Waltons: Part 1 (MF,anal)
by Chels99 ([email protected])

Olivia Walton smiled as she prepared the evenings vegetables at the sink
in the family home. Life was good she had seven wonderful children ranging
from John Boy who was now 18 to Elizabeth who was 8. They were a very close
family. Her husband's Mother and Father (grandpa and grandma as she called
them) still lived with them and took a full part in running the business and
the home.

At that moment she saw the old truck pull up and Grandpa get out, wipe his
brow and make his way to the door. For 75 he still was a powerful man and
helped his son John in the family saw mill when ever he was needed.

She looked behind her shoulder as he walked in and smiled. "Hi Grandpa," she
called, "have you been busy?"

"Only steady Olivia," he replied, "John is finishing off the order so I
thought I would come back and do a few chores." He walked up behind her to
see what was for dinner that evening. "Where is everybody?" he asked.

"The children won't be back from school for an hour yet and Grandma has gone
down to Ike's store for a few things," she replied as she continued to cut up
a Potatoe.

He watched her as she reached over for another one. He moved a step closer
and put his hand on her bottom.

"Grandpa! Behave yourself!" she said in a light amused tone.

"If I can't feel up your gorgeous bottom now and again what's the world
coming to," he replied.

She laughed and continued at the sink as his hand started to grope and
squeeze her buttocks. His hand then moved around to her waist and up to cup
her right breast. "Please Grandpa," she gasped as she felt his groin push up
against her bottom. "I have lots to do before everybody gets home," she

"When is the last time I fucked you?" he whispered in her ear of his

"About 3 months ago," she said remembering she had gone up to the mill only
to find her husband John had gone out and Grandpa was working alone. Within
a few moments he had grabbed her, bent her over a table, yanked up her d
ress, pulled down her panties and given her a good hard fucking with his
overalls around his feet.

"Well don't you think its about time you fulfilled your duties to the elder
statesman of the family?" he smiled gently kissing her neck as he ground his
very hard prick up against her bottom.

"I have been fulfilling those duties for a long time," she laughed casting
her mind back to when John had introduced her to his parents.

She was only eighteen then, married and now living at her in-laws, which
would become her house for the rest of her life. Zeb her father-in-law (she
would only start calling him Grandpa later when she had her own kids) had
fancied her from the start and was soon taking every opportunity to stroke
her bottom and rub himself up against her. When she had mentioned it to John
hoping he would have a word with his father, he had just laughed and said
that in these back waters it was normal and his dad was a very good lover so
she should let him enjoy himself. He then told her to her amazement that his
first sexual experience was with his mother and that also was considered part
of everyday life.

A few days later Zeb had taken her walking to show her the wonderful views
from the top of Waltons Mountain. There he had laid her down unbuttoned her
dress at the front and started sucking her nipples. She had the feeling that
no matter what she said would not stop him doing what ever he wanted, so she
laid there while he pushed up her dress pulled down her panties and got on
top of her. She sighed and accepted it was going to happen whether she wanted
it or not and opened her legs. After a bit of fumbling around with the front
of his trousers she felt his prick push against the entrance of her pussy,
she only had time to utter a lady like OH and he was in her up to the hilt.
He started fucking her with long slow thrusts. As a typical twenty year old
her husbands fucking was all fast passion which meant it did not last long.
Her father in law however took his time making sure each thrust went up as
far as it could go. She soon had wrapped her legs over his back and moved her
hands onto his naked bottom.

Twenty minutes later Zeb was fastening his buttons, Olivia lay there with her
legs still wide apart staring at the sky. She had to admit that it was the
best fuck she had ever had.

That was the start of many sexual encounters she had had with her father
in law. Where as her husband liked her to be an equal partner in their
lovemaking her father in law was always dominant. There was many a time
especially in the first few years of her marriage where she meekly stood
there whilst he felt her up or pulled her clothes off and told her to lay
down. She always told John whenever Zeb had fucked her. It seemed to excite
him and she would whisper in his ear as he was fucking her and tell him of
all the naughty things his dad had done to her.

One day he had introduced her to his special treat as he called it. Her
husband and his mother were out Olivia was sewing, Zeb had walked in and
looked at her with that grin on his face that told her it would not be long
before she would have her panties taken off and her dress pushed up around
her waist. She shook her head and smiled, put down her sewing and was just
about to lay down for him when he told her to kneel on the floor instead.
John had fucked her this way a few times but never her father-in-law. She
obeyed and he knelt behind her lifted up her dress and pulled down her pants.
He then had a good grope of her bare bottom. He then told her to put her
forehead on the floor and push her bottom up in the air, which she did.
She then heard what only could be the noise of a jar been unscrewed, her
father-in-law then put his fingers between her buttocks and started playing
with the entrance to her bottom.

"What are you doing?" she asked now becoming a little worried. He told her
that this would be his s ecial treat now and again and proceeded to push his
finger up her bottom. She realized that the jar must have contained some sort
of grease because his finger sipped in the entrance easier than she thought.
She did however let out a yelp as his finger worked its way up her tight
bottom. He laughed slapped her on the bum and then took his finger out. She
breathed a sigh of relief and looked forward to his prick in her pussy. He
rubbed himself up and down on her pussy lips but instead of pushing it up,
she suddenly felt it up against her bottom hole. Realizing what he meant to
do she tried to roll over. He was ready for that. He held her around the
waist firmly and pushed it up her. She screamed in pain as his prick inserted
itself. As he steadily fucked her bottom, all she could do was accept what
was happening, bite her lip and clench her fists whilst she moaned. "Oww!
Oww! Oww!" as his prick moved in and out of her tight bare bum.

All these years later it was still his special treat. It was rarely she
allowed it because it still hurt, but she knew how much he enjoyed it.

The constant rubbing of his erect 75 year old prick up against her bottom had
aroused her now so she put down the knife turned around and kissed him. "All
right," she said, "I will fulfill my duties as a good daughter-in-law." She
walked to the bottom of the stairs and looked at him. "You can bring up that
jar of goose fat if you want," she smiled.


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