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This story contains very descriptive scenes of sex, bondage and rape. If you
do not like to read such material DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!!!

This story and its material are based on the Wonder Woman TV series that
aired in the '80s. It is simply one of my fantasy episodes. Again, this story
contains material of a dark nature. If you are offended, do not flame me,
just simply ignore this posting. The first two parts start off rather slowly
so please bare with the story.

Wonder Woman: The Domination Of Wonder Woman Part 4
by Anonymous

Wonder Woman landed hard on the sandy beach as she practically flew down the
side of the cliff. "Don't worry Dru!" Diana whispered desperately. "I'm
coming for you."

Diana stood on the dark, cool beach, scouring the hills and cliffs for any
sign of her mischievous sister. As she slowly moved along the shore, she
could see a small glint of light coming from a pile of rocks ahead. Where as
Drucella had lumbered toward the light like a bull elephant, Diana stealthily
approached it like some exotic jungle cat.

She could see the light was coming from a man-made stone door that was
slightly ajar. Pushing gently on it, she opened it just enough for her body
to pass and she quickly slipped inside.

The light came from a single bulb that hung down from a cable that ran along
the ceiling from the door, down the tunnel and into the darkness ahead.
Suddenly, a figure appeared ahead of her, blocking the narrow tunnel.

"Ah, the famous American avenger Wonder Woman. I've heard so much about you."
said the man as he stood in her path. He was tall, lean and wore a thick
black raincoat with a Stetson hat. "Is this what you are looking for?" he
said as he held up Drucella's barrette, balancing it on his finger and
sprouting a wicked smile.

"YOU!... What have you done with Dr... Wonder Girl!" Diana blasted almost
blurting out Drucella's name. "I'm going to make you all PAY!" and with that
Diana bolted for the mysterious gentleman.

Suddenly, like a train slamming on the brakes, she slid to a stop about 3/4
the way to her target. Stopping for a moment she spied the man more closely.
"The buttons..." she thought to herself. Looking about she could see a stack
of crates between her and her antagonist, a stack of crates that would be a
perfect hiding place for what she suspected was going on.

Standing upright and confidently putting her hands on her hips, she cocked
her hips to one side and sprouted a suspecting smile. "I didn't know women's
clothing on men was the main fashion in Germany these days?" she asked coyly.

"Vas is this?" The man said looking very puzzled at himself. "Vat do you

"The buttons on your raincoat. They're on the wrong side. Either you like
wearing women's clothing or..." Diana leapt forward, ignoring the man in
front of her and headed straight for the hidden area behind the crates in
front of her.

"'re a reflection..." she stated as she pounced on the knook. With a
burst of speed and agility she twisted him out from behind the crates and
flipped him hard over her head and down the tunnel back toward the entrance.

At that point, two men stepped out from behind the stacks of crates between
her and the exit and began shooting at her. She effortlessly deflected the
first round of bullets with an arrogant smile.

The two men paused for a moment and then took steadier aim, firing
continuously at the amazon. This time the task was harder as each shot was
much better aimed and the two men fired at separate areas.

Shortly, however, the satisfying sound of "" rang from both guns
as both men expended their rounds. They dropped their guns and headed back
toward the exit. Wonder Woman shot after them in hot pursuit as the two
agents bolted out the secret entrance door and out onto the beach.

She forcefully plowed into the stone door, forcing it wide open as she
emerged onto the stone ledge that overlooked the beach. As she jumped down
into the sand, she unhooked her magic lasso and began twirling it. She
couldn't use it in the tunnel since it was too narrow but, out here, she
was free to wield it.

"Big mistake boys," she said confidently as she threw the line, "at least
in the tunnel I couldn't rope you." The lasso coiled around both the running
agents and, with a quick tug, she pulled the rope closed, smashing the two
men into each other and flipping them backward onto the ground.

Slowly she sauntered up to the dazed men, reeling in the rope as she walked.
"Now gentlemen, we're going to have a nice talk and you're going to tell me
everything I want to know starting with where is Wonder Girl?"

Picking one of the men up by his coat collars Wonder Woman pulled him close
to her, staring him straight in the eye. The agent dangled his feet as the
amazon held him off the ground. "I guess its too bad for you I didn't fall
for your little trap." Diana said arrogantly.

"On the contrary, THIS is the trap..." and with that the agent pulled a small
pin from out of his coat and turned his face. The gas from the canister under
his coat shot out like water from a fire hose directly into Diana's surprised

The buxom heroine reeled in shock as she staggered backward, taking the full
blast from the canister. She dropped the half stunned agent as she tried to
cover her mouth in a vain attempt at blocking the gas.

At that moment, she could feel something wrap around her shoulders as
Drucella's lasso coiled around her. Instantly she could feel the effects of
the magical item as her will quickly faded. Thrashing and reeling like a
roped stallion she twisted and struggled against both the gas and the magic

"Don't fight it my dear," calmly said a female voice, "you cannot win."

"How do you like our new gas?" the countess asked teasingly. "You see it
works by skin contact and not by breathing it in. Since we're all wearing
these nice thick raincoats and you're wearing that skimpy little outfit, the
gas hardly affects us but I'm sure its taking its toll on you."

The countess was right. Diana's bare legs, arms and upper chest were covered
with a thin layer of the white powder which quickly impregnated her skin,
causing her to feel intensely dizzy. She could feel the beach spin out from
under her as she rolled to the ground struggling.

As she hit the ground, several of the agents piled on top of her, rolling her
on her stomach. With a quick yank she felt her magical belt slip away from
around her waist. At that moment her strength went to normal and the men
easily subdued the defenseless heroine.

"Tie her." ordered the gloating countess as she tossed the men Diana's loose
rope. The men first took Drucella's rope and continued wrapping it around
Diana's shoulders, pinning her upper arms. They then pulled her arms behind
her back and bent each arm at the elbow, folding them into a box like
configuration with her left hand resting near her right elbow and visa versa.

Using the remaining end of Drucella's rope, they tied her left hand to her
right elbow and her right hand to her left elbow and then wrapped the rest
around her parallel fore arms, binding the two arms tightly together.

Scooping up her thighs they wrapped her own rope around her legs, first at
the thighs, then at the knees and finally at her ankles, securing the rope
with a series of very tight knots.

Diana gyrated slowly as the anesthetic gas took its toll along with the
effects of both ropes. By the time the men were done, the fallen heroine had
barely enough will power to struggle slowly in desperation. Then a rag was
forced into her mouth and another rag was tied around her head to hold it in
place. The amazing Wonder Woman lay on the beach; bound, gagged and

"Stand her up." ordered the countess. The men easily lifted the bundled
heroine and stood her on her weakened feet. The countess looked deeply and
coldly into Diana's defiant eyes. "I have looked forward to meeting the world
famous American heroine Wonder Woman. I will look forward to breaking you."
and with that the countess slide her hand between Diana's legs and firmly
cupped her vagina.

Diana surged backward in shock as she realized what the countess meant. The
men scooped up the struggling heroine and carted her like some bagged prey
back toward the tunnel entrance.

* * *

"Not.... not... not AGAIN!" Drucella cried out in muffled squeals as another
intense climax took a small portion of her will power. The young amazon lay
gagged and bound on the cold, stone floor of her cell. She gyrated and
struggled against her bonds as she slowly slipped further and further into
domination. The insidious device between her legs relentlessly pumped away at
its helpless victim, continuing to rob her of climax after climax.

"Never felt like this..." she thought, "so weak...."

Even though she had been raped by the countess's men, she was not feeling at
all in despair. In fact, the incident kind of excited her. She had never had
such intense climaxes before and being bound and helpless like this made her
feel excited and intensely turned on. Back on paradise island, sexual
stimulation was never like this. Yes the women had sex and yes it was mainly
a lesbian culture but, sex was always so prim and proper always orchestrated
and honorable. "If I wasn't in so much trouble," Dru thought wickedly, "this
would actually be a lot of fun."

* * *

The door to the men's barracks burst open as the agents carried in Diana's
bound and struggling body. Her hips surged and thrust as her bundled body was
carted into the middle of the room. The 30 or so men stood around and gaped
at the magnificent woman as she was stood up to once again face the countess.

"Untie her legs." calmly ordered the countess. The agents quickly untied
Diana's lasso, leaving her legs free. Instantly, Diana let loose a forceful
kick that sailed very close to the countess's head. The agents quickly
wrapped their arms around her legs and forced her to stand still.

The men in the barracks let out a wave of obnoxious laughter at the spitfire
as she stood helpless before them, twisting and struggling against her
capture's grip.

"You men say I never let you have any fun." the countess yelled out to her
men jokingly. "A Wonder Girl was not enough so I have brought you a Wonder
Woman." she said, turning to look Diana in the eye.

Diana stared in shock at the countess. "What did they do to you Dru?" she
thought to herself as horrid images of her younger sister at the hands of
these men shot through her mind.

"Oh that's right my dear," said the countess with a wicked smile, "I just
hope your sister wasn't a virgin cause she certainly isn't one NOW!". The
crowd of leering men burst into another wave of laughter as Diana kicked out
wildly at the arrogant woman.

As the men wrestled the amazon back to attention, Diana's eyes shot open
wildly in shock. She could feel her costume get looser as the zipper running
up her back was slowly pulled down.

The one piece boustier and tights slid slowly down her back and her large,
full breasts rolled out like two hostages being freed. They floated and
rolled slowly to either side of her chest, assuming their natural almost
perfectly round form.

As her costume continued to slide further down, she could feel the hands of
her undresser slowly and smoothly pass over her back, down her spine and over
her buttocks. Every inch sent a chill down her spine as more and more of her
was revealed to her captures. The man slid her costume the rest of the way
down over her wide hips to her feet, slowly stroking her bare legs with his
large coarse hands. At the same time her boots, bracelets and baret came off
and hit the floor, stripping the heroine of her only remaining protection.

A dead silence hit the room as the men stared in awe at the almost perfect
physical specimen before them. Even the countess was taken back by this
woman's incredible body as she slowly walked up to Wonder Woman.

"Incredible," she said slowly, speaking to herself as she cupped one of
Diana's large, globular breasts and slowly massaged it. For what seemed like
an eon the woman stood there, slowly squeezing and caressing Diana's breast,
stroking and sliding her fingers over her bare and aroused nipple.

The men stood about drooling with anticipation. This Wonder Woman was one
thing but, seeing their boss who was also quite attractive, performing this
incredible act with another woman was too much. The crowd began to bustle
with excitement like a pack of dogs waiting for the first piece of meat.

The countess slowly sauntered to the exit, giving Diana a wide, evil smile
as she walked past her and to the door. Then, stopping for what seemed like
an eternity, the countess let the room grow silent. Diana's fear grew like
a volcano as her heart pounded away each agonizing second. Then her heart
sank to her stomach as the words hit her ears. "Break Her!"

With that, the horde of men let out a horrendous, Viking's yell of
celebration as they all rushed toward the helpless heroine. Diana let out a
few masterful kicks that sent one or two of the men to their knees but it
was a token effort at best. Arms and hands enveloped the heroines naked,
struggling body and she fell backward into the vicious crowd.

At first she could feel dozens of hands all over her, sliding themselves up
her legs, along her thighs, over her knees, around her buttocks, across her
stomach... they were everywhere. She struggled and gyrated frantically in a
futile effort to resist her captures. This alone was worth the price of
admission as the incredible brunette's body put on an irresistibly erotic
show. Just the pleasure of grabbing a soft, struggling thigh or a plump,
tightening buttock, made most of the men greatly aroused.

The men then began to get organized. They soon realized that too many hands
reaching for the cookie pot would leave no one with a cookie. Holding Wonder
Woman up at all times, two of the men wrapped their arms around her back to
support her. One arm went under her back while the other was free to play
with the prizes that lay helplessly before them.

Each man cupped a breast, forcing the nipple into his mouth, squeezing and
massaging the large gland frantically. These were the most amazing prizes in
the universe and the men were not going to let this opportunity go to waste.
Each tit surged and flattened, swelled and sloshed as her breasts were sucked
and squeezed feverishly and relentlessly by the two mindlessly aroused men.

Diana moaned and screamed viciously as the barbarians continued to molest her
breasts. Her hair splashed about in waves of violent emotions like water on a
stormy sea as the men bit and sucked at her ripened nipples.

Then, suddenly, a hand grabbed a clump of her hair at the back of her head
and pulled her head down, curling it toward her back. From an upside down
view she could see a large, callused hand unzipping a pair of pants as the
dock worker standing over her head pulled out his penis.

Diana's hips rose in a stiff, defiant arch as the worker's hard, swelled
member plunged itself deep into her soft, warm mouth. She grunted and moaned
heavily as he began to slide it back and forth in a rhythmic, pulsating
fashion. Her large, full, red lips wrapped themselves tightly around his
penis and she began to suck on it in an almost instinctual, reactive way.

She was not as frightened of situation as she was frightened of the fact
that this whole predicament was turning her on. On Paradise Island she was
a princess, a person of royalty who could not permit herself one personal
pleasure or allow herself to fall to the weakness of the flesh. Most
temptations she could resist, like the incident with Pamela (part 1) but
this was different. So many hands, such barbarism. The sensation of all
those hands groping and molesting her royal body. She had never felt like
this before and it excited her. She fought the sensation however, knowing
she could not give in to her temptations.

Her thoughts were harshly shattered however as the unthinkable occurred. Her
hips surged again as another worker slid his bare hips between his legs and
began entering her. Diana's hips slid about wildly and frantically as his
penis slowly worked its way deeper and deeper past the tightened, defiant
muscles in her vagina. Irresistibly she yielded to his overwhelming strength
as his member hit home, fully penetrating her.

She grunted and moaned in futility as he began to slowly and rhythmically
pump in and out, her defiant hips slowly thrust with each insertion. The
two began to form a rhythm and her resistance began to wane as the worker
continued his relentless assault on her virtue.

The workers now formed a large mass of bodies as the naked, helpless female
in the middle thrust and surged as her body was forcefully entered. The
erotic moans and whines from the amazon were the only sounds coming from the
group, with none of the men speaking or making a sound so as not to disturb
the arousing noises coming from the struggling heroine. The men that could
not participate were not without entertainment however as the vision of this
incredible woman being gang banged was as good, if not better, than actually
being in the act.

The capture, tying up and assault were taking their toll on Wonder Woman as
she began to wiggle about violently. The heavily, fatiguing activity she
was going through; her mouth being entered, her breasts being maliciously
violated and her vagina being ruthlessly penetrated began a heavy, tingling
wave which started at her pelvis and slowly moved toward her chest.

"NO!" she screamed in her mind. "How can I do this... I can't be enjoying
this..." she thought in disbelief as the climax began to build. She fought
to resist the oncoming event but her will was severely weakened by her attack
and Drucella's rope, which still bound her hands tightly behind her back.

Suddenly, her hips thrust and surged quicker and quicker as she blurted
out moans of defiance. Both men feeling the oncoming wave began quickening
their pace along with the two sucking her breasts. The sensations were
overwhelming, the powerlessness, the bondage, the hands groping her, the
defenseless position she was in, these all raced through her mind as her
body plunged upward in one last defiant surge. Then with a monstrous
release, she collapsed into the arms of her rapists as the first climax
took a piece of her will.

At that same moment, her struggles had excited the two men penetrating her
and, at the pinnacle of her climax, they discharged, relieving themselves
inside her.

As the two men relaxed into a slow pumping rhythm, the man violating Diana's
mouth was forcefully pulled away. His discharge sprayed over her face as he
was pushed aside and the next worker moved into place, plunging his member
deep into her gasping and helpless mouth.

The other man was also forcefully asked to step aside and she thrust again
as she could feel a new penis enter her. Her struggling quickened as she
slowly began to regain her wits and her two new assailants began enjoying
their captured prize. Thinking the climax was over and now she could fight,
her heart sank in hopeless desperation as the next wave of sexual excitement
rushed up and overwhelmed her.

Each man finished enjoying himself and another took his place, then another,
then another until the waves of climaxes and multitudes of sensations made
her lose count. Hand after hand groped her breasts, mouth after mouth sucked
her nipples. Her mouth and face were covered with heavy streams of cum as
she was taken advantage of over and over again. Each penetration brought her
new sensations and each climax took away a small piece of her will. The
heroine continued to come in hopeless despair as her body was raped again
and again.


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