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This story contains very descriptive scenes of sex, bondage and rape. If you
do not like to read such material DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!!!

This story and its material are based on the Wonder Woman TV series that
aired in the '80s. It is simply one of my fantasy episodes. Again, this story
contains material of a dark nature. If you are offended, do not flame me,
just simply ignore this posting. The first two parts start off rather slowly
so please bare with the story.

Wonder Woman: The Domination Of Wonder Woman Part 5
by Anonymous

The countess slowly entered the barracks. It had been over four hours since
she had last talked to Diana and she felt even an amazon like Wonder Woman
could not last that long against such a ruthless onslaught, especially since
she didn't have her magical belt to help her resist.

The men lay about napping, each one sprawled out on their bunks in a lazy,
relaxed posture and having a satiated look on their face. She knew something
was up when she saw several smiling faces returning to work on the submarine.

She walked around the small kettle stove that dominated the center of the
room and walked up to a 4x4 post that supported a cross beam in the ceiling.
Diana was tied against the post. Her hands were still tied behind her back
with Drucella's rope in the same position they were in when she was captured.

Her upper chest was secured to the post with a thin, white rope that was
wrapped several times around her chest and the post, pinning her to it. The
rope continued snaking down around her waist, around her hips several times,
around her thighs several times, around her knees and finally around her
ankles. She was like a fly, cocooned in a spider's web, all tied up and
sucked dry.

Her head hung down with her matted, wet hair flopped over her bare chest and
shoulders. Her breasts were still shapely and firm but were red and tender
and they had lost a certain amount of perkiness. They lay loose and low over
her stomach.

Her legs and hips were very loose and hung in a defeated posture against the
post. Streams of dried cum and sweat stains streaked down the insides of her
full thighs, along her shapely legs and to her ankles.

The defeated woman began to moan softly as the countess grabbed her prisoner
by the hair and raised her head. Wonder Woman's mouth was gagged with a rag
stuffed inside and a thick terry towel tied around it to secure it in place.
Her eyes had thick, dark circles under them from the hours of fatigue and
torturous climaxing she had gone through. Her eyelids were heavy and dull
from exhaustion.

"The great Wonder Woman. HMPH! Look at you NOW!" scoffed the countess. "I
always knew you Americans were weak. We Germans are much stronger. Breaking
you was too easy." and with that she roughly pulled Diana's gag off.

Dried streaks of cum and saliva stained Diana's chin and neck. Her dull,
dried mouth slowly began to speak. "I'll never break." she rasped slowly.
"You'll never defeat my will."

A smile of absolute delight burst from the countess's lips. "YES! You are
strong!." and with that, the countess grabbed the back of Diana's head and
forced Diana to kiss her. The kiss was long and deep and slow. The countess
oscillated her lips heavily as she drew out the long, passionate kiss. She
then sucked on Diana's lower lip, slowly pulling it outward with her own
lips and let it slip back with a slight pop.

"Take her to the room." the countess ordered as she strutted away with
delight. The two agents, carefully untied the defeated heroine and carted
her off, one caring her bound arms and chest, the other her thighs and legs.

Diana could only see hazy images of lights as she was carried down several
corridors. Soon she was stood upright again as the four reached their

The room was rather large, about 20 feet in diameter, and was very circular
with the only apparent exit or entrance being the door they came in from.
The middle of the room was dominated by a large, unidentifiable, rectangular
shape that was covered with a thick, black cloak. The shape was about ten
feet tall, 6 feet across and about two feet thick.

"I've been waiting for this." the countess gloated as she grabbed Wonder
Woman by her chin and forced her to stare into the witch's black eyes.
"Remove the cloak." she ordered, unaltering her gaze.

The two men removed the cloak and stepped aside. The countess slid around
behind Diana and wrapped her arms around her chest, cupping each breast with
her hand. "Take a look my dear. This will certainly tame you."

Diana's eyes widened in utter horror as she staggered backward in shock.
Before her was a machine shaped very similar to an old, medieval rack. It
had a basic outer frame with crossing I beams from each corner. On the upper
corners were two straps that resembled leather handcuffs. The bottom two
corners had two stirrups and more leather straps. The whole frame was tilted
back about 15 degrees and was propped up by two large supports. The whole
thing looked like a large, metal picture frame. Running along its length and
between the beams were several hydraulic cylinders, cables and pulleys.
Various other mechanical devises were attached to parts of the frame and a
whole band of cables ran from the frame to a control panel that was anchored
to the side.

"OH YOU FIENDS!" Diana cried out as the two agents picked up her weakened,
struggling body and carried it to the machine. Untying her hands, the two men
forced her arms into the leather cuffs and secured them in place. They then
slid their hands down and clamped Diana's legs into the stirrups, spreading
her legs at about a 30 degree angle from each other. They finished binding
their victim by wrapping a leather belt around her waist which clamped her
gyrating pelvis tightly to the frame. They then stepped back and all three
stared in amusement at the restrained heroine.

Diana surged and thrust wildly giving the three a very entertaining show of
female struggling. After a bit, and after totally exhausting herself, Diana
settled down and growled defiantly at the countess and her two lackeys.

"I demand to be freed!" Wonder Woman exclaimed, "I will never yield to you or
the Nazis!"

"Oh, but we don't want you to." replied the countess. "You're so much more
entertaining this way." and with that all three burst into a chorus of
humiliating laughter.

"Here, let me show you my latest creation." said the countess as she walked
up to the control panel. After flicking a few switches, Diana's eyes popped
open as she could feel the whole apparatus come to life. Then, sensing some
movement below, she looked down and gasped in horror.

Between her legs, a mechanical arm extended out from the frame. On the end
of the arm was mounted a cylinder with various tracks on it. Each track had
another arm extending from it but, what shocked Diana the most was what was
on the end of each arm. Mounted ominously to each mechanical arm was a
large dildo. Each arm sported a different a wicked model which was wet with
lubricant and oil. Some were just large, smooth and round while others were
rigged and insidiously curved. Each one rose like cobra snakes rearing their
threatening heads toward the bound heroine.

Diana again began to twist and wiggle at her impending fate. "Yes my dear
Wonder Woman. I'm sure these will finish you off. I just hope you last as
long as I did. It took almost two hours for me to break." said the countess
as she stared long and admiringly at the device.

The machine continued to unfold, like some insidiously deviant Swiss army
knife. Two arms on either sides of Wonder Woman's breasts curled forward
from the machine's sides and two large suction cup devices, mounted to their
ends, positioned themselves ominously over Diana's plump, bare breasts.

"My machine can break anyone, including you Wonder Woman, if it has a
sufficient amount of power and I think we have the perfect little dynamo
right here." and with that the countess clapped her hands and the door to
the room opened.

Drucella slowly sauntered into the room and walked up to the gloating
countess. She was stripped completely naked except for her red boots, her
baret and her magical belt, which sat snugly around her thin waist. Her
hands were tied in front of her with Diana's magic lasso and she wore a
glazed, hypnotic stare which made her oblivious to Diana and everything
else around her.

"Your magical rope is quite amazing Wonder Woman." noted the countess.
"After breaking this little nymph's will, it was quite easy to control her
mind with it. She'll do anything I ask."

The countess stepped back and looked at one of her agents. "Satisfy my man!"
harshly ordered the woman. Without a moments hesitation the young amazon
walked up to the agent and knelt down in front of him. She then unzipped his
pants and wrapped her full lips around his enlarged erection.

The man grabbed her head and held it firmly as he took advantage of this
girl's magical mouth. Diana starred in shock, not at the act, but at how
well Dru was performing it. "Where the heck did she learn to do that!"
Diana wondered giving her bonds another desperate tug.

After a few moments the agent let out a deep, low grunt as he released.
Drucella finished up by licking him absolutely clean. She then stood up
running her tongue over her wet lips and stood at attention.

"Come my dear." said the countess as she took Wonder Girl by the rope tied
around her hands and lead her to a treadmill which stood off to one side of
the room. The treadmill had several leather straps and rings attached to it
and the countess attached the straps to a leather collar that sported several
rings. She then ordered Dru to stand on the treadmill and she affixed the
collar around her neck, securing the girl in place.

Walking up to Diana, the countess picked up Drucella's lasso and began
wrapping it around the brunette's upper chest, securing it in place with a
decoratively looped bow. Diana lurched as the effects of the lasso began to
again dominate her mind.

"I assume her lasso works the same way?" the countess asked with an arrogant
gleam in her eye. Stepping back she sprouted a wicked smile. "YOU'RE HORNY!"
she ordered.

Diana surged uncontrollable as the lasso compelled her to obey. Waves of
sexual excitement rippled through her bound body as she softly moaned and
cooed. "Never... thought of... doing this before..." Diana thought to herself
wondering about all the other possibilities this could open up for her.

The countess then walked over to the hypnotized Wonder Girl and gave her a
horse's swat on the rear. "YA MULE!" she ordered and Wonder Girl began to
trot along at a mild pace.

The machine sprang to life as the mechanical arms began to move into place.
Diana thrashed and wiggled frantically as the arms moved closer and closer to
her unprotected body. To anyone else, running the treadmill would have been
exhausting but having her magical belt on, Wonder Girl wasn't even breaking
a sweat.

The first things to go were Diana's breasts. The large suction cup
attachments plunged down on her tits and sucked them inside, almost totally
engulfing them. The cups began to squeeze and massage her tits, sucking and
pressing them up and down in a rhythmic pumping fashion. She could feel her
nipples being pinched and sucked as some sort of devious attachment inside
acted like a mouth, gorging themselves on the massive glands.

She shifted and twisted her chest in a vain attempt to shake off the
mechanical molesters but her struggling only added to her stimulation as
the implanted command from the lasso continued to pound away at her will.

Suddenly, the room echoed with an enormous female scream of excitement and
shock as Diana yelled out defiantly. A large, white dildo forcefully enter
her defenseless vagina. Her hips thrust and wiggled violently against the
forceful entry but the leather strap around her waist prevented her from
moving about, restraining her struggles.

The moaning and yelling continued as the large round phallic traveled deeper
and deeper. Diana's head thrashed from side to side as the uncontrollable
experience overwhelmed her.

"CLIMAX!" the countess ordered. The fettered Wonder Woman let out the most
erotic and sensual, moaning cry any of them ever heard. Diana climaxed hard
and wildly as she was commanded to and streams of lubricant poured down the
dildo as she heavily discharged. The sound alone was incredibly exciting as
the two men shifted their erections in their pants. Diana began panting and
grunting as the dildo began sliding in and out, pumping her higher and higher
toward another overwhelming climax.

"Faster, faster!" ordered the countess to the obedient Drucella. The
harnessed amazon stepped up her pace, switching to a quick jog. The machine
responded by squeezing Diana's tits more violently and by pumping the dildo
faster and faster. Diana thrashed and moaned uncontrollably as the relentless
onslaught continued.

Too overwhelmed to notice the activity behind her, Wonder Woman squealed a
cry of shock as another phallic came from behind and inserted itself in her
rear. She immedialty clamped down hard on the ridged dildo with her plump
buttock muscles but her efforts were to no avail as her anus was deeply

Every part of the heroine's body was now gyrating and thrusting in futile
defiance as her vagina and her anus were both being penetrated and violated
by this insidious machine. The machine made whirring and grinding noises as
its raped victim thrust about in desperation. Then with a violent surge,
Diana swelled upward and another climax claimed her.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHA!" bellowed the countess. "Your moans and cries are music to
my ear. It will be a pleasure destroying you! Now I want you to come again!"

Without hesitation the buxom amazon exploded with another climax, yelling
even deeper and louder than before. "My you are a moaner aren't you," teased
the countess, "we'll just have to fix that. Gag HER!"

One of the men walked up to the machine and produced a large leather bondage
gag. He grabbed Diana's thrashing head and forced the mouth piece in place.
He then wrapped the leather pad over her mouth and strapped it tightly to her

Wonder Woman's cries were reduced to muffled moans and grunts as the
machine's first dildo removed itself and a new, curved one slid forcefully
into place. This new one was bad enough but the machine also slid another,
smaller one underneath it, filling her with two phallics that both slide back
and forth like the pistons on a steam locomotive. The ridged phallic in her
rear also retracted and was replaced by a fatter, smooth one which sent her
hips surging in erotic pain.

As she gyrated helplessly, the countess continued to blurt out commands.
"CLIMAX! CLIMAX! CLIMAX!" Again and again the bound and gagged heroine came.
Helpless to resist, her will power grew weaker and weaker and the machine
tore her down like a child knocking the blocks out from under a large toy

For what seemd like hours the two fought, machine against woman, the amazon
climaxing again and again as her futile, gryating westling match with her
mechanical rapist feverishly continued. Suddenly, the countess gave her a
new order, an order Diana was fearing and one she was helpless to resist.

"SURRENDER TO ME!" slowly ordered the countess and with that the tower came
tumbling down. The magic lasso blasted the order through every part of Wonder
Woman's tortured mind and she cried out in futility. The climaxes, the
bondage, the torture and the lasso were too much and nothing could save her.

The bound and gagged super heroine surged upward one last time in a final
death throw of resistance, but, like a soaring bird being shot down, she
collapsed in defeat as the last climax blasted away her will power. Diana
stared out into the distance, a hazy, hypnotic trance came over her eyes.
The unthinkable had occurred. The great Wonder Woman was DOMINATED!

The countess ordered Wonder Girl to stop and walked up to the motionless
Wonder Woman. She removed the amazon's gag and stared into her hollow eyes.
"You will obey me. I am your mistress. I own you and your will." softly
spoke the countess.

A long silence passed, then, slowly Diana opened her mouth. "I.... I... must
obey.... You are the mistress."

The countess jumped back and screamed in triumph. "I have WON! I have
defeated the great Wonder Woman!" Then, looking back at her dominated foe
she ordered Drucella to continue. "Enjoy my dear. You're going to be fucked
like this FOREVER!"

The machine continued to pound away at its defeated victim. Climax after
climax again overwhelmed the helpless Wonder Woman and she soon fell
unconscious, totally defeated, the last sounds being the triumphant laughter
of her dominator, the countess.

* * *

Diana's eyes slowly began to open. Her head swirled and throbbed as her dazed
and numb body came to life. She did not struggle or even think to resist. Her
will was broken and it would take a long time to gain it back.

She was laying on her back, in a packing crate that was slightly larger than
her dimensions. Her hands were tied behind her back with her own lasso. Her
legs and feet were securely bound together and her naked body lay bound and
tied with several coils of rope which looped dozens of times around her
ankles, knees, thighs, waist and arms. Her mouth was covered with a medical
oxygen mask which fully gagged her and prevented any noise or screaming. A
hose ran from the base of the mask down her body and to a small tank of gas
which sat in the crate next to her.

Looking up she could see the countess through a thick haze of dizziness. Her
eyelids rocked heavily and slowly as she fought to stay awake.

"Ah, I see you're awake. Good." said the countess as she reached into the
crate and caressed Diana's bare breast. "Its time for us to return to the
Father land and we are taking you and Wonder Girl back with us."

"Good night Wonder Woman. Get your rest. You will need it." and with that the
countess reached down and turned the valve on the tank.

Diana could hear a hollow whistling sound as the anesthetic gas coarsed
through the hose and filled her lungs. Her body wiggled slightly as the
effects of the gas took affect. Slowly her eyes slide shut and the amazon
fell asleep.

The countess stepped away from the crate and turned the valve on Wonder
Girl's canister, putting the naked young amazon to sleep as well. The dock
workers then covered the crates with wooden lids and nailed them shut.

"We are ready to depart my mistress." reported her man. "Good! Load our
precious cargo on board and keep them asleep. They will make good breeding
stock for the master race when we get back home."

The men hoisted the crates on board and the countess slipped into the hatch
and closed it. The sub blew its tanks and headed out to sea and headed for
home with its kidnapped cargo on board.


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