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This story contains very descriptive scenes of sex, bondage and rape. If you
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This story and its material are based on the Wonder Woman TV series that
aired in the '80s. It is simply one of my fantasy episodes. Again, this story
contains material of a dark nature. If you are offended, do not flame me,
just simply ignore this posting.

Wonder Woman: The Domination Of Wonder Woman Part 2 Chapter 7
by Anonymous

As she groaned defiantly, the guard holding her arms, flipped the dazed woman
on her stomach and pulled out a long strip of leather. He pulled her long
arms behind her back and tightly tied her hands together at the wrist. He
then used another strap to tie her elbows tightly together, rendering her
arms useless.

The woman was then sat on her knees. Her head was held with a firm grasp as
the guard's hand clenched the thick hair on the back of her head. "You know
what to do." he said in a low, intense voice as he stared into the heroine's
dull and heavy eyes and pulled is penis toward her mouth. Without resistance,
Wonder Woman began sucking the man's hard cock and she settled down into a
mindless state of entertaining her tormentors.

As soon as the first rapist was done, the next took his place, then the next.
Soon, all four men were satiated and they started to get dressed and gather
their supplies.

Diana sat on her knees in an almost hypnotic trance with her eyes heavily
shut and her jaw open and slack as though she were half asleep. Streams of
cum ran down over her chin and her neck as she quivered helplessly. Her
trance was rudely broken, however, as a balled up wad of cloth was shoved
into her mouth. She responded by twisting her head about but this was a
futile effort at best. A thick, heavy terry towel came down over her mouth
and the gag was tied in place behind her head, holding the cloth ball in
her mouth and preventing her from forcing it out.

One of the guards then removed his belt and looped it around her long,
delicate neck. He then buckled it tight, making a make-shift collar for his
captive. He then took a long piece of rope and tied it to the buckle,
leashing the now defeated and captured avenger.

"You vere very good. Now that's vat a woman was meant for." said the guard
as he grabbed Wonder Woman's bound body and pulled her close to him.

"Ya, and this is just the start." said another as he pushed the woman forward
down the passage by her ass. Diana trotted along for a few steps and then
struggled and moaned as they continued pushing her along with their
convincing gun butts.

* * *

Wonder Woman staggered along for what seemed like a half hour as they neared
the exit to the catacombs. Her incredible physique had already allowed her
to regain some of her will and she was now resisting her captorers as they
pushed her along.

Suddenly, she was blinded by the intense rays of the mid day sun as she was
pushed from a doorway into the castle's main courtyard. The courtyard was
huge and was made into a make-shift bivwack for the contingent of soldiers
that were stationed there. Several rows of tents, trucks, crates and other
military equipment lined the walls of the grounds. Several dozen men were
hanging about doing things such as cooking, cleaning equipment and relaxing.

As the buxom heroine emerged from the tunnel, the men stopped with their
daily activities and stared in gaping awe at the incredible woman walking
out into the courtyard. Dozens of cat-calls and whistles followed her as
she was forcefully escorted toward the center of the grounds. Then, with
a heavy thrust from a gun butt to her legs, Diana was forced to kneel down
in front of the main building.

The squad of about 40 to 50 men began forming a circle around the woman
like a bunch of sharks smelling blood and readying themselves for a feeding
frenzy. They bustled about anxiously and all Diana could do was stare forward
intensely and rebelliously as she listened to their lude comments and
insulting jokes.

"We're going to fuck that bitch good."

"What a set of jugs!"

"I bet that American bitch could do us all, the SLUT!"

"Hey hoar, I've got a marc. How about a good time!"

With that last comment, Diana sprang to her feet and rushed the part of the
crowd the comment came from. With a wild kick, she took a shot at one of the
men only to have her bare leg grabbed and her body pushed hard to the ground.
The men began massing the woman, picking her wiggling body up over their
heads and holding her up with dozens of groping hands. Their hands were
everywhere as they grabbed her breasts, legs, buttocks, face, hair and pussy.
Diana screamed wildly under her gag as she could feel several fingers being
pushed inside her vagina.

Suddenly, the wild crowd was silenced by a single gun shot. The entire crowd
turned and stared at a balcony window that overlooked the courtyard. Diana
stared in utter despise at the countess as the woman sauntered toward the

"The Wonder Woman is not to be touched!" she order harshly. "Any man who
accosts her will be punished SEVERALLY!" she added.

The four men who had just finished entertaining themselves with the avenger,
looked at each other sheepishly and gave each other a look that said,
"Nothing happened, it was those things in the cave." The men knew how harsh
the countess's punishments were and they did not want to face her wrath.

"Sergeant!" she screamed. A burly man stepped forward and gave the woman a
Nazi salute. "Yes mine Mistress." he answered.

"I vant the captive cleaned up. Bring her to my room to be cleaned and fed,
then bring her to my lab" she ordered. She then raised the lugar and fired
four shots into the crowd. Each shot was deadly accurate and the four men
that had captured Wonder Woman slumped down dead at the heroine's feet. "And
I do mean UNTOUCHED!" she screamed.

The rest of the crowd stepped away from Wonder Woman and the sergeant stared
in fear at the four dead soldiers. "At once mine Mistress." he replied with
a gulp. "You men, get her and follow me." he ordered, waving his hand at a
few, scared privates.

The men rushed up and grabbed the heroine's leash. Hurriedly they forced the
woman along through a set of heavy, oak doors, up several flights of stares
and down a few corridors. They then came to a stop at the countess's bedroom.
The sergeant knocked on the double oak door and waited as it slowly opened.

The countess stood in the doorway. Her body was relaxed and incredibly erotic
as she stood wearing a shear, see through teddy and panties. She stood
leaning sexy against the door giving Diana a warm but evil stare. Diana stood
straight, with her hips to one side and one leg slightly bent as she stared
forward in defiance, refusing to look at the countess. She was a prisoner and
she was not about to surrender.

"Vell, I can see you're no worse for wear." the countess said coyly as she
caressed Diana's bare breast. "You men can go!" she ordered, waving her hand
at the already fleeing guards.

The countess then circled behind Diana and gently removed her gag. Diana
responded by wetting her lips and wiggling her jaw lightly to get the
circulation going.

"Whatever you have planned, I'm not about to let you win!" Diana said sternly
as she continued to stare forward.

"Oh, I don't expect you to." the countess replied. "Its much more... fun this
way." she added. "By the way, I have something I owe you."

"Something she owes me?" Diana thought as her gaze started to shift to her
side. "What could..." but then her eyes widened as she remember what she did
to the countess in the lab. Almost at the same time, a cotton pad came down
over her nose and mouth and the heroine began to scream in resistance.

The countess continued to hold the anesthetic in place as Wonder Woman
struggled against it. Her body squirmed about under the countess's powerful
grasp and she moaned erotically as the drug drained her will. The days events
and the harsh experiences she had just gone through were too taxing, however,
and Wonder Woman began to yield. Almost wanting to sleep from exhaustion,
Diana let the fumes drain her spirit and put her to sleep. The countess then
pushed the chloroformed amazon forward into the bedroom and watched as her
lax, muscular body slumped to the rug.

At that moment, the stiletto booted legs of Gretchen and Inga walked up from
inside the bedroom and stood over Diana.

"Give her a bath." the countess ordered softly as she gave the two dominatrix
a wicked, evil grin.

* * *

Wonder Woman's eyes slowly blinked open as the drug began to wear off. "Hera,
I hate the smell of that stuff!" she cursed as the fuzziness around her
turned into sharp images of a white bathroom. She could see the fine,
stonework decorations of the ceiling and she could tell instantly she was
laying on her back. As she started to get up, a nippy chill kissed her bare
shoulders as she raise her body upward. Looking about more, she realized
she was laying in a very large bath tub.

The tub was almost circular and shaped like a giant sea shell. Her body sat
in the shell end while her head rested on a thin pillow on the hinge end.
This part was even with the water and her head was the only part of her
sticking out of the mountains of soap bubbles. The whole tub was quit shallow
and her nipples would pierce the surface of the warm water as she moved
slightly about.

As she started to get up, she tried to pull her arms down. She was instantly
aware that her arms were securely handcuffed just over her head to a ring at
the tile base of the tub. It was a comfortable position but she knew she was
bound. The ball, bondage gag in her mouth also reminded her that crying for
help was unacceptable. She noticed that her long, silky, brunette hair was
curled up and tied in place on top of her head with a silk bow, the same kind
used by women to hold their hair up while taking a bath.

After several groggy moans and testing tugs on the handcuffs, Diana accepted
the situation and settled back down. After all, the water was quite warm and
she was quite a mess. "This isn't so bad." she thought, "At least I'm not
getting banged again. Of course I shouldn't get too comfortable. I seriously
doubt the countess really wants to just give me a good bath and hair doo."

After several minutes, the large, white double doors to the huge bathroom
opened and two women slowly sauntered in. They placed a few towels and other
items on the sink's tiled counter top and they looked lazily over at Diana
as they whispered to each other. Inga and Gretchen were each wearing only a
pink towel and that was soon discarded as the two women disrobed in front of
Diana. They walked slowly toward Diana and slid into the steaming hot tub,
sliding along either side of the puzzled amazon.

"She zo beautiful." giggled Inga as she gently put her hand on Diana's right
shoulder and slid it softly over her right breast, letting her fingers
lightly glance Diana's ripe nipple. Diana turned her chest in response as she
became slightly distressed by this.

"Ya, so beautiful and zo delicate." added Gretchen as she glided her hand
over Diana's bare, soap covered thigh.

The two women giggled and glared longingly at Diana, licking their lips
slightly and slowly as they continued to gently stroke Diana's wet, bare
body. After a few minutes, they both reached around and picked up a sponge
and a bottle of soap. They soaked the sponges in the soap and started slowly
sponging Diana.

"So good... Hera that feels good." she thought as they dabbed the sponges
over her bare chest, down over her huge breasts, across her stomach and along
her long, shapely legs. Each stroke cleaned away more and more sweat and
grime along with a little bit of her resistance. The strokes were so gentle,
so tender. The water was so warm and soothing. She couldn't help but lay back
and close her eyes and dream of the many times on Paradise island she had
bathed with the other female inhabitants. Being in the tub brought back many
erotic memories of exploration and enjoyment with her female friends.

The two women continued to clean Diana, sweeping the soft sponges over her
tan body, like a car enthusiast waxing the perfect automobile. With each pass
of the sponge came a follow up stroke with a hand. The two nymphs caressed
and petted Diana, enjoying the feel of her muscular body and the vision of
her exquisite form.

Inga then picked up a bar of soap and started slowly lathering the bar in her
hands. After a few moments, the woman's hands were dripping with a frothy
mound of bubbles. She then leaned over Diana and placed her hands on the
amazon's rib cage, just below each breast. Gently, she slid her hands upward
and followed the curvature of Diana's soapy, gleaming breasts, barely moving
or shifting them but covering them none the less with a thick coat of soap.
She then started massaging them slowly, polishing and caressing each breast
as though it were a fine piece of china.

Diana responded with a low, feminine moan that sent erotic chills down both
dominatrix spine's. She was so ripe, so vulnerable. She could be taken so
easily. All three women knew this, especially Diana.

Inga and Gretchen, however, didn't pounce, instead they toyed with the
heroine, teasing her with ever increasing levels of tension. Inga continued
slowly massaging Diana's tits, moving and pushing them about gently into
huge spherical mounds of delicate, tan flesh. As she did this, she also used
her fingers to toy and pinch the woman's now erect nipples. With a gentle
blow and a light kiss now and then, the nymph sent waves of chilling
sensation through Diana as she lightly teased each gland.

Gretchen move downward and was now slowly running her soapy hands up and down
the length of Diana's curvaceous legs. Using her cheeks and hands she glided
along, stroking the woman's limbs like a harp player playing a song of
intense sensuality. Her gentle kisses and soft strokes caused Diana to slid
her legs together erotically, rubbing her full thighs and muscular calves
together as she shifted her hips in sexual response.

Diana was now in a state of utter bliss as she moaned and cooed softly to the
other women's overwhelming caresses. "If this is what the countess meant by
being a prisoner, I should never have tried to escape." she thought, "I just
hope Dru is getting at least a little of this treatment."

She then started to chuckle lightly as the combination of the two women's
light touches and the images of the last few weeks events came back to her.
The image of Dru giving that Nazi agent a massive blow job along with her
own experiences began to excite her.

"Never been through such intense treatment before..." she thought as she let
herself drift. "The climaxes, the bondage, the force and power,... Hera I
can't believe I'm so turned on by this."

"Those men, raping me... the machines,... and those plants." she cringed at
the thought of those disgusting things touching and penetrating her but, the
sensations were so erotic, the images so intense. No control at the hands of
something so primitive and base. It was an overwhelming image. The memories
of the raping machine vibrated her very soul as each remembered penetration
sent quivering chills between her legs. She suddenly began to visualize her
sister being bound and gagged into that tortuous machine, the same machine
that broke her, dreaming of her being mercilessly raped and climaxed
relentlessly by that tireless tormentor.

Her visions then shifted to her friends on paradise island. Each aloof,
picturesque female took a turn in the machine as she fantasized wildly about
them all being taken. The images would interchange as she fantasized about
each of them replacing her in the situations she had experienced. Trina, her
noble, angelic friend since childhood, being forcefully gang banged by the
submarine crew. Lewanna, her cousin and idol being molested and raped by Inga
and Gretchen.

Then, Diana surged slightly as the regal image of her mother, Queen
Hypolitia, popped into her seething, erotic mind. The incredibly beautiful
and noble woman's image filled her wicked thoughts as she watched the Queen
being entered again and again by the insidious pod that had raped Diana.
Over and over she envisioned her mother being taken, her statuesque, perfect
form being pulled down from its royal pedestal as the plant ejaculated its
viscous, white fluid into every orifice...

"UUUUGGMMM!" Diana sang out as Gretchen's gentle hands slid under her thighs
and over her buttocks. As with her breasts, Diana's firm cheeks were softly
stroked and massaged as the woman went about cleaning their spherical
surface. As she pushed and squeezed her rear, Gretchen pulled up on one side
of Diana's hips, politely asking the amazon to roll on her side. Then, with
a soft, cloth covered brush, Gretchen began cleaning Diana's rear, gliding
the stiff handle carefully over her tender anus.

Inga continued washing Diana's upper half but now the amazon was rolled to
one side and was facing the smiling dominatrix. Inga soaped up Diana's
breasts again and began massaging them slowly as she wiped and cleaned them.
As she did this, the nymph stared longingly into Diana's heavy, inviting
eyes. Diana stared back, never breaking eye contact as she looked deep into
the woman's gaze. Inga smiled and then leaned in, giving Diana a long, gentle
kiss on the cheek.

Inga moved across Diana's face as she gentle kissed the heroine. Her soft
pecks and full, red lips soon found their way along the amazon's neck and
over her broad shoulders. Diana breathed heavily as the woman continued to
kiss her and her eyes slowly closed as she again slipped back into her

Her mother groaned and moaned as her dripping wet body was again penetrated.
The penises pumped faster and faster, ruthlessly gang-raping the helpless
queen as she struggled in futility to escape. "How you deserve this mother."
Diana thought. "How I would love to see you explode with passion."

Gretchen turned Diana over on her back and leaned over the heavily panting
avenger. She then reached over to the side of the tub and picked up a long
fallic shaped bar of soap. Wetting it with warm water to start it frothing,
she slid it teasingly over Diana's bare thighs and stomach. Diana watched
longingly as the enticing form taunted her will. Then, Gretchen slid it down
between Diana's legs and slowly inserted it into her soapy, wet vagina. The
amazon responded by surging upward slowly and letting out a heavy, dull moan
of enjoyment. At the same moment, Inga sank down and sucked one of Diana's
rock hard nipples into her mouth. With both hands she gently cupped the huge
gland and began slowly sucking the life from it.

Wonder Woman was now moaning rhythmically as the slow sliding of the soapy
dildo and the erotic suckling overwhelmed her already aroused mind. Gretchen
continued her thorough job of cleaning by hugging Diana's surging hips and
gliding her tongue slowly over the amazon's sensitive clitoris and through
her soft, vaginal lips. The woman's mouth was absolutely magical as it sucked
and licked Diana clean of her resistance and control. The dildo continued its
rhythmic pumping, forcing the amazon's hips upward with each irresistible
stroke and the three women settled down into a mass of thrusting, gyrating
hips, legs and bare skin as Diana grew closer and closer to overwhelming




Diana's moans turned to deep screams under her ball gag as she soared higher
and higher. The two dominatrix, sensing the woman's nearing climax, tightened
their grip on her soft, naked body, offering sexually exciting resistance to
her uncontrollable thrusts.

Tighter and tighter Wonder Woman grew, squeezing each muscle near to breaking
as the powerful wave of sexual energy swelled inexorably. Then, with one last
cringing gasp, Diana seized, forcing her hips upward into a high back arch,
surging like a ballerina making a high, dramatic leap...



Even under the gag, the climatic yell of release echoed throughout the room.
Diana collapsed and rolled about erotically as the two nymphs dug in hard and
began massaging and suckling the heroine with a heavy, intense zeal. This
brought on another, overwhelming climax as Diana again exploded with sexual

As she moaned and groaned in sexual defeat, Inga gentle untied the ball
gag and removed it from Diana's loose, half open mouth. Then, slowly and
passionately, she leaned in and began kissing Diana hard and deep on the
lips. Diana responded without hesitation, returning every movement and
sensation to Inga's wet, red lips. Both women began to moan slowly as
they continued to passionately exchange affections.

Gretchen slid herself up and unhooked Wonder woman's cuffs from the holder
imbedded in the cement. Diana's hands were still bound but she could now move
her arms about in front of her. She immediately reached forward and cupped
Inga's cheeks with her hands, holding the woman still as she continued to
kiss her.


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