This is an adult story and contains sex and violence. If you are underaged or
are offended by this type of material then read no further. Wonder Woman is a
copywritten character from DC Comics. The author wrote this for his enjoyment
and expects no remuneration nor will he accept any.

Wonder Woman: Slave Training Part 1 (MF,BDSM,spank,rape)
by Anonymous

The early morning mist rising from the dark river, obscured her vision. The
stench of garbage, coming from the row of rusty barges awaiting the harbor
tugboat, offended her sense of smell. She wrinkled her nose and kept moving.
Wonder Woman's footsteps were light as she made her way through a mazelike
jumble of castoff crates and assorted pieces of junk. As she moved, she
thought to herself of what a suitable place this was for a criminal who
called himself The Packrat. The mist began to clear somewhat, allowing her
to see her destination, Warehouse 28.

As she approached, she ran over in her mind, all the clues that led her
here. First there was the series of robberies that only had one connection.
A picture of a Packrat was found at each crime scene. Naturally the papers
dubbed the thief, the Packrat Bandit. Her next clue was a tip about the next
robbery. The clue was false. It led her away from the real target. However
the paper the clue was written on had a peculiar odor. It was the scent of a
very specific, chemical compound, used in manufacturing. Such chemicals are
stored in only one place in the city, Warehouse 28. Wonder Woman didn't have
time to notify the Police. She was certain that he would move his hideout,
after the big score his false clue had got for him.

The warehouse had a large sliding door in front and a smaller door to the
right. There was a window to the left of the small door. Wonder Woman crept
up to the window and looked inside. She could see that the warehouse was
nearly empty. She saw that there was a loading door in the back and it was
open. Suddenly a light went on in the back of the warehouse, near the office.
It illuminated a van parked inside with it's side doors open. Inside the van,
Wonder Woman could make out some boxes. Then a man came out of the office and
went to the van and closed the doors. Then he got out some keys and moved
around the van to the drivers side. Wonder Woman wasted no more time. She
tried the small door and found it locked. Taking a couple of steps back, she
lunged forward, throwing her amazonian strength against the door. It flew
apart in splinters, as she burst into the warehouse. The door must have been
very weak. Her momentum carried her into the warehouse a good five steps. The
last one and a half steps were into a twenty foot deep pit. Wonder Woman
tried, but was unable to control her landing. Her breath was knocked out of
her when she landed. Other than that she was unhurt. She relaxed as best she
could and took a very deep breath to steady herself. Then she got her legs
under her and prepared to spring out of the pit. It was then that her vision
began to blur and her balance began to waver. She realized that there must be
some sort of gas in the bottom of the pit. Summoning her last reserves of
strength, she sprang for the top of the pit. To her credit she almost made
it. Her fingers dug into the dirt at the edge of the opening. Straining for
all she was worth, she tried to pull herself out. It was no use. The
blackness of unconsciousness closed down on her awareness until her mind was
as dark as the pit she slid back into.

It was pain that awoke her. Pain like a red-hot knife tore through the fog
shrouding her mind. She felt that her arms were being torn from her body.
Still disoriented, she soon realized that her arms were tied by the wrists
behind her, and that the rope was attached to a ringbolt set in the wall
behind her. Her body was slumped forward, so her weight was pulling on her
arms. She adjusted her position and found that she had to stand upright in
order to take the strain off her arms. Her wrists, she discovered, were tied
together with her own magic lasso. A man must have done it, because her
amazonian strength was gone. She knew she was helpless unless she could free
her wrists. She tried to move her feet and found that her ankles had been
shackled to either wall of the room by thick chains attached to ringbolts
set in the walls. Her feet were spread about five feet apart. She knew she
could only stand and wait.

She looked around her prison as best she could. She was in a room about 20
feet by 20 feet by 10 feet. The walls were cinder block. The floor was cement
and the ceiling was tiled with acoustical tiles and overhead light panels.
There was one door, and it was made of metal. Wonder Woman wondered which one
of her many, mighty, enemies did this to her. Leopard Lady, Circe, Toy Man,
it did not matter. She knew they would soon come to her and gloat. Then she
could look for a weakness and attack. However, no one showed up. Hour after
hour she stood there. Her mind going over and over the endless possibilities
of what was to come, and how she would deal with it. In time she grew tired
and needed to sleep, But she knew that if she did her body would slump
forwards and her arms would suffer excruciating pain again, thus waking her
up. She was truly trapped. Hour after hour this went on. More and more did.
Wonder Woman grow tired, until at length she could stand it no longer. With
a cry of frustration, she fought at her bonds. She heaved and strained
against the chains holding her legs. She bulged the muscles in her arms and
pulled and twisted, trying to get loose from the ropes tied tightly around
her wrists. After 15 minutes of this she sagged in her bonds in exhaustion.

The next thing she knew, she heard the door opening. A man entered and closed
the door behind him. He was an ordinary looking man. He looked to be in his
late forties or early fifties. It was hard to tell. He was balding on top
with gray hair on the sides and back. He had a pepper gray moustache which
rode over a pair of full lips. His eyes were brown and looked hard and cold.
He was not in very good shape. His stomach was more paunchy than fat and his
arms were not very muscular looking. He looked...ordinary.

This upset Wonder Woman. She had been expecting a well built, evil, villain,
instead she got this, this ordinary man. She found her voice and commanded
him to let her go. He just stood there, looking at her. He slowly moved his
eyes up and down, all over her lush, perfect, body. His eyes lingered on her
breasts, the way her bodies position made them thrust out so boldly. Wonder
Woman caught herself blushing under his intent gaze. She shook her head and
regained her composure and demanded once again to be set free. He smiled at
her, an evil leering smile, and stepped forwards. When he was a foot in front
of her he stopped, and looked into her eyes. She asked him to release her, no
longer demanding. He smiled once more and reached out and grasped the top
front of her costume and viciously yanked it down.

Wonder Woman gasped in shock. Never before had anyone dared do this to her.
Even the most evil of villains, when they had her in their clutches, did not
do this. He stared at her naked breasts for a moment, enjoying the way they
danced and jiggled when released from their confinement. Then he reached
around behind her and undid her costume top and let it fall to the floor.

Then he took a step back and admired her breasts. He reveled in their beauty.
Twin mounds of perfection, riding high and proud on her torso. Full, rounded,
smooth textured tits, with a creamy color that contrasted nicely with the
soft pink nipples riding high on them. He smiled slightly as he noticed her
nipples were getting a bit stiff. As he reached out to touch them she called
him a rapist. She told him that he was nothing but a filthy beast. He paused
when she said that, and then continued. His fingers touched her breasts with
a light gentle touch. He moved his hands all over those big, beautiful tits
of hers. He liked the feel of them. His fingers pressed and petted, and
stroked them, all the while enjoying how warm and resilient the skin was as
he fondled them. He payed close attention to her nipples. He squeezed and
pinched and rolled them between his fingers. As he did, they grew in size,
getting longer and harder, and her breath got shorter and shorter.

In spite of herself, Wonder Woman was beginning to respond to his
ministrations. It was at that point that he removed his hands from her. When
she looked up at him through eyes that registered her uncertainty, he spanked
her left tit with the open palm of his right hand, quickly followed by a
spank to her right tit. Wonder Woman cried out in pain and shock. The man
(after watching her tits dance from the force of the blows) looked into her
eyes and saw a look of surprise and -- betrayal??? He looked at her nipples
and saw that they were even harder and bigger than before. He smiled again,
delighted by her reaction.

He went outside the room and returned with a ladder, which he set it up in
front of her. He then climbed the ladder and removed a ceiling tile. Next he
lowered a pulley that was attached to the ceiling by a ringbolt. Then he got
down and removed the ladder. He then moved around behind her. She tried to
follow him with her eyes, but it put too much strain on her arms. She felt
him untying the rope attached to the wall. She thought he was going to
release her. She was wrong. He untied the rope and then lifted it up and ran
it through the pulley causing, Wonder Woman's arms to rise to a painful
position. She found herself compelled to bend forward at the waist in order
to remove the strain on her arms. When she was bent parallel to the floor he
tied off the rope.

Wasting no time, he stepped forward and inserted his fingers under the
waistband of her blue and white star spangled costume bottom and slowly
pulled them down. Time seemed frozen for Wonder Woman in those next few
moments. It seemed an eternity as the material slid down her naked ass.
She could feel herself being made naked by him. Cool air licked at her
skin as soon as it was exposed. She had never felt so helpless, so
humiliated. As for her captor, his eyes drank in the sight of the great
Wonder Woman's ass stripped naked before him. He stopped pulling down her
costume bottom when it was about six inches or so below her asscheeks. He
stepped back and admired the sight. If her tits were beautiful, her ass
was indescribable. Lush, full, rounded, white mounds of assflesh. Not too
big, yet not too muscular. A deep shadowy groove ran between her nates,
defining the perfect separation of her asscheeks, and enticing as a place
of wild sexual abandon. Partially hidden by her cheeks and her costume
bottom was her pussy. A dark tangle of hidden delights.

The man put such thoughts from him and stepped slightly to his left. He then
placed his left hand on the small of Wonder Woman's back. With his right
hand, he began to stroke and fondle her naked ass. His hand roved continually
over her satiny skin. Pressing, probing, rubbing, stroking, grabbing,
petting, always gently, yet firmly, his fingers were everywhere on her ass.
He marveled at the way her asscheeks sprang back when he squeezed them. He
even probed between her cheeks. This brought a hiss of dismay from Wonder
Woman. She had been silent ever since he had slapped her breasts. She vowed
to herself not to utter a sound no matter what he did to her. Already her vow
was broken. He kept up the fondling for some time. At first she resisted him.
She kept her assmuscles bunched up tight whenever he touched her. After
awhile of being gently fondled, and stroked, she began to relax. She was
tired and she needed to relax. Before long, the man, felt her muscles grow
loose and her cheeks became more pliable.

Suddenly he found he was able to open her asscheeks and to press his fingers
into her crack and even gently probe her anus. He smiled as he wet his middle
finger and inserted it into her asshole. A hiss of breath escaped her lips.
He watched as his finger slowly disappeared up inside her ass. The crinkly
looking, brown and pink colored skin of her asshole, tightly wrapped his
finger with it's warmth, as he sank it all the way into her. Then he began to
move it slowly in and out of her asshole. Wonder Woman let out a moan of
pleasure as he finger fucked her ass. The man knew she was ready, he knew it
was time to begin.

"S-S-S-M-M-ACK-K!!!!!" His right hand slammed into her right buttock.
"SPANK!" He slapped her left cheek. Two hard crisp spanks that sent her
asscheeks to wiggling and jiggling seductively. The man was in heaven.

His hand rose and fell, happily spanking Wonder Woman's naked ass. He had
dreamed of doing this for a long time. He had studied her carefully. He
noticed that inspite of her amazing powers, she was easy to capture. He
also noted that almost the moment her life was threatened she would escape
and turn the tables on her captors. He became convinced that if she were
captured, under the right circumstances, she could be dealt with. He
believed, Wonder Woman had the potential to be trained as a slave. That is
why he planted the false clue. He knew that she was after the Packrat, and
that she would follow the clue. He was certain she would analyze the paper
once she had discovered the clue was false. He placed the chemical on the
paper himself, knowing she would trace it to the warehouse. The trap was a
simple matter. A pit had already been dug to store used chemical canisters.
All he had to do was extend the pit a bit and fill the bottom with a powerful
knockout gas. She did the rest. Now she would pay for her rashness.

"SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK !SPANK!" On and on went the spanking. His hand
rose and fell, seemingly as tireless as a machine. He avoided getting into
a rhythm and paced himself so as to make the spanking last. Above all else,
he had to make the spanking last.

Wonder Woman was mortified. "SPANK! SPANK!" She couldn't believe this was
happening to her. Captured, tied up and made helpless, stripped of her
costume and now, "SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!" she was being spanked like a little
girl. How could this happen?

"SPANK!" She wondered why the man said nothing through all this. "SPANK!" He
did not gloat like the other villains in her life, or taunt her. He just
smiled. She was convinced her life was in no danger, "SPANK! SPANK!" but that
was small compensation for what was happening to her. "SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!"
His hand, it wouldn't stop. Spank after spank, no rhythm or pattern, nothing
to brace against. "SPANK!" Sometimes the spanks were delivered with a pause
"SPANK!" between them, then he would deliver a series of spanks in rapid fire
fashion. "SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!" It was maddening. It also,
"SPANK!" after awhile, began to really hurt. At first the spanks were
humiliating but not very painful. She had been hurt a lot worse. Now though,
"SPANK!" the spanks were starting to really sting. She just couldn't take it
anymore. She had to cry out her anguish and so she did.

As her cries of pain filled the room the man smiled and continued the
spanking. He knew it would be over soon. He decided to change tactics a bit.
He delivered a stinging slap to her right cheek and then he began to rub her
asscheeks. His hands moved all over her burning, flaming red bottom. He did
this for just a moment then he spanked her again. Then he rubbed her again.
"SPANK! Rub. SPANK! Rub. SPANK! Rub." He kept this up varying the length of
time he rubbed her ass and the number and type of spanks he delivered. In
time it had the desired effect.

When he started to rub her naked ass Wonder Woman began to feel something
strange. It started deep down inside of her. At first it was a small
sensation, but as he continued it began to grow. It wasn't long before she
recognized what the feelings were. She was horrified. She tried to fight
them but they were too strong. She had denied herself for too long. She was
becoming sexually aroused. Sweat began to stream down her forehead as she
tried to stop the onrush of emotions. She felt herself starting to let go.
She clamped her mouth and bit her tongue, trying to keep from voicing her
arousal. She began to shake all over with the effort. The man saw this and
grinned openly. He knew success was at hand. Just one more change of tactic.
He moved closer to her side and faced towards the back of the room. Then he
delivered a series of stinging slaps to her pussy, followed by some rubbing
of her warm, wet, slit. He alternated back and forth, spanking and rubbing,
spanking and cum. She cried out in a mighty yell of lust and pent up

On and on she cried and moaned, as the man kept on spanking her. After a bit,
he stepped back and admired his handiwork. She put on quite a show. Her body
shivered and shook, her hair flying everywhere as she tossed and shook her
head. Her ass gyrated and bucked and quivered, her asscheeks opening and
closing rapidly. Her tits rose and fell and shook and flopped all over. Her
face was a mask of pure lust. The man knew that Wonder Woman cared for
nothing right now except the feelings coursing through her body. For five
full minutes she came. What a magnificent sight. The man thought she might
break her bonds from all her exertions.

When she finally subsided and hung slack in her bonds, the man was left
breathless. Composing himself, he left the room. He came back in a few
minutes and he was pushing a TV set with a VCR on top. He placed the set
in front of Wonder Woman and plugged it in.

Then he turned it on and hit play on the VCR. There on the screen Wonder
Woman couldn't believe what she saw. She saw herself awaking inside of this
room. She saw herself trying to escape. She saw the man enter and begin to
torment her. He had recorded all of it. He just stood there and watched it
with her. He noted her reactions to the tape. At first she was appalled, and
kept closing her eyes. Then in time she began to watch the screen. After
awhile she began to grow excited. He saw how her hips began to sway at
certain moments during the tape, and how her nipples began to get hard once
more. When the tape finished it began to rewind.

She asked him, in a shaky voice, if he was going to blackmail her with the
tape. He just smiled and looked once more to the TV. To her horror the tape
started again. He had done nothing, he hit no remote, nor pressed any button,
yet the tape was playing again. She begged him to turn it off. He just smiled
and left the room closing the door behind him. He knew that she would be a
different Wonder Woman when he returned in the morning.


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