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West Wing: Bipartisanship - A West Wing Story Part 2 (FF)
by Ann Douglas ([email protected])

The bath in the executive suite was equipped with both a stand-alone shower
and a Jacuzzi, the latter of which was more than big enough for two. C.J.
turned on the water to fill the large oversized tub while Ainsley looked
through the small collection of complimentary bath products.

Finding the one she was looking for, Ainsley poured the contents of the white
bottle into the tub. Then, leaning past C.J., she pressed the button that
started up the water jets. Almost instantly, the liquid she had added to the
water began to transform into mountains of suds.

"I love bubbles," she smiled at C.J. before climbing into the tub.

C.J. followed her in, stretching out on the opposite wall. The two women just
laid back for a minute, letting the hot water and bubbles wash over their

"Oh this feels so good," C.J. said as she let herself be carried away by the

"Well I know how to make it feel better," Ainsley laughed softly as she
turned her body and slid up alongside the taller woman.

Their bodies now covered with layers of suds, they pressed against each
other, their wet skin causing them to slip and slide. Soft hands explored
each other's bodies, covering every inch of the exposed flesh.

C.J. and Ainsley sat up on their knees, each taking a large handful of
bubbles and washing the breasts of the other. Nimble fingers caressed twin
sets of hard nipples, squeezing the supple flesh around them as well.

"Oh baby," Ainsley said as she wiped away enough of the soapy film to take
C.J.'s nipple into her mouth, "you are so hot."

Releasing the nipple, the younger woman stuck out her tongue and traced a
line around C.J.'s darker aerole. With a spirited eagerness, she tickled the
stubby nub again and again. Her other hand continued to massage the matching
globe beside it. C.J.'s own hands continued to explore Ainsley as well,
sliding one hand beneath the water and between the blonde's legs.

Holding onto each other, they shifted position once more, this time with
Ainsley pressing against the side of the tub, her breasts over the rim and
C.J. pressing up against her back.

C.J.'s hands started at Ainsley's neck and slid then down her the smaller
woman's back and then around her waist and up to her breasts. Soft kisses
now followed the path her hands had just blazed, starting at the lobe of
Ainsley's ear, then her neck. Ainsley shifted her body just enough to let
C.J. reach her nipples. Lifting her body even more, Ainsley raised her ass
out of the water, a soft, inviting treasure that quickly drew C.J.'s
attention as well. Running her hands now up and down the full length of
the blonde's body, C.J. went from massaging her soft globes to sliding down
once more under the water to the hairless sex between Ainsley's legs.

"Oh baby, that is so nice," Ainsley said softly as she tilted her head back
to kiss C.J. in appreciation.

Ainsley slid her body back and forth, keeping in time with the movement of
C.J.'s eager hands as they played with her sex. The warmth of the water
soon paled next to the rising heat of her body, a heat generated by C.J.'s
talented touch.

"Yes, oh yes!" Ainsley called out as she felt the prerush of a rising orgasm.

With both of C.J.'s hands now occupied between Ainsley's legs, the lithe
blond cupped her own breasts and played with them. All the while gyrating her
body back and forth, urging on the woman behind her.

C.J. shifted to the right, just enough so that she could continue to play
with Ainsley's bare mound with one hand while replacing the student's hand on
her right breast with her own. Not satisfied with just being able to touch
Ainsley's nipples with her hand, she continued to shift her body until she
could take it once more also in her mouth.

"I'm going to come!" Ainsley gasped as she felt her last measure of control
crumble under the storm of C.J.'s desire.

Her body quaked as C.J. held her tight, sharing in the climax she had
produced. Their lips met zestfully, their tongues intertwining. Water
splashed over their bodies and the side of the tub as they let the
raging waves engulf them both.

They held each other tight as the tides they generated subsided both in the
tub and within their bodies. Ainsley kissed C.J.'s cheek, then began to move
down her body as she gently guided her to the small shelf on the wall side
of the tub, spreading her log legs once she was seated.

Ainsley ran her hand up and down the length of C.J.'s chest, rubbing her
breasts and stomach, then returning to her legs and the treasure between
them. C.J. also caressed her body, following the wet trails Ainsley left
behind. Lifting herself a little higher, the shorter girl kissed first
C.J.'s belly, then moved down to the left thigh and over to the right.
She repeated this Two more times, moving closer to the center with each

Finally her oral caress reached the brown haired center, planting first soft
kisses, then probing thrusts into the center of it. The effect on C.J. was
apparent as she leaned back against the wall for support.

Parting the folds with two of her fingers, Ainsley's tongue once more found
the sweet prize she had only sampled a short time before. With a practiced
skill, she tickled it with her tongue, alternating between that and her
equally soft lips.

C.J. closed her eyes and let the sensations wash over her. Using the wall
behind her to keep her steady, she alternated her own touch between Ainsley
and her own body. The blond girl returned the gesture, using her one free
hand to massage C.J. as well.

The encouraging moans of the older woman filled the room, growing in volume
and intensity. Ainsley continued her efforts, spurred on by C.J.'s response.

Knowing that C.J. was close to the edge, but not wanting to have her reach it
just yet, Ainsley shifted her attention upward. Her darting tongue worked its
way up the tall woman's body, stopping to pay carefully attention to her
highly sensitive breasts. Pressing her body against C.J.'s, she sought out
her mouth one more time, sharing the passion she felt inside her.

As they kissed, she ran one hand down C.J.'s wet body, sliding two fingers up
inside of her. She pumped them in and out as they continued to kiss, moving
her hand faster and faster.

It didn't take much of this to shatter C.J.'s control, just as she had
shattered Ainsley's. The nimble blond quickly once more replaced her hand
with her mouth, just in time to savor the rapture of C.J.'s own climax.

They slid back into the tub, both of their bodies stretching out the length
of the Jacuzzi. This time it was C.J. on the bottom, her arms wrapped around
Ainsley, holding her tight against her and letting her share the warmth of
her body.

They floated there for a while, trading kisses and soft touches. The
automatic timer on the water jets had shut them off and finally not even
the heat of their bodies could keep the water from growing cold.

"The water's getting cold," C.J. said as she kissed the top of Ainsley's
head. "We should get out of here, but I don't want to let go of you."

"I don't want to let go out you either," Ainsley said as she nestled her
head between C.J.'s breasts, "but I don't think you're looking at the big

"Which is?"

"Well, we do have a whole suite to ourselves," Ainsley said in that adorable
southern drawl. "Which happens to include a big, warm, and an ever so soft

C.J. thought about for a second, then agreed that she was indeed not looking
at the big picture.

Before the night was over, they sampled the softness of the bed, as well as
that of the couch. The thick rug on the sitting room provided a more than
adequate surface as well. They even found the time to sample the hotel's
delicious cuisine through a very early morning call to room service. Although
Ainsley insisted that they really couldn't call it early morning if they
hadn't gone to sleep yet. Merely using the bed didn't count.

Together they watched the sunrise, still naked in each other's arms as they
fed each other some of the delicacies they ordered.

"Omigod, I can't believe we've been at it all night," C.J. said as she
looked at the clock on the wall. "It's been a long time since I've pulled an

"Are you complaining?"

"Not at all," she replied as she kissed Ainsley softly.

* * *

The ringing of the telephone interrupted the kiss and C.J., reluctant to let
the outside word intrude on their joy, hesitated to answer it. Finally, on
the sixth ring she picked it up.

"Good morning, Ms. Cregg," a too chipper young male voice said as she put the
receiver to her ear. "This is the front desk with your wake up call. I'm told
that the Agency car will be around to pick you up in an hour We hope you had
a restful night."

"Oh shit!" C.J. exclaimed as she hung up the phone without even thanking the
desk clerk. "I forgot all about the discussion panel. My ride is going to be
here in an hour."

"Then I guess we better get going," Ainsley laughed.

"I need a shower," C.J. said, becoming all too aware that their bodies were
covered with the after effects of the night's exertions. "I can't show up
there smelling like ..."

"Like what?" Ainsley asked jokingly. "Like a woman who had a good night?"

"You know what I mean," C.J. laughed back. "You might be able to joke about
it but if I don't show up there on time, the Agency is going to want to know
why. I can't exactly tell them that I was having the best sex of my life."

"Why, you think they'd be jealous?"

"Very funny," C.J. said, making a face at Ainsley. "You might want to jump
under the shower yourself. As much as I love smelling you like that, the
other panel members might not understand."

"We could share a shower," Ainsley suggested with a wicked smile.

"Not if we want to be dressed in an hour," C.J. said. "I can't picture us
getting right in and out of there."

"Probably so," Ainsley finally agreed as she jumped naked out of the bed. "In
fact, maybe I should just get out of here and meet you at the studio. Just so
you don't have any more distractions."

C.J. watched as Ainsley quickly put back on the no longer fresh clothes she'd
worn the previous night. She said her apartment was close to the studio so
she'd grab a change of clothes there. Still buttoning her blouse, she leaned
across the bed and kissed C.J. one last time. To the Public Relations Agent's
gratification, even this last kiss was as fulfilling as had been the first.

As she watched Ainsley's grab her bag and run out the door, C.J. found
herself wondering if it would've really been so bad if they'd spent just ten
or twenty minutes in the shower.

* * *

After a frantic race across town in which she came to the conclusion that
the limo driver spent his summers on the Nascar Circuit, C.J. made it to
the college studio with only twenty minutes to spare. A staffer rushed her
through make-up, applying just enough that she wouldn't actually look as
tired as she felt under the harsh studio lights. She hoped Ainsley made it
here in time as well since she didn't see her when she arrived at the
studio. C.J. was tempted to ask about her, but then might be asked how she
knew the law student.

C.J. was even more confused when she stepped out onto the auditorium stage
and found her nameplate on the table representing the liberal position. There
were three other nameplates, the chairs behind all of them already filled.
Ainsley filled none of those chairs.

"Thirty seconds," a loud offstage voice announced.

C.J. slid into her chair, wondering what had happened to her overnight guest.
The answer came a few seconds later as Ainsley appeared from behind the
curtain on the other end of the stage. C.J. had to say that the younger woman
looked as fresh as if she'd slept the entire night, which of course the panel
member knew hadn't been the case.

"Maybe she's one of the panel's moderators," C.J. thought as she remembered
that she had never actually asked Ainsley what her part was in the debate.

There were few times in C.J. Cregg's almost four decades of life that she had
been taken totally by surprise. In that moment, she knew that number had just
increased by one.

Ainsley, now dressed in a soft blue dress, walked over to the moderator at
the center table. She leaned over to say something to the young man on the
other side of the table, incidentally giving C.J. one last view of the
perfect ass she had so lovingly admired only a few hours before.

Then to C.J. `s disbelief, her new found love passed behind the moderator's
desk and sat instead at that of the opposition. Only then did C.J. finally
notice the nameplate that read Ainsley Hayes on that table.

Over the next hour, C.J. discovered that Ainsley's debating skills were at
the very least the equal of her lovemaking talents. One by one, C.J. and her
fellow panel members found themselves on the losing end of an argument. Then,
before she knew it, the house lights went up and it was all over.

Still stunned, C.J. sat in her seat as the fellow members of the panel
quickly left for other appointments. When she finally rose to her feet, she
saw Ainsley standing by the same curtain she had entered from. It was obvious
that she was waiting for her.

Moving to her side, C.J. opened her mouth to say the words that had been on
the tip of her tongue for the last hour, but Ainsley held up her hand to stop

"Backstage," she said as she pulled aside the curtain. "We'll be able to talk
more privately."

C.J. followed her a dozen feet down a now empty corridor, stopping when the
blond turned to face her. Finally, she couldn't hold the words in check any

"You're a Republican?" she said, her tone a mixture of shock and disbelief.

"You don't have to say it like it's a disease," Ainsley replied.

"You're a Republican?" C.J. asked again, her voice rising in volume. "And we

"And I love women too. You make it sound like a contradiction in terms,"
Ainsley said. That's pretty arrogant don't you think? Why is it so hard to
accept that not everyone fits into some nice little mold. That you can have
dark skin and hold conservative beliefs, or that you can love another woman
but not blindly accept a liberal agenda. I don't love my country any less
than you do, and I want the best for it as well. It's only the path to what's
best for it that we disagree on."

"But you're a Republican!!!" C.J. said a third time, now practically shouting
loud enough for those stagehands beyond the curtain to hear. This time it was
now a statement rather than a question.

Ainsley realized that nothing she could say at this moment was going to make
the least bit of difference. Whatever had happened last night, however
wonderful it had been, was never going to get past those three little words.

"I'm sorry C.J., I really am," Ainsley said before she turned and walked
away. "I think we could've left politics at the door and really had something

With that she was gone, leaving C.J. standing there alone.

* * *

C.J. was still alone, sitting in her office and staring at the drink before
her. The memory of that night had never left her, or the promise it had
contained. All because she couldn't see beyond her black and white views.
They were the good guys, she thought, which obviously made the other side
the bad guys. It wasn't until she really got to play in the big leagues
that she finally understood what Ainsley had been trying to say.

The tragedy was that she had come to understand it far too late to make a
difference. And now that choice had come back to haunt her.

* * *

"Knock, knock," a quiet voice said from the open doorway.

C.J. looked up to see the newest Associate White House Counsel standing out
in the hallway. C.J. couldn't help but notice that she was smiling.

"I noticed that you weren't at the party," Ainsley said.

"I guess I wasn't really in the party mood," C.J. replied.

"Was it really the party, or just who you might run into there?" Ainsley
asked. "I've gotten the impression this last week that you've been avoiding

"That's nonsense," C.J. forced a laugh as she stood up from her desk and made
a show of packing up her things. "Whatever would I want to avoid you for?"

"Well, you didn't exactly act like someone who shared what we once shared,"
Ainsley added, stepping closer to the desk, "even if it was only that once."

"Like you said, it was only that once," C.J. said as she picked up her purse
and keys. "It was so long ago, I thought you might even have forgotten all
about it."

"Even if I didn't have a photographic memory, I don't think I'd easily forget
something like that," Ainsley countered. "Or you," she added.

"Well be that as it may," C.J. said as she ineffectively tried to minimize
the importance of her own memory of that night, failing even within herself,
"we're different people now, with different lives."

"I'd heard that there was something between you and Danny Concannon," Ainsley
noted, "or is that just the usual gossip?"

"Sometimes people make things out to be more than they really are," C.J.
commented as she thought of the bearded White House Correspondent.

"I thought that might be the case," said Ainsley.

"Ainsley, I was about to call it a day," C.J. finally said in a voice that
began to reflect some of her fatigue. "Can we just let the past stay in the
past, or at least leave the discussion of it for another day."

"Sure," the younger blond smiled. "It's been a long day for both of us. I
guess I just wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten, and if you ever
wanted to ... to pick up where we left off, well I'd be open to that as
well. If not, then we'll just leave it as a very pleasant memory."

Ainsley leaned over gave C.J. a quick kiss. A touch that while quite brief,
still contained a remembrance of the passion of that night in Boston. Then,
without speaking another word, she turned and walked out of the office.

* * *

C.J. stood there, listening as the echo of Ainsley's footsteps faded down the
hall. She looked again at the untouched drink she had poured what now seemed
so long before. Picking it up, she drained it in one shot.

The fiery liquor raced down her throat, warming her stomach. What was it they
called it, liquid courage?

Picking up the telephone, she punched in the button that instantly connected
her with the Secret Service detail at the main gate.

"This is C.J. Cregg," she said in a determined voice. "Ainsley Hayes should
be passing by there in a few moments. Please ask her to wait for me, I could
use that ride home after all. No, I wouldn't rather have a car from the White
House carpool. I'm sure we'll manage quite well on our own."

As she put down the phone and hurried out the door, she said a small prayer
that the World would do her a favor and remain uneventful for at least
tonight. That she could simply be a woman for a few hours instead of the
public voice of the President of the United States.



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