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This story contains very descriptive scenes of sex, bondage and rape. If you
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This story and its material are based on the Wonder Woman TV series that
aired in the '80s. It is simply one of my fantasy episodes. Again, this story
contains material of a dark nature. If you are offended, do not flame me,
just simply ignore this posting.

Wonder Woman: The Domination Of Wonder Woman Part 2 Chapter 8
by Anonymous

Gretchen then reached across and grabbed Diana's chin, pulling her head
softly toward her. Without question Diana let go of Inga and cupped
Gretchen's face as she began kissing the red head. Both woman hugged and
caressed each other as they slowly shared their passions. Inga then pulled
Diana back toward her and they continued their exchange. This went on for
what seemed like forever as the three aroused women pleasured each other.

Gretchen and Inga then sat back and up on the sides of the tub, allowing
Diana to get to her knees. Inga reached out and gently kissed the heroine,
pulling her closer. Then, with a soft push, she guided Diana's head downward.
Diana instinctively knelt down between Inga's legs and began gliding her
tongue slowly over Inga's warm, went vagina. Then, with a burst of sexual
excitement, Wonder Woman pressed her mouth deep into Inga's pussy and she
began pleasuring the dominatrix.

Gretchen moved in behind Diana and began stroking her raised rear end. The
amazon's cheeks were full, round and shiny wet with soap, making the
sensation of massaging her buttocks even more exciting to the red head. She
then began kissing the woman's smooth, soft skin as she slid her hand between
Diana's thighs and masturbated the heroine.

Diana reciprocated by increasing Inga's already overwhelming blow job. Inga
thrust and moaned slowly as Diana wildly licked and massaged the woman's
vagina with her sensual lips and mouth.

As the two women moaned and shifted about, Gretchen picked up the soap dildo
and slid it back into Diana's warm, wet pussy. Diana let out an intense groan
as the fallic plunged deep into her vagina. With wild abandonment, Wonder
Woman wildly intensified her falacio, bringing Inga closer and closer to
climax. Then with a massive surge, Diana forced a wild scream of passion from
Inga as she plunged the woman into climax.

Insane with passion, Diana sat up and turned toward Gretchen. Driven by an
overwhelming desire to please her tormentors, Wonder Woman pushed the red
head back and buried her face in the woman's pink pussy. The dominatrix's
curly red hair shot back in a scarlet wave as she thrust her head back in
ecstasy. Inga quickly moved behind Diana and resumed the dildo's path,
pumping it slowly in and out of Diana's gyrating hips. Gretchen was soon
screaming uncontrollably as the amazon exacted a ferocious climax from the
red head.

Still stimulated, Gretchen clamped her hand down on Diana's head and held
the amazon in place, riding out the avenger's incredible wave of passion.
Inga then removed the foaming soap dildo from Diana and placed it on the
side of the tub. She reached over and unfolded a towel and picked up a
larger, red vibrator. Stroking Wonder Woman's jiggling rear, she slowly
moved the implement into place, lightly touching Diana's vagina with the
tip. Then, with a forceful, steady thrust, she pushed the dildo into Diana's
innocent and unsuspecting hips.

Diana thrust her rear upward as the large vibrator inched its way
relentlessly forward. As she tried to raise her head, Gretchen pushed it
back down, securing the struggling heroine in place. Diana's plump buttocks
shifted from side to side as her distressed hips tried to valiantly resist
the toy's irresistible charms.

As soon as the dildo was fully inserted, Inga pulled back on it, reversing
the pressure and sending new waves of stimulation through Wonder Woman's
mind. Then, like a mad woman, Inga began pumping the dildo in and out of
the panicked heroine. With each pumping cycle, Diana let out a muffled moan
of animalistic emotion. They were too rough, too intense, but Diana couldn't
help but let the experience overwhelm her.

After a few minutes, Inga looked up and gave Gretchen a sly wink. Then,
reaching over to the side of the tub, she picked up another large, red
vibrator and moved it toward the already writhing heroine.

An intense cry of resistance announced the insertion of the second vibrator
underneath the first as Inga mercilessly plunged the new stimulator along
the length of the first one. Diana's vagina was now expanded to its limits
and it stretched like a gaping mouth as Inga twisted and shoved the dildo's
in and out of her. The amazon was panic stricken now as the implements sent
her totally out of control. Each thrust drove her mad with sensation as she
was penetrated over and over again. Then, with an unreal tension, Diana
tightened ever muscle as the surging climax began to surface. A long silence
passed and the amazon squeezed as tightly as she could....


Diana screamed her defiance as the climax was ruthlessly exacted from her.
As soon as Wonder Woman released, Inga removed one of the vibrators and
plunged it hard and swift into Diana's rosy, pink anus. Wonder Woman let out
a pig like squeal as her rear was savagely penetrated. Her hips continued
to buck and thrust about as Inga slid and twisted the phallic around
mercilessly. This intensely horrid treatment brought on yet another fiery
climax. Diana then slumped down into the pool, dazed, defeated and raped.

Inga then removed the sex toys and rolled the amazon on her back. The two
dominatrix then slid on top of her and began passionately kissing their
moaning captive.

After several minutes of caressing and kissing, Gretchen stood up and
sauntered slowly out of the steaming tub. At the same time, Inga slid in
behind the avenger and wrapped her left arm around the woman's shoulders,
forcefully, but not painfully pinning her arms to her side. She then gentle
cupped her hand over Diana's mouth, pulling the heroine's head back against
her shoulders. Both women knew there was no need for this but it was a
symbol, a sign of power. Inga was the dominator and Diana was the prisoner.
Diana accepted her role and sank back, letting the sensation of Inga's huge
breasts on her bare, soapy back stimulate her some more.

Gretchen toweled herself dry and slipped the towel around her body, pinning
it with a fold at the top. With another towel she coiled her long, red hair
up into a beehive. As she did this, Inga escorted Diana out of the tub and
stood behind her on the white, fur rug, holding her hand over the woman's
mouth. She then stepped aside and Gretchen quickly took her place, re-gagging
the prisoner. As Inga dried herself off, Gretchen started to kiss and nibble
Diana's ears, entertaining the dazed heroine.

After Inga wrapped herself in a towel, she picked up a silk strip of cloth
and walked toward Diana. Gretchen removed her hand and Inga pushed the cloth
into Diana's mouth. Gretchen then took the ends and pulled it behind Diana's
head, tying it off with a firm but comfortable knot. Diana now stood naked
and soapy wet with her hands cuffed in front of her, her mouth gagged and her
hair tied up high on her head.

The two women then picked up some towels and started drying Wonder Woman off,
using the towels to massage and stimulate the heroine even further. After a
few minutes, they were done and they dropped the towels to the floor.

Gretchen then walked to a closet and, after some rustling, came out with a
coat hanger sporting a set of pink lingerie. They gently slipped the shear,
pink panties over Diana's wide, motherly hips, sliding them slowly up her
quivering, tan legs. The pink, laced bra corralled Wonder Woman's enormous
endowment and the huge breasts were pulled up and together forming two
perfectly round, spherical mounds of flesh. Her skin was still wet and
glistening making her bulging breasts shiny and smooth under the rooms soft
lights. An intricately laced robe was slipped over Diana's wide shoulders.
It was beautiful but did nothing more than slightly hide her gorgeous shape
behind a vale of shear, pink silk. Her hair was then fixed up again on top
of her head, seeing how it was all astray from her bathtub encounter. The
final touch was a pair of 6 inch, high heel, pink, stiletto shoes which
skyrocketed the already taller amazon to a new, impressive height and which
instantly caused the muscles in her long legs to shape and tighten, turning
them into incredible showcases of form and beauty.

The two dominatrix got dressed in their usual black, leather outfits. They
then affixed a black, studded collar around Wonder Woman's long neck and
pulled her gently by the leash, leading her into the next room. A tray of
food sat at an elegant oak table. Diana was escorted to a chair in front of
the food and was securely bound to it. Her arms were strapped to the chair's
arms with silk binds and her legs were crossed and then tied at the knees
and ankles. The gag was removed and the two women sat down and started spoon
feeding their prisoner. Diana was famished and didn't hesitate to eat every
delicious morsel.

* * *

Wonder Girl was almost comatose at this point. She stood against the table,
her hips instinctively thrusting forward as the ticklers continued their
ruthless onslaught. Her mouth was dry and slack as she stared out into space
with her now glossy, tear filled eyes.

"Oh Hera PLEASE! Somebody please... I'll do anything just let me cum." she
cried as the teasing sensations drove her mad with desire. She had never
felt like this before, so vulnerable and so turned on. This countess was
insidious and she dreaded the woman's next move as she lay there moaning
and cooing.

After what seemed like an eternity, Drucella shivered as the sounds of the
lab door opening broke the mind numbing spell and told her that the worst
was yet to come. The countess entered the lab escorted by her blonde
assistant and three German officers. The men were much older and looked
very important.

"I don't know anything about Nazi insignia so I have no idea who they could
be but, they must be pretty powerful to make the countess nervous." Dru
noticed as the dark hared witch hemmed and hawed as she talked to the stoic
men. The group approached the slowly twisting teen and stood in front of her,
staring long and hard at her firm, naked body.

"Zo, this is the amazing Vonder Voman." said Colonel Wilmeiter with a look of
unimpressed disinterest as he stared at the young girl through his monocle.

"Oh Colonel, zis is not ze Vonder Voman, only ze Vonder Girl." the countess
said laughingly waving her hand at the girl as though to brush her off.

Dru shot them both an angry and annoyed stare. "I'm just as good as Diana
you... you..." she thought as she let out a hissing, fiery snarl.

"You vill meet Vonder Voman soon enough." the countess continued. "But first,
the girl."

"Guards! Untie the girl and secure her to ze table." the woman ordered,
pointing to a medical style table sitting against the wall of the lab. The
guards stepped up and unstrapped the now super tender heroine. As they did
so, the teen began twisting and kicking in a vain attempt at escape. The
guards picked the girl up by each arm and carried her fiery form to the
table where they began strapping her down. Her wrists went into two leather
cuffs which secured her arms above her head. Two long, leather straps were
then tied around her ankles. Dru could move her legs but only in a small,
restricted way. The young girl lay twisting and gyrating as the guards
inserted a special cloth wad into her mouth. They then secured the cloth in
place with a leather strap that completely covered her mouth and prevented
her from pushing the gag out. Dru could only moan and mumble as she fought
to get free.

"Spirited little thing." one of the officers noted.

"Ya, but her fire will be doused soon enough." the countess gloated. Then
she made a sharp, loud clap with her hands. The doors to the lab opened and
Wonder Woman was slowly escorted into the lab and presented to the crowd.

"Magnificent! Simply magnificent!" the Colonel gleamed as he stared
indecently at the semi-nude amazon. "You have indeed earned the respect of
the Third Reich." he exclaimed grinning at the defiant woman.

"A great honor sir." she replied obsequiously.

"You will never get away with this." Wonder Woman proclaimed staring forward
in pride and determinations.

"America will never yield to your.. MMMNMBLMMMMMM!..." but as Diana tried to
finish her sentence, another special wad was shoved in her mouth from behind
and the same kind of leather gag was securely affixed around her head. Diana
could only hiss and moan as she stood helplessly in front of the Nazis.

"You Americans are zo arrogant. You vill learn who your master is." the
Colonel said in a gruff tone as he brutally grabbed Diana by the chin and
forced her to look him in the eye.

"If you vill allow me..." the countess said bowing her head and motioning to
the two dominatrix. The women pushed Diana toward another table next to Dru's
and wrestled the gyrating femme-fatal onto it. As they secured her, Diana and
Dru stared at one another in fear and hopelessness. They had not seen each
other at all since they were first kidnapped and the bondage reunion they
were having was not a very warm one.

"Hold on little one." Diana's eyes seemed to say as she stared at Dru. "They
will never win."

With a final, tightening yank on Diana's straps, the two Dominatrix stepped
away from the table and the crowd watched as the two heroines grunted and
groaned as they tested their bonds.

"Now you vill witness the power of ze Third Reich." the countess proclaimed.
"Now you vill seen the creation of ze new master race." and with that the lab
door opened and two men entered the room and walked up to the countess.

The men were nothing less than perfect physical specimens. They were huge,
completely muscle bound with no sign of body fat what so ever. They stood
completely naked and at attention as the countess circled them slowly,
lightly caressing their wide chests with her soft hands.

"These specimens and their brethren represent the culmination of the Aryan
race." she explained. "Carefully raised and bread, these men will sire a new,
super race for ze glorious Reich." she continued.

"Now my children, look at your new mates." she said slowly as she stared past
them toward the struggling Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl. "Now its time for
you to do what you've been bread for... IMPREGNATE THEM!"

Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl began wiggling and struggling wildly against
their bonds as the two men approached them. They pushed themselves up the
table as far as they could in a futile attempt at escape but the act was in
vain as each men climbed onto the table from the end and started to move
toward each woman, parting the captives' legs as the moved into position.

With a forceful hand, Diana's attacker clamped down on her breast and began
squeezing it ruthless as he pulled himself on top of her. The woman's strong
pelvis thrust and twisted as she tried to push her much larger opponent off
but his size and strength were too over whelming. Her long, muscular legs
slid about wildly as she tried to kick him away but the leather straps
binding her ankles only allowed her to bend her knees slightly.

As he maneuvered forward, she could see his enormous member growing hard with
anticipation as she stared down in horror between her legs. Then, with a low,
dull moan of defiance, Diana reeled her head back and gasped as the rapist
guided is penis between her lips and pushed his rock hard erection into her
unprotected vagina.

Her rear shot up and about as the muscle bound attacker continued to mount
the heroine. Inch by inch he slid deeper and deeper, forcing Diana to moan
and grunt erotically with each intense thrust. Then, the two began to surge
in unison as her attacker's member became fully inserted into her vagina.

As she swayed and thrust, she looked across and watched as her younger sister
squealed and gyrated frantically from her penetration. The teen's head
thrashed about wildly, spraying her long brunette hair about as she bucked
and surged under her assailant.

Both women were now moaning and screaming under their gags as they writhed
and struggled under the two rapists. The attackers added to the heroines'
agony by grabbing and viciously massaging their huge breasts. Like wild
animals, they sucked and squeezed the women's tits, milking them in an
uncontrollable frenzy of passion.

The maddening gang rape continued for several minutes as each man began to
build toward certain triumph. Then, Diana's attacker grabbed her buttocks
hard as he began thrusting faster and faster into her. Diana knew defeat was
near and the panic stricken amazon thrashed about wildly in desperation.

"Nature at vork." demonstrated the countess. "They are incredible." The
audience, however, ignored the woman's prattlings as they gazed in utter
amazement at the erotic spectacle before them.

Then, the unthinkable started to build as the two men began pumping faster
and faster. The two bucking women screamed louder and more feverishly as the
end grew near. Growing tighter themselves, both Dru and Diana began to seize,
gasping and whining short breathes of protest as they tried in vain to force
their attackers off of them. Their moans and grunts were complicating the
situation, however, as hearing the erotic sounds of the other woman's rape
sent chills of sensation through each of them.

Diana's mate then reached up and under her, grabbing her shoulders hard as
he pushed deeper into her. The man grew tighter and tighter and he pulled
harder and harder as he swelled with tension. Diana rolled her head back and
squeezed her thighs together in panic as she neared climax. Then with one
last massive thrust, Diana screamed uncontrollably as her attacker exploded
wildly inside her, ejaculating his fertile seed into her defenseless and
unprotected womb.

Drucella cried out with the same scream of defeat as her attacker came inside
her. Both women then slumped down in exhaustion, moaning slowly as the men
continued to pump away.

"That's it my children," the countess said coldly as she walked between the
two tables and stroked both the males' plump, muscular, pumping buttocks with
her hands, "finish depositing every precious drop. Finish them for GOOD! Sire
the master race!"

After several moments of long, deep thrusts, the two men got up, dropping the
two defeated heroines to the table and stood back at attention, their firm
erections glistening with the remnants of their triumph.

"Good!" the countess said staring at their dripping members. "Send in the
next group." she ordered. The two men saluted and then left.

"Next group?" asked the puzzled Colonel.

"Ya, this will take several attempts. Of course the whole thing will be quite
entertaining so sit back and enjoy." she smiled.

Diana and Dru both stared at each other in horror at this prospect and both
avengers renewed their attempts at gaining freedom. Their fiery spirits were
soon doused as the next two men mounted and penetrated them, sending them
both into another exhausting, spiraling, primal downfall. The gang rapes
continued relentlessly after that as both Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl were
forced to procreate with their attackers.

* * *

Diana's body hit the stone floor hard as she was tossed into the cold, damp
cell. Her battered and bruised body ached as she lay dazed and stunned on the
floor. Dru's slack body came crashing down on top of her as the teen followed
her sister.

Diana's hands were firmly tied behind her back with several straps of
leather. Straps bound her wrists and elbows together and several straps
around her bare shoulders prevented her from moving her arms. Her sore
legs were tied tightly together with several lengths that wrapped around
both limbs like twine wrapped around a spool. She was still gagged with
the leather gag and mouth piece she was fitted with in the lab. Her
sister lay helpless and prone in the same way, completely bound and

Both women moaned with exhaustion as they lay slightly shifting about on the
floor. It had been several hours since the rapes began and Diana surmised
that they had gone through every one of the countess's "perfect specimens".
The streams of dried cum now stained the insides of her full, tan thighs as
she lay fucked and beaten.

"They're not going to stop." Diana thought testing her bonds. "I must get
free of this hell before they do succeed in impregnating us."

As she thought in horror at her predicament, the previously transpired
events' draining experience forced her to fall into a deep, heavy sleep and
both women lay unconscious on the dark cell floor.


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