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This story contains very descriptive scenes of sex, bondage and rape. If you
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This story and its material are based on the Wonder Woman TV series that
aired in the '80s. It is simply one of my fantasy episodes. Again, this story
contains material of a dark nature. If you are offended, do not flame me,
just simply ignore this posting.

Wonder Woman: The Domination Of Wonder Woman Part 2 Chapter 2
by Anonymous

With a forceful thrust, Diana plunged the ceramic implement into the
countess's wet vagina, sending the Nazi into a violent, screaming frenzy. Her
hips bucked and surged frantically as the rounded head parted her lips and
slid slowly inside. Diana twisted and slid the mortar up and down and side to
side maliciously as she inched it deeper and deeper into the screaming

"NO! No one breaks ME! NO ONE!" the woman continued to scream as the
implement went all the way in. Diana then pushed her hips deep in between
the countess's legs and held the mortar in place with her pelvis. Using her
pelvis, she began sliding the end of the mortar around in a violently
circular fashion, driving the woman insane with ecstasy.

With her free hand, Diana then cupped her own breast and began taunting the
countess, knowing the woman's infatuation with it. She squeezed and massaged
it slowly, letting the woman see it bulge and ripple as it shifted about.

"I'm going to bang you really good for this you American BITCH!" screamed the
tightening countess. "Just wait till I get my hands... my hands... no...
No... NO!" The countess began panting and barking NO over and over as the
climax began to build.

Suddenly Wonder Woman reeled in pain as the assistant broke a heavy wooden
chair across her back and sent her staggering and spinning backward toward
one of the wooden, shelf lined walls. With a loud KATHUNK the amazon's wide
back slammed into the wall sending a huge shock wave through it. As she
shook off the blow and righted herself, the support for one of the shelves
over her head gave way and the shelf tipped, sending its contents plummeting
downward. With a loud crash, a series of glass beakers, books, pestles and
other brick-a-brack broke over Diana's head, sending the heroine inch by
inch to her knees like some humorous three stooges gag. The dazed heroine
was naturally caught completely off guard as the two revived women plowed
head on into her.

The three fighting women went to the ground in a tangle of flailing arms,
legs and hair. For several minutes there appeared to be no clear victor as
the incredible cat fight continued. Then, the countess, using some combat
training of her own, and also feverishly driven by the near climatic
experience she just went through, slipped her body under Diana's and wrapped
her arm around the amazon's neck. Using her other free hand she grabbed the
woman's right arm and pulled it hard behind her back and up between her
shoulder blades.

"I can't hold ze bitch for long!" the countess screamed at the assistant as
Wonder Woman kicked and twisted, "Quickly, get ze chloroform!"

With that the assistant sprang to her feet, letting go of Diana's thrusting
legs, and ran to one of the tables. Picking up a small bottle and a cotton
wad, she soaked the cotton with the anesthetic as she rushed back to help
her mistress.

Diana surged and writhed as she saw the young girl approaching. With all her
remaining strength she twisted her shoulders and arms in an attempt to free
herself. The countess was too good however and Diana began to thrash her head
about wildly in panic as the young girl brought the pad closer to her face.
Again the girl sat waiting for the right moment to strike. Then, as Diana's
head turned toward the front, the girl clamped the cotton over Wonder Woman's
nose and mouth, pinning her head straight and forcing the amazon to breath in
the anesthetic.


Diana's chest surged upward defiantly as she twisted about in a vain attempt
to escape. After a few moments, the heroine's struggles began to slow as the
fumes sapped her strength, drawing away her will power. Her loud mumbles
turned to soft moans and her wildly darting eyes began to relax and slowly
close as she surrender to the drug. As the buxom heroine relaxed, the
countess and the assistant loosened their grip, confident in the fact they
had won.

Suddenly, with her last ounce of strength, Wonder Woman elbowed the countess
in the gut and, at the same time, kicked the assistant in the abdomen as hard
as she could. The young girl collapsed to the ground in agony dropping the
anesthetic soaked wad. Quickly, Diana picked up the pad and shoved it into
the countess's face. The countess twisted and cried wildly as the cotton
soaked away her strength. The fumes took their toll and soon the dark hared
witch's eyes grew heavy. With a low moan the countess collapsed into

"GUARD!" cried the assistant roughly as she gasped to regain her breathe.
Diana lunged on top of the young girl and smothered her face with the pad.
She too struggled wildly but soon surrendered to the overpowering fumes. The
girl collapsed and Wonder Woman sat back in exhaustion staring at the two
unconscious Nazis.

"Hera! They almost had me." Wonder Woman said softly as she held her head and
clumsily got to her feet. "Whoa, still dizzy woman. I've got to shake this."
The chloroform had severely weakened her and it was an act of shear will
power that was keeping her awake. After a few moments, she regained her
senses and the dizziness faded.

"I guess the guards were ordered not to interfere. So much the better." she
said wrapping her arms under the countess's shoulders and dragging the
woman's unconscious body to one of the lab tables. With a degree of effort,
Diana picked up the woman and sat her on the table. Picking up a roll of
surgical tape, she placed the anesthetic soaked cotton over the Nazi's nose
and mouth and taped it in place, wrapping the spool several times around her
head. Then, rolling the countess on her side, Diana crossed the woman's hands
behind her back and wrapped dozens of loops of tape around her wrists, arms
and shoulders, securing her upper body. Rolling the countess onto her back,
Diana then grabbed the woman's legs and cocooned them with a few dozen more
loops of tape. She then picked up a white towel and tied it around the Nazi's
eyes, completely blindfolding the woman. The countess moaned and slid her
legs slightly as Diana continued to secure her. As a final precaution, the
amazon took the leather restraint straps from the table and lashed the woman
down, securing her from falling off the table.

"There! You're not the only one who's good at bondage." Diana chuckled to
herself as she stood with her hands on her hips gloating over the bound and
gagged countess. At home, when she was a young girl, Diana and her friends
would often ambush each other in the jungle and tie each other up. It was
much more humane than hunting and it taught them valuable tracking and
capture skills. Sometimes she liked to lose and let the others tie her to
a tree or leave her bound and gagged in the grass. Other times it was an
incredible turn on to ambush and tie her friends. She got very good at
stalking and capturing them. Of course the loser had to be taught a lesson.
There were penalties for being captured and the victor would often take
sexual advantage of her prize. This was the real turn on and these memories
always stayed in the back of Diana's mind. Maybe that's why she loved this
kind of work and why she would take risks the way she did.

"nnnmmmmm..." moaned the blonde assistant as she shifted slightly on the
floor. Diana rushed over to one of the lab tables and quickly made up another
cotton of ether. Picking the girl up, the amazon carried her to the chair
that Diana was first seated in and plopped her in it. Using more tape, she
secured the cotton over the blonde's mouth and taped it in place. She then
taped each of the girl's arms to the chair's armrests and each leg to a
separate chair leg. After she was done, Wonder Woman stood back and stared
proudly at her handy work. "Now to find Dru and get out of here." she said
as she slipped out another door at the back of the lab.

* * *

Drucella awoke an hour ago. She had spent sometime trying to free herself but
with no success. The device she was tied to held her too firmly in place and
now she sat staring in curiosity at her strange surroundings and rolling her
eyes every once in a while in sheer boredom.

Wonder Girl had awoke in a cell similar to Diana's. She, however, was not
shackled. Instead, she was tied into an incredibly, unusual machine. The
machine was made of steel tubing with rubber padding and resembled a really
odd weight training machine. She was in a standing position with her legs
spread at about a 30 degree angle. Her ankles were shackles and held in
place by two stiff rods that were anchored to the base of the machine.

Her upper body was bent at her thighs and her stomach rested on a soft padded
seat leaving her large, plump breasts dangling in mid air. The seat and her
ankle clamps forced the girl's rear end to stand high and out from the rest
of her body. From the side she looked like a human number 7 with her rear
being the bend at the top.

Her arms were stretched out in front of her at a wide angle and shackled in
place by two more thick, firm rods which were anchored to the base of the
machine. In her mouth was inserted a soft, clothe ball which was held in
place by leather straps that were buckled around her head, effectively
gagging her. Unlike Diana however, Dru lay shivering slightly as she was
completely naked, her costume and belt being nowhere in sight.

In all, she was in a very prone and helpless position but the young heroine
seemed more curious and perplexed than fearful of the situation. The last
couple of days' events seemed fascinating to her. "Why were the outsiders so
curious up about sex?" she thought. "Hera! We never do anything like that on
Paradise island. Its SOOOO boring. Ritual this and ritual that." she thought
as she jerked her arms and legs every once in a while to test her bonds.

After a few moments, the big, oak door to the cell creaked open and two women
slowly entered. Drucella had never seen them before and was slightly
astonished by their outfits. The first woman was tall, thin and had waves of
curly red hair that flowed over her head, shoulders and back like water over
a slow, gentle waterfall. She seemed older and had a very firm face with a
strong jaw and narrow, sophisticated eyes. Her body was shapely but nothing
compared to Dru's or Diana's. Instead it was very thin and defined with very
little body fat.

Her outfit was very skimpy and made from a very dull, black leather material.
Her bra was a halter made from two leather cups tied together and around her
back by several thick leather straps. The straps were buckled to two steel
rings, one between her breasts and the other on her back. Her crotch was
covered with a thick, leather pad with four straps, two on each side, which
ran over the top of her hips and around the sides where her legs met her
hips. The straps buckled together just above her buttocks to a third ring and
a thick strap ran between her small cheeks, between her legs and buckled to
the front leather pad, completing her bottom. A thick strap ran from a metal
ring between her breasts, down her stomach and buckled to the top of the
leather patch over her crotch. More straps ran from the ring on her chest,
over her shoulders and to the ring on her back. A third thick strap ran from
the same ring to a studded collar around her neck. Her legs were very long
and were covered up to the middle of her thighs by a pair of shiny, black,
leather boots with 6 inch, hi heels. Around each wrist she wore a pair of
leather bands similar to the collar around her neck.

The other woman was shorter and had a head of short black hair which was worn
almost like a boys except it was much fuller and thicker. One side of it hung
lazily over her left eye, almost blocking it out. She had a full wide face
with a petite nose, full thick lips and big brown eyes. Her body was more
robust than the red heads with a thick pair of thighs, a wide, motherly set
of hips, a narrow waste and a wide chest. Her breasts were very large and
globular and were pushed together to form a grand valley of cleavage by a
pink laced support bra. The bra was some sort of undergarment made from some
soft, semi transparent material which revealed parts of her nipples, and was
decorated with a series of frilly laces. Her panties were made of the same
pink, frilly material and hung loosely around her wide hips. Over her stomach
she wore a pink hose support. Two support clips ran down each leg over the
front and back and clipped to a pair of pink, fish net stockings. These ran
all the way from her thighs to her feet and were capped off by a pair of
shiny black 6 inch heels. She wore a very sheer, pink robe which dragged
along the floor and which was transparent enough to allow one to see her
shape as a silhouette underneath it.

"Zo this is the little kinder they told us about." said the red head
teasingly, "Ze great Vunder Girl. She doesn't look zo dangerous too me Inga."
she said bending forward with her knees locked and looking sarcastically into
the young girl's face.

"Oh I don't know Gretchen." said the dark hared woman as she walked around
to the back of Wonder Girl, staring intently at her young, plump rear end.
"Looks can be deceiving. I zink we should interrogate her very carefully."
she added letting out a slight chuckle.

"Ve have ways of making prisoners talk my dear." Inga said to Dru, "You
should not have let us capture you."

"No matter Inga." said Gretchen, "She will soon learn what happens to pretty,
costumed heroines who make the mistake of being caught." she giggled.

"MMMMMM" mumbled Drucella as she curiously stared around the room and tried
to follow the two strange women. The red head sauntered around the other side
of Dru, sliding her long black fingernails slowly under the young girl's
chin, and walked up to Inga. Inga pushed a button on the wall behind Dru and
a large panel slid open revealing a set of shelves containing an impressive
array of various "sex toys". Still unable to see the impending collection of
paraphernalia behind her Dru wiggled about calmly, wondering why these women
were acting so strange. Suddenly she tightened slightly as she felt a hand
slowly caress her left buttock.

"Very nice." said Inga in a pleased voice. "Very responsive." Inga gave the
cheek a slight slap causing a small wave to ripple through it. Dru let out a
gruff "MMMMBLM" in defiance. "By HERA! What are they doing.."



Dru screamed in panic as the first paddle board came down hard across her
ass. As soon as Inga's board swung back, Gretchen's board hit home sending
another huge wave through Drucella's cheeks and caused the helpless heroine
to scream again in shock.

Her head thrashed about in desperate panic as the two women continued to
slap her rear. Again and again the boards came down on her ass sending wave
after wave of sharp pain through Drucella's mind. With each whack came an
accompanying "MPH!" from Dru as the rhythm increased.

Like two railroad workers pounding away at a spike, the two dominatrix
happily swatted the feisty young heroine, teaching her some unspoken but
understood lesson about obedience and the fate of a prisoner.

After several minutes, the two women stopped and patted the young girl's rear
affectionately. Dru's buttocks were now cherry red and she could feel them
hum softly as her numb cheeks resonated from the rhythmic spanking. She shook
her hips back and forth in defiance as she tried to free herself from her

As the young heroine continued to struggle, the two women walked back over to
the cabinet and returned the paddles.

"She's so feisty." said Inga looking sideways at the gyrating Wonder Girl and
sprouting an amused grin.

"Ya, but I have just the thing to... ehem... calm ze little spitfire down."
replied Gretchen slipping Inga a devilishly wicked smile and reaching into
the cabinet. From the shelf she picked up an odd, black leather belt and
slipped it around her waist. Then, reaching up, she grabbed a large white
dildo and attached it to a mount at the front of the belt. This caused the
belt to hang low over her crotch and gave her an impressive, artificial

"Ooo..., I do so love your imagination." said Inga as she slipped Gretchen a
big, wet affectionate kiss and lightly stroked the fallic with her finger
tips. She then slowly sauntered around to the front of Wonder Girl and stared
wickedly back at Gretchen as she ran her long fingernails lightly over the
young girl's bare ass and back as she walked around to her front.

"Zo... You are such a sveet young thing." said Inga as she bent down in front
of Drucella and held her chin with her hand. "Ve can be such good friends you
and I." she continued as she removed the young girl's ball gag.

Drucella couldn't help but stare in astonishment and curiosity at the woman's
enormous cleavage. Most of the women on Paradise Island were very well
endowed and this was a trait that turned Drucella on. When she was younger
she would always sneak peeks at Diana taking showers in the nude under the
water falls or watch her laying out naked on the beach. Diana was very large
and she loved the way her breasts would roll about like two soft balls of
plump flesh as Diana turned over or stood up. At times she would even catch
her older sister lying naked under a shaded palm, lightly stroking and
masturbating her breasts to bring on a climax. When she blossomed, Drucella
would spend hours caressing and teasing her own breasts, making herself cum
from playing with them. Mother would scold her for over indulging herself
but this only heightened the activity since she was doing something her
mother said was naughty.

Seeing the girl's line of vision, Inga reached up and ran her finger's over
her ample breasts. "You like?" she asked, unbuttoning her bra. The breasts
burst out toward Drucella and lay firm and full on Inga's chest. Inga gently
grabbed Drucella by the hair and, with her other hand, moved one plump
breast toward the young girl's mouth. Drucella's head twisted and thrashed.
"No... don't! I can't .... MMMBBLLM..." her cries were muffled, however, as
Inga inserted her nipple in Drucella's mouth.

At first Dru continued to twist her head in defiance but, like being
subjected to some odd aphrodisiac, her struggles slowed and she began to suck
on the woman's large nipple. Drucella had never actually done this before and
her immediate fate was forgotten as she began indulging her fantasy.

Gretchen's walked up behind Drucella and her hands slowly slid over the young
girl's slightly red buttocks as she approached Drucella from behind. So
engrossed was she with Inga's breast, Drucella simply ignored the other
woman's activities.

Then, with a sudden, forceful thrust, Gretchen slid the dildo between Dru's
legs and parted her young, tight lips, plunging the fallic deep and hard into
the defenseless heroine's vagina. Dru screamed and gyrated frantically as the
shock of this action brought her immediately back to reality. Almost as
quickly as she pulled her head away, Inga grabbed her hard by the back of her
neck and forced her breast again into the young girl's gaping mouth.

"NNNNNMMMMM!" screamed Dru as she was forcibly raped by the two dominatrix.
Gretchen began sliding the dildo in and out of Dru, relentlessly slamming it
home again and again into her gyrating, thrusting hips. As she pounded away
at the young heroine, Gretchen gave the helpless girl an occasional brutal
slap on the rear, like some deranged cowboy breaking a wild filly.

After a bit, Inga removed her breast and stood up, keeping her firm grip on
Dru's head. The young girl continued to gasp and whine as the woman behind
her forcefully penetrated her. Inga then reached down and pulled her own
panties off, revealing her large, wide vagina.

"You like using your mouth little one?" asked Inga mockingly, "Vell, use
it now!" she ordered as she brutally thrust her hips forward and forced
Drucella's face into her pussy. "Lick ME! Lick me NOW!" screamed Inga as
she began sliding her vagina all over Drucella's face.

"Ya, c'mon Bitch! Lick my friend!" ordered Gretchen as she thrust her point
home with an even harder penetration.

"MMMMMMMMGLM" screamed Drucella as she slowly gave in and began sliding her
tongue over Inga's thrusting vagina. Dru was moaning and crying muffled
screams of resistance constantly now as the two women began to form a vicious

After several intense minutes, Gretchen withdrew herself and walked back over
to the cabinet. Drucella sighed slightly in relief as the physical pounding
lightened. Gretchen removed the dripping wet dildo from her belt. She then
grabbed a second dildo and walked back over to the restrained young girl.

Gretchen approached Wonder Girl from the side and slid her fingers roughly
over the girl's vagina. Her fingers ran between her lips and her anus as the
red head stroked the young teen like some dominated pet. Dru's hips surged
again, twisting about slowly as the woman started to tease and tickle her.

"OOO You're zo hot." teased Gretchen. "You're such a naughty little bitch.
I bet you lovebeing banged don't you?"

Suddenly, the same dildo plunged back into Dru's defenseless vagina and the
fiery redhead began viciously sliding it in and out. Dru started to scream
and thrash about again as she was taken a second time. Her struggles also
heightened and fed Inga's experience and the busty dominatrix began to moan
with excitement as the young girl wildly thrashed about.


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