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This story contains very descriptive scenes of sex, bondage and rape. If you
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This story and its material are based on the Wonder Woman TV series that
aired in the '80s. It is simply one of my fantasy episodes. Again, this story
contains material of a dark nature. If you are offended, do not flame me,
just simply ignore this posting. The first two parts start off rather slowly
so please bare with the story.

Wonder Woman: The Domination Of Wonder Woman Part 3
by Anonymous

As Danny's car sped away, Drucella made her way down the dirt road that ran
down to the beach. She had a difficult time convincing the boy she lived
here and that she didn't want to ride with him anymore. "I don't know why
everyone's so protective. Nothings going to happen to me. I can take care of
myself." she blasted as she stomped down the road.

After about 20 or 30 feet, past the visibility of the road, the young amazon
stopped and began to twirl. In a blinding flash, Wonder Girl stood where
Drucella once was.

Running at an amazing speed she bounded and leapt down the road and cliff
faces as she headed for the beach below. In a matter of a few minutes she had
leapfrogged her way to the bottom and stood in the white sand of the beach.

The sun had gone down at this point but the moon was full and it lit up the
beach like a huge, soft spot light. Of course Dru didn't actually need that
much light to see since her amazon physique gave her super vision along with
her other abilities.

"Where should I start," Dru said as she slowly moved around the beach. So
anxious was she to lay her hands on a few Nazis she hadn't noticed a sentry
sitting halfway up the hill that overlooked the beach.

Since Pamela's unannounced visit, the countess had decided a sentry would be
a good thing to have. At first the guard didn't see the young nymph coming
down the hill since his vision was only normal and he could only see pale
shadows and silhouettes. He continued to sit puffing away slowly on one of
those delicious American cigarettes until Dru nearly landed on top of him as
she did one of her 40 foot leaps down the cliff. All he could see was the
underside of a very shapely girl passing nearly 3 feet overhead and shooting
past him going down hill.

He quickly snuffed out his cigarette and slid behind some rocks, grasping his
field phone. "Damn!" he exclaimed as he slowly cranked the phone and picked
up the receiver.

* * *

The countess sat at her desk as she reviewed various photographs of US
government personnel when her field phone rang.

"What is it." she said bluntly.

"Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman is coming up the beach." said the whispering,
stuttering guard on the other end.

"WHAT!" screamed the countess as she quickly stood up "Keep an eye on her!
I'll be at the entrance."

As she slammed the phone down in its case she called out to her two
assistants. "Hanz, Fritz! Come with me!" she ordered. All three of them
bolted for the side tunnel entrance.

The countess was an extremely attractive woman in her late 30's. Her family
was the richest and one of the most influential families in all the third
Reich. She stood about 5'7" and had very long, jet black hair that ran down
to the small of her back. Her face was wide and full with two large, dark
brown eyes and a wide, full mouth. Her eyes, no matter what expression,
always had a slight tilt to them that gave her a devious look giving anyone
the impression that this woman always had something wicked and sexy on her

Her body was stalky but fit with two above average sized breasts and a set
of wide, motherly hips. Her muscles and fat hung lazily on her frame giving
her a constant relaxed and satisfied look. It was as though you could come
up behind her and grab her literally anywhere and she would not jump once.

Everything about this woman was dark from her hair and eyes to her tight
dress and skirt down to her silk stockings and black stiletto shoes. This
woman's main weapon, besides her wits, was her body, which she took pleasure
in using to get whatever she wanted.

She peered through the peephole out onto the moonlit beach. "Ah, this is not
Wonder Woman." she said slowly as she continued to study Dru.

"Then who is it?" asked Hanz.

"It is the Wonder Girl our agents reported to us on their last visit here.
She's not what I had expected but, I have an idea." the countess said as she
stepped away from the peephole. "Quickly, we haven't much time!"

* * *

Drucella walked along the beach, twirling and scanning it as though ready for
anything. Like a kid playing a game she pretended that every rock had a Nazi
behind it.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she could see a light shinning out
of a doorway in the rocks. "Ah ha!" she said to herself as she stealthily
entered the doorway.

The hallway was poorly lit except for the one bright bulb at the entrance.
Along the sides were several tall crates which formed a narrow corridor
running down the center. At the other end she could spy a female form facing

"Come into my web said the spider to the fly." the countess mussed.

"I don't know who you are but if you're the countess, I'm going capture you
and your group of Nazis!" Dru proclaimed as she stood with her hands on her
hips and her legs slightly apart.

"OOOOOO! I'm so afraid." mocked the countess as she hunched her back in
pretend fear and wiggled her fingers at the young girl.

Like a steam locomotive blowing its stack, Dru snarled and bolted at the
countess. In a matter of moments she was on the dark haired woman but, as she
went to grab her, her hands bounced off a hard, flat surface.

The mirror fell backward and hit the soft dirt floor as Dru stood stunned and
confused. At that moment she felt a hard pull from behind as her magical belt
left her waist.

The countess stepped out from behind one of the crates holding the belt. "Get
her!" she cried.

At that moment a mob of 5 men jumped out from behind various crates and
pilled on top of the now helpless Drucella. Dru wiggled and gyrated in
futility as the mass of arms and legs wrapped themselves around her
struggling body, holding it in place.

As they pulled her to the floor, a hand came from behind her head and a
handkerchief clamped itself down over her nose and mouth. She struggled
wildly as the ether took effect, sapping the girls strength.

The mass of bodies surged as the struggling girl fought in hopeless
desperation to escape. At last, though, the overwhelming odds were too much
and the young amazon's struggles stilled. Drucella let out a soft, dull moan
as she slipped unconscious.

The countess stepped up to the pile of men as they picked up the unconscious
heroine. "Take her." the countess said non-chalantly as she examined Wonder
Girl's lasso. "You've earned some ehem... entertainment."

With that the men reveled in their captured prey and carried Dru down the
dark, murky hallway toward the grotto.

"Yes, my dear Wonder Woman, you will come to save your sister." the countess
said holding up the lasso, "And I'll be waiting."

* * *

"Dru, Dru..." Diana called out as she walked into the living room. "Where is
that girl." she thought as she looked about the apartment.

As she walked back into the living room she spied Dru's note on the

"Damn!" Diana cursed and with that the large brunette bolted out the door and
down to her car.

* * *

The countess slowly sauntered down one of the curved tunnels that made up the
tiny maze of hallways in the underground base. The base wasn't built by the
Nazis. Apparently, years ago, this cave was constructed by gangsters during
the prohibition to smuggle and make liquor. In researching a place of
operations, the German high command had found out about the grotto and made
sure all records of it were removed from the local police records.

She made her way toward a large wooden door at the end of the narrow hallway.
As she approached, a slight smile came to her face as the sounds of moans and
grunts grew louder and louder. She knew the sound of torture when she heard
it and a slight tingle of excitement shot down her back and between her legs
as she opened the cell door. She stood in the open doorway staring and biting
lightly on her lower lip as she watched in deviant, satisfaction at the
tantalizing spectacle before her.

Drucella was on the floor. Her hands were tied together and over her head and
securely anchored to a large ring that hung from the ceiling. This left her
in a doggie-style kneeling position with her upper body weight supported by
her hanging arms.

She was stripped naked and was in the company of three of the dock workers.
The first was laying on his back, parallel to Dru and underneath her. His
legs were spread wide apart and they lay to either side of her knees. This
put him in a position where his face rested almost right under the young
captive's large breasts.

In each hand he had firmly cupped each breast and was feverishly squeezing
and massaging them. The large round orbs flattened and squished together
violently as he took insidious joy in molesting them. His fingers pinched and
pulled at her ripe, hard nipples making each gland shimmy and slosh about as
she reacted to each teasing tug with a twist of her torso.

Every now and again he would wrap his arm around her back and pull himself
up, landing his mouth hard down over an exposed nipple. Like some wild animal
feeding he would suck and squeeze her tit violently in some vain attempt at
milking her dry.

rucella grunted and moaned but her helpless cries were muffled. The second
worker was poised in front of her with his pants down around his ankles. With
his hands clamped around her brunette head, holding it still, he slid his
penis in and out of her mouth slowly, forcing the member deep into her throat
with each pump. Drucella breathed heavily through her nose as the member
completely blocked her mouth. Her lips wrapped around it tightly and she
could do nothing as it penetrated her mouth again and again.

Behind her though, was the main reason for her struggling and moaning.
Another dock worker was crouched behind her, his heavy, hard hands wrapped
around her waist. He twisted and pounded his cock inside of her over and over
as he viciously penetrated and raped her.

Her hips surged and wiggled about in defiance as he continued to thrust
himself deeper and deeper into her defenseless vagina. With each intense
thrust came a cooresponding moan of resistance from the bound girl.

"Ah the great Wonder Girl, HA!" gasped the enraged worker. "I'll teach you a
little lesson in manners BITCH!" he exclaimed as he stepped up fucking her.

As the worker increased his pumping, Dru began to wiggle about frantically.
As she did so her head bobbed and rocked back and forth, intensifying the
second workers experience.

Like a balloon ready to burst the pressure began to build. As each man thrust
his cock into her, she reacted by gyrating in resistance. This excited the
men even more and the vicious spiral continued to climb.

Then, almost as though she knew what would happen next, Dru began to moan
wildly, grunting objective sounds of resistance as the two men began to arch
their backs, surging in excitement.

Sensing the coming flood, the first man under her, grabbed her firmly around
her back and plunged a breast into his mouth, sucking on it as hard as he
could. Dru began to yell at this point, knowing she could not escape.

Swelling higher and higher, the mound of men and one girl surged inevitably
upward. Then, in a moment of tension filled silence, both men let out a low,
dull cry as each exploded inside her.

Drucella gulped and choked as the cum filled her mouth and forced itself
down her throat. The man in front of her reached his hand down under her
chin and slowly caressed the lump in her throat, forcing her to swallow
heavily. The rest of the cum poured out around her mouth and trickled down
her chin forming a trail of semi white liquid. This trail added to the
already existing trails, made over the last few hours, that ran down her
neck, over her chest and down each breast. That pretty little mouth had
tasted several of the countess's men and this was most definitly not the

The worker behind her grabbed her buttocks with each hand and continued to
penetrate her, making sure to pump every last drop inside. "How's that you
American slut!" gloated the worker. "Maybe you like some more eh!? Maybe I
let you lick it clean?!"

Dru rocked back and forth slowly as the two men continued to relieve
themselves inside her. She had spent the last few hours at the hands of her
tormentors being relentlessly violated. At first the experience was painful
and rough but, as each man took his turn, she slowly began to slip into a
state of semi-euphoria. Each penetration brought her new, overwhelming
experiences as the shock passed and the waves of ectasy poured through her.

"Enough." The countess said slowly and softly, "Can't you see our little
guest is enjoying herself too much as it is? We don't want to over indulge
her now do we?" she said in a sadistically, sarcastic voice, letting out a
deviant chuckle as she entered the room and waved off the three men.

"Ya Vole." blurted the three men as they forcefully pushed the defeated
female to the floor and stood to their feet, getting dressed.

They stood around the helpless female in a protective semi-circle as the
countess walked around to Dru's front and knelt down to face her. Reaching
out with one hand she softly grabbed Drucella by the chin and forced Dru to
look her in the eye.

"Now you don't want to do this all day do you?" asked the countess.

"I would think the few hours you've had to get to know my men and to find
out what kind of nice people they are would make you just anxious to be our
little friend." she said smiling.

Drucella let out a defiant, animalistic snarl as she pulled her head away
from the countess's stare. Drool and cum dribbled out of her wet mouth as
she gritted her teeth and stared rebelliously back at the woman.

"When my sister gets here, you're going to be real sorry!" Dru exclaimed in
protest in a low, rasping voice.

The countess pulled her hand away and looked at the cum on her fingers. Then,
staring back at Wonder Girl she slowly plunged her fingers into her own mouth
and sucked the cum from them, licking the remnants off each finger tip and
off her lips.

Drucella mouth opened slightly in surprise at the depravity of this woman.

The countess stood back up and smiled a cool, wide smile as though
patronizing Drucella. "Don't worry my dear, your sister will be joining you
shortly." she giggled as she walked to the door. She then gave one of the men
behind Dru a quick stare and a nod.

With that, the three men pounced on the helpless heroine. Untying her hands
they wrestled her to the floor pulling her hands behind her back and tying
them, first at the elbows, then at the wrists. They then proceeded to gag
her, first stuffing her mouth with a rolled up rag and securing it in place
with a long white handkerchief.

"Seeing how you don't want to talk, you don't mind being gagged now do you."
chuckled the countess as she reach into her coat pocket and produced a long,
thin, nicely decorated, black box about 12 inches long.

After trussing Drucella up, the men rolled the struggling amazon on her back.
Two of the men each grabbed a leg and pinned her limbs down while the third
held her down by the shoulders.

The countess walked around to Drucella's feet and knelt down between her
legs. "And just so you don't get bored with your own silence, I think you
should meet a very, very close friend of mine." said the countess as she
opened the box and pulled out its contents.

The dildo was about 12 inches long, made of ivory and was carved with several
wicked bumps and ridges that ran all down its length. At the end, a special
protrusion ran from the base, back up the length and to the top. At the end
of the protrusion was a large ball that clamped down on the phallic with a
kind of spring tension. The whole thing looked like a huge, wide ball point
pen with a pocket clip running along the outside. Also from the base ran two
thin elastic strap loops.

"I call this my bitch tamer." said the countess as she leaned toward Dru and
looped each elastic loop around Drucella's feet and slide the dildo up her
legs. Dru surged and cried muffled cries of resistance as the over-sized
dildo plunged into her. The clip portion slid up along the outside of her
vagina, between her lips and the ball clamped down hard on her exposed

The countess then took the loop ends and hooked them over Dru's wide hip
bones, strapping the diabolic phallic in place. She then gave Dru a couple
of affectionate pats on her tummy and stood up.

The two men holding her legs forced her legs together and, using several
lengths of rope, they tied her legs together at the thighs, knees and ankles.
They then returned to holding her down.

The bound and gagged nymph struggled and gyrated slowly as she tried to work
the dildo out. "Oh you'll never get that out." the countess mused. "Oh by the
way, let me show you my favorite feature." and with that the countess reached
between Dru's legs and flipped a switch at the base of the dildo.

Drucella's hips surged uncontrollably as the phallic went to work vibrating
and thrusting in a relentless attempt to defeat its victim. The countess then
leaned over Dru's face and, kissing her two fingers she placed them on Dru's
cheek and said "Good-bye my sweat. Soon you will be broken and you will tell
me everything I want to know."

With that the three men let Drucella go and stood out of the way. Like a
wild, bucking filly being let out of its shoot, Dru flailed and gyrated
frantically on the floor as the waves of uncontrollable ecstasy pounded away
at her will power.

The four left the cell staring and laughing at the bound and gagged heroine
struggling and moaning on the floor. As they left they could hear a low dull
moan from the helpless Wonder Girl as the first of dozens of climaxes claimed
a little portion of her will power.

"She will break soon." the countess softly said to her men. "The real
challange will be Wonder Woman and I have a very special surprise in store
for her." "It will be a pleasure bringing that American bitch down off her
high pedestal."


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