Waltons: Elizabeth's Ride (FF,F-best,inc,exhib)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Walton's Mountain in the springtime, pleasant, sparkling and rich. People in
this quaint setting have a pleasure in finding the flowers that inhabit the
ground. At the Walton's homestead it is the hustle and bustle of planting the
garden and watching over the newborn animals. This day is more relaxing for
the youngest of the Walton clan, Elizabeth, for it is her eighteenth
birthday. The family is planning a huge celebration with friends, having all
sorts of food and presents.

Once lunch it complete, Olivia, her mother tells Elizabeth to go out and
enjoy the afternoon. Being one to obey her mom's orders the youngest girl
leaves to find something to do. Deciding to go riding, she passes her father
and John Boy in the mill cutting some lumber for another order. While in the
barn, Jim Bob stops her and then helps her put a blanket on the horse, but
she wants to go bareback. Mounting the animal, she rides slowly past her
sisters Erin and Mary Ellen. Who wish her an afternoon of enjoyment and fun?

Up the trail to the creek she rides, enjoying the rhythm of bouncing up and
down. She thinks that it is as sensual as riding her lover up and down in
sexual pleasure. Unbeknownst to the family, Elizabeth is not the virgin they
believe her to be, for two months earlier Ike Godsey claimed her cherry in
front of Cora Beth. Arriving at her favorite spot, she dismounts her horse
and uses the soft grass to relax. Not five minutes later, she has removed
all her clothes to let the sun warm her sexy young body. Thinking to herself
has brought back a memory of the first time she masturbated and was caught
by grandpa. He never told anyone, due to the fact that he asked Elizabeth to
give him a blowjob. That was the first time she took a cock inside her mouth
and swallowing a load of cum. By this time she is so horny, she takes her
fingers and slides them between her legs. Rubbing vigorously, Elizabeth feels
her nipples getting hard. With one hand she squeezes the breasts that Cora
Beth sucked on that day she was fucked by Ike.

Lying on the warm green grass, she wishes there was a cock to have, but the
only one is the horse. She now entertains thoughts of fucking the horse.
Again thinking to herself, Elizabeth says that it isn't right. For five to
ten minutes she fights the urge to drive the animal's dick in her hot pussy.
Removing her hands from her hairy love center, she gets up, walks over to
where the horse stands and strokes the animal's bullet of love. Sliding
underneath the horse, the young lady opens her mouth and takes the hugest
cock she will ever have and licks it until the animal is hard. It is hard at
first, but the sucking is part of the delight she gets this day.

Not much after the horse is ready, she lifts her buttocks into place and
drives the horse cock into her red haired pussy. All alone she lets out some
screams of delight her mother wouldn't understand. Before the horse has cum,
she gets down and jerks the animal off, not realizing that her sister Mary
Ellen is watching her. The eldest sister doesn't ask what is going on,
because she has done the same thing earlier in her life. Telling her not to
worry Mary Ellen says to remain naked for she wants time to enjoy the looks
of her youngest sister's hot nude body. Elizabeth gets up, walks to where
Mary Ellen stands and removes her jeans and shirt. Shocked by the fact there
is no bra or panties on the eldest one's body, Elizabeth feels uneasy about
the situation, but wants to explore something she has only heard about.

With both sisters totally naked, they take advantage of the situation by
hugging one another. Their lust overtakes the senses and kissing soon
follows. Shoving her tongue into Mary Ellen's mouth, Elizabeth gets reaction
from her in the form of a slap on her tight ass. The kisses get hotter and
longer as the two young women follow their inner feelings to continue the
sex. Mary Ellen gently gets Elizabeth to lie on the grass where she fucked
the horse and places her head between the legs of her red haired sister.
Seeing an unshaven pussy, Mary Ellen licks the opening and tastes the horses
cock on the clit of her sister. Tongue and fingers probe the pussy of the
youngest Walton daughter bringing out the cum in gushes on her chin and face.
Elizabeth moans and lets Mary Ellen turn her over to lick her asshole. Mary
Ellen slaps the cheeks of her sisterís ass; making pink hand marks on the
skin as she jabs her tongue in the ass of Elizabeth. Mary Ellen rolls over
to the ground, while Elizabeth sees her opportunity to enjoy the same heated

Elizabeth finds her way to Mary Ellen's butt, as she is lying on her stomach,
she licks the asshole of her older sister it is not long before mild moans
are emanating from the mouth of Mary Ellen as she accepts the sexual
machinations of Elizabeth. Jamming three fingers into Mary Ellen's pussy
and ass promotes moans of pleasure and she soon begs Elizabeth to eat her
dripping pussy. Turning her older sister over to do as asked, Elizabeth rams
her tongue deep, as it will go inside the black haired cunt of Mary Ellen.
orgasm after orgasm and Mary Ellen is ready to call it enough, but Elizabeth
hasn't finished just yet. She brings the horse over to her sister and gets
Mary Ellen's ass high enough to get the animals cock in her pussy. Mary Ellen
doesn't fight it off, but takes it inside her long enough to flop in the
ground, where the horse moves after unloading on her stomach. After a brief
rest the two siblings swim in the creek and dress to join the others for the
party of the youngest Walton child. Neither of them will ever tell the
pleasure, which was derived from an animal and each other. They also wonder
if Erin has done this before as they head home to enjoy the evening.

The End


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