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This story contains very descriptive scenes of sex, bondage and rape. If you
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Wonder Woman: The Domination Of Wonder Woman Part 2 Chapter 3
by Anonymous

"Wait, the NET!" she screamed in hope. Grabbing the rope strands she started
pulling on them one by one. "This thing can't be perfect. If I can just...
YES!" Diana began giggling in excitement at finding a loose rope. She pulled
the length through the weave until she had a length of rope about 15 feet

As she struggled with the net, however, her wide shoulders slipped below the
surface and now only her head and lower arms remained visible.

"Now if only I had something I can use as a hook." she muttered spitting bits
of dirt and mud out of her mouth as she wiggled about desperately.

"I KNOW!" she screamed as she reached up and removed her head band. After a
few moments of tying, she lashed the rope to her curved barrette.

"Now if I can hit that torch sconce..." she exclaimed as she twirled the
rope. With her last ounce of strength she thrust upward and tossed the head
band and rope toward the torch holder. This last act of desperation exhausted
her last few inches, however, and her face and head slipped completely under
the mud leaving only her hands exposed. Slowly she reeled in the rope,
desperately holding her breathe in hopes of snagging the sconce.

With only a few moments of air left, she continued to pull in the cord. Her
hands growing weaker and weaker as the blood rushed from them. Suddenly, the
head band made a clinking sound as it hooked around the sconce and the rope

The dazed amazon began to pull hard against the mud's death grip with her
last ounce of strength. Her body slid slowly forward and then, with a loud
"BLURP!", her head popped out of the mud. She let in a huge gasp of air as
she continued to feverishly pull herself from the middle of the pit. Her
legs and hips kicked and thrust about like a fish on the bank of a muddy
river as she tried to use every muscle to move herself forward.

After several long minutes of exhaustive pulling she reached the hardwood
floor and rested her arms on the wooden edge. With a monstrous effort she
pushed upward, pulling her mud soaked body from its liquid tomb and
collapsing in utter exhaustion on the floor of the room.

After a few more minutes, she pulled herself completely free and slowly got
to her feet. Her body and hair were absolutely covered with a thick, rich
layer of creamy brown mud. It flowed and glistened like a river of slow
moving ooze over her huge, plump breasts, down her flat stomach, over her
large buttocks and down her long, shapely, shiny brown legs. The suction of
the mud had also pulled her costume completely off and she spent the next
several minutes fishing her mud soaked suit from the trap.

After shaking it off as best as she could, Diana plopped down on her ass
like a grumpy school girl and lay back against a pillar. "Hera, I need a

* * *

The countess shook the cobwebs from her head as the guard finished removing
the last of the medical tape from around her legs.

"We saw nothing Madam!" said the guard unraveling the tape, "No Vonder Voman
went past us outside."

"Zat's impossible you OAF!" screamed the groggy madam as she shakily stood
up from the table. "There is no other vay out of zis room! Where could she
have gone!"

"Madam! Over here." said one of the guards standing at the back of the room.
The countess, the other guards and the lab assistant walked over to the
small, thick metal door on the back wall and the guard pointed down to a
woman's boot impression in the soft mud at the base of the door. Suddenly,
like some wicked witch of the east, the countess broke out into a chorus of
insideous laughter.

"Zat incredible BIMBO!" she cried as she continued to laugh wildly.

"Vas is this laughter about?" asked one guard of the lab assistant.

"That is the doorway that leads to the catacombs under the castle." the
blonde replied with a chuckle. "The madam disposes of some of her more exotic
experiments down there. We keep them alive in case we need to study them.
They are sick, perverted mutations and are too horrendous to keep in cages."

"Ya! And zat big breasted American slut is going to find out how perverted
they really are." the countess added laughing even louder. "I couldn't have
planned this better myself."

Suddenly the assistant's eyes bulged in shock and she quickly rushed up to
the madam and began whispering in her ear.

"Dear God, you are right!" gasped the countess as she went instantly from
tearful laughter to intense seriousness.

"Quickly guards! Form a search party. We have to recapture her before my pets
spoil her usefulness. I want her ALIVE and UNTOUCHED!" the countess screamed.
The nervous guards jumped to attention and saluted as they bolted for the

"Also, bring the young Vonder Girl to my lab. We can start the "process" with
her first." she ordered. The guards signified their obedience and left to
round up a search party and to also fetch the helpless teen.

* * *

Diana's mud soaked costume hit the stone floor hard with a loud "whap" sound
as she dropped it and dove into the water. The underground pool was very cold
but the water was fresh and the mud instantly came off her body. She swam
about the large pool for a long while as she looked about the large cavern.

It was a dome shaped, hollow cave about 200 feet across by 50 feet high.
Streams of clear water poured from cracks in the ceiling, down the back wall,
and into the pool which dominated most of the cave. A smaller 20 foot square
area of dry land acted as a beach and several tunnels, including the one she
came through, connected to this dry area. The cave was relatively dark
causing the water to look absolutely black except for the dry area which was
lit by two small torches and which provided more than enough light for the
rest of the cave.

After a long, relaxing swim, she slowly rose out of the water and walked back
up onto the dry stone floor. "Now to clean my..." she said softly but then,
with a start, she looked about nervously. Her costume was gone. The sand
still showed the outline of it but it had definitely been taken. Looking
about, she notice a trail of drag marks in the sand leading off toward a
small cave. Following it, she slowly walked toward the cave entrance that
faced the underground beach.

Diana grabbed one of the torches and held it out in front of her as she
stealthily walked inside. The cave was a natural formation and was about the
size of a normal garage but with a very high ceiling. It was formed from some
sort of reddish, brown clay and the color of the clay, coupled with the soft
glow of the torch, turned her a dull shade of orange-red. As she walked
deeper into the cave, she saw a small, brown lump laying on the floor.
Walking up to it and bending down over it, she realized it was her costume
and she slowly picked it up.

"Strange?..." she thought looking about the cave in confusion. "How did this
end up here?"

Suddenly, Diana froze as a faint sliding sound broke the eerie silence.
Turning to her side, she held the torch out to part the darkness. A few feet
to her left, she could see a large, cylindrical mass laying on the floor. She
slowly walked up to it and knelt over it to examine it.

The mass resembled a bean pod but was much larger, about 8 feet long and 4
feet in diameter, and was covered with some sort of cream colored, fleshy
skin. It seemed to pulsate and throb as though it were breathing slowly and
the whole thing gave off wisps of pinkish colored gas that smelled
surprisingly good to Diana.

The aphrodisiatic mist began to relax Diana as she continued to examine the
incredibly odd creature. She leaned in closer and closer as she felt its skin
in curiosity. As she got nearer, the plant began to pulsate more intensely,
swelling and throbbing bigger and bigger at the presence of the amazon. With
an almost eerie light, the giant pod began to glow slightly as Diana leaned
over it, examining it.

Suddenly, with a blinding explosion of fluids and vines, the pod shot out
several long, fleshy tendrils from a small hole on the front of the plant
at the unsuspecting heroine. The tentacles snaked out quickly and coiled
themselves around Wonder Woman's bare calves and ankles. Several more shot
out and wrapped around her bare thighs, binding the heroines shapely legs
together into one twisting mass.

"UUUUGHH!! What...!" screamed Wonder Woman as the vines enveloped her legs.
She pulled and twisted her legs frantically and clutched the vines with her
free hand as she tried to free herself from the plant's tendril grasp. The
vines were too strong and slippery however, and they continued to snake
around her bare legs, wrapping themselves tighter and tighter as they
slithered further up her hips.

She then stood straight up in a desperate attempt at running away. This,
however, totally threw off her balance and the shocked and panicked heroine
began to gyrate her hips in wide, circular orbits like some uncoordinated
go-go girl as she tried to keep her balance. The writhing and struggling was
too much for her balance however, and Wonder Woman went falling backward
with her arms twirling about frantically in a vain attempt at stopping her
fall. The torch went shooting into the air and landed a few feet away to the
side of the fallen amazon.

Diana's wide hips bucked and twisted on the ground as she tried to pull her
legs free. Her hands groped and pulled at the vines as she tried to escape
the plant's super strong grip but, as she pulled one tendril free, another
slippery one took its place.

Suddenly, the small opening at the front of the pod began to curl open and
the plant blossomed, widening its maw to the diameter of its body. This gave
the plant the appearance of a large, fleshy tube with one end being wide open
and the other end coming to a narrow point.

"By the GODS! NO!" screamed Wonder Woman as she sat up slightly and gapped in
shock at the inside of the plant. The inside of the plant was cylindrical
with large, sack like shapes of white, fatty flesh that lined the inside all
the way to the back. The sacks pulsated and throbbed and were covered with
bluish veins and cellular patterns. They reminded her slightly of big, white
pillows but these pillows were quivering and dripping with some kind of
white, oily liquid. The vines that were holding her legs ran from her feet,
to the inside of the creature and toward the back end of the tube. Dozens
more tendrils sat hovering about, twisting and writhing like a pit of hungry
snakes and the whole inside seemed to glow with a dull white light of its own
and pulsated slowly as the creature breathed.

"UUUGHHH!" she screamed as the tendrils around her legs began pulling her
bare ass slowly, through the dirt, toward the creature's opening. As she
sat up to pull at the vines, more of them shot out and wrapped around her
shoulder's, neck and chest. Several more then shot out and wrapped around
each of her arms, pulling on them as well. Diana continued to scream and
gyrate frantically as the creature pulled her struggling, bound body closer
and closer.

"AAAGH! NO! Hera, HELP!" Diana screamed in utter panic as her bare feet
entered the creature's mouth and she felt the warm, wet, fleshy tissue
touch her bare skin. Her head thrashed about violently now as the tendrils
continued to pull their prey inside.

Her long legs slowly slide through the opening followed by her twisting,
struggling hips. As she became more and more engulfed by the creature, more
and more of her underside became slippery and wet. This increased the speed
of her consumption as the creature gained each inch.

Diana's mind raced in absolute fear and panic as she thought about her
horrendous fate. "Hera! Being eaten ALIVE! If this is like any other plant,
it could take weeks for it to digest me. I could spend days slowly DYING!"

She pushed and thrust about wildly now as her large, rippling breasts and
wide shoulders disappeared into the creature. As she slipped inside, the maw
began to close, pulling her head in and sealing her inside the fleshy tomb.

The fiery heroine continued to fight as more and more of the slippery, wet
tentacles wrapped around her bare, gyrating body. Several vines began
pulling her arms behind her back and pulling her hands together. Weaving and
wrapping, they coiled themselves around her wrists and arms, effectively
pinning and tying her hands behind her back.

The vines around her legs then began to uncoil and she started to feverishly
kick and twist her free legs as she tried to gain her freedom. Her tantrum
was short lived however as the same vines coiled each leg and wrapped them
separately, pinning them slightly apart.

More and more tendrils lashed out, wrapping themselves around any and every
writhing, struggling part of her shapely body, pulling themselves tighter and
tighter, restraining her, like an army of Lilliputians securing an enormous
and voluptuous female Gulliver.

Mistaking her plump, massive, jiggling breasts for threatening limbs, the
tendrils coiled themselves around the base of each tit and wrapped themselves
up around each breasts' curvature, snaking and twisting toward her bare
nipples. The vines then began constricting her tits, squeezing each one
tighter and tighter in an attempt at restraining the sloshing, unprotected
glands. Her soft, fatty breasts began to bulge and squeeze through the gaps
between the vines as they were squeezed and contained. The vines then began
pulling hard and up on her breasts, pulling them tight and long just like
they were pulling her legs, in an attempt at rendering them harmless.

Diana's thrashing head was the last to fall as the vines wrapped over her
cheeks, forehead and neck and began to tighten, holding her head firmly and
helplessly at bay.

Diana now lay completely restrained. She twisted and wiggled in defiance but
each movement was met with tightening resistance. She snorted and gritted
her teeth as she lay a restrained and beaten mammal at the mercy of this
insidious plant, awaiting her fate as this things next meal.

"UUUUGH! Got to get free! These vines... they're too tight... Hera! What a
way to get tied up!" Wonder Woman grunted as she twisted about in vain.

Suddenly, from the side of her head, a large, white stalk slowly rose up over
her face and hovered over her. She looked about frantically and saw at least
a dozen more moving from orifices in the side of the plant toward various
parts of her body. They were all fleshy white with various blue veins running
along their lengths. The ends of each of them was curled inward and reminded
her of the curled lips of a small mouth.

"That's it. These stalks are going to eat ME!" she gasped as she surmised
what was happening. With renewed vigor she began to again twist about in
hopeless desperation. This new wave of struggling was met with more tendrils
and more tightening which quickly restrained her again.

As Wonder Woman shifted about, she continued to stare at the ominous stalk in
front of her face. Suddenly, like some new year's eve'r blowing into a curled
party favor, the end began to roll outward to reveal a large, bloated,
pulsating white proboscis. It twisted and writhed about like a worm and
streams of soupy, white cum dripped from a small opening at the end as it
hovered over her face. Diana looked about frantically as the other stalks
revealed the same, insidious surprise.

"Hera! Its not going to eat me! Its going to... UUUUGLMP!" she gasped in
horror as she realized the plant's true intentions. Indeed, the bound female
was not a meal but a host, a host to the plant's devilish seeds. Before she
could finish, however, the large, wiggling member in front of her plunged
down hard and deep into her mouth. The warm, white, fleshy penis forcefully
pushed past her large full, red lips and deep into her gasping throat. It
then began throbbing and sliding in and out of her mouth as streams of
creamy, white lubricant began trickling past her lips and over her chin.
"MMMMMMGN!" she screamed and moaned as the member slid in and out, writhing
about as it beat and pulsated in her mouth.

At the same time, two more proboscises pushed into each of her ears and began
wisting and wiggling about as they tried to enter those two openings. Another
one, mistaking her belly button for an opening, slammed itself deep into her
stomach and began pushing inward on her belly button. Its was as though the
plant was trying to find any opening it could to penetrate.

Even her armpits her mistaken for potential target sites as two more organs
pushed themselves between her bound arms and her sides and began pushing up
into her pits. Another two began concentrating on her restrained breasts,
probing her nipples. Thinking these odd protrusions must serve some purpose,
they began pushing down on each nipple in a vain attempt at entering her from
this point.

As she moaned and wiggled about in utter panic, her hips bucked and thrust
about violently, attracting more attention. Another proboscis, seeing her
rear and the crack that ran between her buttocks, slid underneath her and
began entering her. Diana began screaming muffled cries as the member slowly
and forcefully parted her cheeks and pressed against her anus. With a
phenomenal amount of wiggling and burrowing, it inched its way past her
tightened muscles and worked its way deep inside her rectum. Relentless and
unstopping it moved deeper and deeper, painfully entering all the way inside

Her hips were pounding and slamming about desperately now as the plant
forcefully raped her rear end. This caused her pelvis to raise up and expose
her bare vagina.

Seeing her lips and her obvious opening, another member moved into place
and pushed its way, like a snake, into her defenseless vagina. Finding this
opening to be much more inviting, the member slid deeper and deeper as it
inched its way through her vaginal path and toward her unprotected womb.
Streams of white, viscous fluid poured out around the stalk as it pumped
more and more lubricant inside her to ease the penetration.

Wonder Woman was cringing and screaming wildly now as she knew the plant
had found its target. The proboscis moved deeper and deeper. It passed her
vaginal track and entered her womb and now it had moved up inside her uterus.
Then, it began to slide back and forth and twist about as it attempted to
induce itself into climax. Diana could see her lower stomach bulge slightly
as the member moved about inside her in a frantic attempt at discharging.

The other stalks began wiggling about as well as the plant primed itself for
the inevitable. The penis in her mouth plunged in and out feverishly, along
with the one in her rear, as they kept pace with the member inside her womb.

"NO! NO!... Can't let it..." Wonder Woman thought as she struggled in vain
to resist. The intense stimulation was now driving her beyond insanity as her
mind was overloaded and ripped away. She then gasped and clenched in shock as
a new, horrible sensation crept between her legs.

Another member had moved toward her cunt and it now began forcing itself
under the first one and into her vagina. It slid itself mercilessly along the
length of the first one toward her womb. When it reached its target, both
stalks then began sliding in and out in an alternating rhythm. Like two
pistons, they began building up intense sexual pressure, driving Wonder Woman
mad with sensation.

All the proboscises were now feverishly pumping their respective openings,
building toward an inevitable, climatic defeat. After several long, agonizing
minutes of terror and sensation, the first member in her mouth began to
stiffen and vibrate. Knowing her fate, Diana began to moan and scream in
futility at the impending peril.

Her cries were quickly silenced, however, as the member swelled and then
discharged, forcing her to swallow massive amounts of its creamy, white cum.
The substance poured out past her lips and over her mouth and chin. The lower
half of her face was completely covered by the demonic fluid as it oozed its
way down her neck and over her cheeks.

Each of the other organs began bursting like a chain of fire crackers
exploding. Cum sprayed all over the sides of her head as the ones in her
ears discharged. Rivers of cum poured down her breasts, out of her arm pits
and out of her belly button as those members also relieved themselves.

Then, the deeply inserted penis in her rectum swelled and, with a vicious,
ruthless thrust, it exploded hard and mercilessly into her anus. For a short
while nothing happened as the stalk continued vibrating and pumping its alien
seeds inside her but, as it continued to pump, streams of white, oily cum,
began pouring and oozing out of her rear, trickling down her legs and
staining her clenched buttocks white with the liquid.

The worst was yet to come however as the two members in her vagina began to
stiffen. "Dear Hera! No!... Not inside!!!.." she thought in horror as the two
began to vibrate.


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