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This story contains very descriptive scenes of sex, bondage and rape. If you
do not like to read such material: DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!!!

This story and its material are based on the Wonder Woman TV series that
aired in the '80s. It is simply one of my fantasy episodes. Again, this story
contains material of a dark nature. If you are offended, do not flame me,
just simply ignore this posting.

Wonder Woman: The Domination Of Wonder Woman Part 2 Chapter 3
by Anonymous

"Make my friend come you American BITCH!" growled Gretchen as she continued
to slam home the dildo. "Oh you are such a horny little girl aren't you?"
mocked the redhead.

"Oh GOD YES!" screamed Inga as she slid her hips up and down hard over Dru's
twisting, thrashing face. The large breasted dominatrix then released her
grip on Dru's head and grabbed her own breasts. With wild, unrestrained
abandonment, Inga massaged her huge tits, masturbating herself as she forced
Dru to lick and suck her wet vagina.

"NO!" cried out Dru under a heavy veil of hair and flesh but, deep down, she
knew she was lying. These women were so brutal, so blatant, and combined with
the struggling and bondage, Drucella began to tighten as the wave of climax
began to build inside her.

"Ya, so horny. I bet you could take two of these couldn't you?" said
Gretchen. No sooner had the redhead finished her sentence then Wonder Girl
began thrashing about wildly at this horrific thought. Her hips exploded
upward, however, as the second dildo slipped under the first and forced its
way deep inside her. Then, without letting the young girl get her second
wind, Gretchen grabbed both vibrators with one hand and brutally sliding them
in and out of the young, defenseless nymph's pussy.

Pump after pump forced Dru's hips to twist about frantically in a vain
attempt at resisting the inevitable. The implements plunged deep into her
womb and back up her vagina causing her lubricant to pour out over the two
fallics and down Gretchen's arm. Stroke after stroke brought her closer and
closer to the edge. This act was too cruel, too unfair the dildos were too
big. She had no way to resist being taken and defeated.

"HERA! Can't take this...raping ME!..."

Overloaded and unable to deal with the overwhelming rush of pain and
pleasure, Wonder Girl's climax rose higher and higher like a soaring bird
reaching for the highest cloud. She tightened up so much that Gretchen had
to put more muscle behind her pumping. Inga was nearly ready to burst as
well as she let out wail after wail of erotic moans and screams. This aural
stimuli added to Dru's already heavy barrage of sexual stimuli. The young
girl soared higher and higher. Then, with one last forceful plunge, Gretchen
drove the two dildos deep into Wonder Girl, wiggling them about wildly,
forcing her to scream frantically and thrash about helplessly as she was
cruelly forced to climax against her will.

At the same moment, Inga exploded in climax with a loud, animalistic moan
that echoed throughout the cell and she sprayed vaginal cum all over
Drucella's face. Wonder Girl slumped down in defeat as the intense climax
claimed a piece of her fiery will.

"My turn!" cried Gretchen as she walked around front and bared herself. At
this point Dru sprang groggily back to life and started panicking at the
thought of being forced to go through this again.

Inga calmly staggered back behind Dru and knelt down between the teen's legs.
Grabbing the sides of her buttocks with her hands, Inga pulled the young
girl's hips back and plunged her tongue and mouth into Dru's dripping wet
vagina. The fiery teen's feisty hips twisted and bucked as Inga viciously
licked and sucked the young girl dry. "You're zo wet my dear. Zo wet and zo
delicious... MMMM MMM MMMMMGNM".

Gretchen worked from the front and forced her red pussy into Dru's wet face.
Dru began again to struggle and writhe in agony as the two merciless
dominatrix continued to rape her. Both women continued for what seemed like
a half hour, licking and masturbating the young, helpless teen.

After several minutes of driving Drucella insane with her mouth, Inga stood
up and licked her herself clean of lubricant, sucking the fluids from her
fingers and from around her mouth as though she just finished feasting on
some wonderful desert. She then picked up the two dildos and plunged them
hard and viciously into the teen's defenseless vagina and began mindlessly
barraging Wonder Girl again with pump after pump from the two, dripping wet
dildos. She also continued to masturbate herself to keep up her climaxed
state squeezing and massaging her own breasts in erotic stimulation.

Gretchen twisted and swayed up and down as her experience grew more and more
intense. Her red hared pussy slide slowly over Dru's chin, across her full
red lips, over her nose, over her eyebrows and back down the same path. Dru
could do nothing more than suck and lick the woman's vagina and clitoris with
her tongue as it passed hard and forcefully over her mouth. Inga continued to
push and pull the two vibrators in and out of Dru's wriggling rear in a
feverish attempt to claim another climax. Both women formed another rhythm as
they pumped the young teen toward another hard discharge.

After several minutes, Inga withdrew the dildos and licked them clean, making
a yummy "MMMM" sound as she suckled them dry like ice-pops. She then walked
over to the cabinet and grabbed the belt Gretchen was wearing and slipped it
on. Picking up another vibrator, she hooked it in place at the front of the
belt. This vibrator was thick and black with several rounded studs running
along its length. She also picked up a short riding crop with a small loop of
leather at the end and walked back over to the defenseless heroine. She
raised the threatening device and forced this new, formidable weapon into the
young girl's vagina.

"BLMMMMMMMMM!" wailed Wonder Girl almost bursting into tears from the
miss-shapen implement's sensation. She began thrusting up and down mindlessly
now as the vibrator worked its way deeper and deeper.

"YA!" screamed Inga as she slapped the riding crop across Dru's shaking rear.
Like a cowgirl breaking a wild filly, Inga rode behind Dru laughing and
slapping the young heroine across her ass again and again.

"Oh GOD You dirty BITCH!" screamed Gretchen as she neared climax. She
squeezed Dru's head even tighter into her crotch, almost suffocating the
deranged young girl. Then, with an explosion of screams, Gretchen burst and
her climax echoed throughout the cell. The guards outside could barely stand
still just thinking about the activity that must be going on in the room and
how they'd love to get a piece of that young, little Wonder Girl.

Gretchen was now panting heavily and dropped to her knees in front of the
now screaming heroine. She grabbed Dru's head by both cheeks and, like some
love sick dog, she began licking the cum off the girl's cherry red face. As
she did this, the perverted redhead also began kissing Dru deeply and
heavily, sucking her lips and tongue as she madly smacked her mouth.

Inga continued pumping the vibrator in and out of Dru, smacking and spanking
the young girl's ass in sick amusement. Then, with a vicious jerk, she
quickly yanked out the now soaked dildo from the panicked child, giving her
a small love tap with the riding crop on her vagina. She then knelt down and
wrapped her arms around Dru's thighs and, like some crazed animal, she began
licking and slurping the cum from Dru's vagina.

"NNNGGHH! No! HERA NO! Why are they doing... can't think... NO!!!" Drucella
cried to herself as overwhelming waves of sexual sensation pounded away at
her mental resistance. Inga continued to lick Drucella, shoving her nose and
mouth inside the heroine and violently licking her tender clitoris with her
wiggling, twisting tongue. Dru could do nothing to resist as the stimulus
tore away at her will.

After several minutes, Inga stood back up and cupped Dru's plump, red
buttocks. "Zo virginal, zo young. It is time to POP your little cherry."

"NO!!!!!!!!! Not THAT!.... DIANA!..." screamed Dru as Inga spread the girl's
soft, plump cheeks and inserted the enormous dildo into her vulnerable anus.
Wonder Girl began to kick and buck wildly, snorting and gasping with each
cringing sensation as the fat vibrator worked its way deeper and deeper
inside her. At first the going was met with valiant resistance but Inga
maliciously twisted her hips wildly until the implement began forcing its
way past the young girl's defiant anal muscles.

At the same time, Gretchen slid under the young, gyrating girl and sucked
one of her ripe breasts into her mouth. Like some wild animal on a feeding
frenzy, the redheaded dominatrix sucked and squeezed the young girl's tit
frantically in some insane attempt at milking the bound heroine dry. The
other breast met with the same vicious assault as Gretchen relentlessly
violated the heroine's unprotected tits. Both breasts were squeezed and
milked, being pushed together then pulled apart violently and mercilessly.

"HERA NO!" screamed Dru as the next climax began to surface. "No... No!....
NO!!!" she screamed again and again as she grew nearer to the edge. "Why are
they doing this... " she thought, "Can't concentrate... can't take this! I
won't surrender! I WON'T SURR...."


The cell and surrounding corridors echoed with the young girl's scream of
utter defeat. Both guards were now so enthralled by the erotic noises coming
from the cell that they completely ignored the other as they rubbed
themselves listening to the young girl's cries.

Dru lay slumped and lifeless, like a discarded rag doll, over the small
padded bench that supported her stomach. Drool and sweat trickled slowly
from the dazed heroine's mouth as her head lay bent over in defeat. The
two satisfied dominatrix removed their paraphernalia and returned their
toys to the cabinet.

"Spirited young thing." Gretchen said giving Dru another love pat on the
rear as she walked around to the young girl's front.

"Ya, quite entertaining. These American girls are so wild, so in need of
taming. I will enjoy breaking her." replied Inga as she walked to the side
of the restraint machine and opened a control panel.

Gretchen knelt in front of Dru and grabbed the girl by the hair, raising
her to eye level. Dru stared back, dazed and delirious, her eyelids just
barely able to stay open. Gretchen stuffed a rolled up ball of cloth into
Dru's lax mouth and tied a shiny black leather gag around the heroines
head, silencing the helpless and devastated young girl.

As the redhead gagged Drucella, Inga began flipping a few switches at the
base of the machine. Suddenly, a series of motors started up and a metal
arm began to raise up from the base of the machine, between Dru's legs.
Like a scorpion's tale it raised higher and higher until the end of it was
level with Dru's hips. At the end was mounted a cylinder with an array of
smaller, robotic arms attached to it. Each arm had a different "feminine
toy" attached to it. Some of the dildos were thin and smooth while others
were fat and ridged. All of them came to life and pointed their heads
toward the unsuspecting heroine.

"I hope you enjoy our little friend." said Inga with a giggle. "Gretchen
tied me into it once and it took 4 hours for me to break. That's my record."

"Ya. It broke her real good. She was my absolute slave." replied Gretchen
shooting Inga a sly smile.

"Ya, she made me fuck EVERYTHING." replied Inga closing her eyes and
envisioning her defeat with fond memories.

Gretchen then grabbed Dru's head and kissed her lightly on the forehead.
Inga did the same and both women walked to the door. As they left they blew
Dru a sarcastic kiss and flipped off the lights, bolting the door behind

"MMMMM!" moaned Dru as the first fallic penetrated her and its robotic arm
began sliding the torturous implement in and out of her. The young girl had
caught somewhat of a second wind but the machine made short work of that as
it stole another climax from the feisty heroine. Just as she finished whining
her climax, another dildo moved into place and began making short work of
the girl's will power. Each time she recuperated a little, the machine would
pound away her will. For each step she made forward, the insidious device
would knock her two steps back. Penetration after intense penetration
whittled away at her spirit. Both her vagina and anus were violated without
mercy. Wonder Girl struggled in vain in the lonely darkness as she slipped
deeper and deeper into mindless, savage domination.

* * *

The castle was like some demented maze. Tunnels ran everywhere and
interconnected all over the place. First she was in some kind of dungeon,
then some kind of sewer, then some ventilation shafts. It was as though
the castle structure on top was just a tiny portion of the real fortress
underneath. Diana remembered reading about such fortifications. They were
designed to confuse attacking armies so the occupants could either escape
or ambush the attackers. Only the residence knew the way through the maze.

"I didn't have time to interrogate that woman." sighed Wonder Woman. "The
good thing is, I haven't seen any guards around either. I guess they don't
venture this far in for fear of getting lost." she thought as she slinked
her way through the dimly lit hallways.

After a few moments she entered a wider section of hallway. It was almost
perfectly square and was about 30 feet on each side. It seemed almost more
like a room with two large archways at both ends than a hallway. A torch
dimly lit the room and the huge, monolithic arches that lined the walls
disappeared quickly into the eerie darkness that masked the roof.

"I don't like the looks of this." Diana thought as she slowly entered the
room, keeping her eye on the ceiling. "Dark ceilings make for nasty
surprises." she thought as she took each step carefully and walked slowly
across the floor.

Suddenly, as she reached the center, a loud, dull snap under her boots broke
the tension filled silence and Diana dropped a few inches into a mire of
reddish brown mud.

"What THE!..." she gasped as the tops of her boots were immediately engulfed
and she slipped into the mud. "Hera! What a mess." she cursed as she raised
each foot to shake off the mud. Wads of heavy Earth splattered on the walls
and floor as she raised each leg and shook it clean. She then started to walk
forward, only to find her legs slipping deeper into the brown muck.

"What's going ON!" she barked angrily as she raised her legs again to free
herself. "This stuff... its too soft to walk in." she thought as she fought
to move forward.

She looked about the room and her heart sank slightly with a sharp
realization. She studied the floor and quickly ascertained that the room's
floor was a pit of mud with a very thin board running over the surface. It
was covered by a thin layer of dried earth to fool any unsuspecting victim.
The board could support a person until they reached the center where it
would then break, leaving the victim stranded in a small sea of soft

"This must be some old medieval trap used to snare invaders. Hera, I feel
real sorry for the pour souls who must have gotten trapped in this." she
said calmly as she looked about the room. She then tensed up slightly as
she realized she was one of those poor souls.

Wonder Woman twisted her hips in slight panic looking for some means of
escape as she sank deeper and deeper into the quagmire. She tried to pull
her legs free from the liquidy mud but as she pulled up on one leg, she
would push down on the other causing it to sink deeper.

"I don't believe this." she said angrily putting her hands on her hips and
staring about desperately. Her legs slipped a few more inches and she gasped
slightly as the cool mud flowed over her boots and touched the bottom of her
bare knees.

She began to twist frantically now, pulling and pushing her muscular legs in
and out of the mud in a vain attempt at freeing herself. The mud bubbled and
slurped as it sucked her legs down and she found it harder and harder to move
them as they got deeper into the goo.

"I think I can work my way forward..." she said as she reached out into the
mud to feel for the rest of the wooden floor. Her legs had now sunk a few
more inches and the mud was smoothly hugging her firm, shapely, bare thighs.

"YES!" she cheered as her hand connected with the edge of the broken floor.
"All I have to do now is pull myself..." but as she pulled on the edge of
the board, a loud, mechanical "CLUNK" resonated throughout the room. Almost
immediately, a large, rope meshed net dropped from the darkness above and
covered the stunned amazon. Her hands flailed about frantically as she tried
to pull the net off of her. This accelerated the sinking process and her
bare legs slipped below the surface.

Her wide hips and full rear now sat in the mud and offered a little bit of
resistance as the creeping substance worked its way around her widely curving
form. It was as though some monstrous snake was slowly swallowing her feet
first, and found her hips to be an ever widening obstacle that it had to work
its mouth around. The mud continued its unrelenting digestion of its victim
and the pressure of the ooze began squeezing her plump buttocks upward as she
sank deeper and deeper.

Diana continued to struggle in vain as she tried to pull off the entangling
net and free herself from the ever consuming muck. She thrust her hands into
the goo hoping to push her way out only to find her arms sinking like two
poles into the mud. Her chest and hips twisted and wiggled wildly as she
fought in desperation to escape but this only caused her to sink deeper and
deeper into her liquidy grave.

As the mud slipped over the curvature of her ripe, bulging rear, it made its
way around her wide hips and full upper thigh and began to again accelerate
its ascent as it consumed her large hips. Wonder Woman quickly sank to her
waist with a shocking "blup" sound as the mud finally pushed past her wide
struggling form.

"Ok, wait woman! Don't panic! That's what's going to get you killed!" she
said to herself in an attempt at calming herself down. "To think, women in
Hollywood pay hundreds of dollars to get this kind of treatment." she mused
as she picked up a clump of mud and tossed it half heartedly across the
room looking around again for some means of escape.

She twisted her waist back and forth feverishly, holding her arms above the
mud as she tried to move her legs and hips. Her hips surged and surfaced
every once in a while from the gooey mass as she gyrated in futility. Her
thighs would shortly come to the surface, exposing her soft brown skin
slightly, but the mass of the mud pulled them right back down straight,
pinning them motionless. She was like some poor fly caught and struggling
helplessly on a sheet of fly paper.

Suddenly, with an incredibly obnoxious farting sound, the trapped air around
Diana's body blorted to the surface with a loud "BRAPPPP" sound. Diana let
out a slight gasp as she quickly slipped further into the mud and all the way
up to her large breasts. Her arms flailed about frantically now as she tried
to swim toward the edge of the pool. This was to no avail however as the
weight of the mud was much greater than her buoyancy.

Her tits sank slightly and rested like two perfect spheres halfway in the
mud. The same resistance she felt around her wide hips and buttocks now
tingled around her chest as bubbles of air escaped around her skin and the
mud slowly gained ground over this new, extremely wide obstacle.

"UUUGH... NO! HERA! Must free MYSELF.." she screamed as she rested her arms
on top of her breasts and twisted about frantically looking for some kind of

As she sank, her breasts began to bulge upward from the force of the mud
like two large balloons being sucked through a narrow straw. The force pushed
them out of her costume's bra cups and her nipples rolled forward and upward
as her breasts were squeezed out. The two large tits rolled out of her
costume and slid softly into the cold, gooey mud, bulging upward as the mud's
force squeezed them ever tighter.

The mud continued to rise higher and higher, however, creeping slowly and
steadily over the surface of her bare breasts and around their curvature
toward her exposed nipples. The cold ooze rippled over her bare skin as she
was sucked deeper and deeper.

Suddenly, with another obnoxious "BLUB", both breasts were swallowed up by
the mud and her whole body sank to the tops of her shoulders.

"NNNNUUUGHHH!!!! By the GODS! It can't end like THIS!" she cried as she
raised her arms above her head in hopes of attaining some kind of
equilibrium. Under the mud, she continued to twist and wiggle her chest and
hips, hoping to push herself out of the ooze. This caused the whole sea of
mud to jiggle and oscillate slowly like a giant slab of jello pudding being
shaken in a bowl.

"There's got to be a way out of this." she growled in a desperate voice.
Her hands were now above her head and were supporting the net like two tent


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