Wonder Woman: Slave Training Part 4 (MFf,inc,BDSM,cons)
by Anonymous

The Man sat back in his favorite chair and sighed in contentment. He was an
average looking man about 45 years old with a balding top and gray hair on
the sides and back of his head. He was overweight as were most men his age
and he was out of shape. His face sported a moustache that rode over a pair
of full lips. His nose was a large roman type nose and his eyes were a dark
brown and set deep in his face. He wore an old blue bathrobe which was open
at the moment, revealing his hairy belly. It also allowed him to view a
fantastic sight, for kneeling between his open legs was a luscious female.
She knelt there naked, Her lush, full 44DD tits made his mouth water.

He looked down past her voluminous dark hair to her strong back and to her
incredibly rounded ass and her creamy lush thighs tucked under her. Actually
she was not completely naked. She wore a golden tiara which had a single red
star emblazioned on it, and she also wore a collar. The collar was two inches
wide and an inch thick and was made of leather. It was padded underneath and
had 4 leash rings evenly spaced on each side. The collar was decorated with
red and gold stripes and a blue field with white stars within it. Yes it was
indeed the one and only WONDER WOMAN who knelt at the mans feet. The MAN, her
acknowledged MASTER.

Incredibly, Wonder Woman was busily sucking on the Man's cock. His ten inches
of stiff meat was all shiny from her saliva as she slid her mouth up and down
on his pole. The Man groaned in pleasure as he watched her work on him. Her
raven haired tresses fell about her shoulders in a cascade of liquid night as
her head moved up and down on her masters cock. The Man smiled, then turned
his head and saw his other beautiful slave standing next to his chair. It was
Wonder Woman's sister, Wonder Girl.

She was as naked as Wonder Woman and wore the same tiara and collar. Her body
was almost a perfect twin to Wonder Woman's. She was slightly smaller than
her sister and not as self assured in her womanhood as was Diana. Still, she
did send the Man into fits of excitement by his just looking at her. However
he felt like more than just looking so he reached out and ran his hand along
the outside of her thigh. Wonder Girl jumped at the touch but did not move
away. The Man smiled and moved his hand in between her thighs and spread his
fingers. Wonder Girl opened her thighs to allow her master to touch her sex.
The Man quickly ran his hands over her soft inner thighs and then up to her
pussy. His middle finger ran up and down the length of her slit and then
buried itself into her. Wonder Girl moaned as his finger entered her.

Wonder Woman looked up from her kneeling position and her master's cock slid
from her mouth. The Man quickly withdrew his hand from Wonder Girl's snatch,
and with a snarl, yanked Wonder Woman by the hair. Wonder Woman gasped as her
head snapped back. The Man then looked at his cock and back at her. Wonder
Woman was shocked at the Man's actions and her eyes hardened as she glared at
him. The Man leaned in and stared back. His intent gaze did not waver and for
a few moments they looked at one another. Then her gaze started to waiver and
finally, with a sob of humiliation, Wonder Woman lowered her eyes in
submission. Bowing her head in defeat she said, "This slave begs your
forgiveness, Master."

The Man smiled and took hold of her hair and guided her mouth to his waiting
cock. "Thank you Master," she said. Then Wonder Woman opened her sweet mouth
and took him inside her once more.

After watching his slave suck him for a while, thus assuring her total
humiliation, the Man returned to Wonder Girl who stood with her legs apart
awaiting her Master's return. The Man swiftly returned his fingers to her
cunt and dug into her with two fingers this time. His thumb probed for and
found her clit and he batted it and rubbed it maddeningly. Wonder Girl found
it difficult to stand still. Her Master's fingers and his thumb were driving
her rapidily towards a climax. Then he started to rotate and pump his fingers
inside her. Wonder Girl began to rotate her hips in a wild dance of sexual
abandonment. Her hips bucked and gyrated under her masters probing and finger
fucking of her sex. It soon became too much for her and with a yell of sexual
excitement she tightened her cunt on her masters fingers and came.

AAHHGGG!! UNGH UNGH UNGH UNGH OOOOHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!", she cried out as
the climax tore into her. Her body shook and convulsed with pleasure and the
Man smiled at her wild abandon.

When she had calmed down she saw that her master had withdrawn his hand. It
was dripping wet with her cum and he was holding it out to her. She quickly
fell to her knees before him and took his hand in hers and guided it to her
mouth. She extended her tongue and began to lick it clean of her cunt juices.
The Man smiled as she worked to clean him. Such wonderful slaves. So diligent
and attentive. Ahhhh! The Man was happy.

Then his eyes looked to the far wall and he spotted something. He smiled and
took his hand from Wonder Girl's mouth. He pointed to the far wall and held
up two fingers then three. Wonder Girl instantly got up from her kneeling
position and went to the wall. This wall was covered by shelves and
cubbyholes evenly spaced along its entire length. The cubbyholes contained
various sex toys her Master had aquired. He wanted number two, the second
shelf and number three, the third cubbyhole.

Wonder Girl retrieved the toy and shuddered when she examined it. It was a
large two headed dildo. Each dildo was eight inches long and two inches
thick. They were covered with ridges and many bumps and protrusions. The two
dildos were seperated by a solid piece of plastic about two inches thick.
There were straps attached to the plastic, these were to hold the dildo in

She quickly brought the toy back to her master and handed it to him. The Man
waved his hand indicating she should spread her legs once more. Wonder Girl
quickly complied. Then the Man placed one end of the double dildo against
her sex and slowly pushed it in. Her cunt was tight and the dildo only went
in about three inches. It took him four more thrusts before the dildo
disappeared completely inside of her.

Wonder Girl felt she was being torn in two and had to bite her tongue hard to
keep from screaming out in pain as the plastic dick rammed its way into her.
When the Man was satisfied he turned Wonder Girl around. He paused for a
moment to enjoy the sight of her ass. He did enjoy looking at her buttocks.
She was not as mature as Wonder Woman but she more than made up for it in her
youthfull energy and eagerness. Her ass had a bit of babyfat on it and it
made her asscheeks wiggle and jiggle wonderfully when she walked or when he
spanked her. The Man smiled and gave her ass a few well placed swats.


His hand slammed into her lush ass and her cheeks danced wildly as she cried
out in pain. Then with a sigh he tightened the straps and then buckeled them
around her hips. He then turned her around and smiled. The dildo that stuck
out of her made her look like she had a penis. Wonder Girl squirmed and
strained to get comfortable with the enormous intruder in her pussy. The Man
examined her awhile more and then reached down and picked up a leash from the
floor. He then grasped Wonder Woman's hair and moved her mouth off of his

Next he moved her hair to one side and clipped the leash to her collar using
the rearmost ring. Then he stood up and pointed to the far wall. Wonder Woman
stood up as well and the Man visciously yanked on the leash knocking her to
her knees again. Using the end of the leather leash he gave her six hard
smacks on the ass as a punishment for standing before being directed to.
Wonder Woman cried out in pain as the leather bit into her tender
asscheeks... and then she looked at the Man and said with tear filled eyes...

"Thank you Master."

He then pointed to the wall again and Wonder Woman understood. She turned on
her knees and began to crawl on all fours to the distant wall. The Man walked
behind her looking for all the world like a man out walking his dog or as the
man liked to think of it "walking his bitch." He watched Wonder Woman's ass
as it swayed before him as she crawled along. He caught glimpses of her cunt
as she moved and the Man's cock surged.

When they reached the wall the Man pulled hard on the leash and stopped
Wonder Woman's progress. Then he took down a tawse that had her name burned
into it. He then indicated that he wanted her to crawl back to the opposite
wall. Wonder Woman complied with her Master's order and started on her way.
The Man moved to her left and swung the tawse back then snapped it forwards,
smacking it into her well presented ass.


Wonder Woman cried out and nearly stopped moving but at the last moment she
started crawling again. The Man rewarded her with another.


He spanked her as she crawled along and when she reached the far wall he
indicated that she should continue back the way she had come. Wonder Woman
began to cry hot tears of shame but she complied and started crawling back.
Over and over the Man swatted Wonder Woman's lush, rounded ass as she crawled
back and forth from wall to wall.

After four such trips her ass was covered with red marks, so were her inner
thighs and back. The Man finally stopped her in the middle of the room and
bade her stand. Wonder Woman cried out as her knees unbent. They had been
under her for a long time and they were sore. So was her ass which was on
fire from her masters attention. She stood still awaiting his instructions.

The Man tossed the tawse to Wonder Girl and grabbed Wonder Woman's right
wrist. He raised it and manacled it to a chain hanging from the ceiling. Then
he did the other one. Next he pulled on a chain that caused her arms to rise
above her head. He secured the chain and stood back to admire Wonder Womans
form. She was fast approaching the limits of her strength. Her head hung down
and she slumped in her bonds. The Man thought her never more beautiful.

He stepped up to her and parted her legs and raised them in his arms. He
wrapped them around his waist and supported her hips with his hands. Then he
guided his cock to her open cunt and shoved it in to her. Wonder Woman's head
snapped back as her master entered her. She was always amazed at how full he
made her feel as he entered her. His maleness was overwhelming to her, and
not just his cock. His attitude and confidence and arrogance and
overpoweringly dominate spirit had compelled her proclaim herself his slave
and he her master. She hated her weakness and her inability to escape his
dominance but she knew that she was helpless before him. Somehow deep down
inside of herself this made her feel secure, though she would never admit it
even to herself.

In the meantime she eagerly accepted his cock. She bucked against him and her
pussy greedily snapped him inside of her and squeezed his cock tightly till
he moaned with pleasure. As he settled down to a nice steady fuck of his
slave he looked past her to Wonder Girl. He motioned to her to step closer
and pointed to Wonder Woman's ass. Wonder Girl knew what her master wanted.
He wanted her to spank Diana. How could she? Diana was her sister. They did
everything together. She loved her sister. Images went through her mind of
the times spent on Paradise Island with Diana. Diana helping her with her
schoolwork, Diana helping her with her combat techniques, Diana showing her
how to act at their mother's court. Gods... Diana, Diana, Diana, always
Diana. She saw the look of pride in her mother's eyes when she spoke of her
eldest daughter. She remembered her mother's scorn and her chidding her to be
like her big sister.

Suddenly Wonder Woman cried out in pleasure as the Man ground his hips into
her in a circular motion, "OHHH YYEESSSSssssssss Master, fuck meeeeeEEEEE!"

Drucella frowned. 'Now she is taking up all the time with master. Fucking him
and sucking him. Shaking her ass at him and making him want to take her and
not me. It just wasn't fair. Master caught and enslaved me as well as her. I
want him to want me as he did before. His fingers were soooo wonderful in my
pussy. Well he wants me to spank Diana eh?? Well why not?'

With that the amazing teen amazon reached back and swung the tawse in a
viscious arc that landed squarely on Wonder Womans churning ass.


"OOOHHH!!" cried Wonder Woman as the tawse bit into her ass.

"Drucella what are you doing? Stop this instant!"


Ignoring Diana, Wonder Girl layed into her sister, visciously smacking her
ass. Wonder Woman screamed in agony and jumped and bucked as the tawse
landed. The man hung on tightly to her and kept his cock deeply buried inside
his struggling slave. Wonder Girl heard her sister's cries of agony and saw
her writhe under the punishment of the tawse and she was incredibly turned

Over and over she drew back her arm and delivered a stinging slap to her big
sisters buttocks and thighs and back. Wonder Woman was beside herself in pain
and agony. She didn't know what had gotten into her sister. She looked to her
master for help and... she saw him smile and dig his cock deeper into her.

'Gods he knew... he wanted this to happen.' "Dru... oh Dru. AAGGGHHH!!"
Wonder Woman cried out in anguish and frustration.

Drucella spanked her once more and then saw her master signal her to drop the
tawse which she reluctantly did. Then she saw him grab Diana's well spanked
asscheeks and part them, thus exposing her puckered anus. Smiling grimly she
quickly stepped forward and placed the end of the dildo at her sister's
asshole and brutally shoved it in. Wonder Woman went wild. She thrust her
hips away from Drucella as much as she could. However the Man had braced
himself for her reaction and thus was able to hold her in place.

screamed at the top of her lungs as she felt the dildo sliding deep into her

Wonder Girl held her sisters hips firmly as she brutally fucked into her.
The dildo in her pussy was driving her wild with sensations. Each thrust into
Diana sent the dildo in her cunt deeper into her. Drucella felt wonderful.
She was incredibly turned on by this and happily ignored Diana's pleas and
concentrated on fucking her big sister's ass.

The Man was overjoyed with the reaction of both his slaves and with the time
his cock was having inside Wonder Woman. She squeezed his dick so hard he
thought it might snap off. He rode her like this for quite awhile. Then, with
an evil grin, he swiftly pulled out of Wonder Woman. Diana looked at him
helplessly and yelled "NNOOO Mmaster. Please dont leave me. Fuck me Master,

The Man only smiled and reached up and undid the manacles holding her wrists.
The sudden release caused her to fall and slump to the ground in exhaustion.
It also caused the dildo to come out of her ass. Drucella stood with a
shocked and frustrated look on her face. She then grabbed the dildo and began
to move it in and out of herself. The Man swiftly unbuckeled the straps and
yanked the dildo out of her. She whirled to face him and saw him point
meaningfully to her sister. She turned and saw Diana lying on the floor. She
was laying on her back and her legs were splayed out at an angle with one
knee bent. She looked so vulnerable and helpless.

Drucella understood and immediately pounced on Diana. She straddled her
sister and sat on her chest. Wonder Woman looked up with a weary look on her
face only to see her little sister move her cunt to her mouth and order her.
at Diana.

Diana gathered her arms under her and tried to throw Drucella off, but her
strength was gone She struggled but it was no use. Wonder Girl was fresher
than she was and she slid her snatch down to Wonder Woman's mouth and pressed
it frimly against her. Wonder Woman knew she had no other choice and so she
opened her mouth and ran her tongue up and down the length of her sister's

Drucella stiffened when she felt Diana's tongue on her sex and she cried out
in joy. Wonder Woman slurped and licked the lips of Wonder Girls pussy and
then she stabbed her tongue deeply into her. Pushing past her lips she
entered her and found that she was sopping wet with juice. Diana began to
slurp and drink Drucella's nectar. She then bathed and batted Dru's clit
drawing more moans and screams of delight from Wonder Girl, "Yes! Eat me,
eat my cunt Diana. Lick it ...oohhhhhh lick it you bitch."

Suddenly her master stood before her and his cock was rock hard and pointing
at her mouth. Drucella opened her mouth wide and bent forwards and engulfed
him in one motion. Her head bobbed up and down the length of his incredible
shaft, sucking and licking him all over. Her tongue bathed him with her
saliva as she debased herself for her master. The spirial of pain and sex was
taking over her mind completely and the Man rejoiced. He then handed her a
large dildo and pointed to Wonder Womans cunt.

Wonder Girl took the dildo and shoved it into her sister wide open pussy.
Wonder Woman screamed into her sisters snatch as the monster phalic nearly
tore in two. Wonder Girl then grabbed Wonder Woman's hand and placed it on
the dildo. Wonder Woman groaned and shook her head. Wonder Girl raised her
hips and smacked Diana across her tits... WHAP!! SMACK!! and snarled, "Your
Master is allowing you to cum you ungrateful bitch, now do as you are told...

Defeated and degraded Wonder Woman nodded and slowly moved her hand to the
dildo and began to move it in and out of her dripping sex. Wonder Girl then
settled her pussy back onto her sisters mouth and cooed as Diana's tongue
thrust itself deeply into her. Wonder Woman began to emit muffled moans into
Wonder Girl's warm wet muff.

In no time at all all three began to react to all the sexual stimuli and
they all had an incredible release. Wonder Girl jammed her snatch onto Wonder
Woman's face as her cunt contracted and let go all its load of hot wet cum.
Wonder Woman next cried out and slammed the dildo as far up her pussy as it
would go and screamed her release and nearly choked as she drank Drucella's
cum. Finally the Man grabbed Wonder Girl's head tightly by the hair and
jammed his cock all the way into her mouth and his cock erupted with a steady
stream of hot sticky cum that bulged out Drucella's mouth until she started
to swallow his load. He came and came shooting his seed into her mouth and
when he finally slowed and stopped he kept his dick inside her mouth till she
had cleaned it off completely.

When Drucella finished cleaning off her Master, he stepped back and pointed
to the clock on the wall. It was nearly time for them to leave once more for
the outside world. Drucella groaned in disappointment. She wanted to stay
with her master. However the Man insisted that they stay with him only four
days a month. He knew it was important for them to resume their crime
fighting duties. He also knew that if these two disappeared from the
crimefighting scene some super bozo would come looking for them. He didn't
want to end up in jail or worse. Besides he shrewdly knew that Diana needed
her crime fighting. It was a part of her make up just as surely as her need
to be dominated.

The Man was happy with the arrangement he had made with them. He was also
happy with the rivalry he had started between the sisters. They would provide
much amusement in the coming days ahead as they warred for his attention. He
couldn't wait to see what Diana would do to get back at Drucella. He then
went over to a calendar and pointed to a time three weeks hence. Drucella
nodded but Diana went white.

"Oh Master, forgive me, I forgot to tell you, we can't make it next time. We
must be on Paradise Island during that time."

Drucella's face fell as she realized the truth of what Diana said. The Man
indicated that they should explain.

"Master," said Diana "we must attend the ritual of the passing. It is a two
week ritual that we must be there for."

The Man waited patiently for a further explanation.

"I as the next in line for the throne must take over for the queen, my mother
as she goes into a sort of sabatical. She isolates herself from all on the
island inorder to meditate. I am Queen of the island for those two weeks.
Drucella as the next in line behind me must take over as my advisor so she
can get practical experience in running the island. This is one ceremony we
may not miss Master."

The Man nodded and then turned to the calendar and pointed to a new date for
their return. Both super-heroines nodded in acceptance and started to get
dressed. As they did the Man swiftly went to his store of photos he had taken
of his slaves and he in action and picked one. It showed Wonder Girl on her
back eating Wonder Woman's cunt as Wonder Woman sucked his cock and he ate
Wonder Girl's pussy. A marvelous chain of sex.

He swiftly wrote something on the back and then went over and picked up
Wonder Girl's magic belt of strength. Then he placed the picture under the
belt as he moved it around her waist and attached it. She turned and thanked
him and then she kissed him. Wonder Woman then stepped forward and with a
devilish grin she grabbed the Man in her strong embrace and gave him a
smoldering kiss that only a woman can give. Then she looked at Wonder Girl
and smirked. The Man was left gasping for air and smiling as the two sister's
left. The rivalry between his two beautiful slaves was paying dividends
already, and would continue to do so for years to come. He smiled at the

The End???


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