This is an adult story and contains sex and violence. If you are underaged
or are offended by this type of material then read no further. Wonder Woman
is a copywritten character from DC Comics. The author wrote this for his
enjoyment and expects no remuneration nor will he accept any.

Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman And The Man Part 3 (MF,bond,humil,spank,voy,ncon)
by P Stevens ([email protected])

His cock stood out from him hard and straight, like a spear. He swiftly moved
his dick to the entrance of her cunt and brutally shoved it in. It cut into
her like a knife and buried itself five inches into her before her tightness
stopped him. Wonder Woman let out a yell of pain and anger. She had known
that he would do this to her sometime, but now that he had. She was still a
virgin. No man had ever entered her before. Her hymen was long since gone
because of her physical exertions as a crime fighter but to be taken like
this. She felt so helpless and ashamed.

The Man did not hesitate. He pulled back a bit and shoved it in again. His
manhood plowed in a further two inches. Wonder Woman screamed out in pain as
she felt his pole ram into her vagina. Like every virgin she didn't think her
pussy could fit him all in. It felt like her cunt was being torn apart. It
took him three more bone jarring thrusts before he felt his groin slap
against her asscheeks. He was now buried to the hilt, all ten inches, inside
the pussy of the worlds greatest superheroine. The Man felt incredible. He
let his dick stay buried inside her for awhile so her cunt could get used to
him. He throbbed his cock and rotated his hips which sent shivers of feeling
through Wonder Woman's body and for her to moan in agony.

In a little while his hands firmly griped her ass cheeks on either side.
Then he withdrew his cock until all that was in her was his cockhead. Then
he pushed it back in. He then began to slowly saw his dick in and out of
her. Wonder Woman could feel the incredible length and girth of his entire
cock as it slid in and out of her tight pussy. She couldn't believe that
she could feel so full. She just knew her poor pussy was stretched to the
breaking point. She had never felt like this before. Not in all of her many
adventures had she ever been taken like this.

The Man began to feel his excitement build quickly so he did something to
distract himself. He wanted this fuck to last awhile. So he looked down at
her hunching churning ass and smiled. SWAT! SMACK! SLAP! SPANK! WHAP! His
hands began to spank her incredibly luscious ass all over again.

Wonder Woman cried out in pain and humiliation. The spanks were having the
desired effect though. It forced the Man to concentrate on something else
besides what was happening to his cock thus enabling him to bring his
emotions under control somewhat. Though with each spank he could feel her
cunt contract on his dick making her pussy incredibly tight. So after awhile
the spanks only served to increase his lust. It did one other thing. After
twenty spanks or so, Wonder Woman began to move differently. Her ass began
to arch up more towards his spanking palm as it descended. Her hips also
began to thrust back at him as he pumped himself into her. Totally unaware
she was establishing a rhythm. Wonder Woman continued to deny her feelings
even as they began to surge through her body. She felt that he was forcing
these things to happen and that she had no choice.

The Man was aware of her attitude but for the moment didn't care. He wanted
to fuck and spank the shit out of this wondrous bitch and he was doing just
that. SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! The spanking continued as he stepped up his
pace. His dick was moving in and out of her faster and faster.

Wonder Woman wasn't thinking of anything right now. She was just reacting.
Her pussy was on fire and so was her ass. His cock was driving her rapidly
towards a climax. It was so big and hard and it wouldn't let up. Forcing
her...forcing her...pressing, probing... "OOOOOHHHHHH...GGGGOOOODDDSSSS...
express train. Her body tensed and jerked. Every fiber of her being was
focused on her cunt.

The Man hung on as she bucked and jumped in her bonds. He felt his cock
squeezed by her pussy and groaned. Then he too was hit by his climax and
released his hot cum into her. "AAHHHHH!!! OOOHHHHH!! UUUNNNGGGHHH!!!!
AAAAHHHHHhhhhhh!!" screamed the Man as his climax rolled over him.

As his cock discharged itself into her Wonder Woman felt the hot sperm
fill her pussy and she came a second time. Her spasms of delight rocked
and jolted her like an electric current that left her drained and spent
when they slowly subsided. The Man let his deflating cock fall out of her
soaked cunt. His cum and hers mingling together as they ran in rivulets
down her soft inner thighs. He staggered back from her and swayed on his
feet for a moment. Then he leaned forward, bending at the waist till his
face loomed over her ass, and with a smile kissed her on her spank
reddened asscheeks. His hands moved lovingly over her sweat covered body,
calming her down and helping her to bring her shaking body under control.

When she finally began to relax and almost coo under his tender
ministrations he stood up, picked up his robe and departed, closing the
door behind him. For her part Wonder Woman's brain refused to deal with
what just happened so it shut down and she slept.

After a while she awoke to find the Man once more with her. He was busy
untying her bonds. Was he going to release her? Wonder Woman watched him
carefully. However it was soon obvious he was not going to release her.
Instead he was repositioning her arms so that they wouldn't develop cramps
from being in one position for such a long time. He was very careful with
her and was able to prevent any escape attempt. When he positioned her
arms over her head, he left. Wonder Woman, after a quick examination of
the knots holding her, settled down and slept once more. Wonder Woman's
confinement went on this way with daily visits from the Man.

Every day he fed her, bathed her, saw to her toilet, and had multiple
pain/sex sessions with her. He also occasionally repositioned her in her
bonds. At night he left her with some entertainment. A tape of the days
activities. He also left her a voice activated remote control with which
she could view or not view the tape at her discretion. The Man noted,
with the aid of a counter he had placed in the VCR, that each night she
would spend a great deal of time watching the tapes.

As the days passed Wonder Woman went through some major changes. Her
attitude at the beginning of her captivity was one of anger and she was
calculating all the time on how to escape. Later came shock and numbness
at her reaction to the Man's sexual assault of her. Next came stoicism.
An unbending resignation to outlast the situation. It was at this stage
that the Man next changed her bonds.

After he left, Wonder Woman once more checked the knots and found that
the Man had made a mistake. The knot around her left wrist was loose.
Hope surged through her as she began to frantically at first, then slowly
and methodically, to work on the knot. Free. Her left hand was free. Soon,
so was her right. Then she reached under her tiara and extracted a bobby
pin. She had learned how to pick locks with it and soon had her legs free.
Wonder Woman found she was incredibly stiff and sore from her lengthy
bondage. So she quickly went through a series of exercises to loosen her
muscles and then headed out the door. Incredibly it wasn't locked. She
found a set of stairs leading up to a door. She knew her costume was a
shambles, but reasoned that as soon as she had taken care of the Man she
would use his clothes or some drapes or something to cover her nakedness.
She would also look for her lasso and belt of strength. He must have them
she reasoned so she silently went through the door.

Wonder Woman knew she didnt have her super powers but she was in terrific
shape and more than a match for the overweight and out of shape Man. As the
door opened she could hear the sounds of a TV coming from the next room. So
she crept down to the half opened door and saw the Man sitting with his back
to her watching TV. She wasted no time and rushed at him. Her first step
into the room caused the floor to creak under her weight.

The Man must have heard for at the last moment he ducked and dove to his
left as Wonder Woman crashed into the chair where he had been sitting.
Wonder Woman crashed hard into the chair and her momentum caused her to
fly past it and slam into the far wall. The crash into the chair and wall
momentarily drove the breath from Wonder Woman. The Man rolled to the wall.
It was covered with trophies. His eyes quickly sought and found his most
valuable trophy and he grabbed it.

As Wonder Woman began to recover and got shakily to her feet, a rope settled
over her head and around her body. It was her own magic lasso. The Man
quickly pulled it tight and then yanked hard sending the weakened Wonder
Woman crashing to the floor once more. He then was on top of her in a flash.
Quickly he grabbed her arms and bound them behind her in a box shape, elbows
to wrists. Then while sitting on her back he took another piece of rope from
his pocket and wound it around her ankles thus securing her legs. He then
saw that he had quite a bit of magic lasso left. He lifted her by her arms
to her knees until her ass was in the air. Then doubling it up he swung it
around and SWAP! SWISH! SWICK! he began to use it on her poor defenseless

Wonder Woman was crushed. She couldn't believe that she failed. She had
surprised him and nearly had him, only to be defeated by her own magic lasso
and now... to be spanked with it. The shame was just too much and she began
to cry. Not tears of pain but tears of sadness and humiliation, which is
precisely what the Man was looking for. He knew the end was in sight. After
a time the Man returned her to her room and bound her with ordinary rope
once more. Wonder Woman was now entering a stage of development that saw her
as being morose and uncaring of what happened to her. She responded well to
the sexual stimuli but the rest of the time she was listless and unfeeling.

Then two days after her escape and two weeks after her capture, the Man
removed her from her room. He brought her to an another room. This room had
a wooden chair in it which was bolted to the floor. The Man sat her in the
chair and bound her to it. He next placed a gag(her own costume bottom) into
her mouth. Then he wheeled in the TV and VCR and placed it in front of her
and left.

Wonder Woman didn't know what to think. If the Man thought that she needed
to see more tapes of her degradation so be it. She just didn't care anymore.
However the TV remained off for quite awhile and Wonder Woman began to wonder
just what was going on. Then suddenly the TV started by itself. She could see
herself in the room. She was bound as before. Her costume was still on so
this must be the first tape again. The Man was not in the room as yet. Then
Wonder Woman began to look closely at herself in the TV. Something was wrong.
Wait the VCR it wasn't on. There was no tape playing in it. This was a live
feed but who???? Then it hit her and in her mind and into the gag she

She tried to break her bonds but couldn't. Tears ran down her face as she saw
her sister begin to awaken and realize her predicament. She saw Wonder Girl
try the ropes and look around her room just as she had done before. She saw
her shrug her shoulders, after realizing her predicament, and settle down to
wait for her captor to arrive, confident she would be able to exploit a
weakness and escape. Just as she had, only.......only.... he'll show no
weakness. He'll toy with her and use her like a true master...

Wonder Woman's will was being crushed. If I couldn't escape him, poor Wonder
Girl, she didn't stand a chance against him. Then the Man entered the room
occupied by Wonder Girl and began to prove Wonder Woman right. He quietly
approached her and ignoring her questions about Wonder Woman he reached out
and yanked down her costume top. Wonder Girl screamed at this violation while
Wonder Woman gasped. She had not seen her sister naked in quite awhile. She
was a beauty. Her breasts were full and lush, and nearly as large as her own.
Then the Man began to play with them and fondle them and Wonder Girl gasped
and tried to get away from his ravaging fingers.

Wonder Woman felt a stirring in her own breast. Her nipples hardened as if
the Man were mauling her. Then he started to spank the amazing teen amazon's
tits. Wonder Girl cried out in shock and pain. Wonder Woman moaned and sobbed
as she remembered his hands striking her. Then he went behind her and the
camera angle changed. Wonder Woman saw him slowly begin to remove Wonder
Girl's costume bottom. She saw every inch of her sisters ass become exposed
to his lustful gaze. She could practically feel his hands on her own ass as
he caressed Wonder Girl's cheeks.

Finally, he began to spank Wonder Woman's sister. The sounds of the spanking
resounded in her head as she watched his hand expertly spank Wonder Girl.
Wonder Girl's cries of anguish filled the room, yet in time they changed to
one of pent up sexual excitement. Wonder Woman watched mesmerized as Wonder
Girl began to jump and writhe in her bonds in a wild display of sexual
abandonment. Her cries of lust rose to a crescendo as Wonder Woman found
herself crying out her own lust into her gag.

The Man wasn't through yet however. He next unbuttoned his pants and lowered
them along with his underwear. Then taking his rock hard cock he approached
the naked, bound and helpless teenage superhero. He placed his dick at the
entrance of her pussy and brutally shoved it in. Wonder Woman felt shivers
of lust run through her as she saw Wonder Girl impaled on his enormous cock.
Wonder Girl cried out in pain and humiliation as her virgin cunt was ravaged
by his turgid member. Wonder Woman saw the Man's cock disappear into her
pussy and was transfixed by the sight.

Then the Man began to move his cock in and out of Wonder Girl's tight cunt
in a nice slow, controlled, fuck. He rocked back and forth slamming his rod
into the helpless heroine. Wonder Girl, after awhile, began to recover from
the initial shock of his penetration and as her pussy began to lubricate to
accommodate his size, she began to move with him. Soon she set up a rhythm
and was actually moaning and crying out in sexual excitement. Wonder Woman,
hearing Wonder Girl's cries of lust, began to feel her own lust build. It
wasn't long before all three cried out almost as one as they were carried
away by their orgasms.

As Wonder Woman writhed in her bonds in sexual excitement the right arm
rest that she was bound to pulled free. She didn't notice it at first and
continued to cum. But when her lust died down she saw that she was now free.
She was able to free her arms and then her legs. She then stood and removed
her gag. Then she moved towards the room containing Wonder Girl and the Man.

Staggering down the short hallway, with her emotions whirling around inside
her, Wonder Woman stopped outside the door of the room. She threw open the
door and saw the Man just backing away from Wonder Girl with a satisfied look
on his face. Wonder Woman looked at her sister and saw the look of shame and
sexual excitement written there. Wonder Girl saw her sister. She saw that she
was naked but unfettered. She called out to her but Wonder Woman, just looked
at her and smiled. Then she walked past her.

Wonder Woman walked towards the Man who upon seeing her backed to the wall.
She approached him and stopped five feet from him. She looked at him closely.
This man who had done so much to her. Who had played with her emotions and
her body and her mind. This man who had now captured her sister and was going
to do the same thing to her. The emotions and thoughts of the past two weeks
warred with all of her prior experiences. This man deserved to be...

Then suddenly with a loud cry of anguish, Wonder Woman's knees began to
buckle. They slowly descended to the floor and at the same time her arms rose
over her head, her hands joining together. She bent at the waist as her knees
touched the stone floor. Her hands then her forehead touched the floor as
well. She had incredibly, assumed the classic position of a slave before her
master. The Man sighed in relief and inwardly was doing handsprings of joy.
But outwardly with a solemn face he stepped forward and placed his foot on
the back of Wonder Woman's neck thus declaring his mastery over her and
accepting her as his slave.

Wonder Woman shook all over as his foot touched her neck. She still couldn't
believe she had done this. It galled her, yet...she knew deep down inside of
her that truely he was her master. As for Wonder Girl, she couldn't believe
what she was seeing. Her own sister groveling before this man as his...his...
slave? How could it be? Oh Great Hera, how could this be????????????????

BBRRRRIIIIIINNNGGGGG The alarm went off loudly in the darkened room. A hand
reached out and shut it off. Wonder Woman groggily tried to get her thoughts
together. That...that dream, what was it? She tried to remember but just
couldn't....couldn't remember though she could still feel it's excitement
flush on her nude body. Oh well, she had things to attend to. No time for
dreams. She was going to meet Wonder Girl tonight. It would be good to see
her sister again.

Getting dressed quickly she started to leave the room when she stopped before
the large mirror next to her dresser and admired herself. She saw a full
figured woman with the full bloom of womanhood upon her. Still formidable,
still...that dream it was...Well, at least the Packrat was finally caught.
That slippery bastard had nearly escaped. But he wasn't slippery enough. She
smiled at the memory and departed.

A quick mental call brought her invisible jet to her. Climbing in, she sent
another command and flew off towards the city. When she was over the suburbs
she slowed the jet and had it descend to a height of 15 feet. Then she opened
the canopy and jumped to the ground. She landed smoothly and sent the jet on
its way. She looked at her surroundings. She was standing in a backyard,
surrounded on all sides by high wooden fences. Much like all the houses in
this neighborhood. The house whose backyard she was in stood dark and
apparently empty. She could smell the faint odor of barbecue chicken coming
from the house next door and could just imagine a family outdoors enjoying
the sunshine and a good meal together.

She thought of them now safely sleeping in their beds, while she stood here
in the middle of the night. If they only knew what was going on in their
peaceful neighborhood. Better they didn't know. She heard a sound and turning
saw Wonder Girl approaching. Quickly Wonder Woman held up a finger to her
lips calling for quiet. Then they both turned towards the darkened house.
Wonder Girl looked through a window but saw nothing. She shook her head at
her sister who then quietly turned the handle of the backdoor. Under her
amazonian strength the door gave and opened. Quickly stepping in they shut
the door and began to search the house. They spotted no one.

Then Wonder Girl saw that the cellar door was ajar and tapped her sister on
the shoulder and pointed. Together they entered the doorway and went down the
steps. They were now in a small hallway with two doors on the lefthand side.
The first door was closed. So they went to the second. It was open with light
pouring from it. They went in.

They saw a man standing at the back of the room. He was holding two objects
in his hands, and was startled to see them. They entered the room and walked
in. They stopped about five feet in front of the Man. Then the backs of their
knees began to buckle and they both slowly sank to the ground. As they did
their arms went over their head and their hands came together. They bent at
the waist and as their knees touched the floor so did their hands and

"We have arrived as you instructed us Master," They both said as one.

Inwardly both Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl shivered for they recognized the
objects their master held. A huge vibrating dildo for each of them. They also
saw two familiar objects hanging on the back wall. A tawse for each of them
with their names painted on them. Their asses began to itch at the thought.
Each felt a wave of shame wash over them for having these feelings. But they
knew, that even though they wished it hadn't happened, they had been
conquered by this extraordinary ordinary man. He was their one true MASTER.

The Man's face practically glowed with his happiness. His dream had come true
and he and his two beautiful superheroine slaves would be together forever.
The Man smiled.



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