Waltons: Elizabeth Gets Some (MF,MMF,F-best,inc,oral,ncon)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Walton's mountain, a peaceful place to live, especially during the warming
days of spring. The rain washes away the old and invigorates it with new
freedom. There is a hub of action at the home of Olivia and John Walton,
they plant seed for the crop and prepare to have the house ready for the
returning John Boy.

Late one day after a delivering some home made jam to the Baldwin sisters,
Elizabeth walks quietly home. She is the youngest daughter of the huge clan
and takes her time getting there. A soft gentle breeze blows her red hair
about as she decides to take a short cut through the woods. Whistling as she
strolls homeward, she is so warm that she undoes the first three buttons of
her shirt. Underneath the cotton garment her braless breasts bounce with
every step she takes and as another wisp of air hits her, the nipples catch
it and become extremely hard. This excites the horny Walton and Elizabeth
relaxes by a boulder and massages the medium sized breasts while the shirt
remains intact.

A short time later, Miss Walton continues on her merry way. Some distance up
the path, she encounters a man with a scarred face and he follows her for
awhile. Unbeknownst to her, the man under the make-up is her now returned
brother John Boy. Elizabeth is now a little afraid of what might happen and
tries to run, but trips over a fallen branch and knocks herself senseless for
a few moments. John Boy seizes the opportunity and throws the fallen woman
over his left shoulder, then he walks a short distance to an abandoned house,
where he lies the lady down and strips to his socks.

Elizabeth wakes up, shakes her head and tries to leave, but John Boy grabs
her around the waist and begins to kiss her mouth. Squirming with every kiss
Elizabeth again attempts to free herself from the grip of her oldest brother.
Seeing that his sister is still trying to flee the fate that awaits her, John
Boy holds her tighter and jams his tongue down her throat, while his kisses
bathe her face. Feeling a slight letting up, Elizabeth breaks free end head
to the door, only to be stopped by her bigger brother once more. Grasping the
shirt, John Boy feels it give way and tear open, revealing the tits he has
only fantasized of seeing since she turned eighteen. He grips her shoulders,
licks and bites on her erect nipples until she lets out a scream of pain or
pleasure. She soon notices that she has cum inside her panties, even though
she has never been sexually manhandled... yet.

Sensing a chance to flee once more Elizabeth runs to the door, only to have
John Boy grab her skirt, which tears from the strain. Her captor looks down
at her legs and then proceeds to stick his hand inside. At first he rubs what
he thinks is a mound so fuzzy, it will be a pleasure to eat her and then he
will jam three fingers inside her wet pussy. With is free hand, John Boy
lubricates his fingers with lard and finger fucks the tight, but willing ass
of his sibling. Again the youngest Walton yells out loud as the pain from her
first sex is too much. Half an hour later, John Boy removes his fingers from
the pussy and places them inside her mouth. Besides her sticky cum, Elizabeth
encounters some of her blood on his fingers as he tells her to lick them
until they are clean.

This time John Boy removes his shorts yanks his sister to the ground with her
long red hair and barks out the order to suck his thick cock. Crying as she
obeys, Elizabeth takes hold of her (yet unknown brother) by his cock and
licks it first. Becoming restless at the amount of time she is taking to get
his to cum, John Boy takes charge and rams his cock in her mouth. Back and
forth he goes, creating more tears from his sibling. Knowing that he could be
hurting her, he thinks about letting up, but continues to face fuck her until
her whimpers are drowned with a load of cum. Swallow it he yells to her as
she makes a face and gulps down the load of goo. Once again she sees the
opportunity to run, but this time John Boy says that since she isn't
responding very well, he has something for her to do in front of him. He
takes her wrist and drags Elizabeth to the barn, where a horse is taking a
drink of water.

Not sure of what to make of this new twist in the plot, Elizabeth goes to
stroke the horse's main. John Boy sees this and yells that she is stroking
the wrong part of the animal. Horror crosses the face of the Walton's
prettiest woman, as she listens to John Boy tell her to stroke and suck the
horse's cock. He stands close and she unwillingly sucks the animals cock.
It is so big that her mouth is only receiving a tiny portion of it, but with
the gentle stroking and her lips sucking on it, the horse explodes on her
face with a fury.

John Boy semi-releases his grip on his quivering sister finds a rope and
ties her to a support beam and with a large piece of cloth blindfolds the
young lady. Crying beneath the blindfold, Elizabeth tries to tear her
bindings, but to no avail as John Boy leaves the barn as his sister wonders
what horror her captor has in store for her next.

Meanwhile - outside the confines of the smelly building Ike Godsey has joined
John Boy, who tells him what the plan is and not to utter a word as he does
his part. The two men re-enter the barn to a now squatting Elizabeth, who
even though is fighting to get away, realizes that her pussy will be probed
for awhile. John Boy yanks at the hair of the young Walton and insists that
she suck the cock of his friend until he cums down her throat. Ike moves in
close and jams his hard dick into the mouth of the only Walton woman he
hasn't banged, except for Olivia.

While Miss Walton expertly sucks the dick of the general store owner, John
Boy takes his place behind his sister and with quick jabs, fucks her ass.
Elizabeth screams while Ike's cock is deep in her throat, but John Boy
doesn't let up the sexual onslaught by jamming his hand into her pussy.
More screams of pain exit through a muffled mouth as some blood is soaking
the hand of John Boy.

It is nearly an hour since John Boy began his assault on his sister's
body, suddenly a switch takes place and Ike plunges his cock into her cunt.
Elizabeth squirms wildly as she knows that her body has been raped and
somewhat tortured by tow unknown men. Ike replaces his dick in her pussy
with his fingers, one at a time until all of them have found a place to
pound. The tears are now soaking the blindfold, while Ike and John Boy fuck
the young lady harder and deeper with each passing second. She thinks the
end is near as none of them have done a thing in five to ten seconds, but
is wrong as she is untied long enough to have Ike's cock enter her ass and
John Boy plunge his into her soar pussy.

Another hour passes by, as Elizabeth knows that she might not know when it
will end. As she is banged so hard that tears have rolled out of the soaked
blindfold onto her lips, John Boy yells that she better not tell a soul or
she will have it even tougher the next time. Ike leaves the scene, while
John Boy continues to fuck the red head a little more. With her arms free,
Elizabeth flails her limbs wildly catching her blindfold and ripping it from
her face. John Boy sees this and decides to exit quickly, but unbeknownst to
him his younger sister has caught a glimpse of his mole, where the makeup is
rubbed off. Elizabeth decides to keep mum about what her brother has done
for she senses that maybe a new day will garner a gentle kind of fucking out
of him. With her clothes in the house, she goes to gather them up, gets
dressed in the torn garments, goes home to rest after a harrowing day of
lost passion and a rape that must never be told.

The End


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