NOTE: This story is based on the Wonder Woman TV series w/Lynda Carter, and
takes place in MODERN America. There's bondage, tickling, and some other
stuff thrown in. I was inspired by the "Perils of Batgirl" series. Enjoy!

The Perils Of Wonder Woman Part 7: Webs Of Evils

Chapter 1

It has been a couple days since the capture of the invisible maniac, and
things slowed down a bit at IADC headquarters. In the cafeteria Agent Diana
Prince and Beverly, the IADC receptionist, were enjoying a quiet lunch

"Hey, Diana, her comes Harold Farnum. Why don't you try that joke I told you
about this morning?" suggested Beverly.

"I don't think-"

"Oh, come on. It'll be fun!" giggled Beverly.

"Oh all right. Hello, Harold, would you like to join us?" asked Diana sweetly
as she batted her eyelashes.

"Sure, thanks! How are you, Diana?" asked Harold as he sat down.

"Fine, just fine. Would you like to have an argument?" asked Diana as she

"Um, no, not really." replied Harold.

"Yes you do." said Diana.

"No I don't."

"Yes, you do."

"No, I don't."

"But you're arguing with me right now, aren't you?" giggled Diana.

"No, we are NOT having an argument. All you're really doing is contradicting
me." said Harold.

"No I'm not." replied Diana.

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not. We're having an argument, whether you like it or not." said

"But this isn't an argument!" replied Harold.

"Yes it is."

"No it isn't."

"Yes it is." smiled Diana.

"No it isn't."

"Yes it is."

"AAAARGH!" replied Harold in a fit of frustration.

"Okay, I think that's enough, Diana." laughed Beverly.

"Sorry, Harold, it was just a little joke. One that you entertained us with
very professionally." complimented Diana.

"Thanks....I think." said a perplexed Harold as he started eating his lunch.

* * *

The rest of the day was uneventful and somewhat boring, and Diana returned
home from a long day's work at IADC headquarters. Early that evening while
working on her home computer a strange hologram appeared near her.

"Diana..." said a voice.

"Who's there?" asked Diana as she looked around the room.

"Diana..." said the voice again, sounding more familiar.

"Andros? Is that you?" said Diana.

"Yes, focus on me....this astral projection is more difficult than I
anticipated...." said Andros. Concentrating on Andros' image, a full 3-D
hologram appeared in front of Diana Prince.

"Hello, Diana, I wish I could be the bearer of better news but Earth is in
great peril. An alien villain who goes under the name 'Silkweave' is headed
for Earth, seeking to steal the energy necessary to conquer my world. We are
pacifists, not warriors; we are too weak and passive to stop it." said

"What does this 'Silkweave' look like?" asked Diana.

"It can transform into humanoid form, and appears like a medium sized man
devoid of any hair on its body. In its natural state it appears like a part
Earth spider, part Earthman creature. It possesses advanced technological
weapons and can shoot strong webs to immobilize its victims. Do you have a

"Yes." answered Diana.

"Good. I will telepathically transmit the information to your computer device
now." said Andros.

The lights in Diana's room started to dim briefly.

"It has started. Silkweave is on Earth and is already stealing some of
Earth's energy as we speak!" exclaimed Andros. "The transmission is complete.
Farewell, Diana, and may your quest be successful."

"Thank you, Andros....Thank you." replied Diana as the hologram faded.

* * *

Shortly thereafter the power was restored and Diana heard a knock on the
door. Answering it, Diana met a young woman with blonde/light brown hair and
glasses, with a petite but attractive figure and demeanor.

"Miss Prince?" asked the woman.

"Yes." responded Diana.

"Hi, I'm Rebecca Tisher, but you can call me Becky. I called you yesterday to
about the interview for the Washington Gazette concerning the IADC."

"Oh yes, please come in. I'm sorry, but things have been pretty busy around
here and at IADC." said Diana as she picked up some loose papers.

"Well, I'm here not only for the interview, but because a mutual friend,
named Andros, referred me to you as well."

Diana's eyes lit up and paused for a second of surprise. "You know Andros."

"Yes, I met him several weeks ago when he made another visit to Earth. He's
also told me about the alien Silkweave. Here's the info he sent me." replied

"We need to talk." said Diana.

* * *

After a couple of hours of comparing Andros' notes and their own estimations,
Diana and Becky managed to sort out their conclusions.

"So, this alien 'Silkweave' is draining electric power to enhance its own
abilities, and can shape-shift if necessary." said Diana.

"Yes, that's what it says here. Then again, maybe it likes to kidnap and tie
up pretty young girls in its webs!" joked Becky.

Diana laughed. "I'm going to enjoy working with you. You said that you knew
about Silkweave's arrival?"

"Yes. I received it through the police radio on the way here. A nightwatchman
was found tied up and told police about some bald guy eating electricity. The
nightwatchman was kind of intoxicated, so I don't think they'll believe him."
replied Becky. "Andros did manage to tell me where Silkweave's landing site
was, though."

"Great. I have day-off tomorrow. We'll check it out then." said Diana.

"You will do no such thing, Earthlings!" said an alien voice as it crashed
through the windows. It was a man dressed in normal clothes, but had no
facial or body hair present; it was Silkweave!

"Andros is a fool! You cannot beat me!" yelled Silkweave as it shot a stream
of white, sticky, silk like strands from a gun that wrapped around Diana's
feet, tripping her to the floor. Another stream came from Silkweave's mouth,
which wrapped itself around Becky's arms and feet, firmly binding her.
Silkweave continued firing the web gun at Diana, binding her to the floor
with the sticky webs.

"Diana, help!" exclaimed Becky as Silkweave placed her on its shoulders.
Turning to Diana before it left with Becky, it yelled out, "Come, Wonder
Woman, come if you dare. Use tracking device to find me!" roared Silkweave
as it tossed a device that landed near Diana. Silkweave leaped out of the
window,disappearing with Becky Tisher.

* * *

Diana was firmly pinned to the floor, struggling frantically for several
minutes to escape. "Oh God, I have to stop that creature...." said Diana to
herself. Grabbing a pair of scissors that fell onto the floor, Diana started
to slowly cut a hand and arm free of the sticky webs. Once her arm was free
Diana cut away the sticky webs and rose to her feet. Spinning in a circle and
a crack of thunder later, Wonder Woman emerged once again!

Picking up the tracking device, she noticed a "blip" moving south, toward
some old abandoned mine shafts. Leaping out the window and landing onto the
ground below, Wonder Woman began her pursuit of Silkweave.

* * *

Meanwhile, Silkweave had carried Becky to its hidden lair, an old cave
outside of Washington, DC. Becky had blacked out after Silkweave captured
her, and slowly awoke. Waking, she tried to move, only to notice herself
laying spread eagled on a large, sticky web.

"I have to get out this...but how?" thought Becky to herself. Noticing that
it was only her clothes that was stuck to the webs, Becky began to slowly
slip out of them. Sliding her right arm out of her blouse sleeve, she
unbuttoned her blouse slipped her left arm out and sat up, unbuttoning her
jeans and removing her shoes. Wearing only her white pantied and a white tank
top, Becky slid her legs and feet out of her jeans and slowly slipped through
the gaps within the giant web, landing on her feet onto the ground below.

As Becky took a few steps to get away she was already detected. Two small
robot spiders noticed her movement, and began firing this sticky silk webs
that wrapped around her ankles, tripping her onto the ground stunned.

"Excellent work. I shall finish the rest...." said Silkweave as it bound
Becky's hands behind her back with webs and wrapped her arms and legs in the
soft, silky web strands, and then placing her back onto the giant web.

"Unnnh! Oohhh!" struggled Becky as she tried to break free from the silk
webbing that bound her. "What are you going to do with me??" asked Becky.
Silkweave replied with an evil smile and held a feather in its hand and said,
"You will find out soon enough."

* * *

Using the tracking device, Wonder Woman reached the cave where Silkweave was
hiding. The cave was a group of old mineshafts linked together and was
remarkably well lit. Cautiously, Wonder Woman entered the cave.

Meanwhile, Silkweave continued formulating its plans. Scrolling up some files
Prodigy with its mouse on a stolen PC, Silkweave located its next power plant

"Yes...the Dunham Power and Light, electricity producing delicious...." cackled Silkweave as it glowly with an aura of
electricity. "But must first deal with more pressing matters."

Silkweave returned to the web where it was holding Becky captive. Walking on
the web as like any normal surface, Silkweave smiled as it began to gently
tickle Becky's stomach with a feather.

"Hee-hee! Hey, cut that out! I can't move to get away!" giggled Becky.
Silkweave continued tickling her stomach and ribs with the feather, making
Becky hysterical with laughter. "No! Please! Let me go..." giggled Becky.

"Stop what you're doing this instant!" authoritavely said Wonder Woman.
Silkweave said nothing, but smiled as the two small robot drone spiders fired
webs at Wonder Woman, binding her from her neck to her ankles in sticky silk
threads. Seconds later, Wonder Woman broke free instantly with her strength,
snapping the strands into tiny fibers.

"You will have to do better than that, Silkweave!" said Wonder Woman.

"Agreed." replied Silkweave as it fired a stream of webs at Wonder Woman,
binding her arms and legs in a tight cocoon that went from her neck to her

"Super strength is ineffective against my own webs which are energized with
enhanced power...." gloated Silkweave as it carried the struggling Wonder
Woman and stuck her to the giant web next to Becky.

Silkweave leaped off the web and left the cave, saying, "Follow me if you
dare, allies of Andros, it will mean your downfall!!!" as it darted away.

Becky gave a surprised and confused look to Wonder Woman and asked, "Where do
we go from here?"

"I don't know...." replied a struggling Wonder Woman.

To Be Continued...


Chapter 2

"There's just so many layers!" exclaimed Wonder Woman as she struggled. Becky
looked on and tried to get loose, to no avail. Several minutes later Wonder
Woman managed to maneuver an arms free and began ripping the strands that
bound her. Minutes later Wonder Woman was free, and then freed Becky.

"Where to next? Do you think Silkweave will be at the Dunham power plant?"
asked Becky as she put her clothes back on.

"No." replied Wonder Woman. "Look at this schematic map Silkweave left
behind. From its markings it points to here: the old Murraysville hospital."

"The old sanitarium?" said a perplexed Becky. "It's been closed since the
1980s, there's nothing there, it's not even powered anymore."

"But look, the power grid junction of three major power plants in the DC and
Maryland area rendezvous under the hospital. If Silkweave taps into that

"...then Silkweave will drain energy from three power plants at the same
time!" exclaimed Becky. "I know a shortcut to Murraysville hospital through
the woods outlying this old mine. We can get there is a few minutes!" said
Becky as the two left the mine.

* * *

Wonder Woman went ahead of Becky Tisher, telling her to inform the police at
an emergency phone booth on the roadside at to wait there for help to arrive.
Like the rambunctious person she was, Becky informed the police and then
headed toward the Murraysville hospital.

* * *

Wonder Woman arrived at the old sanitarium, which appeared lit and well
maintained even though it's been deserted for a few years. "Silkweave
probably activated the backup generator for the lights..." said Wonder Woman
to herself as she entered the hospital cautiously.

Through a maze of hallways Wonder Woman searched room after room for a sign
of Silkweave with no luck. Searching the isolation wards, Wonder Woman was
attacked from behind by Silkweave. As she checked out a padded cell room a
massive web hit her from behind, binding her arms together. An additional web
struck Wonder Woman at her ankles, tying her feet and forcing her to the

Wonder Woman rolled to her back to see her foe: it was Silkweave indeed.

"You are truly a worthy opponent." gloated Silkweave. "But I must now subdue
you to prevent you from stopping me." said Silkweave as it began tickling
Wonder Woman's knees.

"No! hee-hee! Stop! Let me go! hee-hee!" giggled Wonder Woman as she
frantically struggled against the webs. "So sticky...and strong...can't" laughed Wonder Woman.

* * *

Meanwhile, Becky Tisher arrived at the sanitarium as well, and could hear
Wonder Woman's laughter through the hallways. Grabbing an old piece of wood
as a weapon, Becky followed the sounds and reached the room where Silkweave
was tickling Wonder Woman.

"Let her go, monster!" yelled Becky as she smashed the board on Silkweave.
The board broke into tiny splinters, and Silkweave turned and glared at

"eep." squeeked out Becky as she fainted.

Silkweave fired its web gun again at Wonder Woman, cocooning her even tighter
than before. Picking up Becky, Silkweave left the padded cell room, leaving
Wonder Woman firmly bound.

"No! Let her go!" exclaimed Wonder Woman as Silkweave left.

* * *

Silkweave wandered aimlessly around the corridors, reaching a small room and
placed Becky on a bed. Removing her clothes, Becky was left wearing her white
tank top and panties. Procuring an old strait-jacket, Silkweave slipped the
restraining device on Becky's slender body and secured it tightly. Laying her
on the bed, Silkweave spread Becky's legs and strapped her to the bed at her
ankles and her waist with the leather restraints attached to the bed.

Becky began to stir. "Huh? Hey! Unnnh! Mmmmmp! Unnnh!" struggled Becky
against the tight strait jacket.

"What is that Earthling phrase? ah, yes, 'goochy, goochy, gooo'" said
Silkweave as it began tickling Becky's feet.

"No!" laughed Becky. "Stop that! That tickles!" laughed Becky some more.

* * *

Summoning the last of her strength, Wonder Woman broke free of the cocoon,
snapping the webs into tiny strands. Panting to catch her breath, Wonder
Woman left the room looking for Becky.

After a few minutes of tickling Becky's feet Silkweave removed an old fusebox
that was in the room. "Yes...YES! This is the junction!" said Silkweave.
Splicing some wires and attaching an alien device to the fusebox, electrical
energy emanated from the box, making Silkweave glow with strange nimbus.

Wonder Woman arrived in the room and kicked down the door.

"Die, Earthling!" roared Silkweave as it fired an electrical surge at Wonder
Woman, which was deflected with her bracelets.

"You cannot stop me, Wonder Woman....the power....THE POWER!!!!!" roared

"Wonder Woman! In my pants.....there's a device from Andros!!!" cried out

"What?!" yelled Wonder Woman through the thunder and lightning.

"There! On the floor! The white crystal! Use it!"

Wonder Woman dodged another electrical bolt made by Silkweave and grabbed
the crystal. The crystal suddently glowed and began draining the electrical
energy from Silkweave. The crystal suddenly grew hot, and Wonder Woman
dropped it onto the floor while it continued draining Silkweave's energy.

Wonder Woman dashed to the bed and began to untie Becky from the straps and
strait jacket. "What was that?" asked Wonder Woman.

"No time to explain, let's go!" yelled Becky as she grabbed her clothes and
left the room with Wonder Woman.

"NOOOOOOO!" yelled Silkweave as it collapsed onto the ground unconscious.

* * *

"What did that device do?" asked Wonder Woman.

"Andros told me that it was a containment field that drained Silkweave's
energy once it began tapping into outside energy. It's like siphoning gas;
Silkweave was stealing cups while we were taking gallons from it." smiled

"I just wonder what we do now..." concluded Becky.

"Leave that to me." said Andros.

"Andros?!" exclaimed Wonder Woman in surprise.

"Yes, it is I. I shall teleport Silkweave back to its homeworld. Without its
stolen energies, it is harmless. Thank you, Wonder Woman. Thank you, Rebecca.
You have saved our world, and yours....." replied Andros as it faded from
sight with the crystal and Silkweave's unconscious body.

"Not a bad day's work...." smiled Becky.

"Not bad at all...." returned Wonder Woman with a smile.

* * *

The next day Diana Prince and Becky Tisher were in the IADC cafeteria
finishing the interview she initially set out to do.

"Thanks again, Diana, your information shed a lot of light on many topics."

"Hi, may I join you two?" asked Harold Farnum.

"Certainly, Harold." smiled Diana. "Have a seat. This is Becky Tisher,
reporter for the Washington Gazette."

"Nice to meet you. Excuse me, but I didn't get much sleep last night.
There was a really bad electrical storm last night that kept me awake; I
heard it started in Murraysville." said Harold.

"Really? It's news to me." smiled Becky.

"Yes, indeed. So, Harold....would you like to have an argument?" smiled




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