She will have to fight me for you. Dad asked me
if he could fuck Cindy. I told him thats up to her."

John approached Cindy a few days later in the kitchen and smiled at her.
She asked where Ben was John told her out making a delivery. He went to get
coffee and she told him "I'll get it." She gave him the coffee and sat and
talked him him.

After talking for a few minutes she looked at her father in law and asked him
if he could help her. He looked at her and asked "What's the problem Cindy."

She stood up slowly and told him "I'm horny and need a good fuck."

John told her "I know I can fix that problem."

Thet went to his room with her. She rode him for about 20 minutes and had an
intense orgasm. He reached deeper in her then any other man had. When her
orgasm struck she yelled out "Yes daddy I love you!"

When she departed she kissed him deeply and told him. "After the baby is born
I want to do it again."

Part 16

Elizabeth had always been close to Jim Bob since they were the youngest.
Elizabeth caught Jim Bob masturbating looking in at Cindy. She spooked him
and he tried to act casual. Elizabeth asked him "Why were you spying on

He told her "She beautiful and I want to make love to her."

Elizabeth decided to help him out she dropped to her knees and hauled out
Jim Bob cock. Elizabeth took his cock into her mouth and suck him off. Jim
Bob didn't last to long she it was both there first time doing this. She
was told by her sisters if you do it you must swallow it. When they finished
both of them didnt want to talk.

Jim Bob saw Cindy leave the house and took Elizabeth into the house. He
kissed her deep and hard and slowly worked his hand around her breast.
Elizabeth was turned on and knew what he wanted. They quickly stripped and
climbed into bed she spread her legs for him. Jim Bob looked at her and
told her, "I'll be gentle."

She was sopping wet and he slid in easily. He worked up some speed and then
plunged in hard. Her nails dug into his back as her hymen disappeared they
lied kissing deeply for a few minutes. The kiss broke off and she whispered
to him keep going. He fucked her hard for the next 10 minutes and her
orgasm was close. Jim Bob whispered, "I'm cumming Cindy!" and let loose 4
loads into Elizabeth pussy.

They lied together for another 5 minutes with him still buried in her. When
they seperated there was Ben standing there. They had no idea how long he
been there and knew they were in trouble. Ben told Jim Bob to get dressed
and go do your chores.

Elizabeth was scared as Ben stripped off his clothes. He ordered Elizabeth
to suck his cock. She gave him head for about 5 minutes and he pulled her
off his cock and mounted her. Elizabeth quickly matched his strokes and
they had a intense orgasm together.

As they lied together holding each other Ben told her I love you very much.
She told him she loved him to and kissed him deeply. Cindy walked in and saw
them on the bed together. Cindy walked out of the house and sat outside. When
Elizabeth came out Cindy told her, "When the babys born I want you to come
visit with me."

Elizabeth went into the house Mary Ellen and Erin were making lunch. They
both looked at Elizabeth and knew from the glow she had. She hugged them both
and they explained to her "You cannot tell anyone about this."

Mary Ellen asked her, "Did he cum inside you?"

Elizabeth asked her who did she mean Jimbob or Ben. Mary Ellen took her to
the bathroom and taught how to clean herself. Mary Ellen asked about her
cycle and told her, "You have be careful not to get pregnant."

She asked her if she was sore Elizabeth told her, "No I feel ok."

Mary Ellen took her to her room and had her lie on her back with her feet up.
Mary Ellen looked at Elizabeth and slipped a finger into her. She fingered
her sister for about 2 minutes then added a second finger. Elizabeth
responded to it and told Mary Ellen that feels so good. They kissed for about
5 minutes and Elizabeth broke it off. She moaned "She right there!" and had
an orgasm soaking Mary Ellen's fingers. She told Maryellen she loved her.

Maryellen withdrew her fingers and licked one slowly the second one she gave
Elizabeth to taste herself. Elizabeth told Mary Ellen I taste good and
Maryellen agreed.

Part 17

The next night her sister got Elizabeth ready she wore red stockings held by
a black garter belt and high heels. She appeared nervous to them and told her
you reach the highest level. They told her we both have been there and it is
worth it. She kissed her sisters and took off here heels for the walk down
the hall. She slipped into the room and slepped into bed. John felt the bed
move and waited for 2 minutes before he rolled over. He rolled over and saw
it was Elizabeth. She looked at him and told him "I'm ready daddy".

They kissed deeply for 10 minutes John broke off the kiss and went down on
Elizabeth. He brought her off to a good orgasm. She spread her legs and he
entered her slowly. She moaned and tears started coming to her eyes from
the pain. John's 8 inch cock was strething her open. They got into a rhythm
and Elizabeth was experiencing better feelings then she got yesterday. John
fucked her fast and hard and told her I'm going to cum. She told her daddy,
"I'm cumming tooo!"

They exploded together and John blew 3 loads into her. They collasped holding
each other. He awoke about 5.00 am and told her to go to your bed. She awoke
about 8:00 am when Erin woke her. She told Erin "I'm a little sore but it was
worth it."

Erin kissed her slowly and then hard. Erin went down ate her sister to a
screaming orgasm. Mary Ellen came into the room and watch Erin finishing off
Elizabeth. She kissed Elizabeth and told her your screams woke me up use a
pillow to cover your mouth. Mary Ellen kissed Elizabeth for about 3 minutes
she asked if Erin was good Elizabeth told her yes. Mary Ellen told her "You
stop by later and I'll show you what great feels like."

She told Erin "You should have told me your were thinking about this."

Erin said "It wasn't planned I just did it."

Elizabeth was confused she loved getting fucked by her father and brothers
but she also enjoy the organism Erin gave her. Elizabeth did stop by her
sisters room that night and as promised she reached new pleasure levels.
Elizabeth told her I love it both ways. They worked out a schedule for
sleeping with dad. Elizabeth asked her sisters about Cindy will she be
involded. Mary Ellen told her after she has the baby she can join if she

A month after Cindy had her baby She told the sisters i want in. She slept
with all 3 sisters during the next month until she could fuck again.

When Oliva arrived home 4 months later she found a new grandchild and 4
beautiful daughters and a loving caring husband. Oliva was home about 6
weeks when Mary Ellen seduced her mother. John walked into his bedroom
and found them together. He asked "What is this?"

They told him come join us. They had there first threesome that night with
more to follow.


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