Waltons: Mary Ellen And Ike (Mmf,inc,voy)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Spring time on Walton's Mountain. Bright, beautiful and sunny where the young
girls try to attract men anyway they are able. Mary Ellen, the eldest Walton
daughter, tall, good looking, great figure and a pair of the largest tits a
country girl could own. She is on her way to get some groceries for her mom,
Olivia, who is hot in her own right. She arrives at the town store, run by
Ike Godsey.

Once inside, Ike asks, "What can I do for you Miss Walton?"

"Well Ike, I have this list of items mama wants for her baking," answers Mary

Ike looks over the list she handed him and can't help but to look down the
dress the lady is wearing. He also sees that she has no bra on her ample
breasts. After gathering the items, he hands a bag over to her and in doing
so he arouses her nipples a bit as he rubs his forearm across her dress.

Noticing her nipples hardening Mary Ellen says,"Why Mr. Godsey, you sure no
your way around a woman's body." And then asks; "Would you like to see more
than just down my dress?"

Ike takes a slightly quieter way of answering by saying, "Why not Mary Ellen,
you look ready to be plucked."

With that Ike locks the door to the store, since it isn't busy and returns
to where the young lady stands. Once he stops he notices that Mary Ellen has
removed her dress and stands there in almost naked glory. He lowers down to
his knees and slides the cotton panties form her tight ass. Looking over her
nude body, Ike also sees a thick dark patch of hair adorning her pussy.

While running his fingers around the clit, Ike asks, "Mary Ellen aren't you
still a virgin?"

Mary Ellen is shaking on the spot she now stands and says, "No, my cherry
has not been plucked, so if you are game, I am yours."

Ike takes hold of the lady, squeezes her tits, fondling the nipples and
areolas until she is near to cumming, then he kneels down to stroke the clit
again. He looks over towards a plastic handle and slides it back and forth
under her pussy. She moans in delight, as Ike prepares to eat her pussy.
He lifts her onto the counter and laps up the juices exiting her cunt.
Unbeknownst to them, another Walton child is watching in shock at what is
happening to his sister. Jason continues to watch Ike perform sex or what he
thinks is sex on Mary Ellen.

Once Ike is done eating her hot pussy, he stands up and leads her by the
hand. Gently he gets her to kneel down and tells Mary Ellen to suck his dick.
Since she has done this as punishment to her father it is nothing new to her.
Grabbing his medium length cock, he licks down to the balls and back to the
head, where she proceeds to deep throat the man's cock. Sucking on it for a
half an hour or so, Mary Ellen looks up as Ike's cum sprays all over her

Meanwhile outside the door Jason is still in awe over what his sister can do.
He has lowered his pants and is jerking off at the sight of Mary Ellen's
prowess and huge tits.

Ike is near exhaustion over the best blowjob he has experienced in his life.
Even though it is that close he plunges his cock in the girls ass and fucks
her until she begs him to enter her untouched pussy. Ike fucks the eldest
Walton girl for the longest of time until they both have expended lots of
cum. The floor, Mary Ellen's tits and her stomach are completely cum soaked
after the only man who wanted her has claimed her virginity. By this time
Jason had entered the room and sees his sister lying nude on the floor.

Ike asks, "Would you like to have some of your sister?"

Jason who is shocked by the question says, "Hmmm, why the hell not."

A shocked Mary Ellen looks up to Jason and points to his bulge, then towards
her still burning box. He removes the clothes and lowers himself between the
long legs of Mary Ellen and then takes her to new heights of pleasure. After
twenty minutes of fucking his sister, Jason pulls back and cums on her
stomach and tits. Ike has now re-entered the ass of his lover as Jason leaves
feeling guilty over banging his sister.

Later that afternoon, Mary Ellen sees Jason, reassures him that none will
ever know and that dad has eaten her pussy, as well as she has given a
blowjob to him as punishment at the age of fifteen. Jason feels better as
he explains that their mother has taught him to fuck at the age of thirteen.
The two siblings go to their chores and never let on that they have had each
other. This isn't the last time for these two...

The End


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