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This story contains very descriptive scenes of sex, bondage and rape. If you
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This story and its material are based on the Wonder Woman TV series that
aired in the '80s. It is simply one of my fantasy episodes. Again, this story
contains material of a dark nature. If you are offended, do not flame me,
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Wonder Woman: The Domination Of Wonder Woman Part 2 Chapter 6
by Anonymous

"Countess Smountess," scoffed the first soldier, "here's vat that countess
bitch can do with her orders." he laughed yanking his hand over his groin in
an over-exaggerated jacking off movement.

"This is the master race?" Diana thought listening to their incredibly
juvenile and manly conversation. "Petty little men talking big." she
whispered, scoffing her unwanted visitors.

As she continued listening, the insides of her thighs began to feel slightly
itchy. Thinking it was some torn piece of costume rubbing lightly on her
legs, she shifted her hips and thighs annoyingly to brush the material off.

"Ya, have you seen those breasts!" said one of the guards holding his hands
way out in front of his chest. The other men rolled their eyes at the thought
of Diana's enormous endowment.

"I bet they feel zo good, zo firm. Those American women are incredible!"
another guard added holding one hand up and making a squeezing gesture with

"Damn! I wonder what's ripped now?" she whispered to herself as she kicked
the annoying piece of whatever away with her left leg.

Then, with a cold chill, Wonder Woman froze in shock. Something touched the
underside of her vagina. She tried to look down but her ample cleavage was
an enormous blockade.

"HUH!" she gasped as she felt it again. "Hera, there's something in here with
me..." she cringed as she tried to remain absolutely still.

"Vat I love is that ASS!" continued another guard. "You could grope that
plump piece of butt for days." he added making another clutching gesture.
The four men broke out into laughter as they settled down and started to
take out a canteen and pass it around.

"Nooo..." Diana winced as she heard them stop and sit down. "Go away you
idiots." she added biting her lower lip and hopping about like some school
girl waiting impatiently to use the bathroom.

"Hey WHAT THE.." she whispered loudly, almost in an audible tone as she tried
to twist around to see behind her. Luckily the men were rather noisy so her
little outburst went unnoticed. Diana continued to grunt slightly as the
unusual object below her pressed up into her vagina. Her costume prevented it
from going inside but whatever it was, it was making a good effort at
entertaining itself.

"Vat do you think the countess wants vit her anyway?" asked a guard as he
took a long drag from his cigarette.

"I hear its for breeding purposes." answered another.

"Nein! Really?" asked the first.

"Ya, both the girl and ze woman are slated to be mated with some of the
countess's personally selected males." he continued. "Zomething to do with
creating a master race."

"I vouldn't mind having zat job ehhh?" laughed one of the guards as he held
his hands out in front of himself and thrust his pelvis upward as though he
were grasping some woman's hips.

"Hey Grudder, you should volunteer for zat duty seeing how you've got 8
kinder at home." the first guard chuckled, slapping his knee. The other men
began to join in the laughter as they watched the slightly blushing sergeant

"Ya, every time I zee Gretta she is pregnant." another continued laughing.

"HERA!" gasped Diana as she could feel the zipper on the back of her suit
being pulled slowly down. Grunting and struggling, she tried to lower her
arms down her sides to try and stop whatever it was that was undressing her
but her arms were too long.

"I do know zat brat Wonder Girl is getting it right now up in ze countess's
lab." continued the first guard.

"Ya I know. I vas on guard duty outside her cell when Inga and Gretchen paid
her a visit." added the other guard. The other three leaned in closer as the
young guard began describing in intricate detail what he heard from the cell.

The cold stone walls of the tube sent more chills through Wonder Woman as her
costume slipped down her legs and to her calves and the soft, tan skin of her
bare breasts touched the surrounding rocks. Listening to the plight of Dru
added to Diana's distress as she heard how her younger sister was treated.
"Oh Dru," she whispered sucking on her lower lip. "What did they do to

"Zen they both mounted her vit these huge vibrators, one from ze front and
one from ze rear. I never saw a girl buck so much in my life." he continued
as he told his erotic story to his now drooling buddies.

"I have a daughter zat looks her age." said another guard. "Zometimes I dream
about her being in zat cell vit those two hoars." he admitted.

The fleshy tendrils were now wrapped all about Wonder Woman's wiggling hips
and chest. They writhed about like snakes as they coiled around her thighs
and legs. Several strands had worked their way up her sides and had wrapped
themselves around her breasts, lassoing her large glands and rolling them
about slowly like two watery sacks.

"UUUGH! NO!" Diana gasped as she again felt the hard protrusion touch her
vagina. "Oh Hera I can't go through this..."

Suddenly, the hard penis pushed its way past her tightened vaginal lips and
plunged itself up into her pussy. Diana reeled and thrust upward as the
fleshy member slid deep inside her.

"Vat about ze Wonder Woman?" asked another guard of the first. "I want to
know vat happened to zat BITCH!"

"Vell, that's ze good part. Ze countess really hasn't had a chance to play
vit her yet since she escaped. She's fresh meat waiting to be fucked." he
blasted letting out a hellish laugh.

"I do know they took zome pictures of her all tied up. Some propaganda thing.
I helped vit the camera man." said one of the other guards.

The long penis continued to slide in and out of Diana's defenseless vagina
as she struggled in vain to resist her alien tormentor and to resist making
any noise. The organ was uncontrollable and irresistible as it plunged inside
again and again, like some relentless piston, between her quivering legs.
All she could do was clench her teeth and pant softly as she continued to
listen to the guards mock her and her sister.

Then, her eyes bulged wide open as she felt her buttocks being parted and
another member being pushed deep into her anus. "NNNGH! Hera... I can't
UUUGHH! stop it..."

"Vell, I don't know about you guys but I've got to do vat a man's got to do."
grunted one of the guards as he stood up and unzipped his pants. Looking
about a bit, he spied a convenient hole in the wall to perform his task.

Diana continued to gasp as the two organs ruthlessly penetrated her pinned
and helpless hips. She lay tense and prone in the tube as her body rocked up
and down from the pounding she was receiving from below.

Then, with a slack jawed expression, she looked up just in time to have a
stream of warm piss spray down like a small shower over her face. The salty
liquid poured all over her face and into her gapping mouth. "GAWWK! Ohhhhhh!"
she cried silently as she spit the spray out and lowered her head to avoid
the stream.

The other three men continued to talk as they walked up to their pissing
buddy. Then, like some unspoken club ritual, all four men began pissing into
the dark hole.

The urine continued to shower down on Diana as she tried to avoid the spray.
Her intense penetration, however, continued to force her to gasp and moan,
causing her to open her mouth and swallow bits of the horrid streams.

"I don't believe this..." she gasped as she started to tighten. "I can't...
I can't.... no NO!" she pleaded as her climax grew closer and closer. Then,
her whole body began to swell, filling the tunnel completely, as every muscle
in her body contracted. At the same time, the penises inside her started to
stiffen as they readied themselves, swelling toward the inevitable.

Then, with one last intense thrust, both proboscises plunged deep into her
and discharged. This pushed Diana over the edge and the amazon nearly
exploded from the immeasurable climax.

At that same moment, one of the men spat his wad of chewing tobacco into the
hole. The gooey wad bounced off Diana's wet face and sprayed over her ample
chest. The soft, brown spit rolled slowly over the curvature of her breasts
as the goop dribbled down between her cleavage. The penises continued to pump
their discharge into her and she could feel the slippery substance oozing,
like liquid soap, from her vagina and anus, down her thighs, and to her feet.


The three guards stopped and stared at each other as the erotic, female
scream blasted outward from the hole in front of them. Then, one of the
guards peered cautiously into the hole. The dark hared, female form wiggling
and panting could only be...

"Vonder Voman! Well vat do we have here." he said sprouting an insidious
smile as he reached in the hole and grabbed the struggling amazon by her
raised arms. The other men joined in and all four pulled the heroine free
from her unknown rapist. The now naked Wonder Woman came rocketing out of
the hole like a cork from a bottle and all five went staggering backward
as she piled on top of them.

Almost as soon as she was free, the fiery femme-fatal started to bolt for
the cave exit but the guard that had pulled her free grabbed her about the
waist and held her tight with his strong arms.

"Let me GO! I command IT! Release me at ONCE do you hear!" she screamed as
she twisted about like a captured snake in the laughing guards steel grip.

"Whoa, vat a spitfire." laughed the guard as he moved his left arm up across
her upper chest and grabbed her right breast, using this new grip to pull
her upper body back against his chest. Diana's head went back over his right
shoulder and her hair sprayed about wildly like tall grass in a violent
hurricane as she continued to twist defiantly.

As she continued to kick her long shapely legs in all directions, another
guard slid his hips between her thighs and grabbed her left leg with his
right hand, hold her leg at a 90 degree angle and effectively pinning it.
She tried to kick the soldier with her right leg but his hips were too
close to her body and her leg only managed to slid high and close along
his right side.

Both her legs were now wrapped around the wickedly grinning guards chubby
waist and all she could do was squeeze and twist her hips violently in an
effort at resisting his advance.

"I... don't believe... THIS!" she thought as she continued to struggle. She
didn't know which was worse, staying in that hole with that THING or being
at the mercy of these pigs. Either choice was a nightmare.

The guard behind her continued to massage her huge tit as he enjoyed groping
his wildly writhing captive. His callused hand squeezed the breast slowly
and firmly, pinching the woman's hard nipple between his index and middle
fingers as he teased it. His fingers squeezed the nipple and pulled it up
and down as he pushed her ripe, firm gland in and around in huge orbits. Her
breast bulged and stretched as it pressed up against her heaving chest and
her other breast, forming erotic circular and oval shapes of succulent flesh
as his hand massaged it wildly.

He then held her firmly by his left hand and quickly pulled her right arm
with his right hand behind her back, pinning her arm. Then he quickly reached
down with his left hand and pulled her left elbow hard behind her back,
forcing her chest and head forward as he did this. His right arm slipped
around her right elbow and, grabbing her left elbow with his right hand, he
pinned both her arms behind her back. All Diana could do was reach out
helplessly with her hands, grasping fruitlessly at freedom.

"Zo sweat and spirited." said the guard in front of her as he grabbed her by
the back of her head and forced her to stare him straight in the eye. His
comment was answered by a hefty spat that sprayed into his eyes and across
his cheek.

"OHHH! You are going to pay for that you American BITCH!" he hissed driving
his threat home by pulling the hair on the back of her head even harder.
Diana continued to grit her teeth and snarl as she stared back defiantly.

The guard then pushed his hips in deeper as he pulled his penis from his
boxers. Wonder Woman surged upward as she tried to use her hips and thighs
to squeeze the soldier away from her. The guard grabbed her plump buttocks
and pushed closer, aiming his cock with his hand as he gained each inch.

"AAAAAAGHHHH!!!!!!!! NNNOOOOO!!!!!" she screamed like some wild, erotic
animal as the disgusting guard's member pushed hard into her pussy and
started its intense penetration. His enlarged penis forced its way slow and
hard past her tight and defiant lips as she tried to resist his irresistible
advance. This caused her hips to soar upward and roll from side to side as
the cock slid deeper and deeper inside her. Then, with an erotic, female
grunt, her hips slumped back against the guard behind her as the cock was
fully inserted and her rapist's hips pressed hard against hers. She gyrated
and moaned as he slowly pumped his pelvis forward, rubbing his lower stomach
over her already sensitive clitoris.

As she hissed and moaned, the guard behind her reached up and pulled her
head back against his shoulder. Then he began making light circular orbits
with his finger over her full, red lips, teasing her mouth with his fingers.
"I think maybe this mouth was meant for something else besides kissing." he
mocked letting out a chuckle.

Diana spat and snarled at the thought and thrashed her head from side to
side as she tried to avoid his fingers.

"Here, let me get some of that." said a third guard as he walked up to her
right side and grabbed her right breast hard with both his hands. He started
to violently massage the tit, clutching and squeezing it relentlessly as he
played with it. Then, like some half starved animal, he barreled down on it,
sucking her rip nipple into his mouth. In a wild, feeding frenzy, he began
sucking and milking the defenseless heroine's tit, ruthlessly pushing it
hard against her chest as he tried to suck her dry.

The fourth guard decide the left breast need the same attention and he joined
in, violently molesting her other bare tit.

Diana began screaming and twisting about as the four men continued to rape
her. The man fucking her also began stroking her firm, bare thighs, sliding
his hands slowly over the soft, tan skin under her thighs and running them
over her plump and jiggling rear. His hands cupped her buttocks, squeezing
and massaging them as he continued pumping hard and viciously into her.

"I vant something special." said the guard behind her as he reached down and
pulled out his penis with his bare hand. Pulling hard on her arms, he forced
the thrusting woman's hips down toward his own, and with his free hand, he
guide his hardened cock into her bucking ass.

"NO! STOP!... NOT THAT!" Diana screamed as the penis parted her buttocks and
pushed into her anus.

"UUUUGHH!!! OH HERA!!!" she screamed defiantly as her hips shot upward with
the sensation.

"God vat and ASS!" panted the guard as he continued to pound his cock home.

"Ya, vat an amazing FUCK!" replied the other guard as he groaned and pushed
harder into the resistive female.

Diana began to feel the sensation of being penetrated as the waves of erotic
stimulation poured like chilling water over her tingling skin. She couldn't
help but moan and groan as the two men stepped up their rhythmic pounding.
The erotic sounds of this amazing amazon, cooing and wailing began to drive
the four men wild with passion. The guards started to increase their rhythm,
raping the helpless heroine harder and faster as the woman grew nearer to

Her hips were now almost perpendicular to the ground as she thrust upward,
growing prone with the intense sensation. They rolled and swayed slowly about
as the penetration continued and the guard could see his cock sliding in and
out of her wet pussy as he looked down on his lunging prey.

Then, the inescapable began to build. Her panting and moaning grew quicker
and quicker as the climax grew nearer and nearer. Her large hips bucked and
thrust faster and faster as she soared higher and higher. The men responded
by stimulating her more intensely with each surge. Clenching her teeth and
squeezing her eyes shut tightly, Diana grew wet with tears as the sensation
pushed her uncontrollable toward the edge. Then, with one last defiant surge,
the doomed heroine tightened inexorably toward her fate.




The caverns echoed with Wonder Woman's erotic cry of release as yet another
climax claimed her. The men were driven mad by the incredible female cry of
sexual release and both men exploded, thrusting and pushing mindlessly into
the taken heroine.

Almost as soon as they finished their intense climax, Wonder Woman began
fighting again, pushing and twisting to escape. Driven by uncontrollable
sexual urges, the four men pulled the gyrating woman to the ground and
piled on top of her. The guard behind her slipped out from underneath her
and pulled her flailing arms up over her head, pinning her punching hands
to the dirt.

The man in front, pulled himself free and was instantly replaced by one of
the guards on her side. The new man slid in place and pushed his cock hard
into her twisting hips as he began mounting the buxom amazon.

As she stared up at her four attackers, Diana thought about her sister and
how she must be receiving the same, ruthless treatment. This enraged the
femme-fatal and she continued to fight her sadistic tormentors as they again
began molesting her.

The fourth guard then pulled his pants completely off and straddled the
woman's chest. She gasped in horror as the man sat down on her huge chest
and slid his hips down toward her face. With his left hand, he grabbed the
woman's thrashing head and pulled it forward toward him. At the same time,
he guided his penis into her soft, gasping mouth.


Diana could only moan and grunt as the cock forced its way past her plump,
red lips and deep into her throat. Driven by the intense sexual sensations
being forced on her, Diana instinctively began sucking the member as she
submitted to its encroachment.

The four men now formed a pile on the floor as they massed the slowly
gyrating heroine. Wonder Woman moaned and groaned softly and deeply as her
rape mercilessly continued. After several minutes of pushing and pumping,
the horrid orgy began again to swell as everyone reached their pinnacle.

Diana grunted and gulped harshly and sporadically as the combination of her
climax and the guard's discharge in her mouth forced her to gasp and swallow
deeply. The other guard finished his climax, pumping away slowly as he
completely relieved himself.

After the men were satiated, the two penetrating her, stood up and loomed
over the heroine's naked and fucked body. Diana could only roll about slowly
as the sensation of being penetrated made her groggy with sexual stimuli.


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