by PJ


Sara Pezzini sprinted through the trees, gasping harshly for breath as she
ran. Branches and twigs snapped loudly behind the young woman, letting her
know that her pursuers had not given up. Sara smelled the sulfur stench just
before a large stream of fire appeared to her left, engulfing several trees
in her path. Sara hurled right, extending her hand behind her and firing a
green shaft of plasma from the barbed glove wrapped around her right hand and
arm to the elbow. A high pitched scream echoed through the forest, making
Sara wince in unconscious sympathy.

A low hanging branch slapped against Sara's left arm, leaving a painful gash
across her skin. Trees snapped behind Sara like thin twigs as something
massive smashed through the foliage towards her. Sara leapt over a fallen
tree trunk, her lungs burning with fatigue, her legs rubbery from exhaustion.
The young woman tripped and fell heavily to the ground, scratching her elbows
as she slid to a stop. More trees shattered nearby; a tall, muscled humanoid
form appeared from the darkness.

*Protect,* whispered the Witchblade in Sara's mind, extending its gray shell
across her slim body.

The burly human form reached out towards Sara with his large right hand. Sara
pointed at her assailant, releasing several razor sharp tendrils from the
Witchblade that impaled the large man's hand. The man roared in pain and
fury, hastily withdrawing his open palm.

"Move away, please," requested a cultured male voice from behind Sara's first

The burly ruffian quickly slid aside, allowing a second man dressed in a long
black trench coat to advance towards Sara. The thin man stretched out his
right arm, growling words in a harsh language. Bands of purple light wrapped
around Sara's ankles and elbows, trapping her on the soft ground.

*Protect,* repeated the Witchblade, the red gem embedded within it beginning
to glow with an angry ruby light.

*No! Wait!* commanded Sara, knowing that a power discharge now would kill her
as well as her pursuers.

"Take the Witchblade, Samson," ordered the thin man as he ran his hand
through his long black hair.

As Samson leaned down to take the Witchblade, the thin man chanted again,
closing his eyes in concentration. Blue light burned around the man's open
right hand and from the Witchblade. Sara felt the barbs that nestled in her
flesh slide out while her armor retracted back into the shape of a glove. The
Witchblade was free, Samson would be able to take it.

*Go! Find another bearer!* ordered Sara desperately, Samson's shadow falling
over her.

The red gem in the Witchblade flared once, then it extended several thin
limbs. It scuttled off of Sara's hand, disappearing into the undergrowth.

"Master! It walks!" observed Samson.

"Get it, you fool!" spat the thin man angrily.

Samson smashed through the trees in pursuit of the elusive walking glove,
brushing the foliage with his large, meaty hands.

"I didn't think that you could command the Witchblade to abandon you. It
truly is an enigma," smiled the thin man, kneeling beside Sara's bound form.

"You won't get it. You might as well go."

"The artifact may be gone, but it is still linked to you. I've done my
homework, my dear. Shall I share what I've learned with you?"

"Go to Hell," snarled Sara defiantly.

"Oh, I intend to, with you as a souvenir," chuckled Sara's captor.


Tabitha sat on the steps in front of St. Francis, cramming for the algebra
quiz scheduled today. It was just after 7:00 am, only she and a few other
students were here to wait for the janitor to open the school's doors.

"You should have studied last night," said Rose, setting her backpack down as
she sat next to her friend.

"My parents made me go carpet shopping with them."

"Ugh! Sounds horrible!"

"Believe me, it was," scowled Tabitha, her eyes focused in her book.

"Hey! It's yummie little Tabitha! Come here and sit on Gunner's lap!" shouted
the tall football jock from the other side of the stairway.

"Ah, shit! It's Gunner! Run!" warned Tabitha, grabbing her books hastily and
running for the nearby trees.

Rose stayed close behind her friend, clutching her pack to her chest. Gunner
laughed harshly as he sprinted after them, skidding to a halt at the edge of
the forest.

"Catch ya next time!" promised Gunner, returning back to the stairs to wait
for fresh prey.

"I hate...that...shithead," said Rose, pressing her hands on her knees while
she gasped for air.

"Me, too," nodded Tabitha, brushing blonde hair out of her eyes.

"What's that?" whispered Rose, moving close to Tabitha and pointing into the

Tabitha peered into the greenery, detecting a soft scuffling sound nearby.

"Maybe it's a squirrel or something," shrugged Tabitha.

"Let's go," urged Rose, tugging on Tabitha's right arm.

A gray shape jumped out of the bushes, crashing into Tabitha. Both girls
screamed, Rose running back to school while Tabitha struggled with the
long-limbed thing sitting on top of her. The bulk of the thing slithered over
to her right hand, encasing it before stabbing several sharp barbs into her
skin. Tabitha screamed again, her throat raw as she felt blood dripping from
the barb-inflicted wounds. More barbed tendrils hung over Tabitha's prone
body, they quivered expectantly, then dove down at the helpless girl. Tabitha
moaned fearfully as sharp tendrils wrapped around her neck, arms and legs.
The razor limbs slashed her clothes to shreds before slicing painfully into
her white flesh. Tabitha struggled weakly, her mind getting foggy from loss
of blood.

*Join,* whispered a voice in Tabitha's head, making her shudder in terror.

"Please, let me go," begged the young girl, reaching out with her arms to
drag herself towards the safety of the school building.

*Join,* repeated the Witchblade, forcing Tabitha's legs apart with the
tendrils wrapped around her thighs.

"No, please," moaned Tabitha, tears staining her pale cheeks.

The Witchblade did not heed Tabitha's protests, it thrust a single thick
tendril into Tabitha's pussy, tearing through the girl's white panties.
Tabitha gasped, feeling the pulsing limb as it slithered through her tender
vagina. Tendrils wrapped around Tabitha's young breasts, squeezing them in
vice grips. The tendril around Tabitha's throat rubbed back and forth, the
tip sliding over her right cheek to prick at her trembling lower lip.
Tabitha's thighs shook with each violent thrust of the limb inside her
cunt, the probe expanding to fill her entire pussy till it ached. Tabitha
felt the thick tendril rip past her virginity, sending a sharp pain
throughout her crotch. Blood slid out of Tabitha's cunt, staining the grass
under her ass a deep scarlet. The pain slowly transformed into pleasure,
Tabitha panting from each forceful thrust.

As suddenly as the Witchblade had attacked her, the artifact retracted all of
its tendrils, shrinking to the size of a thin bracelet. Tabitha lay weakly on
the ground, her legs open, her pussy bleeding, and her blouse and skirt
ripped to shreds.


"Oh, my god!" exclaimed one of St. Francis' teachers, quickly kneeling at
Tabitha's side to check for a pulse.

"Get the nurse, now!" shouted the woman, pointing at one of the students who
had followed her from the school.

"Tabitha!" cried Rose, rushing to kneel on Tabitha's other side and to take
her limp hand.

"It looks like someone attacked her," said the teacher, eyeing the woods

A few moments later, the janitor and a strong male senior brought a stretcher
for Tabitha. The school nurse put a blanket over Tabitha's ravaged body,
holding her wrist as the men carried her to the infirmary.


"The Witchblade has bonded with a young high school girl named Tabitha
Meredith. She's in the school infirmary right now," said Demona, her brow
furrowed in concentration. She held her hand against Sara's forehead, probing
the bound woman's thoughts.

"Damn, this complicates things," frowned Mephit, digging his hands deeper
into the pockets of his black trench coat.

"I'll just go in there and take the little bitch," growled Samson, who stood

"That would attract far too much attention, my friend, the wrong kind of
attention," replied Mephit with a shake of his head.

"Looks…like…you lose," smiled Sara weakly.

"Hardly, my dear. I haven't even begun yet," grinned Mephit maliciously.



The school nurse gently placed a thin white blanket over Tabitha's limp body.

"Will she be alright?" asked Rose, clasping her hands together with worry.

"Yes. She's badly scratched up, but none of her wounds appear to be really
serious," replied the nurse, taking Rose's left arm lightly. "Now let's go
and let Tabitha get some rest until her mother arrives."

After the nurse and Rose left, the Witchblade uncoiled from Tabitha's right
wrist, tendrils wrapped around her neck, breasts, and face. A single sharp
prong pierced Tabitha's temple, digging into her brain.

"No!" shouted Tabitha, eyes widening in shock as she sat bolt upright. The
blanket fell away from Tabitha's scantily clad form while gray tendrils
pulled her legs apart, exposing her bloodied pussy.

*Join,* whispered the Witchblade in Tabitha's mind, the tendrils around her
tits squeezing painfully.

"Let go of me!" panted Tabitha, struggling to pull away the razor sharp
bindings wrapped around her.

Tabitha gasped when the Witchblade sent a surge of energy into her mind,
stimulating her pleasure centers. The girl fell back limply onto the
mattress, her legs yielding to the tendrils that pulled upon them. A
phallic-shaped tendril slowly slid into Tabitha's cunt, wriggling inside her
vagina. Tabitha moaned, arching her back, her breasts aching from abuse as
they were fondled and crushed. She sucked on her lower lip, her brain
throbbing with sensual pleasure transmitted from the tendril buried in her
The schoolgirl grasped the upper posts of her bed, pumping her slender hips
while the probe inside her pussy shoved itself wetly back and forth.

*Pleasure,* whispered the Witchblade, a tendril slithering around Tabitha's
throat, caressing her warm flesh as she groaned in bliss. Glistening honey
escaped from Tabitha's pussy, staining the sterile white sheets. A second
knobby probe inserted itself into Tabitha's asshole, exploring her tight anal
orifice. Tabitha shuddered with ecstasy and spread her legs apart farther,
invited the Witchblade's limb deeper into her young uterus.

"More…please, more," murmured Tabitha, her eyes pressed shut, her lips
trembling from panting.

The Witchblade sent another arousing jolt into Tabitha's mind, its agile gray
limbs roving all over her slim sexy body. Tabitha tore off the remainder of
her ripped clothing, then she cupped her young tits in her palms, crushing a
tendril that rubbed up and down her cleavage. Gleaming with sex sweat,
Tabitha turned over onto her stomach, raising her nude body up on hands and
knees. She grasped the headboard of her bed, thrusting out her ass, which was
still being ravished by two pulsing tendrils. The probes inside the naked
girl's pussy and anus moved as one, shoving deeply inside her, dripping with
her excretions. Tabitha's tits dangled in bondage, held by writhing
Witchblade limbs. A gray shell formed around Tabitha's head, flowing down her
chest and back, encasing her slim, shapely legs. The Witchblade armor
completely encased Tabitha's nude body; its limbs still throbbed inside her
cunt and ass.

*Must leave…protect,* transmitted the Witchblade, forcing Tabitha to her
feet, then propelling her through an open window to freedom.


"Finally, nightfall," said Mephit, gazing up at the clear starlit sky.

"Do we get the girl now?" inquired Samson impatiently.

"Yes, and Sara shall lead the way," smiled Mephit ironically.

"Fuck you," grimaced Sara, trying to block the pain of the thorn bindings
wrapped around her wrists and arms.

"We had the contest of wills and I won. Don't be a sore loser," reprimanded
Mephit, wiggling his fingers to tighten the bonds around Sara. The young
woman moaned instinctively as the sharp long thorns around her arms slid
deeper into her flesh.

"Let me brain drain her, then we can get moving," Demona suggested eagerly,
tossing her long red hair over her shoulder.

"No, not yet, anyway," replied Mephit. "I think Sara sees the logic in
helping us, don't you, my dear?"

"Alright, just don't hurt me anymore," whispered Sara.

"I won't, you have my word," chuckled Mephit, pushing Sara ahead of him.


Tabitha entered her house after the Witchblade had picked the lock of the
front door. She slowly moved her head around the entry foyer, the Witchblade
searching for any signs of its pursuers. When it had determined that the
house was clear, it granted Tabitha control of her body, but remained in full
armor mode around her. Tabitha climbed the stairs to her bedroom on the
second floor, falling heavily onto her pink bedspread after entering the

"I feel so tired," muttered Tabitha, her eyelids fluttering drowsily.

*Sleep. I will protect you,* replied the Witchblade, the ruby built within it
glowing warmly.


After several hours, Mephit, Demona, Samson, and Sara reached the edge of
another forest clearing. Peeking from the bushes, the group glanced around
the open grounds of a two-story manor house with a driveway running in front
of it. No lights were switched on, the house appeared to be empty.

"Are you sure the Witchblade is there?" hissed Mephit, yanking sharply on
Sara's auburn hair.

"Yesss. It is."

"Samson, take the front door. Demona, watch the back," ordered Mephit curtly.

"Where will you be?" asked Demona with an arched eyebrow.

"Here, monitoring you," smiled Mephit coldly.

Samson charged forward without hesitation, followed a short space later by
the lithe Demona. The succubus' black halter top ripped open from her back,
allowing her wide, leathery wings to stretch out behind her.

"Now the fun begins," whispered Mephit hotly in Sara's right ear.


*Wake up!* warned the Witchblade, its ruby heart pulsing brightly.

"What?" muttered Tabitha, her eyes blinking rapidly.

*We have to move!* answered the artifact, forcing Tabitha to her feet.

"Okay! I can take it from here!" protested Tabitha.

When the Witchblade didn't take control of her body, Tabitha walked to her
only bedroom window, searching the driveway for anything weird. She gasped
softly in alarm when she spotted a huge muscular man marching resolutely for
her front door.

*Let me get him from here,* recommended the weapon.

"Uh, okay," agreed Tabitha, silently opening her window before extending out
the gauntlet of the Witchblade.

The artifact slowly grew brighter with ruby light, pulsing like a pounding
heart. On their own, the fingers of the gauntlet spread wide apart before an
eye-searing bolt of plasma spat from the open palm towards Samson. The burly
demon barely had time to register the light above him when the plasma strike
engulfed his body. He screamed briefly in agony before his mortal form was
reduced to a pile of ash.

*One down,* remarked the Witchblade smugly. Before Tabitha could reply, she
heard the back door downstairs shatter open.

"Another one?"


Tabitha rushed down the hallway, then slowly descended the stairs to the
ground floor. The girl saw Demona as the succubus flew into her, propelling
her through the outer wall to the front lawn. Tabitha landed heavily, the air
crushed from her lungs.

"Give me the Witchblade, you little bitch," hissed Demona, releasing gleaming
red claws from her delicate hands.

*Hit her!* urged the Witchblade.

Tabitha smashed her right fist into Demona's face, crushing the beautiful
demon's nose. Demona clutched her bleeding face, staggering away from the
prone girl. Tabitha pointed her right hand at Demona, commanding several
sharp tendrils to shoot towards her wounded foe. Demona shouted in pain when
the barbs sliced into her flesh. She flapped her wings, rising quickly into
the protective arms of the night. Tabitha scanned the edge of the forest for
more demons, but saw nothing.

"We did it," grinned Tabitha, breathing heavily.

*Well done,* replied the Witchblade.

"Mom's gonna bitch about that hole in the wall, not to mention the broken
door," groaned Tabitha, retracing her steps to the house.

*I can fix that,* offered the artifact with a twinkling red glow.


"That could have gone better," remarked Mephit ruefully.

"That fucking cunt broke my nose!" snarled Demona, her nostrils red and puffy
with bruising.

Sara giggled from her seat at the base of a tree until Demona slapped her
several times across the face.

"Settle down, Demona. We need her, for a little longer," said Mephit, glaring
at Sara dangerously. "We have to try a different approach."

"Like what?" retorted the succubus.

"We get a little help from her friends," grinned Mephit, his shark-like teeth
glowing in the dim starlight.


Wednesday night was busy as usual at the club named Attica. Any high school
kid that wanted to be cool snuck out of their house and went to Attica to
dance and listen to the wall shaking music of a local rock band. Mephit
dressed in a conservative black suit, contrasting with Demona, who wore tight
red rubber shorts and a fish net blouse over a black silk bra. Polished,
spike-heeled knee boots and loose red hair completed her vamp look as she
eyed the young boys lounging around the entrance to the club. The doorman let
the two demons in without a word, leering at Demona's ample cleavage when she
walked by. The music washed over the duo like an overpowering wave when they
stopped at the entry landing to take in the dark, strobe lit interior.

"Hunt for anyone with Tabitha's scent on them. I'll take the left side of the
floor, you take the right," ordered Mephit over the raucous din.

"Got'cha," smiled Demona, swaying her body in time to the chaotic beat.

"Concentrate on work, my dear," admonished Mephit before he left the
succubus on the landing. Demona made a face at Mephit's retreating back, then
gracefully descended a staircase to the dance floor, charming all the
handsome boys that caught her eye.

Mephit slid through the tight crowd to a square bar that sat in the middle
of the dance floor. Several teens lounged on bar stools, drinking soda and
munching on snacks. Mephit sat on a relatively clean stool, ordered a coke,
then searched the mass of youth with his sharp demonic senses.

"Hey! You're not a student!" observed a junior girl with shoulder length
blonde hair and brown eyes.

"Very astute, young lady," replied Mephit, taking a sip of his soda.

"What?" shouted the girl after a particularly loud musical refrain. "My
name's Buffy!"

"Like the TV show?" asked Mephit, admiring the girl's slim bare legs and
generous breasts.

"Yeah! Like the TV show!" giggled Buffy. "What are you doing here?"

"Looking for someone."

"The adult bars are downtown. You won't find much action here!" said Buffy as
she took a stool facing Mephit. "Buy me a drink?"

Mephit watched the girl with amusement as he motioned for the bartender to
give Buffy a soda of her own. Buffy dangled her graceful legs, looking at
Mephit with wide, innocent eyes. When she got her soda, Buffy slurped loudly
with her straw, licking the top while her eyes locked on Mephit's. He smiled
appreciatively, sipping quietly from his glass.

"Do you know a girl named Tabitha Meredith?"

"Oh, yeah! That's the one who got raped near school!" gushed Buffy

"Were you friends with her?" inquired Mephit, his dark brown eyes burning

"Naw, she hung out with some computer geek and another loser. I had a class
with her though. She didn't have any boyfriends," giggled Buffy maliciously.

"Do you see the computer geek or that other loser somewhere around here?"

"Hmm," muttered Buffy, glancing back and forth across the club. "Oh! There!"

Mephit followed the direction of Buffy's outstretched finger, spotting a
petite brunette with glasses and a tall, lanky boy with a short ponytail of
black hair sitting at a table on the very edge of the dance floor. Mephit
sniffed delicately, catching the faint scent of Tabitha on both young humans.

"Hey, wanna dance?" asked Buffy in a husky whisper, sliding off her stool to
press her slim body against Mephit's. The demon inhaled Buffy's musky odor,
her hot youth and the intoxicating reek of her arousal.

"Another time, perhaps," smiled Mephit gently, easing away from Buffy to make
his way towards Tabitha's two friends.


After failing to find her quarry, Demona grew distracted by all the horny
boys staring at her lustfully. When a tall good-looking senior asked her to
dance, the succubus agreed, letting the boy slide his arm around her slim
waist and fondle her ass. Demona crotch-danced with the boy until he panted
with exhaustion, then she switched to another eager young buck. She danced
and groped till she had a thin sheen of sweat over her smooth white skin.
Unable to hold back, Demona kissed her last dance partner, tasting his life
with her cold red lips until he nearly fainted with weakness. Demona hastily
backed away from the pale boy, losing herself in the crushing press of


"How's Tabitha?" asked Saul.

"Fine, I guess. I tried to call her house earlier to see if she wanted to
come with us, but no one answered," replied Rose.

"Maybe we should bail here and go visit her."

"We better let her rest. Maybe she'll be back at school tomorrow."

"It's boring without her," groaned Saul, hands under his chin.

"Wanna dance?" asked Rose hopefully.

"Naw. I'm gonna get another drink. You want one?"

"I'm still on my first."

"I'll be back," growled Saul, attempting a weak imitation of the Terminator.

Rose laughed dutifully, rolling her eyes at the ceiling. She twirled her
straw in her full glass, failing to look up when Mephit approached her.

"What's a beautiful girl like you doing all alone?"

"You talking to me?" asked Rose incredulously.

"Of course, Rose," chuckled Mephit, sitting across from the young girl.

"You know my name?"

"I'm a friend of Tabitha's family. She's very lonely tonight. Would you like
to go see her?"

"Is she okay?"

"Yes, just very shook up. She shouldn't be alone right now."

"You're right. Let's go," replied Rose, grabbing her small purse from the
table. Mephit followed Rose out of the club, smiling in satisfaction.


"Nice car," complimented Rose, caressing the leather seat she sat on.

"It's a rental," said Mephit, hoping that the dead body of the previous owner
didn't bounce too loudly in the trunk.

The demon drove in the general direction of Tabitha's house, but veered off
at the last minute onto an abandoned road that ran through the forest
surrounding the house.

"Wrong turn," corrected Rose.

"Perhaps," replied Mephit, slowing the black sports car to a stop, then
killing the engine.

"Uh, why are we stopping?" asked Rose, slowly reaching into her purse for her

"We need to have a little talk," whispered Mephit, staring deeply into Rose's
nervous eyes.

The girl slowly relaxed, her eyes becoming glazed from the demon's hypnotic
gaze. Mephit grasped Rose's purse, tossing it towards the back seat. He
leaned over Rose, unbuttoning her light blue blouse. The demon rubbed his
hands over Rose's breasts, cupping them gently. He kissed the girl softly,
his tongue licking across her tender lips. Mephit pulled down the covering of
Rose's left tit, bending down to lick the pink nipple as his left hand slid
between her thighs to rub her soft white panties. Rose moaned softly, arching
her back while Mephit placed her nipple between his polished white teeth.

Becoming aroused by the young girl's submissiveness, Mephit raised up her
skirt before pulling down her panties to her ankles. He loudly sniffed Rose's
virgin pussy, licking the insides of her ripe warm thighs. Rose moaned again,
fondling her own small breasts while Mephit licked over the surface of her
trembling cunt. Mephit pressed a finger between Rose's cunt lips, sliding it
up and down the moist pink flesh as he sucked deeply on her clit. Rose
groaned, baring both of her young tits, pinching her nipples as her pussy
became wet with sensual excitement. Mephit pushed his mouth inside Rose's
quivering slit, extending his long tongue deeply into her vagina. Rose moaned
in ecstasy, she smacked her back against the glass of the passenger side
door, writhing from Mephit's sucking lips as his mouth rubbed against her

Mephit stopped tongue fucking Rose's cunthole long enough to reach deep
inside his mouth. He slowly withdrew a long black glistening worm that
quivered between his fingers. The demon positioned the worm next to Rose's
shuddering pussy, watching avidly as the obscene creature slithered inside
the panting girl. Rose moaned softly, biting her lower lip while the worm
wriggled into her young uterus.

"You belong to me now," said Mephit, grabbing a handful of Rose's short black
hair, kissing her roughly on her slack lips.

The demon rolled Rose onto her hands and knees in her seat, shoving her head
and breasts against the glass of the door before he released his cock and
shoved it into the young girl's ass. Rose groaned in pain, grimacing as
Mephit violated her tight anus, ramming his thick tool into her delicate
orifice. Rose's tits were squashed against the cold glass, her hands pressed
flat against the window while the demon pumped inside her, slapping her bare
buttocks with his hands.

"You like it, don't you little whore! You love it!" growled Mephit, his eyes
glowing blood-red.

"Yes! Fuck me harder!" panted Rose, drool sliding down her trembling chin.

Mephit spanked Rose's ass until it was cherry red, wetly slapping his crotch
against her small, rounded butt. When the demon felt his orgasm approach, he
pulled back on Rose's hair, positioning her head next to his cock before it
gushed warm cream all over her lovely, open-mouthed face.

"Enough play time. I have an important job for you," said Mephit.


"Rose?" called Saul, searching the area where he left her vainly. He sat down
heavily on his stool, staring at the full glass that Rose had abandoned. Saul
scanned the crowd around him, becoming worried and a little angry at his
friend for leaving him. The young man slurped down half of his soda, making
up his mind to go home and call his missing companion, when a gorgeous
redhead crashed lightly into his table.

"Beat it, meathead!" snarled Demona, pushing away an overly amorous Gunner.

"Hey, babe! You're kinda old for me, but I'll do ya a favor and give you a
shag that only the Gunner Man can give," grinned the big jock.

"Save it for the cheerleaders, Bluto!" spat Demona, growling harshly and
baring her fangs, scaring the muscular boy away.

Saul was starting to leave the table when Demona caught a whiff of Tabitha on

"Hey! Care to dance?" smiled the succubus, thrusting out one shapely hip and
leaning forward daringly.

"Uh, I hav'ta go," murmured Saul, his eyes riveted to Demona's tempting

"Just one dance for the road," urged Demona, grabbing Saul's right hand and
pulling him onto the dance floor.

Saul was pressed tightly against Demona in the writhing mob of young dancers.
She wrapped her arms around Saul's neck, rubbing her crotch sensually against

"Uh, what's your name?" stammered Saul nervously, his nose twitching from the
demon's strong musky aura.

"Demona. I hope we'll be good friends," breathed the succubus, leaning close
to Saul, licking his ear while pressing her soft breasts against his pounding


Tabitha dropped her small backpack on top of her bed before flopping down
next to it. She slid her hands under her head, staring idly at the ceiling of
her bedroom.

"Rose and Saul sure were weird today at school," observed the girl.

*Your friends had the stench of demons upon them,* replied the Witchblade,
currently in the shape of a collar around Tabitha's graceful neck.

"Since you mention demons, just why are they chasing after you?"

*They want my powers.*

"They already have all kinds of powers, why do they want yours?"

*They are alone on Earth. If they capture me, they will use me to open a
gateway to their dimension, then an army of demons will cross into your world
to conquer and destroy it.*

"Am I the only girl you've bonded with?"

*No, there have been many others throughout the ages.*

"What happened to the last one?"

*She was captured by the demons. They still hold her prisoner.*

"Shouldn't we help her?"

*We will, once all the demons are dead.*

"Or they kill me," replied Tabitha, scratching her crotch idly. The
Witchblade shifted like water over Tabitha's body, wrapping around her right
hand and forming its familiar gauntlet shape. The Witchblade purred in
Tabitha's mind as she rubbed it across the front of her panties.

"You get off on this, don't you?" inquired Tabitha, slowly caressing her warm
pussy with the throbbing gauntlet.

*Sexual contact with females invigorates me,* murmured the Witchblade.

"Since you saved my life, I guess I can give you a taste," offered Tabitha,
sliding the Witchblade beneath her cotton panties. She gasped when the cold
surface of the Witchblade slid across her tender cunt. Tabitha leaned back
against the headboard of her bed, moving her gloved hand up and down her
moistening slit.

The Witchblade purred loudly in Tabitha's mind, they both felt surges of
sensual bliss when the girl pressed one finger into her soft labia petals.
Tabitha bit her lip, her skin becoming hot as she fingered her pussy harder,
sliding a finger deeper into her clenching vagina. She clumsily unbuttoned
her white blouse, positioning her hand under the bra cup of her left breast
to fondle her tit. Tabitha moaned again, squeezing her breast as she pumped
her finger in and out of her wet cunt.

*So good,* groaned the Witchblade.

"Yes," hissed Tabitha, closing her eyes in ecstasy, rolling her finger within
her melting cunt hole. Tabitha's probes became faster, her wrist flexing
agilely while her digit slopped wetly inside her pussy. The young girl panted
heavily, uncovering her right breast before pinching her nipple between two

"Oh, yes!" moaned Tabitha, thrusting her crotch forward, spreading her legs
wide apart to give more space to her shoving hand.

*From behind,* ordered the Witchblade.

Tabitha removed the Witchblade from her throbbing cunt long enough to discard
her open blouse and bra, lower her panties to her ankles, and turn over onto
her hands and knees. She pushed up her skirt until it rested on her lower
back, then she opened her thighs enough to slide the Witchblade back into her
hungry pussy. Tabitha grasped the edge of the headboard with her left hand,
moaning constantly as she thrust her gloved hand repeatedly into her
glistening slit. Tabitha's bare breasts pumped with each gasp, punctuating
each probe into her narrow vagina. Tabitha finger fucked herself until she
climaxed, moaning deeply while warm honey trickled down her bare thighs.

Tabitha shifted onto her back, breathing sharply from exertion. She raised
the Witchblade to her face, watching as it absorbed her cum. The three gems
embedded in the Witchblade burned brightly, illuminating Tabitha's attractive

*Someone is coming,* warned the Witchblade.

"Demons?" gasped Tabitha, grasping for her discarded clothes.

*No. One of your friends.*


"Hi, Tabitha!" grinned Rose. "Feel like partying tonight?"

"Where?" asked Tabitha, hastily shoving the edge of her blouse beneath the
waistline of her skirt.

"Attica, of course! Saul said he would be there."

"Uh, sure. Let me change first," said Tabitha, leaving the door open for Rose
as she took the steps back up to her room.

"Nice choker," complimented Rose, pointing at the Witchblade that had
returned to Tabitha's neck.

"Thanks. I'll only be a minute," responded Tabitha, disappearing around a
hallway corner.

Rose waited patiently for Tabitha to change. Tabitha replaced her school garb
for jeans, sneakers, and a grey t-shirt with "Girl Power" emblazoned over the
chest. Tying her blonde hair into a ponytail, Tabitha rejoined Rose on the
first floor, following her friend outside to where a black sports car waited,
engine humming.

"Whose car's that?" asked Tabitha with a puzzled frown.

"It belongs to my uncle, he's staying with us for a few days," replied Rose

Rose opened the passenger door and climbed into the back seat. Tabitha slid
into the leather front seat of the car, closing the door before looking at
the driver. Mephit smiled cordially at Tabitha as the Witchblade screamed a
warning in her brain. Tabitha raised the Witchblade in a warding gesture, the
gems within it flaring with power. Mephit raised a magical shield just as the
Witchblade blasted him with a jet of plasma. The demon flew out the driver's
side door, rolling backwards across the grass. Before Tabitha could level the
smoldering Witchblade at Mephit, Rose wrapped her arms around the bearer's
neck. Rose opened her mouth, vomiting a greasy tendril from her body. The
tentacle wrapped around Tabitha's neck, choking the air from her lungs.
Tabitha grabbed the tentacle with the Witchblade, its sharp barbs slicing
deep into the tendril's skin. Purple blood spurted out of the torn tentacle,
covering the interior of the car as well as its two female occupants.

"Rose!!" begged Tabitha, gazing helplessly into her friend's
hate-distorted features.

"Your young friend belongs to me, just as you soon will," chuckled Mephit,
dusting off his suit jacket as he walked confidently back to the gore-stained

The tentacle around Tabitha's neck slid down her body, wrapping around her
stomach and waist.

*You have to kill Rose or we're both doomed!* exclaimed the Witchblade.

*No, I won't kill her!* retorted Tabitha, commanding the weapon to harm only
the tendril trapping her.

The Witchblade sent green fire along the length of the tentacle, reducing it
to a shriveled black ruin. Rose screamed when the fire slid down her throat,
consuming the creature that lay within her. She fell back against the
dripping back seat of the car, her mouth smoking lightly.

Mephit cursed and crossed his arms together when Tabitha leveled the
Witchblade on him and fired another power bolt. The fiery plasma splashed
against his glowing blue spell shield, searing the grass beneath him.

"I didn't want to do this, but you leave me no choice, bitch," growled
Mephit, casting a fire bolt at the gas tank of the black car.

Tabitha's eyes widened just before the car exploded, surrounding her in
devouring flames. Mephit shielded his eyes with his right arm, waiting for
the fire to die so he could recover his long sought prize. The demon was
ill-prepared when a gray lance hurled from the flames and smashed into his
belly. Mephit clutched the razor-edged tendril resting in his stomach. He
drooled black blood as Tabitha emerged from the burning wreck, holding Rose
tightly against her body, both of them encased in Witchblade armor. The lance
retracted wetly from Mephit's torso, releasing a fountain of black blood onto
the scorched lawn.

"You better give up while you still can," warned Tabitha, lowering the
unconscious Rose to the ground, then cocking her fists defensively before

"You can't win. Give me the Witchblade now and you'll never see me again,"
gasped Mephit, his ugly wound sealing itself as he spoke.

"How about I kill you and all of your demon pals. I won't see you again then
either," retorted Tabitha with a cold smile.

"You can try, slut," grinned Mephit, eyes glowing red and fangs bared before
he teleported away in a cloud of reeking brimstone.

"Phew!" choked Tabitha, waving the smoke away with her hand. She quickly
knelt at Rose's side, feeling the girl's neck for a pulse.

*Place me on her chest. I can heal her,* said the Witchblade.

Tabitha placed the Witchblade just above Rose's breasts, spreading her
fingers wide. The gems within the Witchblade gradually brightened with power,
generating healing energy that transferred to Rose's senseless form. After
several moments, Rose coughed violently, groaning before slowly opening her

"What happened? How'd I get here?"

"It's a long story," grinned Tabitha with relief. "Let's go inside the house
and I'll tell you everything."



Mephit descended from the cloudy night sky, touching down in front of an
abandoned warehouse at the edge of the business district of town. Searching
the darkness for idle watchers, Mephit entered the warehouse by a side door,
his polished shoes echoing in the vast expanse of the building's empty
interior. At the far corner of the huge storage area lay Saul, gagged and
bound, guarded by a bored looking Demona.

"Your charms failed to impress the young man?" inquired Mephit wryly.

"I don't see the Witchblade in your hands, Mephit," snarled Demona. "What's
that tear in your shirt, have a tummy ache?"

"Silence, wench!" growled Mephit, kneeling down briefly to inspect his
captive. "We must be prepared when Tabitha comes. Get in position."

Demona glared at the elder demon before stomping off into the darkness.
Mephit left Saul to check up on his other captive, who sat on the floor of
the warehouse's only office. Sara glanced up at Mephit, who stood smugly over
his attractive prisoner.

"The Witchblade will come to me soon. You can still feel it, can't you? Let's
kill some time while we wait," smiled Mephit, slowly unzipping his trousers
in front of the wide-eyed young woman.


Tabitha rested on her bed while Rose took a hot shower in the adjoining
bathroom. The Witchblade twitched on her hand, tiny tendrils curling and

*I want her.*

"No," whispered Tabitha, "she just had some weird demon thing inside her, I
don't think she wants to play water sports right now."

*Please. I can sense her body from here,* begged the Witchblade. *I want to
taste her.*

"I said no," repeated Tabitha, trying to ignore the warmth growing in her

The girl and the artifact listened to the shower water as it pelted the walls
and floor of the shower stall. Both of them imagined what Rose looked like,
nude and sensual, her young body begging to be savored and ravished. Without
conscious thought, Tabitha got up from the bed and walked quietly to the
bathroom door. She peeked inside, squinting her eyes in the fog created by
the shower's hot water. Tabitha spotted Rose's short, curvaceous figure
outlined in the glass of the shower door. The bearer watched as Rose rinsed
soap out of her short black hair, running her hands over her scalp. Tabitha
quickly undressed, the Witchblade extending thin tendrils into the air as the
naked girl advanced on the shower, slid the door open, and climbed in behind

"What?" gasped Rose, sensing someone behind her.

"It's just me," whispered Tabitha, wrapping her arms around Rose's bare
waist, softly kissing the back of her friend's neck.

"Tabitha, stop," protested Rose weakly, trying to tug herself away from her
amorous companion.

Tabitha ignored Rose, instead licking up the girl's spine, fondling her tight
buttocks at the same time. Rose groaned, closing her eyes in bliss while the
Witchblade wrapped a tiny tendril around her neck and pierced her temple with
the sharpened tip. Rose and Tabitha moaned as one as they shared each other's
arousal. Tabitha rubbed one of her fingers inside Rose's ass crack while she
kissed her friend's throat and left shoulder.

"Feels…good," panted Rose, her lips trembling as Tabitha fondled her cunt,
running her fingers over her soft labia. Rose arched her back, thrusting her
small breasts forward and shoving her ass against Tabitha's probing fingers.
The short brunette turned her face to her left to kiss Tabitha passionately
on the lips, the two girls' tongues darting and sliding across each other.

The Witchblade wrapped tendrils around Rose's waist and up her stomach to her
shaking tits. The gray limbs encircled Rose's breasts, teasing her nipples
till she moaned with pleasure.

Tabitha turned Rose to face her, pressing herself forward so they could kiss
long and deeply. The girls' breasts rubbed wantonly against each other while
they probed each other's throats enthusiastically. Tabitha brought up the
Witchblade, sliding it across Rose's tender lips. Rose inhaled her own cunt
scent, opening her mouth for the slithering artifact. The bearer placed a
finger in Rose's mouth, watching as her friend closed her lips around it and
began sucking lewdly upon it. Tabitha slid her crotch against Rose's right
thigh, enjoying the sensation of her pussy caressing her lover's smooth wet
skin. Rose ran her tongue up and down the 'blade armored digit, moaning
softly as she adorned the weapon with her saliva. Heeding the Witchblade's
wishes, Tabitha removed it from Rose's warm mouth and rammed it into the
girl's dripping cunt. Rose groaned sharply, leaning back against the shower
wall while Tabitha pumped the Witchblade in and out of her fuck hole.

"Harder, harder!" demanded Rose, caressing her own slick tits as she thrust
her hips forward towards the Witchblade. Tendrils exploded from the 'blade,
covering Rose's hips, ass, and crotch. The limbs pumped and quivered with
life, the digit in Rose's pussy thickening and throbbing until it filled the
naked girl's vagina, making each thrust a spike of ecstasy in the girl's
brain. Tabitha licked Rose's nipples, rubbing her lips against her friend's
hot flesh. Tabitha shoved the Witchblade into Rose again and again, making
the girl gasp loudly as her orgasm built within her ripe body. The girls
kissed wildly, their mouths locked together when Rose climaxed, covering the
Witchblade in her thick honey. Tabitha removed the Witchblade from Rose's
pussy, rubbing it against her own ass as the artifact absorbed all of Rose's
discharge. Tabitha kissed Rose lightly one more time, then left the shower
stall without a word.


"I didn't know you were into stuff like that," grinned Rose, adjusting her
glasses over her pert nose.

"It's mostly the Witchblade's doing, it feeds on sex," replied Tabitha,
raising the Witchblade for Rose to see.

"What is it?"

"I don't really know. It talks to me, it says that the demons who kidnapped
you want it to open a gateway to Hell."

"Wow. What are you going to do with it?"

"Do you remember where the demons took you. Do they have Saul?"

"I left with the demon called Mephit. After he screwed me in his car, we went
to an abandoned warehouse. He said that Saul would be meeting us there after
we returned with you!"

*Sara is there too,* offered the Witchblade. *She was my previous bearer.*

"Good. We can finish all of this in one play," smiled Tabitha grimly.


Mephit grunted repeatedly as he shoved his cock into Sara's moist pussy. Sara
knelt in a worn office chair, her mouth gagged and her arms bound behind her
back. Her ankles were bound, and her jeans had been lowered to her knees to
allow Mephit to ravage her ass and cunt. Mephit slapped Sara's buttocks,
laughing when she grunted through the gag stuffed in her mouth.

"You like this, don't you? Your pussy feels so tight," growled Mephit, his
eyes glowing red as he fucked his beautiful prisoner's slit. The demon
lowered his left hand to fondle Sara's clit while he thrust over and over
into her pussy, his cock smacking wetly against the helpless young woman's
cunt. Mephit detected Demona's footsteps approaching the office, prompting
him to cum quickly inside Sara's belly.

Sara leaned against the back of the chair she knelt in, sobbing softly while
Mephit zipped up his pants and straightened his disheveled black hair.

"A taxi is coming this way. I saw Tabitha and her friend in it," reported
Demona, glancing enviously at the bound, panty-less woman.

"You know what to do," replied Mephit, adjusting his black silk suit vest.

Demona nodded, melding back into the shadows of the warehouse.

"The Witchblade will be mine, sweet Sara, then you shall watch as the whole
world burns," chuckled the demon happily.


"I don't think they could have picked a creepier place," remarked Tabitha,
looking up at the crumbling face of the warehouse. Dark clouds rolled across
the sky, occasionally flashing with a tongue of lightning.

"How do we get in?" asked Rose nervously, adjusting the satchel over her left

*How about the front door?*

"Not very subtle," retorted Tabitha.

*I'll protect you.*

"Well, you haven't let me down yet," shrugged Tabitha, marching brazenly
towards the warehouse's main doors. Rose tentatively followed after her
friend, unzipping the satchel and sliding a hand inside.

Tabitha climbed the short flight of steps leading to the main entrance. She
briefly touched the double doors with the Witchblade, allowing it to extend
tendrils into the keyhole. The doors clicked sharply, signaling Tabitha to
open them. The doors creaked inwards loudly, the rusted hinges sending harsh
echoes into the building's black interior. The gems in the Witchblade emitted
a bright white radiance, allowing the two girls to examine the barren
interior. Tabitha led the way inside, walking several dozen paces into the
room before the doors slammed shut behind them. Rose tugged on the door bars,
failing to even budge the reinforced portals.

*The demons are using magic.*

"Great," grunted Tabitha, just before a glowing web of green light slapped
over her and Rose.

Demona fell from the ceiling, landing next to Tabitha, then punching the
girl in the stomach. Tabitha groaned as she fell to one knee, the air knocked
from her lungs. Rose withdrew a glass vial from her satchel, quickly opening
it and splashing the contents over Demona. The succubus screamed as the holy
water seared her skin. She staggered away from her spell web, trying
desperately to wipe the burning water from her arms. Tabitha used the
Witchblade to cut through the web, jumping out from under it to point at the
writhing demon. The Witchblade spat plasma on Demona, engulfing her in green
flames. Demona screeched as her flesh melted from her bones, her eyes melting
in their sockets until her skeleton collapsed and shattered like broken

A blue lightning bolt cracked from Tabitha's left. The Witchblade barely had
time to armor its bearer before the bolt smashed into Tabitha's side and
hurled her away from Demona's smoldering remains. The Witchblade covered
Tabitha in complete body armor as Mephit threw one lightning bolt after
another at the young girl, marching towards her angrily the entire time. The
Witchblade released another plasma bolt, the stream of green fire washing
over a spell shield that surrounded Mephit in a globe-shaped shell. Mephit
summoned a blade of glistening black material, raising it slowly before
slashing down at Tabitha. The young girl blocked the sword blow with her left
arm, blue sparks gushing from the impact of blade against armor. The
Witchblade formed a sword in Tabitha's right hand, prompting her to stab at
the demon. Mephit parried the attack, raining more blows on his adversary.
The Witchblade screamed in Tabitha's mind when Mephit penetrated its hide,
cutting into the girl's left side. Tabitha's blood stained her flank as she
staggered away from the demon. Mephit smiled in triumph just as sirens began
wailing outside the warehouse.

"Oh, I forgot to mention, I called the cops before I came here," grinned
Tabitha mischievously.

"You fucking bitch," snarled Mephit, raising his sword to kill the girl
before him.

"Abandon all weapons and come out with your hands in the air!" roared a voice
from a car speaker.

Mephit hesitated briefly, glancing in the direction of the announcer,
allowing Tabitha the opportunity to circle around him and to sprint towards
Rose. The demon growled in exasperation, throwing two lightning bolts at his
retreating opponent. The Witchblade deflected the bolts, bouncing them
harmlessly into the ceiling. With Mephit in pursuit, Tabitha grabbed Rose's
hand and dragged her towards the warehouse doors. Mephit accidentally blasted
the doors open when he missed Tabitha with yet another lightning strike. Cops
blocked the warehouse entrance in a broad arc, using their cars as shields
while they trained pistols and rifles on everyone standing before them.

"Freeze! Hands in the air, now!"

Tabitha and Rose dove to the ground as Mephit strode boldly into the glow of
headlights and flashing strobes, lightning coiled around his clenched hands.

"Vermin," snarled Mephit, raising his glowing hands towards the policemen.

"Fire!" ordered the squad leader.

The cracks of pistol and rifle fire roared in the girls' ears as dozens of
rounds punched into Mephit's body. He staggered backwards, black blood
exploding from his ruined suit. Mephit screamed with fury, bending forward to
clutch his bleeding belly. In the blink of an eye, Mephit transformed into a
huge winged monster with burly clawed arms and wide red leather wings.

The police gaped in horror, maintaining their gun barrage. Bullet wounds
closed shut and healed as fast as the cops could inflict fresh wounds on the
roaring demon. Mephit extended one claw, casting a fireball at one police
car. The vehicle exploded, sending the ruined car and several bodies high
into the air.

"Sir! Air National Guard chopper is in the area!" screamed a young beat cop.

"Get that fucker here now!" shouted the squad leader while an officer next to
him pumped shotgun blasts into the advancing demon.

"The Witchblade," snarled Mephit, reaching down to where Tabitha and Rose
cringed fearfully. Tabitha watched the demon grope towards her, forcing her
to aim the Witchblade at the monster's chest. Plasma fire washed over Mephit,
harmlessly passing over his indestructible shield. Mephit laughed at
Tabitha's weak defense, the shadow of his claw falling over both prone girls.

The whip of rotary blades announced the arrival of the combat chopper. A red
laser beam flashed on Mephit's wide, red-skinned chest just before a hail of
cannon fire flashed from the airship's gun pods. Mephit screamed in pain when
shells ripped into his torso, cutting bloody chunks of flesh from his body.
As the demon raised his claw to hurl magic, the gun ship fired another salvo,
blasting a hole right through Mephit's back.

*Grab Rose,* ordered the Witchblade, levitating the girls and blasting them
away from the mortally wounded Mephit. Tabitha held onto her friend tightly
as they shot up into the sky, witnessing the entire battle panorama from a
bird's eye view.

Mephit stumbled backwards as the airship roared past him. He clutched the
gaping hole in his torso, staring up hatefully at Tabitha with his smoldering
red eyes. Mephit's snarl turned into a acidic smile before his body
transformed into a pillar of greasy black smoke that drifted away on the

The Witchblade glided back towards the warehouse, traveling across the roof
until it found a spot to smash through. The artifact landed in front of the
office where Sara was held, then it retracted its body armor, reducing itself
to the size of a small bracelet on Tabitha's wrist.

"Wait here," said Tabitha to Rose, slowly entering the musky smelling

Sara rested within a torn chair, her eyes puffy from crying, her clothes
tattered and filthy. Tabitha used the edge of the Witchblade to cut Sara
free, then grasped her right hand tightly, waiting while the Witchblade
uncoiled and moved to its original bearer's arm.

"Thank you," nodded Sara, raising her arm to examine the Witchblade ruefully.

"It saved my life, although I think it's a little too friendly," giggled

"You noticed," smiled Sara. "I better go."

*Good-bye, Tabitha,* murmured the Witchblade in Tabitha's mind. *It's been

"Take care," replied Tabitha, stroking the sharp gray gauntlet wistfully.

Sara moved a few paces away from Tabitha before turning her face to the
ceiling. The Witchblade covered her in body armor before it hurled into the
air, smashing through the thin ceiling panels as it shot off into the night.

Tabitha stared at the hole in the ceiling, then returned to Rose, who stared
anxiously at her companion.

"What was that noise?"

"The Witchblade making an exit."

"Do we wait for the cops?"

"Let's leave through a side door. Mom would really get mad if cops brought me

"What about Saul?"

"The police can take him home."

Tabitha let Rose lead the way out, her body drained and shaking with
exhaustion. As Rose opened a service entrance and glanced around for
watchers, Tabitha scratched the back of her neck, where a single gray barb
hung in her flesh.



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