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so please bare with the story.

Wonder Woman: The Domination Of Wonder Woman Part 1
by Anonymous

Diana had just finished another exhausting day at the defense department and
plopped herself down on the brown rattan sofa that dominated the living room
of her downtown apartment. Colonel Trever, Steve to her and to all his
closest friends, had put poor Ms. Prince through several weeks of extensive
paperwork. Field duty was one thing but three weeks of filing, filling out
reports and cataloging old cases totally devastated the voluptuous amazon as
she lay on the couch, half asleep, starring up at the white stucco ceiling.

"Only men could invent such a hideous torture." thought Diana as her head
slowly pounded from the hours of typing and reading. "All the Nazis have to
do is come up with something that will destroy carbon-paper and the free
world will crumble.", she mused.

Suddenly she heard a dull thud from the bedroom as what seemed like something
heavy hit the plush carpet. Slowly she got up. "I wonder if who ever that is
heard me come in...", she thought to herself as she stealthily moved down the
hallway of her apartment toward the bedroom.

At the end of the hall she could see the door to her bedroom half open. The
light of the afternoon sun lit up the room making the hallway much darker
than the rest of the apartment. She dared not turn on the hallway light,
fearing this would give her away.

"THUD-THUD!" This time she was sure she was not alone and she quickly
retreated back down the hallway, through the living room and into the
kitchen. Being careful to close the door behind her, Diana quickly removed
her glasses and placed them on the kitchen table and, in the same fluid
motion, she began to spin in a graceful, ballerina style twirl.

At that moment, a blinding white ball of light engulfed her and in a flash,
Diana Prince, defense department liaison and secretary, changed into the
insatiable Wonder Woman. "I think things will be on a little more even level
now." Diana softly exclaimed as she steadied herself.

Reaching up she checked her head for the feminim barrette that she always
wore, making sure it had materialized. At the same time she checked her
magical belt to make sure it was on and secure. Her transformation process
was directly proportional to her concentration level and she had to make
sure everything appeared.

Most of the time she changed and had no problems with the magical process
but a few times, under one or two distracting circumstances, she had changed,
not pulling some of her costume or accessories from the mystical plane that
stored them. One time, on a crowded street, during an intense fire fight, she
changed and forgot to summon her feminim bracelets, leaving herself in a very
distressing position.

The most important accessory, the one she could not do without however, was
her magical belt. This mystical item was the embodiment of her psychic spirit
and, while away from paradise island, was the only way she could draw psychic
strength from the elements, giving her the incredible strength, skill and
stamina of Wonder Woman.

Now ready to meet her new 'guest', Diana slowly, but confidently, moved
through her apartment and toward her bedroom. Reaching the door to the room
she shifted to one side to see through the open crack but all she could see
was the summer breeze blowing the curtains in waves across the window.

Suddenly, a hand slipped around her waist and firmly grabbed her solar
plexus, pulling her backward. At the same time another hand reached around
her head and clamped itself down over her mouth, taking her by surprise.

Confidently thinking her assailant was just a burglar, Wonder Woman held back
using her full strength and tried to throw her much weaker attacker against
the wall with just enough controlled force to stun them. To her surprise
however, she was held fast by her assailant. In fact, her attacker seemed
almost as strong as she was.

Diana stepped up her struggling, twisting and pushing while trying to pull
the attacker's hand from her mouth. Instantly she noticed her attacker was
not a man but a woman, a very strong woman.

The two danced about in the darkened hallway as each one attempted to gain
control of the other, pulling and pushing each other into the walls, trying
to throw the other off balance. The assailant's grip, however, began to
weaken. Sensing her opponent faltering, Diana grabbed the arm from around her
waste and in a massive, adrenaline induced effort, spun the attacker around
and flipped her head first into the sun lit bedroom.

The attacker hit the floor of the bedroom with an incredibly loud ka-thump
which could only have been made by Diana throwing a body, with her full
strength, to the floor. She immediately panicked as the thought of this poor
sole having every bone in their body smashed to bits rushed into her mind.

Her fears were instantly quelled however as a childish, school girl giggle
rang out from the bedroom. Walking into the room, Diana took one look at her
determined attacker and a grin of relief and surprise came across her face.
There, sprawled on the floor and sitting on her rear like a big raggedy Ann
doll was her little sister Drucella.

"Dru! What are you doing here?", exclaimed the pleasantly surprised heroine.

"Oh Diana, I was just in the neighborhood and I thought I'd stop by." replied
Drucella as she sat rubbing her rather sore rear end.

"Oh come now little sister. Do you honestly expect me to believe that?" Diana
asked folding her arms across her chest and cocking her hips to one side.

"Well, actually, mother sent me to remind you about the Paradise Island
flower festival coming up next month. The royal princess must attend to
receive her yearly honoring of flowers from our people" said Drucella.

"But mother didn't need to send you here. She could have just sent me a
telepathic message. You didn't pester her to come did you?" asked Diana

"Oh... well... just a little pestering..."

Diana shot Drucella a guilty stare.

"Oh but Diana, I did so much want to come. The outside world is so fabulous,
so mysterious."

"And also dangerous!" sternly replied Diana. "You remember what happened to
you the last time you were here don't you?"

"Well, yeah but... nothing really bad happened and besides... it was kind of
exciting getting kidnapped by those Nitzies." jokingly replied Drucella.

"That's Nazis and they're nothing to laugh at. They are extremely dangerous
people and they're the reason I'm here doing what I'm doing." Diana walked up
and embraced Drucella, holding Dru's head to her chest.

"I don't think I could bear it if anything bad happened to you. I know you
can take care of yourself but, these men are not honorable. They don't play

"I know Diana but mother did say it would be good for my education. Besides
I'll be extra EXTRA careful this time, honest." pleaded Drucella in her best
puppy dog whimper. She was always able to get what she wanted from Diana or
mother this way. The way her big brown eyes lit up with the slightest hint of
tears melted almost any one's heart.

"Well... OK. But be CAREFUL. Mother would kill me if something happened to
you." Diana said strictly.

"Oh thank you Diana! Thank you! Now can we go and get a, what do they call
it, an ice cream sundae?" Drucella replied, hopping up and down like an
excited school girl.

"Oh Dru! You're so incorrigible. OK, if it will keep you out of my hair."
said Diana in a tired, half hearted voice. "I can't go with you now, however,
I'm waiting for a call from Pamela Sanders, one of the women I work with at
the war department. She said she's tracking down a lead on an old case and
will let me know what she finds."

"Oh, what ever." said the young, half interested amazon as she looked about
Diana's bedroom at the various decorations and items Diana had collected
during her stay in the outside world.

"Here, take this. A couple of dollars should do it." said Diana as she handed
Drucella the money she kept in a drawer in the night stand next to the bed.
"Just enough to keep you in ice cream sundaes all day."

"Oh yeah, that's right. They use money. Gosh Diana, I'll never get used to
that." Drucella hastily grabbed the bills and headed for the door in a rather
childlike skipping motion.

"Ehem... Dru..." Diana said in a remindful tone as she stood leaning against
the door frame of the bedroom staring at Drucella in the hall. "Aren't you
forgetting something?"

Drucella stared back at Diana curiously as Diana held up her hand and twirled
her finger about in a circular motion.

"Oh! Silly me." and with that the young heroine began spinning in place.
After the white flash died down, Drucella stood wear a Sunday dress, bobby
socks, sneakers and her hair in ribbons, her costume stored in the mystical
plane until needed again.

"Now I might be out when you get back. There's a key under the mat out back.
Just let yourself in." Diana informed her.

"Wonder Woman work?" eagerly asked Drucella?

"Maybe. But nothing I want you involved in. Now SCOOT!" and with that, Diana
patted Drucella on her rear and escorted her out the front door.

* * *

Pamela Sanders was one of the only female field agents the defense department
used. Sometimes it was easier for a woman to do undercover work than a man
since less suspicion fell on women. The US. government didn't normally use
women so the enemy usually expected men as agents and this was a plus for

She had been working with Diana Prince for the last 3 weeks reviewing files
and they had found something that might be a lead. Diana had pieced together
several bits of information from several files and through a certain degree
of logic, she had deduced that there might be a Nazi spy headquarters located
in the private beach communities north of town.

Several people had reported unusual activity and what they called "strange
lights and sounds" emanating from some of the cliff side beaches along the
ocean. Since most of these communities weren't being used during the war
because of constantly annoying blackouts and noisy ocean bombardment drills
by naval vessels on old tankers, it seemed strange any activity at all would
be there. Also, most of the beaches that were reported to have the strange
activities were inaccessible to most people due to high cliffs and rough
water conditions.

Pamela was heading north along the coast highway in a small desoto. After
about two hours of driving she pulled off down a small road that lead steeply
toward a bluff that overlooked the thin strip of beach below.

It was about six o'clock as Pamela brought the car to a stop at the edge of
the bluff and got out. The mid summer sun was still high in the sky but the
steep cliffs behind her hid its decent, causing a dark, cool shadow to cast
over the bluff, cooling off the blazing heat of the day.

Looking about at the steep trail that wound its way down to the distant beach
below, Pamela sighed heavily, knowing she had a major trek on her hands.
"These high heels and skirt aren't going to hack it." she mumbled to herself
as she pulled a small bag from the passenger side seat.

Unzipping the bag she removed a small pair of black, cotton shorts, a khaki,
light blue shirt and a pair of sneakers and proceeded to remove the heavy
gray skirt and cotton shirt. The highway was nearly invisible from the bluff
and she figured if she can't see the road, nobody on the road could see her.
With her bra falling into the passenger seat, she now stood completely naked
on the bluff except for the thin pair of underpants she had been wearing
under her skirt.

Pamela was a very fit, fairly attractive woman in her late twenties with a
very short, curly head of blondish, white hair which was always permed and
sat high on her head. She was rather tall, but not as tall as Diana, who
stood a towing 6'4" in heels. Even though it was not vogue for women to be
overly muscular or fit, Pamela worked out on a regular basis in order to
compete as best as she could with the male operatives she worked with.

Her muscularity didn't show however, being covered by a nice soft layer of
body fat. It was hard to maintain this balance of fitness and softness,
however. It wouldn't do to have an agent play the role of a wife or mistress
with hard, bulging muscles. This alone would be a dead give away as to her

She had long firm legs which ran up to a nice, round set of full hips. Her
waist was rather tiny and ran up toward a rather wide set of shoulders and
an impressive pair of firm but soft breasts. She was large breasted as women
go but she always felt that Diana was much larger. She managed to confirm her
suspicions one time though it was extremely difficult since that mouse of a
woman never wore anything revealing. There were times, however, when she
could catch a glimpse here or a stare there as Diana would bend over to pick
up a file folder or stretch back to yawn.

One time, she even invited Diana to a steam sauna, hoping to catch her naked
in the shower or get a peek under her towel. "I'm from a very religious
family," Diana would say. "Its wrong for us to disrobe in front of anybody,
including other women."

"Totally absurd," Pamela thought at the time. "That woman is going to be a
spinster, poor thing. She can't even take off those ridiculous glasses in the
steam room. How can anyone claim to need a pair of fogged up glasses to see

Pamela had grown up in a family of cops. Her father was a police captain and
her three brothers were all police officers. Boys were everywhere in her life
and she had little exposure to women when she was younger. Her mother had
died of polio when she was young and she had become the woman of the house
until she was old enough to set out on her own.

When she was about 14, she had an experience where she was tied up by the
neighborhood boys while playing cops and robbers. They left her bound and
gagged in a tool shed while they played like they were rescuing her from one
side or another.

While she lay helpless, one of the neighborhood girls snuck in and started to
tickle her with a feather. At first it was very uncomfortable since the girl
was tickling her feet but it started to feel real good as the feather moved
up along the inside of her bare thigh. The other girl was fascinated by
Pamela's reaction and began tickling her breasts in experimentation. This was
the first time Pamela had ever climaxed and she always remembered it being
extremely intense.

She figured this was why she had such a strong fascination with bondage and
having sex with other women. She had outward relationships with men, which
usually amounted to nothing at all, but, behind closed doors, she and her
female friends played out the fantasies that really made her excited.

This was also partially why she worked so hard to join the defense
department. The thrill of being caught, the excitement of the danger was a
narcotic she could not resist.

Diana was a fascination to her. She knew there was a great body under that
drab uniform, dull hairdo and dumpy glasses. "I just know she's a wildcat
waiting to burst," Pamela would say to herself. "She's like a powder keg
ready to blow, I just know it. But how do I set off the fuse?" Pamela
remembered one time. however, when she got very close to doing just that.

* * *

One evening, after working her undercover assignment as a barmaid to break
a spy ring, Pamela had returned to the office only to find Diana working
another one of her dedicated overtime nights doing some ridiculous research
assignment for that dullard Steve Trevor.

After talking with each other for a bit, Diana sat back in her chair with
her head leaning over the head rest, and shut her eyes to get a moments rest.
Pamela could see her well pronounced profile and became instantly aroused by
the situation.

Slowly she sauntered over to the relaxing brunette sitting so serenely in her
chair. Putting her hands on Diana's shoulders, she began to slowly massage
her back. Pamela was sure Diana would jump 10 feet in the air, get all
flustered and tell her something like "Where she comes from people just don't
do that kind of thing".

For several moments, however, Diana said and did nothing. After a long
period of silence, Diana's shoulders relaxed and she let out a low, soft
moan. It was like an ice cube melting and shifting its weight in a glass of
warm, intoxicating bourbon. The large woman below her slowly relaxed and
sank deeper into the chair. Her neck began to slowly rotate rhythmically as
Pamela's hands worked their way around Diana's shoulders.

Then Diana let out another sigh which surprised Pamela and almost made her
stop her massage. The first one was expectantly low with the sound of relief
attached to it but this second one was different. It was higher in pitch and
very heavy as though the mysterious woman was thinking something deep, almost
dark in nature. It said to Pamela one thing, the thing she wanted to hear,
the thing that made her tingle with excitement and anticipation; welcome.

This was too good to be true. All her fantasies were becoming reality as this
shy, beautiful girl below her slowly weakened and submitted. With her left
hand massaging Diana's left shoulder, Pamela slowly slid her right hand
across Diana's right shoulder and down her right arm, stopping at her upper
arm. She grasped it firmly but gently and paused for a few moments holding
Diana's upper arm in such a way as to say "Hello, may I come in?"

Diana responded with another soft moan and at the same time she relaxed her
mouth and let her jaw drop causing her full, red lips to part. Her facial
muscles totally relaxed along with the muscles around her eyes giving her a
kind of dreamy, entranced look.

At this point Pamela proceeded to move her hand along Diana's long arm down
to her right hand. Placing her hand over the back of Diana's, Pamela slowly
caressed it. This drew a heavy breathe from the large brunette.

At the same time Pamela leaned into Diana, placing her mouth close to Diana's
right ear and she began to slowly but lightly rub Diana's earlobe with her
soft, dry lips. Diana was breathing heavily now through her mouth and moaned
again in another low, dull moan of enjoyment.

To Pamela it was like trying to sneak up on a frightened deer. Slowly she had
to earn Diana's trust before she could move closer. Too much boldness would
scare her off. Too little would make the actions predictable and boring.
Either way she could loose the spell she had over this incredible woman if
she wasn't careful.

Watching Diana at work, Pamela sensed that maybe this woman was like her.
Maybe she too enjoyed pleasures only women of her day could experience behind
closed doors. The way this woman moved, the way she reacted to touch all said
the same thing to Pamela, a message she enjoyed seeing in another woman.

Risking it all Pamela decided to send a message to this hypnotized girl
sitting in front of her, a message that said: "I'm like you. Don't be
afraid." Slowly wrapping her fingers around Diana's right wrist, Pamela
gently slid Diana's right arm back behind the chair. As she did so, she
placed her thumb in the palm of the other woman's hand and gently squeezed

Diana's breathe quickened as she let out a short sigh. Her legs squeezed
together ever so slightly as her hips rocked. This cuased her legs to slowly
slide back and forth. Her lower legs curled lazily to one side of the chair
as her thighs gently rubbed together. Her right hand curled closed, wrapping
her fingers around Pamela's thumb squeezing it gently.

Pamela let go of Diana's left shoulder and slide her other hand down Diana's
left arm, gently grasping her other wrist. She pulled the other arm back
behind the chair, careful not to scare this incredibly shy woman.

Diana responded by shifting slightly, rolling her wide shoulders back over
the back rest of the wooden chair. Pamela crossed the woman's hands and held
them in place with the thumb and fore finger of her right hand, clamping
Diana's wrists gently together.

Diana's hands curled slightly shut as Pamela reached up and pulled her scarf
from around her own neck. Using the scarf she slowly wrapped it around
Diana's wrists; twice across the outside and twice between the arms in a
vertical direction, making the scarf cross her wrists in both directions.
Then, releasing Diana's wrists with the other hand, Pamela tied both ends of
the scarf together with a single, symbolic knot, securing the brunette's

Diana still lay motionless in the chair. Pamela was utterly shocked this had
gone on this long. "Doesn't this girl ever get any?" she thought, "Poor
thing. I'll just have to fix that." Returning her lips to Diana's right ear,
she again began to gently nibble the woman's earlobe.

Diana responded by breathing heavier. She slowly slid her head back and
forth, complimenting and enhancing Pamela's movements around her ear. Her
head then turned to the right, rolling farther back and Pamela found her
lips lightly touching Diana's soft, warm cheek. Her mouth was so close, so
tempting. Those full red lips, moist and shiny, sat helplessly entranced
and at Pamela's mercy.

A wet kiss at this point would certainly break the spell and fearing the
loss, Pamela refused to risk it. Instead, she moved her mouth across Diana's
cheek, lightly caressing it with her lips. As she did this, she reached
around to Diana's front and slowly unbuttoned her blazer, being careful not
to tug or pull the material, so as not to give away her actions.

The blazer fell open and slid to either side of the woman's chest. Looking
down, Pamela was amazed at the spectacle before her. This girl was huge. Not
distastefully large like some women she new but very pleasantly ample. In
fact the size of her breasts coupled with the angle of her back, forced the
sides of her blazer to fall completely away to either side.

Looking down the girl's shirt, Pamela could see an amazing canyon of
cleavage. The tan gap of skin ran outward and curved downward as the two
spherical glands came together in an impressive union of smooth, plump flesh.
Even with her breasts pushed together by her bra, they still were large
enough to extend past the sides of her rib cage.

Pamela's hand found itself moving slowly up Diana's chest, lightly gliding
the fingernail of her middle finger over the fabric of the shirt. Upon
reaching Diana's right breast she stopped for a moment, then, ever so
lightly, she ran her finger along the bottom curvature of the breast,
stimulating it with a slight touch.

Diana surged at this point, rolling her chest and pushing her right breast
toward the stimuli. She let out a deep, heavy moan as she began to slowly
roll and arch her back. As she pushed her right breast forward, her nipple
grew hard and protruded through the bra and shirt causing a noticeable rise
to appear, forcing her shirt to stretch tighter around her plump breast.

Pamela slide her nail over the erect nipple and, in a circular pattern,
began teasing it with a slight tickling motion. Diana began to sigh and moan
rhythmically as Pamela quickened the pace, tickling the helpless nipple
faster and faster.

The woman's breathing grew lighter and quicker as her back arched higher
and higher. Pamela was amazed at the sensuality of this meek girl and was
enjoyably astonished as this sheep of a woman began to moan loudly and

Suddenly, without warning, a loud CA-THUNG rang out from under the chair and
both girls fell backward as the spring under the chair broke sending Diana
piling on top of Pamela. Almost as quickly as she landed on top of Pam, Diana
sprang to her feet, twisting and wiggling her shoulders as she untied

"Um... uh... I have to go... Its late..." nervously stuttered Diana as she
snatched up her glasses and quickly shoved them back on her blushing red
face. In a panic she looked about the room and grabbed a handful of files
from the desk, and used them to cover her chest.

"I... uh ... I have to go over these files by morning... I'm sorry I can't
stay.... Could you lock up... thanks?" and with that, the stuttering, nervous
brunette grabbed her purse and the wrong coat from the coat rack and head
quickly out the door.

Pamela stood up slowly and walked over to the half open door and watched as
Diana strutted down the hall like a skittish chicken, trying to balance forty
file folders in one arm and putting on a navy overcoat that was 2 sizes too
big with the other. Her hair hung in disarray from the bun tied in the back
of her head and her right wrist still had Pamela's scarf tied to it.

This was the closest Pamela ever got to Diana. The weeks afterward were
filled with dull, uneventful conversations and quick hellos and good-byes.
It was as though something enormous was dominating this woman and she could
not let herself go.

One time, as a joke, Pamela asked Diana bluntly if she could have her scarf
back. The big brunette blushed at the request and quickly pulled the scarf
from her desk drawer, plopping it on the desk in front of her never making
eye contact with the amused agent.

Pamela changed into the black shorts, tennis shoes and shirt. The shorts were
basically men's cotton pants cut off just where the legs met the waste. They
were rather snug but comfortable and showed off all of her long white legs.

She put on the shirt and tightly tied the bottom halves together in a knot
around her lower chest to support her breasts. This left her stomach exposed
along with a good deal of cleavage. It was hot and she felt the more
ventilation the better. Besides, getting sand out of a bra was a pain and she
always hated that feeling. Anyway who was going to see her. This was probably
a wild goose chase anyway.


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