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This story contains very descriptive scenes of sex, bondage and rape. If you
do not like to read such material: DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!!!

This story and its material are based on the Wonder Woman TV series that
aired in the '80s. It is simply one of my fantasy episodes. Again, this story
contains material of a dark nature. If you are offended, do not flame me,
just simply ignore this posting.

Wonder Woman: The Domination Of Wonder Woman Part 2 Chapter 9
by Anonymous


The door burst open forcing Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman to wake with a
start. Inga and Gretchen rushed in and brutally picked the two women up,
untying their legs and carrying them carelessly out of the cell and back
toward the lab. Each girl knew their fate and they began to twist about
as they neared the room. The two struggling heroines were brought into
the lab and stood in front of the countess.

The countess stood fuming, her arms crossed in front of her and her foot
taping on the floor. She then waved at Inga. Inga untied and removed Diana's

"What ze HELL is going on!" screamed the countess as she grabbed Diana's
hair and yanked her head toward her.

"Wha... what do you mean?" asked Diana coyly batting her eyes like an
innocent southern girl.

"How dare YOU!" screamed the Nazi as she slapped Diana's face and pushed her
back into Inga's arms. "You are supposed to be PREGNANT! My men fucked you
both enough times to make any woman pregnant. There's no way either of you
could have avoided this. I want to know what's going on? What's the SECRET!"

"Go to hell WITCH!" Diana said angrily spitting at the countess and taunting
her with a patronizing grin.

Dru stared at her sister in utter shock. "What are you doing Diana! Don't
piss her off or she'll try and mate us with some farm animals or something"
Dru thought shooting Diana a "shut up" gaze.

"You're an IDIOT and I'll NEVER tell you "the secret"." Diana continued
defiantly, knowing what the countess's next move would be.

"We'll see about that." she said as she stomped way. She crossed the room
and knelt in front of a blocky, steel safe which she frantically dialed.
Soon she whipped open the heavy, metal door and pulled out what Diana was
hoping for, her belt.

"This will make you talk like it did before." she screamed as she yanked the
golden lasso off the belt and threw the belt like an angry child onto one of
the lab tables.

"I'm going to use this to mess you up real good Wonder Woman!" the countess
hissed as she held up the loop and brought it toward Diana. "You've
humiliated me in front of my superiors and you're going to pay!"

"I'm going to make you do things you never thought poss..." But before the
countess could finish her sentence, Diana's muscular leg shot out and her
bare foot connected square with the countess's chin, sending the woman back
hard and to the floor.

Inga, startled by the amazon's amazing constitution, was caught completely
off guard as Diana jumped backward plowing her body into the dominatrix and
sending her back against a bookcase.

Gretchen, seeing this, started toward the feisty avenger but fell flat as
Dru stuck her foot out, tripping the tall red head. Dru then piled on top
of the girl and began bouncing up and down on her back, slamming her hard
against the floor.

Diana made a bee line for the belt was caught short as the countess plowed
into her with a diving tackle. Both women went to the floor but the countess
was triumphant seeing how Diana's arms and hands were still firmly bound
behind her back. The countess sat on top of the struggling heroine, her face
bleeding from the brutal kick.

"You're really going to pay this time BITCH!" the countess screamed as she
again raised the lasso and brought it toward Diana. "I'm going to find out
where you came from and I'm going to do the same things to them that I've
done to you."

"NNNOOOOOOO!" Diana screamed as she tried to push the witch off of her.

Inga started toward the countess to help her. As she ran across the room,
Dru shoved her legs out and tripped the big breasted nymph, sending her
staggering toward the two women on the floor. Inga slammed into the countess
and tumbled over her, causing the dominatrix to reach out to grab something
for support. Her hand connected with the edge of the table but her weight
toppled it, causing its contents to catapult through the air.

The countess and Inga both looked up in shock as Diana's belt soared straight
up and came down with a slight "whap" on Diana's chest. Diana, grinning with
triumph, began to swell as she pulled against her bonds. Like a string of
lights bursting, the straps popped off her arms and flopped to the floor.
Then with her free hand, she grabbed the belt and slipped it on.

"Get HER!" screamed the countess as all the women rushed the now free Wonder
Woman. The lab assistant was the first to reach the heroine and was the first
to go sailing across the room as Diana easily flung her like a discarded

Gretchen and Inga became very intimate for a brief moment as Diana slammed
them together into a dominatrix sandwich and then flung them apart, slamming
both dazed nymphs against opposing walls.

"GUAR..." screamed the countess but Wonder Woman's super strong hand came
clamping down over her mouth.

"Now we'll see who pays." said Wonder Woman as she stared ominously into the
countess's eyes. Holding the Nazi firmly with one hand, Diana reached down
and tore her sisters bonds, freeing the plucky teen.

"Get some of that anesthetic." Diana ordered. "We've got a little work to

The countess began to scream in horror under Diana's hand as Dru picked up
the chloroform bottle and began putting Inga, Gretchen and the assistant to

"Before I put you to sleep, I thought I'd let you in on our little secret."
Diana said, pouring the bottle's contents into a rag. "You see, we amazons
have very slow metabolisms which allows us to live extremely long lives. It
also causes us to ovulate only once every twelve years as opposed to every
month for you." she explained.

"Yeah, and when WE'RE on the rag, WATCH OUT!" added Dru with a childish

"Nighty night." said Diana as the sickly sweat cotton wad clamped down over
the countess's face.

* * *

"All done" bragged Wonder Girl with a gleaming smile as she wiped her hands
and walked into the lab.

"Did you do what I told to with those two?" asked Diana as she slipped on
the last of her costume.

"Oh yeah and they'll be really surprised when they wake up." replied Dru with
a prankster's grin.

* * *

Inga moaned softly as the chloroform wore off. As she began to move, she
found that she was both bound and gagged and tied to a lab table. Not only
that, she was stripped completely naked and a cloth bag was tied over her
head, completely obscuring her face. Only two small eye holes allowed her
to see out. Looking about, she saw her cohort Gretchen reviving on a table
next to her in the same condition.

Both women jerked and twisted as they tried to free themselves. As the
writhed about, Inga noticed a note taped to her bare chest. Examining it
for a moment and trying to decipher the upside down writing, Inga began
to scream in horror.

"My children. Here are two new specimens.
My orders are to impregnate them.
The Countess"

Just as Inga finished reading, two of the Aryans walked into the room and
immediately began mounting the two dominatrix. Both women screamed
uncontrollably as the two men penetrated them and each couple bucked and
thrust about as the impregnation continued. With a final, brutal thrust,
both men finished and the next pair took their place. The women screamed
and cried in agony, knowing the horrid fate that awaited both of them.

* * *

"And what about that bothersome lab assistant? What did you do with her."
asked Diana.

* * *

The young blonde screamed as a new vibrator pushed its way deep inside her
and sent her reeling with pain and sensation. As the machine pumped its dildo
into her, another vibrator lunged forward and plunged itself into her tight,
clenched anus, parting it wide open. The naked, gagged and banged lab
assistant squirmed helplessly in the cold darkness as the insidious machine
exacted climax after climax from her.

* * *

"Now you have to tell me what you did with that countess woman?" Dru asked
eagerly as the two amazons slipped through the castle's hallways and out into
the early morning fog.

"I simply introduced her to an old friend of mine." Diana said with a smirk
as she started telepathically summoning her invisible jet.

* * *

The drug's effects lifted and the countess slowly raised her hand to her head
and let out a low moan. "Wha.. where am I?" she asked as she clenched her
naked body and stared around the dank, brown cave.

Suddenly, with a eerie whipping sound, several tendrils shot out from the pod
and they enveloped the shock and confused mistress.

"Dear GOD NO!!" she screamed as the pod pulled the twisting countess across
the dirt floor and into its gaping maw.

The tentacles wrapped themselves hard and tight around everyone of her
flailing limbs and bound her into a submissive, ready position as she slid
inside the creature.

"NO! Not this!" she screamed as it enveloped her. Like Diana had explained,
the amazon had a slower metabolism and so she was relatively safe from the
creature but, the countess knew she was a normal female and this meant the
plant would succeed.

The proboscises entered her hard and brutally as she was forcefully raped by
the insidious plant. The silhouette of her twisting, struggling form being
penetrated illuminated from the glowing pod as the plant's seeds were
deposited and the countess was inseminated. The now pregnant woman wiggled
about helplessly in the sack as the unholy union of plant and mammal
continued undisturbed.

After what seemed like hours, the dark hared woman came spewing out, her body
dripping wet with cum and lubricant. She lay moaning and wincing as her 9
month, swelled abdomen surged and bulged from the alien embryo moving about
inside her.

"I'll get you for this Wonder Woman," the countess screamed in agony. "You'll

* * *

"I love IT!" laughed Dru as both women climbed into the plane. "I wonder if
its going to be a boy or a girl." she asked jokingly. Both women broke out in
laughter as the jet soared off into the sunrise.



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