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West Wing: President Bartlett's Visit To An Elementary School
by Mario256 ([email protected])

It was just a month after he won his landslide reelection campaign. President
John Bartlett was preparing to visit a third grade elementary class to
promote the greatness of reading. There was a campaign in Washington DC
schools to encourage kids in 1st through 5th grades to read at least an hour
a day. He admired the campaign and wanted to bring it national, which of
course small government conservatives opposed. This was the first class of
three he would eventually visit in the next month; this first one would be
in Washington DC, and the next two in Philadelphia and Trenton New Jersey
respectively who both had similar programs for grade school kids.

After he got his early briefing from Leo McGarry grateful to see that today
wouldn't be interfered by a military screw-up or a terrorist attack somewhere
around the world, he cleaned himself and met his assistant Charles Young and
his press secretary CJ Craig who agreed to come with him to this event that
shouldn't last more than an hour. They boarded the limo and just ten minutes
later they arrived at Willerton Elementary. It was a school of 1200 hundred
students and Josiah was disappointed to know he'd only see around thirty of
them. It was a school known for an incredible educational turnaround in
recent years.

Jeb walked confidently down the halls cleaned bare by the secret service,
with his two comrades by his side, admiring such a clean upstanding school
that wasn't having the problems with drugs and weapons that other DC schools
had. It was a very colorfully decorated building of Kindergarteners through
6th graders. A beautiful woman in her mid to late thirties as tall as tall as
CJ but a bit thicker with a nice shapely rear and large breasts greeted them
at their destination. The stunning brunette was Ms. Smith, the teacher of the
group who got picked out of thousands of classes to see the President. She
was a little star stricken and welcomed the three warmly.

As the President of the United States graced into the room a full applause
sprung about. Desks were in the back of the room and towards front on the
reddish carpeted area sat 32 kids cross-legged. It, like the hallways, was
colorfully decorated, protruding the ABCs and pictures of animated characters
giving positive messages among other things. He introduced himself, like he
actually needed to do that, before introducing them to Charlie and CJ. Each
would be received by the gracious "Hi (name of person)" by all the 8 and 9
year olds at once. As things got settled, the heart of why he was here got
in motion as he sat on a comfortable chair at the front of the room between
his two standing assistants.

"Kids you all know how important reading it. Your parents and teachers have
probably told you thousands of times. Now I'm not here to go about nagging
you all to read. You get more than enough of it. I'm here to show you how fun
reading can be." Bartlett was kind in the way he spoke in his very personable
manner. He then pulled out a book called "On the top of the Waterfall."

He started to read it. It kept the attention of most of the students as
Josiah emphasized certain aspects and tried to form clear character voices.
It was a comical book the kids laughed at and it maintained their attention
well. Its contents were incredibly cheesy; only something a little kid could
really enjoy.

While the class was inevitably preoccupied Charlie decided to slip out for
what one would assume was a bathroom break; Charlie however had other plans.
Almost no one even noticed as he exited the room quietly. Attentive at his
surroundings he explored the hallway; first turning right from the classroom
than taking the next right. He walked by hallways in which for now were
totally bare due understandably to the President's visit; kids and adults had
to remain inside classrooms in this age of vital national security. He walked
by 1st grade and 2nd classes with doors shut as he heard teachers talk which
from the outside sounded like soft mumbling. As he peered into various
lessons he thought, "Okay let's have some fun."

After taking another right in now the opposite side of the building from Jeb
and his crew he came up to a room which had colorful display on top saying
"Mrs. Johnson's Fourth Grade Class." He pondered what grade he'd like to try
out in this particular school and decided that fourth grade would feel quite
good for his lustful self.

Without even as much as a knock as a warning he protruded inside quickly. He
smiled at the class of about twenty to twenty five students not much bigger
than the young ones in Ms. Smith third grade class; the class ranging from
3 to 5 feet tall and probably none over 120 lbs. The teacher seemed confused
being interrupted during an American History lesson by a medium sized black
man she'd never seen before. The students on the other hand seemed oddly
interested like maybe he was a special guest speaker that would give them an
hour long break in school work.

"Who are you sir," Mrs. Johnson said politely but with some concern.

Charlie looked at the blonde teacher probably in her 40's who was fairly
attractive and probably a C cup and said, "I'm a sex master. I'd like two of
your girl students to fuck if it wouldn't be trouble."

"Now hey you can't just come in here and do anyone you want. You've come
about it wrong now please leave or I'll contact the school officials."

After she said that the students seemed to have gotten groggy. Comments
supporting Charlie sprang about.

"Mrs. Johnson this guy looks hot. I'd like to fuck him," said a 9 year old
blonde in the front row.

"Me too," quickly replied a smaller 10 year old redhead in the second row.

The rush of enthusiasm stunned the teacher as more comments sprung around.
Knowing most her students were sexually active and actually screwing a few of
them herself she pondered a little bit. To settle them down she had no choice
but to choose two of her girls to go with him. She picked Amy, the cute
blonde who was the first to respond, and Amanda, a shy brunette, to go with
him. Neither refused and while Amanda smiled Amy was the more excited.

Charlie immediately got a boner as the sexy girls came up to the front by
him. Amy was one of the taller girls in the class, around 4'8", with her
golden hair in a ponytail, an A cup chest, a sweet tiny butt, and a fairly
skinny figure. Her glorious body was seen in her tight jeans and tight white
shirt with a pretty flower in the middle. Amanda was shorter, maybe 4 feet,
and also thicker than Amy; she had her brown hair in pigtails that went down
to her shoulders, and a nice round sexy ass and breasts about as big as Amy's
on her meatier body. With duller brown pants and a red sweater her figure
wasn't as noticeable and definitely had more a nerd look than Amy. Both girls
were cute, and even though Amy was sexier, Amanda was more Charlie's type:
thick where it counts.

The girls who didn't get picked obviously moaned a little bit as Charlie
walked out with his hands on the two 9 year olds' shoulders. Mrs. Johnson
began her lecture from where she left off ignoring the sparse complaints the
best she could.

Charlie was now in the familiar hallways once again holding Amy's hand on
his right and Amanda's on his left. There were sparkles of smiled between
the three without much talking for a while. It was easier than her thought
it would be. The whole thing took less than a few minutes.

"What's your name?" asked Amy.

"Charles. But call me Charlie."

"Charlie where will we be going?" she replied as Amanda remained silent.

"I've got an idea. It's a very comfortable place."

* * *

Meanwhile Jeb Bartlett had just finished reading the book to the class when
he noticed Charlie gone. It was strange as he usually doesn't just disappear
like this at one of his events. He motioned for CJ to come towards his ear
and whispered, "Hey where's Charlie?"

"I don't know sir. Want me to find out?" she whispered back.

"Forget about it. He'll turn up I'm sure."

He looked at the kids and noticed himself oddly turned on by them. "If
Charlie is doing what I think he is I deserve some as well," he thought.

Looking directly at the teacher he calmly said, "Ms. Smith. I'd like to ask
you a few questions to the students. Serious subjects. Would you mind?"

"Not at all," she replied seeming a little confused.

"Okay class," Bartlett started in a serious tone, "raise your hands if you've
ever had sex."

Every single hand in the room went up within a few seconds. The students were
obedient and attentive up to this point but now seemed even more interested.
CJ seemed a bit startled, not at all the kids admitting to having sex, but at
the President's blunt question.

"Okay who here has sex more than, say, three times a day?"

Half the hands in the room went up. Playfully Ms. Smith raised her hand as
well, as interested as anyone in where this would be going. The miniature
student survey continued.

"How many of you have sex with your parents or guardians?"

All but a few hands went up. More questions continued. To how many girls have
had more than 50 sex partners half of the 16 said yes. To the same question
to the boys 6 of the 16 said yes. None ever used condoms during sex either on
themselves or the guys they screwed. All the girls were bisexual as were all
but a few of the boys. Bartlett, as he asked these personal and explicit
questions, realized he had found probably the most promiscuous third grade
class in the whole damn country. His final question was about how many have
screwed Ms. Smith. Everyone raised their hand as Ms. Smith leaning on a desk
by the door broke out laughing along with her students who were giggling a
bit ever since the sex survey began.

He stood up and turned to Ms. Smith. "Please give me your four best and most
well behaved students. Give me two girls and two boys. They shall be rewarded
today. I want you to come with me also."

Ms Smith chose the four fairly quickly but in knowing she couldn't leave her
students all alone said, "Mr. President I can't go."

"Oh please don't worry. One of my secret service agents and CJ hear will
watch them for a while."

She then gave in and agreed. The four students she choose were straight A
students that never got in trouble. There was Alexa who was the shortest of
the bunch at just 3'8" and quite slender with no chest and almost no ass, but
made up with her pretty blonde long hair, beautiful blue eyes, and sexy lips.
Jamie was a just over 4 foot redhead with a ponytail big green eyes, and very
small sprouts of breasts; she wasn't as pretty as Alexa but was a little
hotter. Damian was a 4'5" boy, among the tallest in the class, with short
brown hair, brown eyes, a fairly skinny figure and even a bit muscular. John
was not a good looking as Damian but not bad looking either; he had longer
brown hair, blue eyes, wore glasses, had a fairly nice butt, and was about 4
feet tall. All four wore blue jeans and various styles of longer sleeve
shirts during this winter season. Also all four had looks of anticipation on
their face. They may have been just 8 and 9 year olds but they weren't dumb
enough to think Jeb asked those questions for no reason.

"Okay kids. Remember to read often. Bye now," Bartlett said before he left as
the kids kindly said bye all at once right back.

The eight of them trotted out: Jeb, Ms. Smith, the four students, and two of
the secret service agents.

Meanwhile Charlie arrived back at the limo still holding Amy and Amanda by
the wrists. He opened the door to the middle of three sections where he knew
he'd find a nice fold out bed under the seat and allowed the kids to hop up
in before him. Inside he had them sit by the front of the section while he
removed the cushion of the seat at the other end and folded out a bed that
sprang all along just about up to where the kids sat. It was a nice
comfortable laced in intertwining red and green sheets that was about 5 feet
wide by 8 feet long; not huge but adequate certainly for the task at hand.
There were additional covers under the seat but they obviously were going to
need them. It was just around 32 degrees Fahrenheit outside but a nice
controlled temperature of around 60 degrees in the limo.

Charlie sat back at the base of the bed and motioned the sexy girls to come
up to him. He put his arms around their necks and went from kissing Amy on
his right to kissing Amanda on his left with both times using plenty of
tongue and saliva swapping. He smiled at the two as he started to remove his
grey suit followed by his tie and white striped buttoned shirt exposing his
built arms and chest. At the same time they noticed the rampant hard on in
his black dress pants, and without much waiting Amy got down and unclasped
his belt, then as she got the trousers unbuttoned and unzipped she pulled it
down along with his white and red boxers in one swift stroke exposing the
glorious shaft standing straight up. Both girls admired the 8 inch boner
sticking up in front of their pretty young eyes.

"Looks like you girls know what you're doing," Charlie said smiling. "Help
yourselves if you'd like."

Amy didn't waste any time. Lying on her belly on his right side with her feet
up by his head she jacked off the nice large prick with her left hand while
she pressed her right hand up and down his firm leg. With the blonde nine
year old doing her thing it didn't take long before the brunette nine year
old to join in. Amanda in her cute little self crawled on top of his left leg
and got in position to lick his balls which were almost as big as a tennis
ball. She licked the smooth sack gently like the way she licked a lollypop.
The girls would then show Charlie what expert cock suckers they were. As
Amanda continued to lick his balls Amy neared her face to his shaft, caringly
put the head in her mouth, and tenderly sucked up and down the top three
inches or so. Amanda, now lying with her feet by the front left window of the
section, licked up the balls then up the shaft up to where her tongue met
Amy's sucking mouth. Amanda then turned her head sideways and used her tiny
pink lips to rub the four or five inches available to her on the back side.
The two girls licking his boner at the same caused him to breath in pleasure.
One of the best blowjobs he had in quite some time.

Eight souls stepped outside of Willerton Elementary one by one with the
President and the secret service agents leading the way. As they got to the
limo, while they could see nothing through the tinted window, they were able
to hear some strange sounds that Bartlett immediately felt familiar with.

"Let's got to the back section," he commented. While the back section was a
little smaller there was not enough room for six more people in the middle if
his suspicion was right.

The secret service agents opened the door on both sides allowing half of the
six to come through each. As the got three on a side, Bartlett quickly rolled
down the automated pitch black separator to check what was happening in the
front. It was wide enough for all six to see Charlie getting sucked off by
two nine year old girls.

"I might have known," the president said turning his head and making Charlie
aware of their presence for the first time.

Startled, Charlie said while looking back, "Oh hi everyone. Looks like you've
come to the party too?"

"Yes but we have the smaller room thanks to you. And there are six of us,"
the president insisted back.

"Um... Sorry. I guess first come first serve."

Ms. Smith thought that one of the boys could go up there since we had two
boys and they had none. John volunteered and moved up to the middle section
where he was welcomed warmly. There was a bed on the section slightly smaller
but just as comfortable that they rolled out. The five there crammed into one
another side by side.

As John came in all three welcomed him with eagerness and Charlie said, "Take
off your pants you can have one of the girls. It's almost too much for me

He did as he was told as he lay by Charlie's right side where Amy got right
bellow him and started sucking his 3 inch hard dick. He had just tiny balls
and she was easily able to mouth his entire shaft. Amanda now had the big 8
inch stick to herself and made the best of it. Her tiny sweet mouth wrapped
around the top and she slowly pressed her head down. She may have been a shy
girl, but she wasn't shy with cocks as she went quite remarkably more than
half the way down. For a 4 foot tall girl to take more than 4 inches in her
mouth was quite an astonishing talent. Both males groaned as both girls
moaned gently sucking the shafts with delight. The girls would look up
playfully at their male partners in between sessions of delightful blowjobs.

In the back section Bartlett now had redheaded Jamie nude leaning up by the
base as he licked her bare tiny eight year old cunt in-between her spread
legs and knees pressed close to her to her chest. The hot girl exposed her
nice A cup tits with tiny brown nipples as she held her folded legs to the
side. The little slut had her eyes closed while she moaned lightly and got
a bit wet. "Such a beautiful cunt," he would say as he licked and at a few
points put a finger in her quarter sized cunny.

Ms Smith lay nude on her back exposing her 38D breasts on the left side of
the bed. Damian started licking her trimmed semi-hairy twat as he leaned off
the edge. He went in licking her pink pussy lips before going up to the clit
and concentrating on that. He then shoved practically his entire right hand
into her wet cunt. He now had a fist he was shoving in and out of the cunt,
albeit as little boys one, as he continued to suck and lick on the amazing
woman's clit. He was able to at time push his hand in past his wrist and up
an inch or two more, and then pulled it out shinny and smelling of strong
pussy. This drove Ms. Smith crazy and she yelled at Damian, "Fuck you! You
fucking boy! Don't stop fisting me! Fist me great! Get it up as far as you

At the same time of this yelling and pleasure a now nude Alexa was right
beside her teacher sucking one large tit after sucking on the other. The
skinny pretty youngster took the large pink nipples and used her tongue
around them before she sucked them with great sexual vibrancy. As she sucked
she felt all over the boob wonders with both her tiny hands. She was small,
but no tits were too big for her to play with.

Back in the classroom CJ was getting fucked galore. Not ten minute after her
Commander in Chief had left had she had her pussy stuffed with two little
cocks as a third pierced her asshole from bellow. The nude, pretty, small
breasted woman was riding a kid backwards with her ass as two nice cute ones
took her from the front. While they were skinny and not very long CJ loved
those pricks all the same, especially to have three at once.

Steve, a large black bald secret service agent Bartlett had left behind, was
now getting road by the tightest twat he had ever felt. A sort of attractive
blonde 9 year old was pressing her pussy up and down his dick, and actually
got about halfway down the 9 inches. It was long and thick, she could not
move fast, it stretched her pussy like she never felt before, and she loved
it immensely. Steve loved it just as much; feeling such unbelievable
tightness gave him almost a kind of experience her never had before.

Throughout the rest of the classroom a lot of the other kids fucked each
other, while some just watched and masturbated. Not one kid in the room was
doing something that wasn't sexual in some flavor. "Fucks" and "Gods" and
moans at the level of screams plagued ever corner of the room. The sexual
proclivity of the young ones was quite a sight to be seen.

In the middle section of the limo it was now time for Charlie to fuck. He got
Amanda on all fours on the left side of the bed and slowly slid his cock into
the nine year old's cunt from behind. Her nice ass on her chubby figure
quivered as the shaft stretched her cunny. He pushed as far as he could in
the brunette pigtailed girl before he slowly slid out an inch or two. He went
back and fourth each time just a little bit and was able to maintain that at
a moderate pace. It felt great for both of them; Charlie was delightfully
telling the girl what a great slut she was and Amanda gave Charlie great
comments about his cock inside her, as both felt the greatness of filling a
tiny pussy more than it's meant to be.

John was now lying back watching Amy's tits go up and down above his waste
and his dick inside her small comfortable pussy hole. The blonde bitch road
him good, and she felt good even if she would have preferred Charlie's dick
over there. The brown haired boy with just his glasses on slapped the ass of
the moaning blonde attractive thing above him. Neither had ever met before,
and didn't even know each other's name, but they melted quite well together.

Back a section Bartlett laid back, his dark blue suit and other clothing off
and his 7 inch cock swinging in the air, as the girl with breasts more like
a 5th or 6th grader than a 3rd grader stratled herself on his stomach and
kissed him deeply as she leaned forward. He caressed the tiny brown nipples
of the seductive redhead who shoved as much of her tiny tongue in his mouth
as she could. He also grabbed her ass and felt for the first time how nice
it really was. After he went to slap the firm rump a couple time he said,
"Why don't you give some of my sex starving dick some of that nice pussy I
just licked and made oh so wet."

Jamie, a wet and horny slut, didn't waste any more time with this foreplay
crap. She backed up about a foot facing towards the President, and aimed her
twat for his elegant cock. Not taking her eyes off him for a second she sat
down on the prick, puncturing herself firmly, then slowly had her pussy suck
more and more of him up inside her. "Oh god. Oh fuck," the eight year old
whore moaned, getting eventually around 6 inches down on his cock. Stretched
to her max and still staring at Jeb, she moved and inch or two every few
seconds up and down on the Presidential shaft. Fucking such a powerful and
important person didn't really have much affect on her like it might an older
person. She fucked and screamed in pleasure like she would with any nice big

Ms. Smith was now getting boned by Damian, the longest shaft in her class at
around four inches, as she lay comfortably on her back. Damian was pumping in
and out of her vibrantly and with a cute boy's smile on his face. The eight
year old boy watched the big tits bounce back fourth and the pretty moaning
mouth of the brunette as he didn't let up his pounding for a second. Ms.
Smith may have been close to 40 years old but she would never be too old for
her boy students to fuck her good. At the same time the short blonde Alexa
was being fingered by her teacher as she laid in-between the two fuck duos.
Ms. Smith was used to fucking many students at once, and getting fucked by
one while fingering another was really no challenge for her. She used one,
than two fingers on her right hand and worked than youngster's twat very
well. Alexa then noticed hands coming from the other side; Jeb was rubbing
her chest and looking right at her as he continued to get well ridden by
Jamie. With two adults grouping her it was inevitable in her mind that soon
she would get fucked great.

Back in Charlie's section Amanda was now replaced by Amy in the all fours
position with the black adult ready to puncture her from behind. John was now
rubbing his third grade hands all over Charlie's chest back and arms, and for
a few second they interlocked in a kiss while Charlie whipped his cock on the
ass in front of him. "If you can handle it fuck me in the ass while I fuck
this slut," Charlie said to him and he nodded in reply. Charlie started to
push his shinny black dick into her, and found surprisingly that she was
actually tighter than her smaller classmate he just fucked. Before he was
able to press three inches into the blonde's cunt he was taken from behind by
a very eager horny boy. He could go but half the speed he went when fucking
Amy, but eventually managed more than four inches into her. Fucking Amy while
getting fucked in the ass by John was great enough. As he saw Amanda getting
under Amy and start licking his balls he knew it would only be a matter of
minutes before he shot his load and a big one at that.

In the class an orgy continued on that would be hard to describe. A few male
janitors stopped by and joined in and were now fucking some little pussies.
CJ was on all fours as she got fucked in the ass by two boys at once and a
girl bellow her licked her clean shaven cunt. Steven, the big black secret
service agent, now had a line around him of kids that wanted to get fucked
by his big cock. So far he fucked two girl's pussies, one girl's ass, and
one boy's ass, and he was hoping to get through three or four more at least
before he came big in one of them. Other kids were fucking, sucking and
licking each other, and it didn't matter what male or female combination;
boys did boys, girls did girls, boys did girls, and some had three or
foursomes going on. If bigger class sizes were good for anything, it would
definitely be for a group fuck fest like this.

Bartlett, after being road by the 8 year old Jamie for a while, had her get
off and was quickly replaced by the smaller skinnier 8 year old Alexa. The
difference this time was that Alexa started riding facing away from him and
her legs in a squatting position. Almost directly perpendicular to Jeb she
pushed her pussy down on the great cock and took it an inch at a time. She
was noticeably even tighter than Jamie, and with Jamie being one of the
tightest things he ever felt he was his cock was unbelievably clamped now.
He watched her cute little as protrude up as down as her pretty blonde hair
glowed on her back. Her cute squeals of, "Oh yes, Oh yes," went about the
section and Jeb thought to himself that he needed to do this kind of thing
more often.

Not more than a few seconds after she got off the Presidential shaft, Jamie
was sitting down on Ms Smith's face and getting her twat and ass licked up.
Facing Damian who was still in his teacher's cunt, Jamie shuffled around
giving the hot woman different viewpoints to play with her privates. Ms.
Smith licked her gently all around and tasted the wetness the girl had
already built. Suddenly Ms. Smith was about to come and knew it. She quickly
told Damian to get out and finger her cunt with his face ready to catch what
she would squirt. The whole class knew their teacher had this elegant talent
to shoot off her pussy cum, and Damian did exactly what he was told. With
his mouth wide opened he fingered her cunt as rapidly as her could. I took
only a moment or so before she broke off with a large piss-like squirt that
went in the boy's mouth accompanied by ferocious screams. It was a direct
shot that Damian got just about every bit of. He swallowed the yummy juice
before he licked some more it dripping around her cunt. Meanwhile that didn't
detract at all from Ms. Smith eating the tasty girl cunt above her.

Charlie was a minute or two from cumming but first there was something he had
to try. He asked Amy, in a matter of speaking, if she wouldn't mind getting
her asshole stuffed. She quickly said that would be great. Taking a breath he
pushed his cock that was nicely lubed by the pussy juice in her ass very
gradually. His mouth hung open as he tried to shove as much as possible in
there. Amy screamed in a loving way as he eventually got around 4 inches in
the 9 year old's ass. This, officially, was the tightest damn hole he ever
fucked. As her ass was punctured she was getting her twat well licked by
Amanda bellow her, while she was in position to return the favor to Amanda
as well. It took him less than a few minutes in the tight squeezing hole to
shoot off his load right in fine girl's rectum; moaning hard all the way. Amy
enjoyed it immensely and said she loved cum squirted in her little holes. He
pulled out slowly and white goop plopped out down her ass and legs. By then
horny John had an orgasm, shooting small boy loads into Charlie's ass.

The over 50 year old President would last just a little longer. Alexa was now
at a pace of an up and down movement every few seconds or so. Her breezing
blonde hair and skinny white figure glowed in the limo's light, and it was
seconds from liftoff for Jeb. He started moaning, "Oh you third grade slut
take all my cum in your cunt," right before he yelled and unloaded a number
of nice squirts in the 8 year old's cunny. Alexa, who was screaming and
moaning practically the entire time she was on the cock, quickly got up,
backed up and shoved her cum and pussy juice soaking cunt in his face. A nice
thick stream of seamen poured out her pussy, and Jeb licked every bit he
could up but didn't swallow. He motioned her to turn around, and as he placed
his mouth on hers he spit all the seamen he could out on her tongue. She
smiled and swallowed ever pit in an instant.

Damian's and Ms. Smith's asses were sharing a nice blue two sided dildoe as
they lay on their back with their legs spread apart. It was Jamie's job to
work the dildoe back and fourth; while Ms. Smith's ass was easy, Damian's was
much tighter and tougher to wiggle the sex toy through. She managed very well
to give both the anal pleasure they wanted. As she firmly worked the dildoes
between the two asses only separated by a few inches, she gratefully used her
sex starving mouth on their privates. She would suck on Damian's four inches
for a while, and then licked up and down Ms. Smith's soaking wet mildly hairy
pussy, while never leaving her hands off the dildoe she worked back and
fourth as fast as she was able. Damian moaned, "Oh Jamie you're the fucking
best," as she worked his shaft, and Ms. Smith as she got her pussy licked
yelled, "Dumb slut! Fucking Bitch. Lick my cunt and fuck my ass at the same
time. Ohhhhhhh!" To the 8 year old redhead's delight she would not soon get
just one, but two yummy treats. First Damien shot a couple fair boy loads
into her mouth; it was nothing like Bartlett just did obviously, but more
than John did in the other section. Not more than a minute after she
swallowed the light semen did she find herself with Ms. Smiths second squirt
of the day on her face, with about half going directly in her mouth and the
rest on her nose and cheeks. After the two orgasms the three got interlocked
in a three-way kiss where Damian and Ms. Smith licked up the remaining female
cum on Jamie's adorable face.

After it was over they nine, four in the middle section and five in the back
section, got cleaned up and got their clothes back on. Bartlett thanked Ms.
Smith and every one of the kid, even the one's he didn't get to fuck, as they
thanked him and Charlie as well.

After Ms. Smith went to her cum soaked classroom and told CJ and the agent
that they were finished, the two quickly got dressed because there was no
delaying the Commander in Chief. CJ got came in her pussy by three boys and
her ass by two, and there was still white liquid on her cheeks and chest as
she got dressed. Steven had fucked 6 girls and 2 boys and finally came in an
incredibly tight Chinese girl's cunt. The Janitor's that joined were still
fucking children at this moment. They strode of quickly as they gave their
thanks to the entire class.

As they all sat in the now moving limo with the sex aroma all around them,
they all talked about what a great time they had.

"I had a great time Mr. President. We should do this more often," commented

"Aren't you going to another school in a few week sir?" asked Charlie.

"Yes, but you know tonight we have an all girl's quire visiting the White
House. Some 15 or 16 girls aged between seven to twelve years old," replied
the President.

"Perhaps we should arrange some private time with them in the oval office,"
suggested Charlie.

"Yes and we could invite the others too," added CJ.

"That's a thought," the President said smiling as the three went back to the
important job of running the country.


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