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This story contains very descriptive scenes of sex, bondage and rape. If you
do not like to read such material: DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!!!

This story and its material are based on the Wonder Woman TV series that
aired in the '80s. It is simply one of my fantasy episodes. Again, this story
contains material of a dark nature. If you are offended, do not flame me,
just simply ignore this posting.

Wonder Woman: The Domination Of Wonder Woman Part 2 Chapter 5
by Anonymous

With a massive surge of twisting and pumping the two members began pushing
in and out of her with an ever quickening pace. Diana couldn't resist any
longer and her hips swelled upward in undeniable climax.

The two organs plunged in and out, faster and faster. Streams of white
lubricant shot out between her cunt lips as the bloated penises plunged
inward forcing the liquid out. The members twisted about as they pounded
mercilessly against the inside of her uterus, causing her low stomach to
bulge slightly with each plunge.

Tighter and tighter she swelled like some over inflated balloon as the
irresistible sexual sensation brought her closer to her defeat. Then, the
unthinkable, the unimaginable became reality. The two proboscises froze,
stiffing for the inevitable as the plant reached its pinnacle.

The stalks vibrated like two water pipes as the plant's alien seminal fluid
slowly flowed up their lengths and toward their target. The creamy white
liquid darkened the center of the stalks as the insidious substance traveled
through the hollow tube that ran up their centers. The fluid flowed along
their lengths, past her thighs and disappeared inside her vagina.

As the substance reached the stiffened organs inside her, the two members
swelled as they filled with the liquid. Like two water balloons they grew
bigger and bigger, filling themselves with the alien fluid.

Then, like toothpaste exploding from a tube, the plant's impregnating cum
burst from the tips of the bloated organs and oozed into her defenseless
womb. The organs twisted and curled, pumping like two fire hoses as they
poured the creamy substance into her, covering the walls of her uterus and
filling her with the plant's demonic seeds.

This pushed Diana over the edge and sent her spiraling downward as the
incredible climax almost tore her mind apart. Her body burst with sexual
ecstasy as the overwhelming climax utterly devastated her will and forced
her down screaming and moaning in defeat. Mammal fell to plant as her viney
rapist penetrated her and ejaculated its seeds inside her.

Wonder Woman collapsed in defeat, moaning and groaning erotically as the
plant continued pumping away every last drop into her in hopes of mating and
inseminating its prey.

After several minutes, all the members retracted and rose above her stunned
and prone body. Still pumping they sprayed more of the viscous fluid over her
naked body, soaking her from head to toe with the cum. Streams of it sprayed
into her face, over her chest, onto her pelvis and over her legs as she was
coated with the substance.

"UUUUGHH!!!... Wha... Where... Got to get free..." she groggily moaned as she
twisted about slowly. "What's it doing ... GREAT HERA NO! NOT AGAIN!" she

With a renewed vigor she again tried to get free but it was to no avail as
the stalks moved back into place and began again to impregnate their helpless
female host. Apparently they had failed the first time and were going to
continue until they succeeded or they were spent. From the outside, the
large, tubular pod, rocked and bulged as the doomed Wonder Woman struggled in
vain to escape. Another animalistic female cry broke the silence as the buxom
amazon once again fell to her flowery rapist.

* * *

The two dominatrix escorted the young, teen avenger into the countess's lab.
Dru's hands were handcuffed and she had a leather, bondage gag firmly
strapped over her mouth. She was wearing a small, pink bikini made of silk
and it was held in place with several thin strands. The only wide pieces of
material were the two triangular patches that just covered each nipple and
a triangular piece that barely covered her vagina.

Dru herself was basically beaten. She had spent the last several hours at the
hands of her merciless, mechanical torturer and entertaining the two sadistic
female dominators and she now staggered along with a dazed and defeated gaze
in her eyes. Her body was slack and limp and she stumbled about like a
stunned cow as Inga pulled her along with a leather leash and collar. Inga
lead Wonder Girl into the lab and stopped her in front of the countess. With
a swat from a riding crop she brought the teen to her knees and into a very
submissive kneeling position with her head bowed down in obedience.

"Good... GOOD... Your toy has done well to "tame" our little guest." smiled
the countess as she leaned over and cupped the young girl's face with her

"Ya Mistress." replied Inga, "She is broken for now but her will is strong.
Even now she is regaining her strength and becoming more resistive."

"Yes but we like girls with spirit." chuckled the countess as she stared up
at Inga. "They are much more fun to "play with"." All four women broke into
a chorus of laughter, half laughing at the countess's comment and half
laughing at the young, broken heroine at their feet.

"To the table vit her!" barked the countess as she clapped her hands to drive
her order home. The two dominatrix picked up the young girl by each arm and
pulled over toward a large, operating style table.

Suddenly, without warning, Drucella let out a blindingly fast round house
kick which connected squarely with the side of Gretchen's head. The redhead's
hair sprayed about from the blow as the tall woman went staggering sideways
and into a table.

With the same fluid motion, Dru plowed into Inga and forced the dominatrix
into a bookcase. With expert agility she then grabbed the keys off the
woman's belt and darted across the room like a wild gazelle.

"Get HER! GET HER NOW!" screamed the countess as Dru worked her way into a
corner and began unlocking her cuffs. Her chest rocked back and forth and
she gritted her teeth intensely as she twisted the key about trying to free
herself. This made her look like some deranged bull with its head bent
forward and shifting back and forth in anger as though it were going to
charge at any moment.

"C'mon kinder." taunted Inga, "Ve won't hurt you... at least not right away."
she added walking slowly and confidently toward the now free Wonder Girl.

"OOOOO! I'm PISSED!" screamed Wonder Girl as she pulled the gag off and
threw it to the floor. "You women are not FAIR!" she screamed striking an
aggressive pose and pointing an accusing finger at the four women who were
now slowly encircling her.

"Playing around is one thing but you... you... you NAZI have gone TOO FAR!"
she continued protesting. "You almost did me in that room back there and now
you're all going to PAY!" she continued gritting her teeth in seething rage.

"OOOOO... We're so scared." said all four women as they wiggled their fingers
at the young, fiery avenger in an obvious attempt at sarcastic fear.

"Well, if its a fight you want... Its a fight your going to get!" she
exclaimed bounding forward and plowing into the two dominatrix.

The two women, not taking the whole thing seriously, were actually caught off
guard and went crashing to the floor as Dru smashed her body into their knees
with a diving tackle.

The lab assistant rushed in and jumped toward the young girl only to find the
swift teen not where she was five seconds earlier as Dru quickly rolled out
of the way. The slightly stunned blonde came crashing down on top of the two
dazed lesbians, sending them all back to the floor in a pile of legs, arms
and hair.

With blinding agility, Dru grabbed a nearby tarp and threw it on top of the
twisting pile of cursing women, ensnaring them temporarily in the heavy brown

"Remarkable!" noted the countess in a cold, almost scientific tone. "All that
sexual punishment and you still have such spirit!" she continued. "Any normal
woman would be a vegetable by now. You must have the constitution of a

"Well, at least I don't have the ASS of one." Dru said smirkingly, staring at
the countess's rear.

"How dare you, you little BRAT!" screamed the sneering woman. "I've got
something that will really teach you a lesson!" she screamed.

"I don't care about your little TOYS!" replied Dru taking more of a relaxed
stance and folding her arms over her chest. "I demand to know what you did
with Wonder Woman!"

"Oh she's none of your concern." answered the countess taking on an unusually
arrogant and relaxed tone. "I'd me more worried about my prissy little ass if
I were you." she added.

"Oh really well we'll just see abo.... ummmmph!" started Dru but before she
could finish her sentence, her speech was cut short by a heavy, hard thump
that rang through her ears. Dru reeled in pain as the blackjack came down
over her head and she went swiftly to the floor like a nail slammed by a
hammer. The countess's plan worked. She had kept the arrogant girl so busy
arguing that Dru didn't notice the other three women getting out from under
the tarp.

"Quickly! Bring her here." the countess ordered walking past the girl and
toward a panel imbedded in the wall. As she pressed a few buttons, the three
women picked up the groggy heroine and carried her to the panel.

A low, clunking sound echoed throughout the room as the panel slid to one
side and a vertical metal table rolled out from a recessed room. The table
was made from shiny, cold steel and had several, heavy, leather restraints
on it. The women picked up the groaning spitfire and place her in the
machine. After a few moments of strapping and binding, Dru was bound to
the table with her arms spread out over her head and her legs spread apart,
like a person strapped into a modern day rack.

Dru gasped as the bucket of cold water hit her bare skin and yanked her from
her forced sleep. "Vake up BITCH!" screamed Gretchen as the red head slapped
the young girl across the face to get her moving.

"OOOOOMPH! Let me GO, then I'll teach you all a good lesson!" screamed
Drucella as she yanked on the super strong leather restraints in futile
defiance. The young girl began twisting and gyrating about as she pulled
and yanked on the straps. This, of course, was a very entertaining and
very erotic show for the four ladies, who just stood and watched the teen
wiggle about.

The countess then stepped up to Dru and, with one quick yank, she ripped
both the girl's bra and G string off, relieving the young girl of any
remaining protection. "Sorry for ze rough treatment sweaty." the countess
said sarcastically. "We've got to, how you say, soften you up a bit before
we start with the "process"." she said running her hands lightly over Dru's
bare and vulnerable breast.

"Let me introduce you to "The Stimulator"." she continued as she flipped a
few more switches. The table began to hum and Dru could feel some sort of
mechanical activity behind her as she flipped her head back and forth
frantically to get a look. The whir of motors and the sound of pulleys
caused a series of mechanical arms to raise up and over the table and over
Dru's ripe, jiggling body.

"By HERA! What is this!" she exclaimed staring curiously and nervously at
the robotic arms in front of her.

"Oh you'll find out soon enough Wonder SLUT!" blasted the countess as she
threw the on switch with a brutal effort as though she were using the switch
to drive her point home.

Two of the mechanical arms started down toward Dru's plump, sloshing breasts.
As they got near her nipples, a series of very fine, soft filaments extended
from the tips and bridged the distance to her skin. They then began to
gingerly tickle her nipples and the area around them with soft, teasingly
quick strokes.

Dru rocked and twisted her upper chest as she attempted to move her breasts
away for the feelers but, this only allowed the feelers to slide along the
underside and curvature of her spherical breasts, causing more and more
tender areas to be stimulated. The young girl began to coo and moan slightly
as the light touch of the feather like ticklers sent tingling sensation
through her breasts and her skin.

As she rolled and gyrated slowly, the other arms moved into place and began
tickling the other erogenous parts of her tender, firm body. One set
concentrated on her knees and full thighs, stroking and teasing the skin
between her legs and sliding along the outside of her thighs with light,
glancing strokes.

Another set went to work on her pussy, sliding lightly over her firm,
sensitive lips and dancing like soft feathers over her clitoris. The
sensation of the filaments intertwining softly with her vaginal hair and
caressing the tender skin between her thighs and her vagina was too
overwhelming to bear.

The rest of the ticklers went to work on other parts of her body, moving
about like moths dancing about a flame. The arms also made sure they did
not over stimulate any one area, making unpredictable moves to new targets
as they continued their onslaught. The feelers on her breasts, for instance,
moved about their globular targets, finding more and more untouched and
unprotected areas to tease and tickle.

Soon Dru was slack and relaxed and her head was rocking back as she moaned
and groaned at the intense stimulation. She could feel her climax mounting
as the teasers drew more and more of her will away from her. As she grew
closer and closer, the feelers stepped up their pace, tickling faster and
more mercilessly as they attacked her. But then, as she almost reached the
pinnacle of her climax, the arms immediately backed off, leaving her without

"Wha... NO! Please, Hera... You can't do this.." Dru moaned as she slowly
settled back unsatisfied and so very tender.

"Oh yes I can." answered the countess making sure not to touch the teen for
fear of bringing on her climax with but a single touch. "This machine will
continue to stimulate you but, I'm afraid it just won't give you what you
want most." she explained. "Don't worry my dear, you'll be cuming soon enough
but it will be when I need you to."

"Come along my dears." said the countess as she walked away from Wonder Girl.
"I need some "attending"." she said coyly as she put her arm around Gretchen
and walked out the door. The other women followed and the door slammed shut,
sealing Drucella in the dungeon with her tormentor.

"NO!" moaned Dru. "Don't leave me like this... UUUGHH! NO UUUGH!" but all
the young girl could do was rock about and moan erotically as the machine
continued to mindlessly toy with her ever sensitizing body.

* * *

After about an hour, and after dozens of mind ripping climaxes later, the pod
began to swell and bloat. Then, with an explosion of fluids, its maw opened
up and a female figure shot out. Wonder Woman rolled out, along with a river
of white fluid, as her limp body slid across the stone floor. She came to a
rest, naked, fucked and beaten.

She lay stunned and motionless in a puddle of sticky, viscous cum for several
minutes as she slowly rolled about, sliding her legs back and forth and
letting out soft erotic moans of defeat.

"UUUGH! Hera... I've been tamed... can't think..." she groaned as she put her
palm to her dripping wet forehead and tried to shake off the dizzying effects
of being so violently climaxed. She slowly sat up and propped herself up with
her other arm, curling one leg for support.

"What no foreplay." she grumbled sarcastically as she looked back over at the
now motionless pod and shot it a scolding stare. She began wiping the viscous
substance off her wet, shiny body, throwing white lumps of oily, pudding like
slime back at the plant in disgust and spitting the last remnants of the
plant's uninvited intentions from her mouth. As she started to get to her
knees, she suddenly doubled over and cringed in pain.

"NUUGH! My abdomen... so tender..." she moaned reaching her hand between her
legs and clutching her pelvis just below her stomach.

"That THING!... Fucked me too hard... tried to impregnate me... I'm so tender
and sensitive now." she complained.

"Well I'll just have to deal with being in an aroused state, at least until
it wears off that is. That thing penetrated me so many times that now I can't
shake the sensation. It broke my will hard and its going to be a while before
I can regain my spirit." she mumbled as she slowly got to her feet and
staggered toward the cave exit clutching her stomach.

"I've never felt anything like that." she thought wickedly as she sauntered
along. "This countess must be one sick woman, but I got to hand it to her,
she's got one heck of an imagination." she mused.

"I wonder where she got that thing from..." she started to ponder. Suddenly,
the buxom heroine stopped and looked back over her shoulder. "and I wonder
if there are anymore down here?" she gulped.

After taking another much needed swim, Diana washed off her costume and
slipped the outfit back on. The material was amazingly resistant to wear and
tear and she looked almost as good as new, as soon as her hair and clothes

The corridor she chose was very old and lined with ancient brick work that
covered the walls and formed a curved ceiling. Along the walls were several
6 foot long cavities dug sideways into the earth and covered with the same
intricate stone work. Each recession was filled with the remains of some
dead, long forgotten soul whose bones now lay ancient and rotted in the dank
and musty caverns. Rats scurried about as the flames from her torch showered
them with light, sending them burrowing and hiding in the boney remains.

After about a half an hour, Diana came upon a large cavern. The cave was
dimly lit by some unknown light source and tunnels ran off like holes in a
piece of Swiss cheese in all directions.

Suddenly, her heart stopped as she heard a noise coming from one of the other
tunnels. In a frantic haste, she snuffed out her torch and threw it into a
pile of bones in one of the burial tombs. Then, like some caged animal, she
began twirling about, looking for some place to hide.

"Hera! I've got to get out of here QUICK!" she cursed as the sounds of booted
footsteps grew closer. Then, almost too late, she spied a tubular hole in the
side of one of the walls. It appeared to be natural and just big enough for
her to slide into.

Without thinking she made a bee-line for it. As she started to climb into it,
she realized it curved downward at a sharp angle. "I'll be standing on my
head if I slide down there." she thought as she looked down the hole. "It
doesn't look like I can turn around either." she continued.

The sound of rustling military gear and clunking rifle butts gave her a new
incentive to climb into the hiding place. She grabbed the top of the hole
with her hands and swung her long legs inside. Then, with a nimble twist, she
turned herself over onto her stomach and she slid her shapely form down the
tube. She stretched out her feet along the sides of the narrow hole and
pressed her boots up against the rock until her feet came to rest on two
rough protrusion along the sides of the shaft.

At this point, she had sunk deep enough that her head was just below the
lowest edge of the hole but, the shaft was too narrow and her wide shoulders
and long arms prevented her from lowering her hands from over her head. This
wasn't a problem for her since she knew she would have to climb back out
again anyway when her unwelcome visitors had left. She simple let her arms
fold in front of her as she peered out the natural window which looked out
into the cavern.

Just as she stopped moving a group of 4 German soldiers came plodding into
the cave, rifles hoisted and flashlights dancing about.

"Vhere is dat American BITCH!" one soldier exclaimed as he stopped and
propped his rifle against a wall.

"Ya, she can't be too far ahead. I can't wait to get a hold of her." said
another pulling a pack of cigarettes from his shirt pocket.

"Ve're not allowed to harm ze Wonder Woman. That is the countess's orders."
barked another loyal guard.


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