Witchblade: Corruption
by PJ

Sara Pezzini held her pistol firmly in both hands, sliding her back along the
wall of the peeling hallway. Sara could hear the angry pimp's voice through
the thin wall, followed by a loud slap of flesh against flesh. Gritting her
teeth in anger, Sara moved quickly to the door, turning to face it before she
smashed the portal open with her right sneaker.

"Police! Freeze!" shouted Sara, leveling her snub-nosed pistol at the
astonished pimp.

"Fucking bitch!" spat the pimp, drawing a .45 from his belt.

Sara fired her gun, the pistol blast roaring through the small living room as
a bullet slapped into the pimp's thin chest. The skinny man flopped onto his
back, blood staining his torn white t- shirt.

Sara quickly searched the rest of the apartment, the pimp's victim crying on
her knees the entire time. Sara used the phone to call for an ambulance
before kneeling next to the sobbing whore.

"It's okay, you're safe now," whispered Sara, stroking the weeping girl's

The blonde hooker hugged herself against Sara, wrapping her thin, bruised
arms around Sara's waist. Sara tentatively held the girl, murmuring
soothingly the entire time. Sara glanced at the Witchblade entwined around
her right wrist when it twitched briefly. She watched in alarm when the
Witchblade extended a slender, barbed probe and slipped it up the crying
whore's left arm to her temple. The razor-sharp head of the tendril burrowed
into the whore's skin, sliding inside the gasping girl's brain.

Sara shivered, linked with the Witchblade as it sifted through the young
hooker's memories. Sara was the blonde hooker, turning tricks, sucking
strange men's cocks, taking it in every orifice over and over. The gems
embedded within the Witchblade glowed brightly with excitement, absorbing
every drop of fear and humiliation the whore had ever experienced.

"Stop it!" groaned Sara, pushing the unconscious girl away, squeezing her
eyes shut in a vain effort to stop the horrible images flashing through her

Sara was the whore while men bound her wrists in leather restraints,
stretching her arms above her head as another man whipped her naked body, the
lash searing across Sara's perspiring skin.

Sara knelt on a cold concrete floor, blindfolded and handcuffed, as two men
fucked her pussy and mouth.

Sara lay on her back upon a huge, silk-sheeted bed, her wrists bound to the
headboard while two young high school girls with small bare breasts and
pleated plaid skirts sucked on her breasts and fondled her moist cunt with
small, delicate fingers.

"STOP IT!" screamed Sara, grasping the barbed tendril, sharp thorns biting
into her palms as she yanked the probe out of the slack whore's temple.

Sara lay on the thin, stained carpet of the apartment, sweating heavily, her
lungs aching for air.

Sara walked through the front door of her apartment, flicking on the interior
lights without thinking about it. She kicked the door shut, shrugging out of
her leather jacket and tossing it over the back of her couch. She walked
into the small kitchen, opening the refrigerator to take out a cold beer.
Sara twisted off the lid, tilted the bottle, and gulped down the beverage.
Licking her wet lips, Sara walked to her bedroom, taking occasional sips
along the way. The lovely young woman sat on the edge of her bed, removing
her shoulder holster before unbuttoning and removing her blue blouse. She
tugged off her slender black jeans, then reached behind her back to unclasp
her white bra. Dressed only in white cotton panties, Sara fell back onto her
soft mattress, allowing her body to relax while she stared vacantly at the

Sara was considering getting up to turn off the bedroom light when the
Witchblade moved. Tendrils slithered from the gauntlet, coldly caressing
Sara's skin as they spread out over her. Sara concentrated, willing the
Witchblade to obey her. The Witchblade ignored her commands, it enfolded her
breasts with sharp feelers, the metal barbs slicing into Sarah's warm flesh.

"No," moaned Sara, rolling onto her left side while tendrils entwined around
her long, sleek legs. A gleaming limb wrapped around Sara's throat, its
barbs cutting lightly into her neck.

Sara felt the immensely thick tendril that pressed itself between her
bleeding thighs. The cold head of the probe slipped inside Sara's cunt,
wriggling deep into her vagina. Another bulbous tendril head rubbed against
Sara's lower lip before plunging into her gasping mouth.

Sara rolled onto her back, her arms bound together against her stomach by
writhing, jagged limbs. The naked young woman arched her back as the tendril
inside her pussy stabbed deep into her belly, her screams muffled by the
matching tendril filling her throat. The tendril in Sara's cunt pumped like
a striking serpent, nuzzling inside her warm, tight vagina. The Witchblade
filled Sara's anguished mind with memories stolen from the whore. She was
the slut eagerly sucking men's cocks, she was the one screaming in ecstasy
while a stranger fucked her in the ass. Sara drooled around the tendril
squirming between her lips, her hips shuddered while the Witchblade fucked
her pussy, her crotch melting from each thrust of the barbed limb's head.

The Witchblade fucked Sara all night. It brought her to orgasm
remorselessly, never stopping, never giving the young woman a chance to rest,
flashing the whore's memories inside Sara's mind in a disorienting blur until
she could no longer distinguish her memories from the hooker's.

Charlie walked cautiously down the sidewalk, watching for muggers while he
made his way home after dark. He stopped at an intersection to check for
passing cars when the woman approached him.

"Want a date?" purred the young woman, her slim body encased in skin-tight
red latex. The woman's long, brown hair was slicked back against her skull,
her eyes concealed by dark sunglasses.

Charlie's mouth hung open, his eyes riveted to the woman's exposed cleavage.

The young woman stumbled, falling against Charlie. He held tightly to the
woman, her musky scent filling his nostrils, her skin hot and silky beneath
his fingers. Charlie noticed a strange bracelet on the woman's right wrist,
it seemed to be embedded in her skin, bleeding lightly.

"Do you want me?" murmured the woman, looking up at Charlie, pressing her
breasts against his chest.

"Hell, yes!" grinned Charlie.


Charlie placed his hands on the woman's shoulders, dragging away the straps
of her dress. The whore pressed her hands over Charlie's crotch, rubbing her
palms over his hardening cock.

"What's your name, honey?" asked Charlie before he licked the woman's smooth
left shoulder.

"Sara," smiled the woman, gently squeezing Charlie's prick.

Charlie pulled down Sara's red dress, kissing her bare shoulder blades and
spine. Sara's flesh was delicious, flavored with the salty droplets of her
perspiration. Charlie pushed down on Sara's back, making her bend over, her
taut ass thrusting towards him. He knelt down, his face level with Sara's
curvaceous buttocks. Charlie opened Sara's crack with his hands, leaning
forward to lick her trembling pussy with his tongue.

"Ummm, yes," moaned Sara with a smile, rubbing her ass up and down Charlie's
face. She fondled her own tits, pinching her brown nipples to hardness while
Charlie slurped on her cunt, his tongue caressing the edges of her slit.
Sara rested her arms on the hotel room's bed, her breasts jiggling as she
thrust her crotch onto Charlie's mouth. Charlie sucked loudly on her pussy,
her nectar dribbling down his stubbly chin.

"You make my pussy so hot!" groaned Sara, licking her shivering lips, her
cunt on fire as Charlie gently chewed on her throbbing clit. Pussy juices
flowed down Sara's legs while Charlie buried his mouth within her vagina,
exploring her hole with his wet tongue.

Charlie pulled away from Sara's beautiful ass, standing up to unbuckle his
jeans. Sara threw away her sunglasses, caressing her sweat-glistening
breasts with her slim fingers as she turned to watch Charlie undress.
Charlie grasped his rock-hard cock, stroking it in front of the young woman.

"Suck it, slut!" ordered Charlie.

Sara obeyed, leaning forward to take Charlie's dick with her left hand. She
pressed her lips against the engorged head, kissing it first, then letting it
slip between her warm, sensual lips. Charlie moaned, sliding his hands into
Sara's slick brown hair while she sucked wetly on his member, her cheeks
clenched as she drew the man's meat deep into her throat.

"That's it! That's it, bitch!" growled Charlie, pushing Sara's head onto his
cock, her mouth hot and moist around his pole.

Charlie slowly withdrew his shaft from Sara's mouth. Sara looked up
submissively at Charlie, a trail of white milk sliding down from the left
side of her lips.

"Fuck me!" demanded Sara, her eyes glazed with lust.

Charlie seized Sara by the shoulders and pulled her roughly to her feet. He
pushed her onto the bed, falling heavily on top of her. He knocked her legs
open with his knees, then rammed his cock violently into her pussy. Sara
moaned loudly, wrapping her bare arms around Charlie's thick neck. Charlie
wetly licked Sara's throat, pumping sharply into her, filling her cunt with
his thick meat shaft.

"You like that? You like that, bitch?" snarled Charlie, yanking back on
Sara's hair.

"Yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" screamed Sara, her thighs squeezing
Charlie's hairy legs, her hips bucking as she thrust forward onto her lover's

"Horny little slut," drooled Charlie, kissing Sara's mouth, violently
tonguing down her throat while he pumped into her cunt, his crotch slapping
loudly over hers.

Charlie thrust down into Sara repeatedly, the cheap mattress of the bed
squeaking shrilly, filling the whole room with the shriek of tortured metal
springs. Sara arched her back, her tits shaking, her mouth wide open and
gasping as Charlie's stiff penis stroked the moist walls of her contracting
vagina. With an ear-splitting scream, Sara orgasmed, her flat belly
clenching with uncontrollable spasms. Charlie removed his shuddering cock
from Sara's pussy. He grabbed her by the right shoulder, sitting her up on
the bed so he could shoot his load on her. The muscular man squirted his
cream across Sara's glistening tits and face, thick rivulets sliding down
the young woman's bare torso. Sara bent forward at the waist, licking goo
from Charlie's sore cock, her tongue eagerly gathering each fat drop of cum.

"Not bad for a whore," grinned Charlie, tossing a twenty at Sara before
leaving the sex- reeking hotel room.

Sara sat motionless on the bed, then blinked her eyes rapidly.

"What the hell?" groaned the naked woman, wiping at the semen drying on her
sweaty skin.

"It was you!" snarled Sara, tugging at the Witchblade fastened to her slim

Unable to remove the hated artifact, the fingers of her left hand bleeding
from the Witchblade's barbs, Sara collapsed on her belly upon the bed,
sobbing with despair, her cunt aching and still wet with her juices.

The End.


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