NOTE:This story is based on the Wonder Woman TV series w/Lynda Carter, and
takes place in MODERN America. There's bondage, tickling, and someother stuff
thrown in. I was inspired by the "Perils of Batgirl" series.Enjoy!

The Perils Of Wonder Woman Part 9: The Call Of Cthulhu
by Anonymous

It was a stormy day at IADC headquarters, perhaps a dark omen ofthings to
come. Within, Joe Atkinson was briefing his two top agents: Diana Prince and
Steve Trevor, recently returned from Italy.

"I tell you Joe we spent every nook in cranny in Italy and found no trace
of the Blonde at all; it's like she disappeared off the face the map! Day
after to day we kept receiving several reports of her sighting swhich turned
up empty. It was unbelievable!" complained Steve.

"That's okay, Steve, we all know that you and Interpol did yourbest."
said Diana.

"Right." said Joe. "Now, Diana, I need you to take the first flight out
of Washington to Miskatonic University. There have been some strange going
ons there and even the X-Files division of the government is afraid to touch
it. You will be meeting with Josephine Chafe, an undergraduate who used to
work with Dr. Lucifer Pretorius, a parapsychologist who has many people
worried. Here's the dossier."

"I'm on my way." replied Diana as she left Joe's office.

* * *

Hours later Diana Prince arrived at Miskatonic University, a unique place
that resembled old colonial architecture mixed with some modernbuildings in
its campus. There, she met Josephine Chafe, a medium height young woman with
a slender yet voluptuous body with very short blonde hair.

"Hello, Diana." greeted Josephine. "I'm Josephine Chafe."

"Hello. It's nice to meet you. After I drop my belongings off at your
apartment, shall we get to work?"

"Yes, by all means...." replied Josephine.

* * *

Hours later the two were in the Sprague de Camp Library, going oversome
of Josephine's notes.

"You see, I used to work in Pretorius' parapsychology lab, until a few
weeks ago he started acting weird. He was into the study of Cthulhumythology,
and before he started acting strange he mentioned to me about some miraculous
breakthrough. Days later I called him and he told me to never come to his lab
again for no reason whatsoever. On campus, some of the professors who were
against Pretorius' research were found dead." explained Josephine.

"Maybe we should check out his lab tonight." suggested Diana.

"Okay. I have an extra set of keys." replied Josephine.

* * *

That night the two entered the laboratory of Dr. Pretorius, which was
dimly lit at best. As the two entered the lights suddenly activated and Dr.
Pretorius sat there in his chair staring at the two with a diabolical smile.
"Hello. I believe I know you... you are Diana Prince of the IADC... it is an
honor for me to meet you." said Dr. Pretorius. "Josephine... I told you not
to come into my laboratory anymore... for that you must be punished...
heh-heh." sinisterly laughed Dr. Pretoriusas tendrils shot forth from behind
his chair, ripping off Josephine's skirt and blouse, revealing her pink bra,
panties, and nude stockings. The tendrils soon wrapped around her arms and
legs, and began pullingher to him.

"!" yelled out Josephine.

Diana pulled out her pistol. "Let her go...NOW!" yelled Diana as she
aimed at Dr. Pretorius' head.

"How quaint..." replied Dr. Pretorius as a giant tendril fist smacked
Diana back outside the lab.

"No! Diana!" yelled out Josephine.

"She cannot help you, now for your punishment..." said Dr. Pretoriusas
the tendrils tightened and other tendrils began tickling Josephine's feet and

"NO! Ha-ha! Stop! That tickles!" squeeked Josephine.

* * *

Outside, Diana regained her senses and got to her feet. Spinning in a
circle, Wonder Woman emerged once again.

Smashing through the door, Wonder Woman gazed upon Pretorius sternly.
"Let her go, Pretorius." sternly said Wonder Woman.

In response several tentacles lashed out, wrapping up Wonder Woman's arms
and legs. Wonder Woman's breasts hardened and vagina moistened. "Enjoying the
experience, Wonder Woman? Good. These tendrils are designed to enhance your
sexual stimulation... soon you will be rendered unconscious by your own
ectasy...." gloated Dr. Pretorius.

"NO!" exclaimed Wonder Woman as she panted heavier and heavier. Despite
her super strength and struggling the tendrils kept her firmly bound. "OH!
OH! OH!" moaned Wonder Woman as she suddenly collapsed witha shallow breath.

"What did you do to her?!" yelled out Josephine.

"Do not worry. She's not dead...." replied Dr. Pretorius.

* * *

With the aid of the tentacles, Dr. Pretorius tied up Josephine b yplacing
her on a cot and strapping her to it with rope. "C'mon! Untie me!" said
Josephine. As an answer Dr. Pretorius tickled her feet, making Josephine

The tendrils kept Wonder Woman tightly bound, wrapping around her arms
and legs tightly. Wonder Woman slowly stirred, regaining her strength. While
Dr. Pretorius was preoccupied tickle torturing Josephine, Wonder Woman saved
her strength and broke out of the tendrils.

"No! I cannot be!" yelled Dr. Pretorius as he ordered more tendrils to
tie up Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman quickly dodged them, while Dr. Pretorius
turned on some strange machine.

"It's over, Wonder Woman! Within seconds great Cthulhu will rise from the
Ry'leh and crush you all!!!!"

Wonder Woman removed her tiara, and threw it at the machine, slicing into
the essential wiring. The machine shorted out in a mad display of
electricity, and exploded. Pretorius flew backwards from the impact
unconscious. The tendrils creatures suddenly disappeared, enabling Wonder
Woman to untie Josephine. Pretorius began to stir as the police and firemen

* * *


Back at IADC headquarters....

"Pretorius doesn't remember anything, from what Josephine told me. The lab's
been closed off, and I even heard that the X-Files division will conduct a
full investigation." said Diana.

"That doesn't seem fair." said Harold. "You did all the work and now X-Files
picks up the pieces and credit?"

"That's okay... I spoke to an Agent Mulder the other day, he explained the
situation to me so it's all right, really."

"I guess..." shrugged Harold.

"So, Harold... would you like to have an argument?" smiled Diana.



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